NR360 / NR460XX / NR560XX User`s manual - Global

NR360 / NR460XX / NR560XX User`s manual - Global

NR360 / NR460XX / NR560XX

User’s manual


Because of still development, specifications and functions are subject to change without notice.

We do not take responsibility for misprints.

Warnings and Notices

For your safety, do not operate the controls of the product while driving.

GPS satellite signals cannot typically pass through solid materials (except glass). GPS location information is not typically available inside buildings, tunnels, or underground parking lots.

A minimum of 4 GPS satellite signals is needed to calculate your GPS position. Signal reception can be affected by weather events or overhead obstacles (e.g. dense foliage and tall buildings).

Other wireless devices in the vehicle may interfere with the reception of satellite signals and cause the reception to be unstable.


Do not attempt to service the unit. There are no serviceable parts inside. Replace the unit if it is damaged or exposed to excess moisture.

Do not use the adapter if the cord becomes damaged.

Connect the adapter to the proper power source. The voltage requirements are found on the product case and/or packaging.


This unit contains a non-replaceable internal Li-polymer battery. The battery could be bursting or exploding and releasing hazardous chemicals in case of over battery specification and using in an abnormal conditions; disassemble, crush, puncture, or dispose of the battery in fire or water.

Abnormal operation could be dangerous to your human body. Please be aware.

Use only the specified charger approved by the manufacturer.

NOTICE: The Li-polymer battery in the device must be

recycled or disposed of properly.

Package contents

NavRoad device

Windshield mount

Car holder

Car charger

USB cable (Option)

Earphones (Option)

AC charger (Option)

Dashboard mount (Option)

TMC module (Option)


Micro SD card depending on version

Quick guide

Hardware components


Top / left / right views


Top / bottom / left / right views


Top / bottom / left

NR360 / NR460XX

No Function



Power button

Power status


Standby mode by pressing the button for sleep/wake.

Battery charging status.


 charged or high battery.



Red—low Battery


4 microSD


Accepts Micro SD storage cards, allows you to use navigation, audio and image files stored in it for use with internal applications.

Standard stereo headphone jack.

Connects the device to



USB port/Docking connector


Switch computer running on the

Microsoft Windows platform. Also serves as the power connector for charging the device.

To do a hard reset of the device and suspend the battery


Hand string hole

To attach hand string *)

*) NR460XX device only


No Function

1 Power button


USB port/Docking connector

3 Earphone

4 Reset switch

5 microSD

6 Microphone

*) NR560BF device only

-Click button to switch suspend/wake-up mode

-Short press (2 seconds) for turn on

-Long press (5 seconds) for turn off when PND is on battery power supply.

Connects the device to computer running on the

Microsoft Windows platform. Also serves as the power connector for charging the device.

Standard stereo headphone jack.

To reset system when PND is on external power supply

To turn system off when

PND is on battery only

Accepts Micro SD storage cards, allows you to use navigation, audio and image files stored in it for use with internal applications.

For hands-free calls*)

Car holder

No Function



Port/Docking connector

For USB port: Connects the device to computer running on the Microsoft

Windows platform. Also serves as the power connector for charging the device. Connects to external TMC module (Selected models only). For

Docking connector: connects to car mount kit.

Using the mounting bracket.

Warning: Some countries prohibit the mounting of any

electronic device on the vehicle dashboard. Be sure to check your local laws for acceptable mounting areas before installing the car mount bracket.

Clean the mounting surface with a glass cleaner and a clean cotton cloth.

If the ambient temperature is below +15°C (60°F), you can warm the mounting area and the suction cup (e.g. with a hair dryer) to ensure a strong suction bond.

Install the car mount on the selected area. a. Press the suction cup of the car mount firmly against to the windshield. b. Press down the lever to fix the suction cup in place. c. Adjust the angles of the arm to your proper viewing position.

Mounting the device holder a. Fit the device down in the device holder first, and then lock it using the plugs on the bottom of the device holder. b. Firmly dock the device with device holder on the car mount which has been mounted to your windscreen.

Charging your device

a. Plug the car charger to the 12 V outlet of your car and then connect the charger cable to the Mini USB port of the device Please make sure the battery switch status in “ON” mode (NR360 / NR460XX). b. You now can let your device have the continuous power by the car charger.

