Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and good tidings for

Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and good tidings for
a special publication of the punxsutawney spirit and jefferson county neighbors
©2015 The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors
november 2015
Wishing you and your family
Happy Holidays and good tidings
for the New Year
from the residents and staff
at Mulberry Square.
411 1/2 W. Mahoning St.
(814) 938- 6020
(StatePoint) – For many
families, the holiday season
means giving, celebrating, and
spending time together – but it
also means chilly weather and
long hours cooped up inside
the house. This year, consider
using the downtime to help
children tap into their natural creativity. Here are some
festive ways to motivate kids
to engage in fun and active
Family Room Fort
If the weather outside is
frightful, transform the family
room or den into an opportunity for adventure. Kids can
use the couch, blankets and all
those boxes that seem to amass
during the holidays to create a
fort, which makes the perfect
temporary stand-in for a treehouse or outdoor clubhouse.
Let kids get creative by decorating the outside of the boxes
with snowflakes, snowmen and
other seasonal shapes.
Imaginative Toys
Parents can ensure creativity continues long after kids
unwrap their presents. Playtime is also learning time:
according to Dr. Deborah
Libby, Early Childhood Reading and Language Expert and
VTech Expert Panel Member,
“Play ideally begins early and
continues throughout a child’s
life, helping them learn, think,
socialize, problem solve and
ultimately have fun.”
One great choice for sparking imaginations and building
motor skills is the Go! Go!
Smart Wheels Ultimate RC
Speedway from VTech. With
4.5 feet of track, which incorporates features like a stunt
ramp, elevator, track switches,
and more, this new set inspires
interactive play all year round.
Kids take charge by using a
remote control to zoom the RC
SmartPoint Racer around the
MaTTerhorn Co.
Providers of
Local Housing
Since 1946
• Buy • Sell • Rent
402 W. Mahoning St.
John Test
brightly-colored course, which
also activates playful music
and sounds to further engage
little ones.
Another option is VTech’s
Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy
Sounds Discovery Home, cleverly designed to demonstrate
cause and effect relationships
to toddlers. Each friend comes
alive when placed on one of
the house’s MagicPoint locations, through the use of talk,
song, light and motion. The
characters also interact with
one another, teaching children
how to introduce themselves
and build friendships.
And the Go! Go! Smart
Animals Grow & Learn Farm
features an electronic barn
that teaches kids about colors,
numbers, and plants. When
toddlers roll Reggie the Rooster over each of the farm’s
SmartPoint locations, they’ll
hear new phrases, music and
sound effects.
Gadgets don’t have to mean
passivity: these toys use interactive technology to occupy kids with the kind of
imaginative play and creativity
that furthers development and
learning, long after the holidays are over.
Arts & Crafts
Making holiday decorations at home is a great way
to get children involved in
stimulating, hands-on activities. With just a few simple art
supplies, they can craft their
own greeting cards, create
snowflake shapes that double
as ornaments, or help design
gingerbread houses. Such activities not only enhance fine
motor skills, but also inspire
kids to use their innate inventiveness.
This holiday season and beyond, keep boredom at bay by
encouraging kids to be creative
and mentally active.
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Put some new twists on classic hot chocolate
Few things are more comforting than sitting under a warm
afghan and sipping a mug of
steaming hot chocolate when
cold wind and snow are blowing
outside. Hot chocolate seems
tailor-made for chilly winter
evenings, providing the perfect
indulgence while watching a
favorite holiday film, entertaining friends around the holidays
or warming up after a day spent
building snowmen.
The terms “hot chocolate” and
“hot cocoa” are used interchangeably, but they actually refer to
two different beverages. Hot
chocolate is made from shaved
solid chocolate, which contains
both cocoa and cocoa butter.
Hot cocoa is made from cocoa
powder, which alone does not
constitute full chocolate. Either
Cookies and
milk for Santa
Leaving cookies and milk for
Santa Claus is a Christmas Eve
tradition. Children regularly
place a dish of cookies and a
glass of milk by the tree on
Christmas Eve so that Santa
has enough energy to complete
all of his gift-giving before kids
wake up on Christmas morning.
The tradition of leaving cookies
out on Christmas Eve may trace
its origins to Saint Nicholas. On
the feast of St. Nicholas on December 6, children would leave
food and drink for the saint
and any attendants. The treats
would be exchanged for gifts.
While that’s one theory behind
the tradition, others think it
is linked to the history of the
Christmas tree and the edible
decorations that adorn it. Santa
would snack on the ornaments.
Even after edible decorations
gave way to inedible ornaments,
the tradition of leaving a snack
for Santa remained. Whatever
the origins behind the tradition,
millions of children dutifully
leave milk and cookies for Santa
on Christmas Eve.
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Case IH and Case Credit are registered trademarks of Case Corporation.
drink can be delicious, and many
people prefer one over the other.
While traditional hot chocolate
is a favorite for many, there are
ways to make this beloved beverage more unique. By experimenting with flavor combinations, hot
chocolate can become new again
each day. The following are some
flavorful ingredients you may
want to try to spice up your next
cup of hot chocolate.
