CeBIT 2009 Taiwan iF-Award Showcase

CeBIT 2009 Taiwan iF-Award Showcase
CeBIT 2009 Taiwan iF-Award Showcase
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A-DATA Technology
Hall 21 E56
Hall 21 E56
T806 Kissing Octopus
Couple Drive
Based on the concept of kissing, A-DATA launched T806
Kissing Octopus Couple Flash Drive. With the charming heart
shaped eyes and lovely pouting mouth, the design of T806
represents great passion for romance. T806 comes in two
colors - light pink and sky blue. These two colors represent a
lovable couple. Each color of the octopus equipped with a
different magnetic pole. When you put these lovable
octopuses together, they will stick to each other and form a
hot kiss! You can also use it as a magnetic sticker! Let these
lovely couple awake the childhood memory deep inside you.
PocketCinema V10
PocketCinema V10 is the world's 1st Multi-Media projector.
Without connecting with computer, PocketCinema V10 can
directly project and plan photo, video and music around 50"
on any plant surface. Play games, share videos and photos
from video console, camcorder and cell phone are available.
For the businessmen, without carrying the heavy notebook,
use PocketCinema V10 to display the presentation to the
customer. It is convenient and fun. For the teenager, share
the photos and videos with your friends in the cafe or pub is
cool. For the sweet family, watch movie and play games
together from the giant projected screen at home is fantastic.
Essentio CS5110
Slim and Stylish with Splendid Graphics
International Design Award Winner crafted with high gloss
and satin finish.
Flawless and ultra-smooth high definition graphic
High connectivity with Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and WiFi 802.
AVerMedia Information Inc.
Interactive Visualizer
AverVision CP300
The AVerVision CP300 is a revolutionary tool that helps to
bring all types of presentations to life. The 3.2 megapixel,
auto focus camera gives pin sharp images of text documents,
photographs, 3D objects, microscopic images and much
more. Many of the device's features are operated via its
innovative shuttle wheel on the control panel or by remote
control. One finger movement is enough to zoom in and out
as well as navigate through pictures stored on its internal
Champtek Incorporated
VEGA CCD Barcode Scanner aims at providing trendy and
user friendly scan experience for retail industry. It features
"High Tech, High Touch" experience.
VEGA, Hand-Held CCD
Ergonomic design consideration (balanced gravity point,
Wireless Barcode Scanner
fatigue-resistant for long time usage, wrist injury
Thoughtful usability (anti-slippery, transparent upper case
display for marketing message delivery) for operators.
AIPTEK International Inc.
Hall 21 E56
ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Hall 26 D39
Cooler Master Co., Ltd.
Hall 21 E39/D39
D-Link Corporation
Cooler Master's V8 engine generates enough horsepower to
cool down any high-performance CPU. With its muscular
design, it is destined to raise some eyebrows with the
enthusiast and case modding crowd. The design is inspired by
the supercharged race engines of today and integrates a very
effective vertical and horizontal airflow for optimal cooling
performance. This is accomplished with 4 separate modular
sets of aluminum fins and 8 heat pipes. An adjustable fan
speed controller enables alteration of RPM, giving the perfect
balance between cooling performance and noise level.
The DCS-3415 network camera is ideal for high-end
surveillance and security applications. The progressive scan
sensor and 18x optical zoom lens captures vivid images in
MPEG-4 format. The built-in auto-iris feature and a
removable IR-cut filter make this camera suitable for 24-hour
surveillance. Its PoE ability allows a single cable to connect
and power it. The unique outer metal ring represents a safe
environment and not just a "secured space." Discreet looks
and the two-tone design further brand the camera.
Product Photo
CeBIT 2009 Taiwan iF-Award Showcase
Brand Logo
Icon 7 Inc.
Lei Yueh Enterprise Co., Ltd.
MiTAC International Corp.
TwisterTM Evolution
Presenter Laser Pocket
TwisterTM Evolution features SmartTwistTM design to twist the
mouse into a wireless presenter. Its FlyThroughTM helps you
to scroll a long document, plus unique PowerTag TM
innovation, which allows to snap on a notebook computer for
carrying convenience and charging on the go.
LED Glass Brick
LED Glass Brick opens up new territories for decorative
lighting to explore, as it changes the decorative lighting from
a static lighting presentation, into a dynamic and live lighting
presentation. It is the product which aims to introduce this
new vibrant lighting effect for all users. These visual effects
would greatly enhance the interaction between user and its
application environment. LED Glass Brick provides the
standardization module designs of light-source and glass for
texture glass customization. It can offer user to custom
collocate any glass-type materials for producing a colorful
presentation at your home living environment.