NOTE: Your car may be required to switch the vehicle ignition

into the accessories position to power the cigarette lighter.

Your device will not charge with the ignition off.

Starting your device a. Push the battery switch ON (NR360 / NR460XX) b. Press the power button to turn on your device, then the main menu screen appears. c. Tap Navigation, you will see the map screen displayed. d. Please read the User’s Guide of Navigation software for the detail setting information.

Please be noted, the first time turning on your device may take some time to obtain a valid GPS fix.

Additional accessories

TMC Accessory (only available in certain areas).

You may use external TMC accessory to perform TMC function when you are in a TMC Traffic signal available areas. Please connect the TMC accessory to the USB port of the device for the TMC application and be placing the TMC accessory in a place which will not interfere to the driving safe.

Please be noted that NavRoad is not responsible for any damage caused by an accident due to unreliable TMC radio transmissions by national, regional, or local broadcasters caused by TMC service restrictions, or by natural and man-made conditions that prevent real-time information from being delivered to the device.

Resetting the device

You should less than seldom need to reset your device under normal circumstances. However, in the event that a problem cannot be corrected, you may reset the device by the following way :


Disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter, from your device. Switch the device off and on, by sliding the ON/OFF switch, then press the power button.


Attach NR560XX to external power supply, then press Reset switch (4).

Using the device

To turn on the device

Slide the battery switch to “ON”. (NR360 / NR460XX).

Turn on your device by pressing the power button on the top right panel of the device.

Main menu


Before first use it’s recommended to set the language and timezone.

Tap “System” button


Tap “Language” button To set the system time zone, tap “Time Zone” in System


It will display current language in central area

To drag, wheel scroll language tags.

Tap time.

to set up the function of daylight savings

Daylight savings time enabled.

Daylight savings time disabled.

Drag the Map to adjust the time zone.


Tap “Reset”.

Additional System settings

Tap “Reset GPS” icon


Tap “YES” button to reset GPS.

Tap “YES” to do the Factory Reset

Tap “Factory Reset” icon in the Reset Menu. Tap “Calibration” icon in the Reset Menu.

Tap on the center of the target. Repeat as the target moves around the screen.

You can view the OS version, GPS firmware version and other system information.

System Information

Tap “About” icon in the System Menu.


Tap “Volume” icon in the System Menu

To adjust the volume, drag the wheel. Adjust the Backlight brightness by dragging triangle icon.

Backlight brightness

Tap the Brightness icon in the System Menu

Setting the favorite application category

Add icon to the favorite page

Drag the icon to the category bar of favorite

Delete icon to the favorite page

Drag the icon from Favorite page to category bar and drop it.

That will show the icon in favorite page.

Confirm dialog will pop up, just tap “YES” to delete.

MP3 Player

Tap “Music” icon in the Main Menu.

NOTE: You can also enter the music player by right category


MP3 player functions







No Function





Return Return to list page

Songs List all song by alphabet

Album List all albums by alphabet.

Artist List all Artists by alphabet

Search Current play list

Tap the song on the music list

Tap bottom information bar will switch to song’s progress.



5 6











No Function





Play/Pause Play/Pause song



Forward to next song.

Reword to previous song




Sound bar

Bottom info. bar


Stop music play.

Repeat play songs.

Random play songs.

To adjust the sound.

No even: This place will scroll song’s name and total play time.

Tap: Tap this bar. Will switch to song’s progress.

Return to list page.

Photo Viewer

Support for JPEG files (Support Max. 500 photos).

Auto-scanning of supported files in the device’s Micro SD card & Flash disk.

Three viewing modes: Thumbnail, Full Screen, and Slide


Album support based on sub-directory contents.

Each subdirectory can hold multiple images and be used as an individual album. For a more organized file search, it is advisable to sort image files into sub directories based on meaningful name or date. An example could be

“summer vacation pictures” or “New baby” or “2005 Best.”


Images are adjusted to fit the entire display area and are shown in a 5-second interval.

Using the Photo Album

Tap “Photo” icon in the Main Menu.

Will list all thumbnails in SD card and store in PND mass storage & SD folder.