• Caramel: Pair a rich, dark
or semi-sweet hot chocolate with
a swirl of caramel. The caramel
will add sweetness and extra
creaminess to the blend.
• Peppermint: Peppermint
and hot chocolate can make
for an interesting contrast. The
cooling nature of peppermint
works nicely with the heat of hot
chocolate, imparting a wonderful
aroma as well. Melt a candy cane
or mint from a restaurant in the
mug and enjoy.
• Nutmeg: What nutmeg does
for eggnog it also can do for hot
chocolate. Nutmeg offers that
earthy bite that calls to mind long
days baking in the kitchen.
• Chile powder: Chile can add
a little kick to hot chocolate that
works surprisingly well. Add just
enough to offer a little tingle of
residual heat at the back of your
throat. This concoction also may
help clear up a case of congestion
or the sniffles.
• Coffee: Add a splash of
coffee to the hot chocolate for
an instant boost of caffeine and
some mocha flavoring.
• Whipped cream: Create the
flavor combination of a chocolate
cream pie with a generous dollop
of whipped cream. For a truly
rich flavor, make a batch of fresh
whipped cream, which will also
thicken the hot chocolate.
• Coconut milk: Invoke the
tropics by substituting coconut
milk for regular milk. You may
feel like you’re on your own
private island.
• Peanut butter: Few people
can resist the combination of
chocolate and peanut butter. Melt
a spoonful of peanut butter into
the beverage and enjoy.
• Liqueur: Enhance hot chocolate with your favorite liqueurs.
Orange and raspberry flavorings work well, or try a creamy
spirited beverage, like Kahlua or
Irish cream.
• Marshmallows: Of course
one of the simplest ways to
dress up hot chocolate is to fill
the mug to the brim with sweet
Put a different spin on hot
chocolate with various add-ins.
The combinations and possibilities are only limited by your
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Toddler boredom
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Holiday treats without the hassle
(StatePoint) – It’s never too
early to learn new holiday recipes to make the entertaining
season easier. With only a few
ingredients, you can quickly
create drinks, dips and desserts, leaving you more time
to socialize with family and
friends at your next soiree.
Holiday Cheer(s)
Greeting company with a
beverage at the door is a sure
sign of great hosting. Easily
create batches of signature
drinks in a high-powered
blender for everyone to enjoy.
Memorable holiday parties
start with a toast before dinner, so why not surprise guests
with a sparkling champagne
smoothie? Blend your favorite
fruit and yogurt flavors with
chilled champagne for a fun
twist on a special occasion
drink. Use a blender that is
powerful and versatile enough
for group entertaining, such
as the Vitamix Professional
Series 500. Its 64-ounce container is ideal for mixing large
batches. The blender also has
pre-programmed settings for
smoothies, hot soups and frozen desserts, so you can press
a button, finish your party
prepping and have your sparkling champagne smoothies
ready in no time.
As the evening winds down,
offer a spin on the typical cup
of coffee and serve pumpkin
lattes. Blend canned pumpkin,
white chocolate chips and
spices with freshly brewed
coffee. Top with whipped
cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg for the perfect holiday
Deck the Table with Dips
Whether you want to serve
a few light snacks instead of
an entire meal or ramp up to
a main course, dips are an
easy way to keep guests full
and happy. They require little
prep work and can be stored
in the fridge while you’re
waiting for friends and family
to arrive.
Change up an everyday
cheese and crackers or veggie platter by making a traditional cheese fondue as a
centerpiece. Blend Gruyere
and Emmental cheese with
dry white wine and seasoning
to create a scrumptious appetizer. Need dipping ideas? Try
cubed country French bread or
grilled asparagus spears, broccoli and cauliflower.
For a spicy twist, make
a chipotle cheese fondue.
Just add chipotle chilies and
cilantro, and pair with tortilla chips. Create a salty and
sweet variety by adding a
chocolate hazelnut spread to
the appetizer table – blend raw
hazelnuts, cocoa powder and
vanilla extract.
Delectable Desserts
The holidays can be a lowstress dessert season, as you
can make large batches of
cookies ahead of time. Amp
up almond cookies or snickerdoodles with a vegan cinnamon glaze by blending tofu,
soy milk and cinnamon in a
high performance blender,
such as Vitamix. If you want
to try something new and give
guests options, combine two
favorite holiday treats into
one with an eggnog cheesecake. Whip up a smooth and
creamy cheesecake batter in
your blender in minutes.
‘Tis the season to have
the best of both worlds in
the kitchen and around the
table. Keep your guests – and
yourself – happy with simple
recipes, and leave time to
enjoy the next holiday gettogether.
(StatePoint) – Technology
gifts continue to dominate
holiday wish lists. Before
purchasing the latest gadget, remember that one size
doesn’t fit all. Just as you
wouldn’t buy the same sweater for everyone, different recipients have different needs
when it comes to tech gifts.
