installation instructions

installation instructions
PART#: SMX-10195
FITS: 2015 and up GMC Canyon and
Chevrolet Colorado
Thank you for choosing Suspensionmaxx for your
vehicle. This kit is designed to add suspension travel
and increase front and ground clearance. Specially
designed tools and experience are required to complete
the installation properly. These parts should only be
installed by a qualified mechanic otherwise an unsafe
vehicle and/or injury may result. Consult manufactures
service manual for proper torque specifications and
procedures. Instructions are supplied for the leveling
kit installation only. Safety is important. Use safe
working habits.
This product combines with the coil-over strut suspension to increase height up to 1¾” for a smoother ride.
Enhances ride profile and is an economical alternative
to expensive lift kits. This kit allows for 265/65/17 or
equivalent on factory wheel or positive offset wheel.
SuspensionMAXX kits are designed to be easily installed
and completely reversible to the factory supplied settings.
These instructions are supplied for ease of installation,
correct procedures and safety. Automotive experience
• Eye protection & gloves
• Load rated floor jack, two safety stands and wheel
• Metric tool set, toque wrench and Loctite thread
lockker for all suspension fasteners
• Medium size pry bar, brass hammer and/or brass
This suspension system will enhance off road performance and increase
ground clearance. Larger tires will increase vehicle roll center height.
The vehicle will handle and respond to driver steering and braking
differently from a stock factory equiped passenger car or truck. Extreme
care must be used to prevent loss of control or vehicle rollover during
abrupt maneuvers both on and off-road. Failure to operate this
vehicle safely can result in vehicle damage, serious injury or
death to the driver and passengers. Always wear your seat
belt and reduce your speed, avoid sharp turns, inclines and
abrupt maneuvers. Tread lightly, respect nature and enjoy
the Off-Road Experience! Help keep it available for future
Thank You!
SuspensionMAXX Inc.
Again, Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your SuspensionMAXX leveling system!
Questions? E-mail us at [email protected] or call 1.888.629.9226
FIG. 2
NOTE: For ease of installation removal of
both strut assemblies is recomended
before reassembly.
10.Install aluminum spacer on top of
strut mount. (FIG. 4)
11.Reinstall strut in vehicle aligning
studs with top frame mount. Start top
nuts supplied with kit. Rotate strut as
needed to align with frame mount.
(Torque to 40ft-lbs.)
12.Align lower strut on top of lower
A-arm, align mounting holes, tighten
lower bolts.
NOTE: Removal of upper ball joint nut and
disconnecting stud from knuckle could add
needed clearance. (Use care not to damage
protective boots)
FIG. 1
NOTE: Pry bar may be needed to get strut
bolt through A-arm due to the extended
strut length.
1. Place vehicle on solid level surface, set parking
brake and block rear wheels.
2. Disconnect battery
3. Jack vehicle under frame and secure with load rated
truck jack stands.
4. Remove tire and wheel.
5. Disconnect sway bar from both sides. (FIG. 3)
6. Remove lower strut mounting bolts
7. Loosen 3 upper strut mounting nuts (CAUTION: Do not
remove center strut nut)
8. Use caution when removing upper strut mounting
nuts. Strut may fall and damage steering and CV axle
boots if not supported. Gently lower strut assembly
and guide it up and out between
upper A-arm. (FIG. 2)
9. Mark alignment of strut top and lower mount for
future reference. (Strut top has offset stud placement)
FIG. 3
Again, Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your SuspensionMAXX leveling system!
Questions? E-mail us at [email protected] or call 1.888.629.9226
FIG. 4
13.Tighten upper strut nuts.
14.Reconnect sway bar.
Losen front differential frame bolts. Remove one
mounting bolt, install differential lowering spacers
and reconnect with supplied bolt then continue on
repeating this step on the other side.
NOTE: Lowering of the front differential rear frame
mounting points is not required. Do not losen rear
mounting bolts. (FIG. 5)
FIG. 5
15.Reinstall front wheels (Torque to factory spec.)
16.Perform front wheel alignment to maximize tire
Again, Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your SuspensionMAXX leveling system!
Questions? E-mail us at [email protected] or call 1.888.629.9226
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