Non Contact
Temperature measurement range:
Forehead mode: 93.2~108°F (34~42.2°C)
Surface mode: -7.6~176°F (-22~80°C)
Operating temperature range:
50~104°F (10~40°C), 15%~85% RH
Storage temperature range:
It should be stored at room temperature
between -4~122°F (-20~50°C) , RH≤85%
Transportation temperature
less than 70°C, RH≤95%
Atmospheric pressure:
800~1013 hPa
Forehead mode: ±0.4°F (0.2°C) within 95~107.6°F
(35~42°C), ±0.5°F (0.3°C) for other range.
Surface mode: ±0.5°F (0.3°C) within 71.6~108°F
(22~42.2°C), others ±4% or ±4°F (2°C) whichever
is greater.
Fever alarm, memory and °F/°C switch function
Battery: one lithium cell battery (CR2032 *1pcs)
Battery life: around 3,000 continuous readings
Expected Service Life: 4 years
Dimensions: 80.1 x 46.4 x 37.7 mm
Weight: 46.3 grams including battery
• The device should not submerge into any liquids and
expose it to direct moisture.
• There is no gender and age limitation for using the
infrared thermometer.
• This is not an AP or APG product
Memory Locations
Forehead Temperature
There are total 25 sets of measurement condition
for body temperature.
When power on, press the
ON/MEM button to
see the temperature records with
The thermometer has been designed for practical
use. It’s not meant to replace a visit to the doctor.
Please also remember to compare the
measurement result to your regular body
temperature. Please consult with doctor if you
have health concerns.
Please see the “Use of the thermometer” section
to learn how to measure the body temperature.
Surface Temperature
The surface mode shows the actual and
unadjusted surface temperature which is different
from the body temperature. It can help you
monitor if the object temperature is suitable for the
baby or patient, for example the baby’s milk.
Please see the “Use of the thermometer” section
to learn how to measure the object temperature.
Room Temperature
Suitable ambient temperature is important for the
baby and patient. The thermometer always helps
you recognize the room temperature.
After power off, the room temperature will be
shown on the screen with icon.
Fever Alarm
If the thermometer detects a temperature ≥99.5°F
(or 37.5°C) under forehead mode, three short
beep sound will follow one long beep sound to
warn the user for potential fever.
Last Reading
When you get a new body temperature, the last
reading will be shown on the screen (at top right
corner) with the
°F / °C Switch
In “Power Off” mode, press and hold the “SCAN” button, then press
ON/MEM button for 3 seconds, icon “°F” will be switched to
icon “°C”. You can also use the same process to change the LCD
display from °C to °F.
Note: The device must stay in stable ambient (room)
temperature for 15 minutes before operating.
1. Always make sure the probe lens is clean without any
damage and the forehead is clean.
Warning: Choking from swallowing small parts and batteries
by children or pets is possible, please keep small parts and
batteries at places where children and pets can’t reach.
2. Power on:
For the first time, pull out the insulated strip from the
battery cover to activate the thermometer.
Press the
ON/MEM button.
3. Measuring body temperature on the forehead:
Press the
ON/MEM button to power on the device.
Forehead mode is the default mode. You can see the
icon on the screen and hear two beep sounds. In this
mode, you can hold the thermometer within 3 cm from
the central forehead and press the "Scan" button to get
the forehead measurement. The time consuming for
measurement might be 1 second.
a. Forehead temperature is displayed in oral mode. This
mode converts the forehead temperature to display its
“oral-equivalent” value.
b. Before the measurement, please stay in a stable
environment for 5 minutes and avoid exercise, bath for
c. Remember to keep the forehead area clean and away
from sweat, cosmetics and scar while taking temperature.
d. The “Clinical Bias” is 29.5~28.9°F (-1.4 ~ -1.7°C).
e. The “Limits of Agreement” is 0.98.
f. The "Repeatability" is 32.4°F (0.20°C).
4. Measuring surface temperature:
4.1 After power on, press and hold the
ON/MEM button,
and press the “SCAN” button one time for “Infrared
thermometer” mode to see
icon on your LCD display.
In this mode, you can get the target surface temperature.
4.2 When you press the “Scan” button, you will get the real
time temperature immediately. If you press and hold the
“Scan” button, the reading of measurement will be
continuously updated.
4.3 Applications include temperature measurements for
water, milk, cloth, skin or other objects.
Note: This mode shows the actual and unadjusted surface
temperature which is different from the body temperature.
5. Power off:
5.1 Device will automatically shut off if left idle for more
than 1 minute to extend battery life.
5.2 Manually power off the device by pressing the
ON/MEM button.
Cleaning and Storage
Please make sure the probe is clean to ensure an
accurate reading.
1. The probe lens is the most delicate part of the
thermometer. Use with care when cleaning the probe
lens to avoid damage.
a. Use the 70% alcohol swab or the soft cotton moistened
with the 70% alcohol to clean the probe lens.
b. Allow the probe to fully dry for at least 1 minute.
c. Keep the unit dry and away from any liquids and
direct sunlight.
d. Storage temperature range: It should be stored at
room temperature between -4~122°F (-20~50°C), RH≤85%
e. The Probe should not be submerged into liquids.
2. Holding the thermometer too long may cause a higher
ambient temperature reading of the probe.
This could make the body temperature measurement
lower than usual.
Battery Replacement
This device is supplied with one lithium cell CR2032x1.
1. Open the battery cover: Insert a pointed object into
battery cover pick hole. At the same time, use thumb to
push battery cover out. (See Figure 1)
2. Hold the device and flip the battery out with a small
screwdriver. (See Figure 2)
3. Insert a new battery under the metal hook and press
down until you hear a “click” sound. (See Figure 3)
4. Replace the battery cover
The positive (+) side up and the negative (-) side
pointed down.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Error Message
Error 5~9, the system
is not functioning
Unload the battery, wait
for 1 minute and repower
it. If the message
reappears, contact the
retailer for service.
Measurement before
device stabilization.
Wait until all the icons
stop flashing.
The ambient
temperature is not
within the range
between 50°F~104°F
Allow the thermometer
to rest in a room for at
least 15 minutes at room
temperature: 50°F~104°F
(1) In forehead mode:
Temperature taken is
higher than 108°F
(2) In surface mode:
Temperature taken is
higher than 176°F (80°C)
Please select the target
within specifications. If a
malfunction still exists,
please contact the
nearest retailer.
(1) In forehead mode:
Temperature taken is
Please select the target
lower than 93.2°F (34°C) within specifications. If a
(2) In surface mode:
malfunction still exists,
Temperature taken is
please contact the
lower than -7.6°F
nearest retailer.
Device cannot be
powered on to the
ready stage.
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Change the battery.
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