This season, consider technology gifts that can improve
your loved ones’ daily lives
by matching devices to their
personal interests. Here are
some ideas for thoughtful
holiday tech gifts for everyone on your list.
The Go-Getter
Purchasing a gift for a busy
parent, a world traveler or a
social butterfly? Wearable
technology will definitely be
at the top of their lists this
Fitness fanatics will love
souped-up Bluetooth headsets and activity trackers;
while on-the-go moms will be
grateful for the ease a smart
watch provides them.
Do your homework to ensure whichever gift you pick
is compatible with the recipient’s existing technology. If
your loved one is an Apple
fanatic, you don’t want to get
an Android smartwatch.
Add extra personalization
by taking into account product design. For example, several jewelry designers have
introduced necklaces and
bracelets that cleverly house
sports activity trackers inside
the accessory.
The Home Office Worker
Entrepreneurism is on the
rise and that means home offices are becoming a staple.
The key to working from
home is staying organized,
maximizing space and minimizing clutter. Many entrepreneurs and telecommuters don’t realize that their
phones can actually help them
streamline their home office
experience. These days, you
can link your mobile phone
calls to your home phone
to maximize efficiency. For
example, with the Panasonic
KX-TGF382M Link2Cell
Digital Phone, you can link up
to two smartphones to make
and receive calls, as well as
receive talking ID alerts so
you never miss texts.
Added benefit? This product helps increase efficiency.
A downloadable Android
App provides alerts when the
linked cell phone receives
emails and social media updates. A busy entrepreneur
can block up to 250 unwanted
numbers with the touch of
one button, cutting down on
time-sapping conversations.
Additionally, a powerful battery backup system will keep
the phone connected for up to
seven hours even if the power
goes out. More information
is available at www.amazon.
The Entertainer
Gift lists always include a
friend or family member that
loves to entertain guests.
Home chefs who like to
throw dinner parties will
surely appreciate a wireless
Bluetooth cooking thermometer that syncs with a smartphone to alert them when
their main dish is done, or a
digital measuring cup, that
enables cooks to precisely
measure liquids and easily
convert measurement units.
Wine aficionados can also
go high tech this season. New
gifts include sonic decanters,
smart chillers, and even special devices that allow you to
pour wine without uncorking
it to preserve freshness.
This holiday season don’t
just go high-tech with your
gifts, go highly-personalized
Providing Advanced Life
Support Care to the
Residents of Jefferson County
Emergency: 911
Sewing Studio
350 N. Ben Franklin Road,
We have
(1/2 mile from yMCA)
[email protected]
Judy Hicks,Owner
10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Thurs. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.,
sat. 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Call to make your appointment today!
253 Madison Ave., Unit E
Brookville • 849-4400
4 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
Make tech gifts more meaningful
What to know when giving kids tech gear
(StatePoint) – Most parents expect their children to
one day ask to use their cool,
expensive tech devices. But
adult tech for kids is now more
accessible than ever, so parents
don’t need to hand over their
pricey tablets, smartwatches
and smartphones.
Just remember that when
investing in technology for kids,
there are a few things to keep
in mind.
Fun Gadgets
The number of products designed specifically for children
is growing, particularly when
it comes to wearable tech. And
these items are not only more
affordable than their grown-up
counterparts, but more durable
as well.
One cool gadget to consider
is the Kidizoom Smartwatch
DX, by VTech, the next generation of its popular camera
watch for kids with a tough,
splash-proof, kid-friendly design. It features exciting motion-activated games, more than
50 3D clock faces and tools to
hone math skills, as well as
double the internal memory
of its predecessor – perfect for
prolific young photographers
and videographers.
The Kidizoom Smartwatch
DX, which comes in five colors,
also offers creative photo effects, frames and filters, video
and voice recorder, time-telling
app, timer, alarm, calculator
Gift Certificates Available!
fortunately lead to some not so
great habits. Parents can create
a few simple rules for kids (and
themselves!) to combat this
issue. For example, it’s tempting to respond to one’s phone
during meal time; however,
dinnertime will benefit by being gadget-free. Not only will
it better protect your technology
from spills and greasy fingers,
it will also foster better family
conversation and engagement.
Likewise, parents can set a
good example for kids by putting down their phone while
driving. Kids will learn by
example that there are certain
tasks that need two hands and
one’s full attention.
There’s no need to deny
kids the benefits of tech gear
until they reach a certain age.
Innovations in the market are
making gadgets a viable option
for kids, so they don’t need
to be jealous of their parents’
technology anymore – and in
fact, parents may envy the rich
features and content available in
their children’s gadgets!
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and calendar, along with the
ability to download additional
apps from the Learning Lodge
app store.
Another fun option for techsavvy, active kids is the VTech
Kidizoom Action Cam, which
features a robust, durable design and comes complete with
mounts for attaching to a bike,
skateboard or scooter, plus a
waterproof case that allows kids
to take videos and pictures up to
six feet underwater.