Drag all screen area will cause photo move to next or previous page.

Tap specific thumbnail will enlarge thumbnail.

Tap the screen will display control bar.


2 3 4




No Function

1 Return


Previous page


Auto Play mode

Return to thumbnail page

Display previous photo.

Auto play all photos.

Next page


Display next photo.

Rotate photo 90



File Explorer access

Tap “Amusement” button

Tap “Explorer” button

You have now opened the access to Operating System.

FM Transmitter (Option)

(NR560BF model only)

Has a great music-player-supported function to output sounds via your car audio/stereo. FM frequency can be varied from 88.2 to 107.8 Mhz.

Turn on FM Transmitter Frequency

a. Tap “Volume” icon in the System Menu. b. Tap “FM” icon to open FM Transmitter function

NO Icon



Function Description




Open FM

Transmitter function

Stop FM

Transmitter function



Set frequency

(Default setting:

88.2 MHz)


Return to list page.


NOTE :There will be icon on the main menu to remind you if FM Transmitter is operating.

Setting FM Transmitter Frequency

a. Set a frequency, 88.2 MHz for example, in your car radio. b. Tap frequency entry

c. Set the number as same as the frequency of your car radio, and tap “Enter”

NOTE: FM Frequency can only be set from 88.2

to 107.8 Mhz.

3 d. Set the same frequency number to make your car radio receive audio from . e. Go back to Main menu. Play “Music Player”,

“Video player” or “Navigation”. f. Then sounds will come out from your car radio.

NO Icon Function Description

1 Delete

2 Enter

Delete frequency number

Implement this frequency number

Return Return to list page.

Bluetooth (Option)

(NR460BT, NR560BF models only)

Once your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone is paired with the device, you can make hands-free phone calls through your integrated microphone and speaker. makes it easy to make and receive phones calls with ease while you drive a car. Hands-free calling keeps things safe, letting you keep your eyes on the road, while integrates seamlessly with your mobile phone. Easy to connect and use, just follow a few quick steps to enjoy the benefits of

Hands- free calling.


Tap “Bluetooth” icon of the right category bar to enter the communication main menu. information, see your phone’s manual.)

Mobile Phone Connection

Tap “Settings” icon on the communication main menu.

Turn on Bluetooth function


:Make sure the Bluetooth setting of your mobile is

“ON” or “enable” mode, and the visibility is set to

“Discoverable” or “Show my phone”, (For more detailed

Turn on “Automatic Answer” too if you also prefer to automatically receive calls when the mobile phone is ringing.

Choose automatic answering time: 3 seconds, 10seconds, or 30 seconds.


:There will be icon on the main menu to remind you if Bluetooth is operating.

Go back to the communication main menu screen and tap


Tap “Search” to look for Bluetooth mobile phones.

Choose the mobile phone you want to connect with and tap “Connection”.

Your mobile phone may require you to enter a password to connect the device. Enter “0000” on the mobile phone in this case.

When connection is accomplished, the name of the connected phone is displayed on the title bar of the

“communications” screen.

Internet connection - to connect to internet, tap

“DialUp” icon.

Calling Out

Tap “Call-out” icon.

Set the phone number you would like to call out and tap

“Dial” icon.


If the connected mobile phone has the Bluetooth auto-accept function, please turn on this function. (For more detailed information, see your phone’s manual.)

Bluetooth function has distance limitation. When the mobile phone is away, and makes Bluetooth function disconnected, would try to re-connect within 10 seconds.

No. Icon Function Description

1 Dial Make a call.



Call History

Phone Book

Incoming/ receiving call logs.

You can tap a phone number directly to call out.

Entering to phone book page. (pl. refer to 5.5)

You can tap a phone number directly to call out.

If you would like to end a call, please tap “Hang up” icon.

No. Icon


Function Description

Hang up End a call.

Receiving a Call

When the connected mobile phone receives a call, the caller’s phone number and two buttons are displayed on the screen.

To receive a call, tap ; to quit a call, tap .

If you have set “Automatic Answer” function, the incoming call will be picked up automatically. And the screen will switch to the communication main menu.

If you would like to end a call, please tap “Hang up” icon.