Mio Moov 380
Mio Moov 380 features SIM-card support to offer GPRS
connectivity. Users can make phone calls directly and conduct
local searches for the most update-to-date points of interest
on the Web while navigating.
Mio Leap K1
Leap K1 is the world's first dual-screen Navigation Phone. To
provide a superior user experience, the K1 integrates a
stylish phone with a user-friendly interface on one side, and a
full-funcioning flat panel navigation system on the other side.
Power Quotient International Co.,
Intelligent Drive i828
Hall 21 D88
PQI Intelligent Drive i828's features unlimited add-on
capability and is the first of its kind implemented into USB
flash drive technology. Making use of existing i828(s), users
can add-on extra capacity and still carry just the one USB
flash drive! Aesthetically designed, it is constructed with
carbon material with finger-print proof material.
Special COB construction process making it a one-body
design, waterproof, dustproof.
Unlimited add-on capacity.
Store data on separate drives for convenient
Qisda Corporation
Photo Scanner
The QPS-101 is designed to "eliminate complexity and
embrace simplicity." It's a slim and easy-to-use photo
scanner. The entire scanning process can be completed
without a computer, allowing users unfamiliar with digital
products to easily operate the device and convert traditional
pictures into digital format. Besides, the simple user interface
enables users to easily operate the device without a long
learning process.
QHM-21 3.75G
QHM-21 is a portable USUPA USB Modem. Inspired by
ladybug, the antennas can be swung open or retracted like a
ladybug's wings, with one touch on the button, to activate
the wireless connection. The design creates an interesting
association of "free wireless connection" with "careless flying
of a ladybug." This slim and compact device also serves as a
portable USB flash drive.
SpinQ offers users a cooler with attractive appearance and
superb performance. The unprecedented spiral fin design
makes it a high standard of aesthetics, and its glitter visual
effect is absolutely irresistible. The classic cylinder style also
adds on an extra professional shine for the owers. 6 heatpipes and mirror coating copper base guarantee excellent
cooling performance. The 8 cm VR blow fan with blue LED
light not only keeps air convection within chassis but also
creates mysterious atmosphere, and users can adjust the fan
speed according to their needs. The fan blade is designed to
optimize the air-flow and minimize the noise.
Thermaltake Technology
Hall 24 C02
Product Photo
CeBIT 2009 Taiwan iF-Award Showcase
Brand Logo
The presentation of DuOrb CPU brings coolers to a new era.
The two 80 mm fans are equipped with LED lights, one with
blue and one with red. This design form a Dual-Flow which
further utilize system air flow to cool down surrounding
temperatures and dissipates the heat of CPU, RAM, VRM,
North Bridge, and the back of VGA card. One orb cools RAM
area and the other orb cools CPU surrounding area. Six
circular heat-pipes penetrate 362 fins to transmit heat
efficiently, in addition, mirror coating copper base and all
copper constructed fins provide maximum thermal dissipation
For a Combo: The Concept of the FORA series of products
Hall 24 C02
Tsann Kuen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Wistron NeWeb Corporation
Hall 13 D79
Zebex Industries Inc.
originated from the process of photosynthesis found in
plants. It can provide you a clean energy environment and a
cord free life.
"catch" absorbs the energy of sunlight during daytime, and
storage the power into "depot", an electricity storage base,
satisfying the various kinds of possible demands that might
creep up on us in life. After the battery has been fully
charged, you can place a "Shine slim", a ortable LED light, as
its sleek and simple appearance accompanies you while you
are reading. You can also place "Bravo", a CD player on the
battery, then just sit back, relax and enjoy a carefree life
with core free.
Mobile TV Phone
P81 is a GSM/PHS Dual Mode phone with 2.8" touch lens and
real time broadcast TV. It's a TV while horizontal and a cellphone while vertical. P81 makes the user feel fresh and
fashionable. Its design goal focuses on user friendliness,
fantasy and fashion. Its finger touch operation and stylus
build a closer relationship between users and electronic
products. Real speaker technology emphasizes superior
sound equipment. Like a mini theater, P81 overthrows the
traditional meaning of a cell-phone.
Zebex Z-3051 HS
Handheld High-Speed
Laser Scanner
Z-3051HS is a high-speed single laser 1D barcode scanner
with ZEBEX own designed engine, inherits its powerful and
accurate performance for up to 500 scans per second. It is
enhanced through build-in real-time hardware decode
technology guarantees an unbeatable first read success rate.
This ergonomic and lightweight handheld scanner is ruggedly
encased; its small-footprint stand saves most counter space.
Equipped with multi-interface communication, it has an
impressive scanning performance that ensures hassle-free
integration into any retail, office or warehouse environment.
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