Good Tech Habits
Great technology can un-
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Decadent desserts are often the culmination of family meals or meaningful social
occasions. Dessert signals the end of special
events and lets guests know it is now acceptable for them to plan their exits.
Party hosts should not feel pressured to
bake or create elaborate desserts. Some
guests may even bring their own homemade
desserts as tokens of appreciation to offer
their hosts. However, for those who want
to ensure there is dessert available in the
event company does not bring a cake or box
of cookies, the following are some ways to
dress up store-bought treats to make them
look like impressive desserts.
• Gourmet ice-cream sandwiches: Purchase ready-made cookies in your favorite
varieties as well as a flavor of ice cream
that coordinates with the cookies (chocolate
and mint works well). Allow the ice cream
to soften slightly, then spoon a bit onto one
cookie and sandwich the ice cream with
another cookie. Place the sandwiches back
into the freezer to harden and set before
• Decadent drizzle: Any dessert can look
like a professionally concocted confection
with a creative display. Drizzle chocolate
or raspberry syrup on the plate before placing your slice of cake or pastry. Top with a
dusting of confectioner’s sugar.
• Shaved chocolate: Turn an ordinary
brownie or sundae into something stunning
with shaved chocolate. Run a vegetable
peeler along the side of a favorite bar of
chocolate to create a garnish.
• Warmed up: Heat any store-bought pie
before serving and top with fresh whipped
cream. Your guests will swear it’s homemade.
Christmas tree varieties and care
An evergreen tree decked
out in lights and ornaments is
one of the universal symbols of
the holiday season. The Christmas tree tradition is believed
to have originated in Germany
in the 15th or 16th centuries,
when trees were decorated with
edibles, such as nuts and fruits.
They were later decorated with
candles and eventually lights.
Through the centuries, people have trekked to forests,
Christmas tree farms and commercial lots to pick the perfect
trees for their holiday displays.
The National Christmas Tree
Association says more than 33
million real trees are purchased
each year, making the tree business a billion-dollar industry.
While there are scores of evergreen varieties, certain tree
types are more popular than
others and thus more available
for purchase. The following are
some of the more popular trees
come Christmastime.
• Eastern Redcedar:
Branches of the tree are compact and form a pyramid-shaped
crown. The trees should be a
dark, shiny green color. The
eastern redcedar is not a true
cedar tree, but a member of the
juniper family. This tree can
make a great cut tree with a
homespun look and a pungent
• Leyland Cypress: This
cypress is one of the more
popular Christmas trees in the
southeastern United States. The
tree will be very dark green to
almost gray in color. It has little
aroma. Some people choose
the Leyland because it does not
produce sap, which is great for
those with sap allergies.
• Colorado Blue Spruce:
An attractive blue-green foliage
and a good symmetrical form
is what attracts many people to
the blue spruce. The Colorado
Blue Spruce has an excellent
natural shape and requires little
pruning to look like the perfect
Christmas tree. It’s not very
fragrant, but the tree needles
may give off an unpleasant odor
when crushed.
• Scotch Pine: A classic
conical shape and very good
needle retention help make the
Scotch pine a popular tree to cut
for the holidays. Scotch pines
also are quite prevalent thanks
to the tree’s adaptability to a
wide range of climates.
• Eastern White Pine: A
delicate green color and long
needles are found on this tree.
Another popular pine, the rich
fragrance of the white pine may
make it preferable to those who
like their homes to smell of
• Douglas Fir: The Douglas
fir is one of the foremost Christmas tree species in the United
States. It has soft needles that
are dark green in color. Those
needles radiate in all directions
from the branches to give the
tree a full look. The needles,
when crushed, have a sweet
fragrance. Douglas firs tend to
live long when cut.
• Fraser Fir: Another popular fir for Christmas is the Fraser
fir. The needles are bicolored,
with dark green on top and
silver on the bottom. More
fragrant than its cousin, the
Douglas, the Fraser also boasts
a slender profile, which makes it
suitable for smaller rooms.
Christmas tree maintenance
Nothing can guarantee the
health and appearance of a tree
after it is brought into a home.
But choosing a recently cut tree
that has good needle retention
can help. Here are other tips for
a long-lasting tree.
• Use a sharp saw to cut an
inch off of the trunk base to
remove the sappy covering that
forms from cutting. This will
improve water intake.
• Fill a tree stand reservoir
with warm water. Expect the
tree to drink heavily in the
• Keep the reservoir filled
every day and check to see how
much water the tree is using.
• Place the tree far from heaters or other drying sources.
Baked treats worth the effort
B a ke d g o o d s c a n t a ke
some time to prepare. But
as many baking enthusiasts
know, the results are well
worth the effort. Such is
the case with the following recipe for “Pistachio
Honey Rolls” from Marguerite Marceau Henderson’s
“Small Sweet Treats” (Gibbs
Pistachio Honey Rolls
Makes 32 rolls
2 cups shelled pistachio
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon finely grated
orange zest
16 sheets phyllo dough,
rolled out and kept covered
with a damp towel
4 tablespoons butter, melted
1/2 cup honey, warmed
Place the nuts, sugar, cinnamon and orange zest in a
food processor and grind until nuts are finely chopped.