No. Icon





Hang up






End a call.

Microphone function is turned on. The other side of the phone call can hear your voice.

Microphone function is turned off and mute.

Your conversation won’t be heard by the other side of the phone call.

To enable or disable mute function, tap Microphone icon.

Phone Book (Import Phonebooks)

Tap “Contacts” icon.

Tap “Import” icon.

The contact information will be imported from the connected mobile phone.

Troubleshooting and



If your device does not respond, do a “hard reset”.

NR360 / NR460XX reset

Disconnect all cables, including the AC adapter, from your device. Switch the device off and on, by sliding the hard reset

ON/OFF switch, then press the power button.


Attach NR560XX to external power supply, then press Reset switch (4).

System reset

in the Main menu, tap System, then tap System Info. This will allow you to do a factory reset (restore to default settings), reset the GPS and recalibrate the touch screen interface.

Screen responds slowly

Make sure you have enough battery power.

Inaccurate response to taps.

Recalibrate the touch screen.

Connection problems with PC.

Make sure that the cable is securely plugged into the USB port on your computer and on the device. Connect the

USB cable directly to your computer—do not run the cable through a USB hub.

Reset your device before connecting the cable. Always disconnect your device before you restart your computer.

No GPS connection

Make sure that the GPS antenna has a clear view of the sky. Note that the GPS reception can be affected by: bad weather, dense overhead obstacles (e.g. trees and tall buildings), other wireless devices in the car.

No sound coming from the device.

Make sure mute is not selected for Volume in system settings. The built-in speaker turns off when the headphone jack is being used.

I Can’t see my photos.

Make sure you are using supported image formats JPG.

Takes longer than normal time to get a GPS fix.

If the previous GPS fix position was more than 500 km or

12 hours apart from your current position and time, it will also take significantly longer than the standard TTFF time to get a GPS fix. This is due to the nature of the GPS algorithm and rotational velocity between the satellites and planet Earth, and deemed normal.

Perform a GPS reset in the main/system/system info menu to get a faster GPS fix.

Factory reset does mean a GPS reset.

Yes. The Factory Reset function resets the OS settings to their default factory values and it will reset the GPS settings.


Avoid exposing your device to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light for extended periods of time.

Do not drop your device or subject it to severe shock.

Do not subject your device to sudden and severe temperature changes. This could cause moisture condensation inside the unit, which could damage your device. In the event of moisture condensation, allow the device to dry out completely before use.

The screen surface can be easily scratched. Sharp objects may scratch the screen. You may use non-adhesive generic screen protectors designed specifically for use on portable devices with LCD panels to help protect the screen from minor scratches.

Never clean your device when it is powered on.

Never use organic solvents such as benzene or paint thinner to clean your device. Use of these solvents can cause deformation or discoloration.

Use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to clean the display screen.

Moistened LCD screen wipes could also be used as required.

Never attempt to disassemble, repair or make any modifications to your device. Disassembly, modification or any attempt at repair could cause damage to your device and even bodily injury or property damage and will void any warranty.


Do not store your device anywhere it may be exposed to water or in conditions of high humidity.

When the device is not in use for an extended period of time, bring it indoors and store it in cool dry area.


Only authorized accessories should be use with the device.

The use of incompatible accessories could result in bodily injury and/or damage to the device.

The use of unauthorized accessories will also void your warranty.

Technical data

Operating System










SD card reader

NR360 NR460XX

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0

MTK 468Mhz ARM9 360MHz

3.5” QVGA LCD resolution 320 x 240

Touch screen

4.3” WQVGA LCD resolution 480 x 272

Touch screen

MTK 66 channels


1GB Flash (for user’s needs)


5” WQVGA resolution 480 x 272

Touch screen


2GB Flash (for user’s needs)

500 mAh Li-polymer

95.6 x 74.7 x 11.95mm


Built-in 1 W speaker

2.5 mm headphones jack

520 mAh Li-polymer

117 x 77.4 x 11.55 mm


1250 mAh Li-polymer

128.9 x 85.2 x 12.6 mm

Built-in 1.5 W speaker

2.5 mm headphones jack


Mini USB 2.0 micro-SD(up to 8GB SD)

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