NetVanta 2100
NetVanta 2100
Small Office VPN Gateway and Firewall
Product Features
Standards-based IPSec
VPN tunneling with
DES/3DES/AES encryption
Internet Key Exchange
(IKE) for user
Stateful inspection
firewall for network
Unlimited users and up to
10 private tunnels
Built-in IP router
Network Address
Translation for IP
address concealing
Web-based and CLI
remote management
10/100BaseT Ethernet
interfaces for flexible
Logging and alerts
Industry-leading 5 year
The ADTRAN NetVanta™ 2100 is a small office
VPN/Firewall gateway providing all the
necessary components required to secure an
integrated VPN solution. Used primarily for
remote access, the NetVanta 2100 is perfect
for the small remote office needing to have
a secure connection back to corporate
resources. Based on the ADTRAN Operating
System (OS), the NetVanta 2100 provide key
security and data protection features such as
IPSec VPN tunneling, stateful inspection firewall, IP routing, Network Address Translation
(NAT), and even a DHCP server.
Security: On a public infrastructure
like the Internet, security is of the utmost
importance. The NetVanta 2100 employs a
stateful inspection firewall that protects an
organization’s network from common
Denial of Service attacks including TCP
synflooding, IP spoofing, ICMP redirect,
ping-of-death, and IP reassembly problems.
VPN Tunneling: The NetVanta 2100 is
IPSec-compliant device that provides secure
communications over potentially unsecure
networks. As a security gateway, the NetVanta
2100 supports up to 10 simultaneous VPN
tunnels and unlimited users on the LAN,
while supporting encryption algorithms
like DES, 3DES, and AES. In addition,
these devices support IKE (Internet Key
Exchange) and X.509 digital certificates
for user authentication.
Management: The NetVanta 2100 can be
remotely configured and managed with either
a secure web-based graphical interface, or
since they are based on the ADTRAN OS,
a familiar Command Line Interface (CLI).
Either way, configuration files can be saved
and downloaded to expedite reconfiguration
or as a backup. To administer user accounts,
the NetVanta 2100 utilizes XAUTH using
RADIUS and RSA SecurID to manage
administration account lists. In addition,
these devices offer built-in alert and logging
mechanisms to warn administrators about
activities that are going on in the network.
Interoperability: The NetVanta 2100 offers
guaranteed interoperability with ADTRAN’s
complete line of NetVanta 2000 and 3000
Series of VPN supported devices. The
NetVanta 2000 Series includes the NetVanta
2050 and 2054 as a VPN/Firewall appliances
for the home office, the NetVanta 2300 for
branch offices or as a mid-size host, NetVanta
2400 for larger corporate host applications,
and the software implemented NetVanta VPN
Client. The NetVanta 3000 Series of secure
access routers include the NetVanta 3200 and
3205 for single-T1 needs and the NetVanta
3305 for dual-T1 applications. Together the
NetVanta series offers the most robust
features and functions to address a wide
range of enterprise VPN/Security needs.
NetVanta 2100
901 Explorer Boulevard
Huntsville, AL 35806
P.O. Box 140000
Huntsville, AL 35814-4000
256 963 8000 voice
256 963 8030 fax
877 457 5007 fax back
General Information
[email protected]
Technical Support
[email protected]
Where to Buy
800 827 0807
Small Office VPN Gateway and Firewall
Product Specifications
Physical Interface
Regional Offices
Dallas, TX
972 830 9070
Denver, CO
303 471 9150
Irvine, CA
949 260 3500
Kansas City, KS
800 471 8649
Newark, NJ
800 471 8656
Ontario, Canada
416 290 0585
Quebec, Canada
877 923 8726
San Antonio, TX
888 223 7671
International Inquiries
+1 256 963 8716 voice
+1 256 963 6300 fax
[email protected]
■ Private: RJ-45 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface
■ Serial Port: RS-232 for off-net configuration
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Hash Algorithms
■ MD5-HMAC 128-bit authentication algorithm
■ SHA1-HMAC 160-bit authentication algorithm
■ Reverse NAT (translation of an inbound session’s
destination IP address)
■ Application Level Gateways for FTP, HTTP, POP3,
H.323 and others
■ Command Line Interface (CLI)
■ Web-based grahical interface
■ SYSLOG logging in WELF format
■ Email alerts (SMTP)
■ DES-CBC (56-bit)
■ 3DES-CBC (168-bit)
■ AES- (128-bit, 192-bit, 256-bit)
Diffie Hellman Group Support
■ Group 1: MODP 768
■ Group 2: MODP 1024
■ Group 5: MODP 1536
■ Group 7: For AES
■ Server (to manage IP addresses on local network)
■ Client (to acquire IP address from service provider)
■ MAC Address Masquerading
■ Client (to acquire address from service provider)
■ Preshared keys
■ X.509 Certificate Support: RSA Signatures,
Operating Temperature
DSS Signatures
Key Management
■ IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley)
IPSec Mode
■ Tunnel
■ 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
Storage Temperature
■ -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)
Relative Humidity
■ Up to 95%, non-condensing
■ Modes: Main, Aggressive, and
Perfect Forward Secrecy
■ Mode Config
■ Stateful inspection firewall
■ Denial of Service (DoS)
Front Panel Status LEDs
■ Power – status
■ VPN – status, transmit, receive
■ Private – transmit, receive
■ Public – transmit, receive
■ 1.625" H, 7.5" W, 5.437" D
■ 2 lbs. (shipping weight)
■ 12 VDC Power ■ 4 W
Agency Approvals
■ FCC Part 15 (Class B)
■ UL and Canadian UL (CUL), IEC/EN, CSA, CE Mark
Product Includes
■ 12 VDC locking power supply
■ 6 ft. crossover Ethernet cable
■ User manual
■ Quick start guide
■ IP
■ OSPF, RIP, and Static Routes
■ Quality of Service (QoS) with DiffServ-aware
Weighted Fair Queuing
■ VLAN Trunking (8.201Q)
ISO 9001 registered company.
TL 9000 registered company.
Printed in the U.S.A.
61202361L2-8A September 2003
©2003 ADTRAN, Inc. All rights reserved.
■ Basic NAT (1:1)
■ NAPT (Many:1)
■ Public: RJ-45 10/100 Auto-Sensing Ethernet interface
Authentication Mechanisms
Technical Support
800 726 8663
[email protected]
Network Address Translation
Specifications subject to change without notice. ADTRAN andNetVanta are trademarks
of ADTRAN, Inc. All other registered trademarks and trademarks mentioned in this
publication are the property of their respective owners.
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NetVanta 2100
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