Transfer to a bowl.
Place a sheet of phyllo
dough on a work surface.
Keep the remaining sheets
covered with a damp towel
after each sheet is used.
Brush the sheet of phyllo
with butter, top with another
sheet of phyllo and brush
with more butter. Lightly
spread the sheet of phyllo
into four strips lengthwise.
Roll up each strip, starting
at the bottom, and place on
a Silpator parchment-lined
baking sheet, seam-side
down. Continue with remaining 14 sheets of phyllo
and nut filling. Bake on the
middle rack of a preheated
375 F oven for 15 minutes.
While still warm, drizzle
with honey. Allow to cool
completely before serving.
and the weather
“Quality Roofing Since 1896”
and Deli
for a variety of
delicious treats!
Use our fresh ingredients
for all your recipes and
family favorites.
53 Taylor St., Brookville, PA
(814) 849-8395
Open 7 Days A Week 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
6 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
Dress up drab desserts
Delicious food and wine
Give great books to kids this Christmas
(StatePoint) – For a merry featuring all three novels in
This middle-grade adventure
pairings for Thanksgiving holiday
season, fun new books the series, including the newly features illustrations on every
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 7
(StatePoint) – With the
weather cooling down, the
kitchen will be heating up for
America’s favorite holiday:
H ow c a n y o u t o p l a s t
year’s decadent feast? The
trick is to be thoughtful when
pairing wines with food.
Welcoming Wines
Medium-bodied crisp
white wines will complement your hors d’oeuvres
course. A tasty California
Chardonnay is a classic
choice and easily found at
your neighborhood store.
With notes of fresh pear and
pineapple, it makes a fantastic pairing for mild cheeses
and rich seafood appetizers,
such as crab or salmon.
A great example is St.
Francis Sonoma County
Chardonnay 2013. It is made
from grapes picked in the
cool of night to create a wine
with delicate aromas, crisp
acidity, and a rich, lingering
For your main course, try
out a Zinfandel, a deeply aromatic red wine with flavors
of juicy berries and a touch
of spice. It is perfect to pair
with flavorful dishes, savory
cheeses, and, of course, roast
turkey. Consider picking up a
bottle of St. Francis Sonoma
County “Old Vines” Zinfandel 2012, which features
notes of wild blackberries
and clove along with a long,
smooth finish.
“‘Old Vines’ Zinfandel is
one of my family’s Thanksgiving traditions. From stuffing to pumpkin pie, it complements every flavor: spicy,
savory, sweet and bold,” says
Christopher W. Silva, president & CEO of St. Francis
Winery & Vineyards.
Hearty Food
If you’re looking to top
last year’s meal, try a twist
on the classic potato dish
with a recipe for Smoked
Twice Baked Potatoes from
Chef Bryan Jones of St.
Francis Winery.
3 lg. German Butterball
1 Tbsp. kosher salt, plus
more for seasoning
1 Tbsp. canola oil
2 cups applewood smoking
chips soaked in water for
1/2 hour
3 Tbsp. heavy cream
2 Tbsp. butter
3 Tbsp. crème fraiche
1/4 cup aged white cheddar
cheese, shredded
2 Tbsp. parmesan, finely
B u n c h o f c h ive s , fi n e l y
1 tsp fresh marjoram, finely
Salt and white pepper to
Coat whole potatoes with
oil along with 1 Tbsp. of
salt. Place wood chips in the
smoking chamber of grill,
light only the burner needed
for smoking and place potatoes on rack off to the side
of the direct heat. Smoke for
30 minutes.
Remove potatoes from
grill. Place in a 9 X 11 inch
pan with 1/4 inch water on
bottom. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350
degrees for 30 minutes, or
until a paring knife pierces
easily. Let cool.
Cut potatoes in half, scoop
out most of inner potato,
leaving about a half inch
of potato all around for the
Use potato ricer to “rice”
scooped out potatoes into
Heat cream and butter together and add to potatoes.
Mix, then stir in crème
fraiche, cheeses, chives and
marjoram. Season with salt
and white pepper to taste.
Place potato mixture in
pastry bag. Pipe mixture back
into potatoes and mound just
over the level of the potato.
Bake at 350 degrees for 20
minutes until hot.
Pair with Sonoma County
“Old Vines” Zinfandel. For
more wine-paired recipes,
visit StFrancisWinery.com/
This Thanksgiving, celebrate with great wines and
mouth-watering dishes.
“White’s Variety Store has
for Christmas!”
Largest Full-line
Carhartt® Dealer.
Boots for all
your work and
hunting needs.
Coats • Jackets • Sweatshirts
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White’s Variety Store
1845 Philadelphia St., Indiana
Monday-Friday 9-7 • Saturday 9-2
make great gifts for kids. Don’t
know what’s the latest and
greatest in the world of kid’s
Here are four new titles to
consider for the young book
lovers in your life:
A Classic, Retold
“Home Alone,” which arrived
in theaters 25 years ago, is one
of the top grossing live-action
comedies of all time. Now, illustrator Kim Smith has reimagined the John Hughes story as a
classic Christmas fable. “Home
Alone: The Classic Illustrated
Storybook” comes complete
with bumbling burglars, brilliant booby-traps, and a little
boy named Kevin who’s forced
to fend for himself. Through
a series of comic adventures,
Kevin learns lessons about responsibility and the importance
of family.
Serial Adventure
Followers of the Miss Peregrine series will be excited to
receive The Miss Peregrine’s
Peculiar Children Boxed Set
released “Library of Souls: The
Third Novel of Miss Peregrine’s
Peculiar Children.” This actionpacked series includes a special
collector’s envelope of 12 peculiar photographs, highlighting
the most memorable moments
of this extraordinary threevolume fantasy.
Spooky Mystery
Meet Warren the 13th, of
“Warren the 13th and the AllSeeing Eye,” a cursed 12-yearold Victorian bellhop who’s
terribly unlucky, yet perpetually
optimistic, hard-working, and
curious. Orphan Warren’s pride
and joy is his family’s hotel, but
he’s been miserable ever since
his evil Aunt Annaconda took
over the management.
Annaconda believes a mysterious treasure is hidden somewhere on the grounds, and she’ll
do anything to find it. If Warren
wants to preserve his family’s
legacy, he’ll need to find the
treasure first – if the hotel’s
many strange guests don’t beat
him to it!
page and a lavish two-column
Victorian design.
True Tales for Athletes
Help make every goal, touchdown, and championship of all
the greats comes to life, from
Babe Ruth (so incorrigible that
his parents put him in reform
school at age seven) to Muhammad Ali (who learned to fight at
age 12 after a thief stole his bicycle). “Kid Athletes” is packed
with inspirational stories from
the world of sports, sharing tales
from the childhoods of famous
Billie Jean King rose from
modest circumstances to win
39 Grand Slam championships;
Wilma Rudolph triumphed over
polio to become the fastest
woman on earth; and martial
arts legend Bruce Lee credited
his success, in part, to childhood
dance lessons.
Have lit lovers on your list?
While a gift card to a book retailer is nice, you can put even
more thought into the present
with a new exciting title.
Thoughtful stocking stuffers
(StatePoint) – While the big ticket items
are always a thrill to bestow and receive
during the holidays, sometimes smaller
stocking stuffers are the most needed and
Here are some ideas to get you started:
Tech Accessories
Gifting new tech devices? Be sure you
also equip recipients with all the accessories
they will need to enjoy their gifts on-the-go.
From hard shell cases that offer protection
from slips and drops, (as these incidents are
bound to occur) to app store gift cards for
quick downloading of the software needed
to make the most of these items.
Batteries Included!
Nothing kills the thrill of receiving a new
device quite like the phrase “batteries not
included.” From remote-controlled cars to
digital cameras, gift recipients won’t want to
just look at their new toys, they’ll want to use
The Peaceable
Custom Framing • art supplies
• Paint Sets
• Pads &
• Easels
• Art Books
• Drawing
• Air Brushes
Gene Fyda C.P.F. • Marianne Fyda
24 W. Long Ave., DuBois, PA 15801
814-371-8061 • Toll Free 800-392-2650
oPen: Mon.-Thurs. 10-5, Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-3
them right away! Avoid disappointment by
providing juice for all those battery-operated
Consider pairing cutting edge gifts with
cutting edge Energizer EcoAdvanced AA and
AAA batteries. They are the brand’s longestlasting alkaline battery and the world’s first
AA battery made with four percent recycled
batteries. To learn more, visit energizer.com/
For those loved ones who have traveled
to spend the holidays with you, consider a
thoughtful gift that can be used during the
journey home. From travel-sized board games
to snack packs or tiny notebooks, these items
will come in handy whether gift recipients are
traveling by plane, train or automobile.
This year, don’t forget the stocking stuffers
– they are a great opportunity to show your
loved ones just how thoughtful you are.
With a Bounty of Best Wishes At
Dr. Nathan C.
and Staff
S. Findley Street, Punxsy
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Your #1 Floor Cleaning Specialist Since 1983!
8 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
I Promise You ...
Good Old-Fashioned Service,
a Commitment to Quality, Affordable
Prices and a 100% Guarantee!
Make holidays better with easy appetizers
(StatePoint) – Love to entertain but maybe not so much
to cook? Like to have a houseful of guests but not a sinkful
of pots and pans?
Small, easy to prepare appetizers can make parties a
snap. Called “small plates”
on restaurant menus, flavorful
Mediterranean-inspired appetizers are simple and tasty
combinations of bold flavors.
Here are some savory tips to
make beautiful, no-fuss holiday party fare:
• Stock the pantry: Prep
pantry shelves by stocking up
on assorted jarred items like
roasted red peppers, capers,
pickles, pickled vegetables,
sliced and whole pitted olives
as well as tasty premade pestos or tomato based dips.
• Make olives a centerpiece ingredient: Olives have
the power to double as an
essential part of the healthful Mediterranean diet, and
be a party centerpiece. With
pitted, seasoned, stuffed and
jarred varieties, you have the
makings of a festive, ready-toserve party plate.
For a fast option, serve an
assortment in a colorful bowl
or small Mason jar. For guests’
ease, serve pitted olives, so
they won’t have to worry
about disposing the pits. For
example, those from Pearls
Specialties are available at
Walmart, Target, Kroger and
other grocery stores nationwide.
• Say cheese: Pick up a
selection of cheeses, choosing
hard classic cheddars, feta,
fresh mozzarella, soft aged
cheeses such brie, as well as
cream cheese.
• Support your baker:
Take the time to seek out a
great local artisan baker for a
wonderful crusty Italian ciabatta loaf, a seeded baguette,
a whole grain dark rye or a
tangy sourdough.
Use slices as a base to
emulate trendy restaurants
and cafes that serve “toasts”
topped with flavorful combinations. In a pinch? Crackers
work great too.
• Go nuts: Combinations
of crunchy pecans, walnuts,
hazelnuts and cashews are delicious with everything. For a
shortcut, get packaged candied
or spiced blends.
• Veg out: A trip to the produce aisle provides colorful
inspiration and loads of tasty
choices for an elegant veggie
platter. Add fruits too. Sweet
grapes and apples are a perfect
complement to salty items.
Combine with dips, spreads,
cheeses and olives. Dark, flavorful Kalamata olives are
delicious combined this way
and make a great base for a
• Just sticks, no stones:
Use bamboo skewers for excellent presentation and make
snacking easy on guests. Layer
on whole, pitted olives, such
as the large and meaty Pearls
Garlic Stuffed Queen Olives,
slices of mozzarella, cherry
tomatoes, fresh basil leaves,
colorful bell pepper strips and
chunks of your favorite salami. Drizzle a bit of balsamic
vinegar onto your skewers
before serving. If you prep
them ahead of time, wrap them
tightly and refrigerate.
• Great drinks: On bartending duty? Garnish spicy or
unusual gin or vodka martinis
with Pearls Jalapeno Stuffed
or Blue Cheese stuffed olives
for a rich, surprising twist. Instead of a plain cocktail pick,
use a sprig of fresh rosemary
to skewer those olives.
For more great entertaining ideas, visit www.olives.
com and www.facebook.com/
Make holiday entertaining
easier by serving fuss-free,
no-cook snacks.
W indgate
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great year at Windgate Vineyards!
Windgate Vineyards & Windgate Inc.
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Play ball! Great gifts for sports fans
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 9
Finding the perfect holiday
gift for the family sports fan
can be fun for shoppers who
also can’t get enough of their
favorite sports. But shoppers
who don’t know the Super
Bowl from the World Series
might not have the first idea
about what to get the person on
their list who seemingly spends
all of his or her free time following the home team.
Fortunately, shoppers don’t
need to know a lot about sports
to find holiday gifts that will
elicit cheers from their favorite sports fans. The following
are just a handful of gifts that
would make any sports fan
happy this holiday season.
Championship tickets
Many sports fans dream
of attending a championship
game, whether that game is
the Super Bowl in the National
Football League, the World
Series in Major League Baseball, an NBA Finals game, or
whatever sport most stokes a
particular sports fan’s passion.
Tickets have long been a go-to
gift for sports fans, but holiday
shoppers who want to go above
and beyond may want to purchase tickets to the championship of a friend or loved one’s
favorite sport. Super Bowl
tickets tend to be the most
expensive tickets in American sports, and such a costly
gift might be more than your
holiday budget can handle.
Championships in other sports
tend to be expensive, but more
reasonably priced than Super
Bowl tickets. If possible, ask
a friend or relative to split the
cost of a pair of tickets.
Many sports fans now prefer
to watch their favorite sports
on television rather than in
person. Remarkable advancements in technology have made
watching the game at home not
much different than being there
in person, and watching from
home won’t require fans to pay
for travel, parking or tickets. A
new smart television that makes
it possible for sports fans to
stream out-of-town games or
watch online highlights on big
screens may be just the thing
your favorite fanatic is hoping
for this season.
Gym or league membership
Some sports fans are not
merely content to watch their
favorite sports; they also want
to compete. Devoted fans of
mixed martial arts might ap-
preciate a membership to a
local MMA gym, where they
can mimic their favorite competitors’ moves all while getting in shape and meeting
like-minded men and women
who share their passion for
MMA. Offer to pay for the
first several months of a loved
one’s membership, or if your
budget allows, buy a 12-month
membership. If MMA is not
your loved one’s thing, then
pay his or her entry fees into
a local sports league, such as
a summer softball league or a
competitive basketball league
for adults.
The sports attire business is
booming, and no sports fan’s
wardrobe is complete without
a handful of items that profess
his or her love for a favorite
team. Visit a local sporting
goods store to stock up on
clothes that help your favorite
fan fit in when he or she attends
a game or visits a nearby bar or
restaurant to take in the game
with fellow fans.
Holiday shopping for sports
fans can be fun, especially for
shoppers willing to get a little
clip & save
2334 Oakland Ave. • 724-349-6110
thurs., november 26
Holiday Shopping Hours:
thanksgiving Day
fri., november 27
6 AM-thru Fri. 10 PM
8 AM-9:00 PM
3 PM-thru Fri. 9 PM Kmart, Bon Ton & Sears will
5 PM-thru Fri. 10 PM close at 10 PM. JC Penney
6 PM-thru Fri. 10 PM will close at 9 PM.
Bath & Body 6 PM-thru Fri. 9PM
FYE & Rue21 6 PM - 1 AM
American Eagle, Matthew’s
Hallmark, Kitchen Collection, Capri
Pizza, TC Cellular 6 PM - 12 MID
Bradley’s Books 6 PM - 11 PM
Shoe Dept. 8 PM - 11 PM
Finish Line 8 PM - 12 MID
Auntie Anne’s 8 PM - 12 MID
Spencer’s 6 PM - 12 MID
weD., December 2
10 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
10 AM-9 PM
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10 AM-9 PM
sun., December 6
11 AM-5 PM
9 AM-9 PM
9 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
Bath & Body, Rue21,
FYE, American Eagle,
Kitchen Collection, Capri
Pizza, Justice, Finish Line,
Spencer’s 6 AM-9 PM
Matthew’s Hallmark 7 AM - 9 PM
TC Cellular 5 AM - 9 PM
Shoe Dept. 5 AM - 9 PM
thurs., December 3
10 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
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10 AM-9 PM
mon., December 7
10 AM-9 PM
9 AM-11 PM
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sat., november 28
10 AM-9:00 PM
6 AM-10 PM
8 AM-9 PM
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mon., november 30
10 AM-9 PM
sun., november 29
11 AM-5 PM
11 AM-7 PM
10 AM-5 PM
8 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
8 AM-10 PM
fri., December 4
10 AM-9 PM
8 AM-11 PM
9 AM-9 PM
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9 AM-9 PM
tues., December 8
10 AM-9 PM
9 AM-11 PM
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9 AM-10 PM
tues., December 1
10 AM-9 PM
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10 AM-9 PM
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10 AM-9 PM
sat,, December 5
10 AM-9 PM
8 AM-11 PM
9 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
weD., December 9
10 AM-9 PM
7 AM-11 PM
9 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
thurs., December 10
10 AM-9 PM
7 AM-11 PM
9 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
fri., December 11
10 AM-9 PM
7 AM-11 PM
9 AM-9 PM
8 AM-10 PM
9 AM-10 PM
Santa Arrives November 21
at 11:30 a.m. with cookies and milk
*while supplies last
Visit Santa At His Magical Castle,
Outside of JCPenney Hallway
Sundays: 1-4 PM • Mon.-Thurs.: 5-8 PM
Fri. & Sat.: Noon-4 PM & 5-8 PM
Pet Photos: Dec. 6 & 13, 1-4 p.m.
Turkey carving tips for Thanksgiving
ing the breast away on the side you’ve chosen.
Slice each breast into quarter inch thick slices.
Place on your platter. Alternatively, cut slices
of breast directly off the turkey, parallel to the
rib cage. Just ensure you keep the slices even
on both sides.
• Be a sharp chef. To make the job smooth
sailing, and avoid tearing the meat and making
a mess, use a sharp, straightedge knife and a
carving fork to steady your meat. You’ll save
time and energy and get better results.
• In the days leading up to the holiday, make
sure your kitchen is ready to go by sharpening
all the knives you will need for food prep that
day, particularly your turkey carving knife.
A compact electric knife sharpener is a great
kitchen essential to have on hand for everyday
use, as well as for major holiday feasts, as it is
ideal for precise sharpening of straight edge
knives. Those from Smith’s Housewares feature a manual slot for polishing a freshly ground
edge or a quick touch-up of already sharp
knives. They can be found at walmart.com.
• Add a garnish to the serving platter to make
your turkey a feast for the eyes. As the main
course, it deserves a bit of extra flair. Fresh
in-season herbs, fruits and vegetables all work
well to complete the look.
Don’t let the final throes of preparation be
the most difficult on Turkey Day. All you need
are the right, well-maintained tools and proper
Layaway your pool in the fall so
you can swim in the spring!
Dealer of
938-9396 • 119 Roberts St.
Now e!
in our showroom!
10 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
(StatePoint) – Cooking is only part of
Thanksgiving prep. For many hosts, carving
the bird represents the most intimidating feast
Don’t chicken out! There are some quick tips
you can follow to demystify the process, from
the carving experts at Smith’s Housewares, a
manufacturer of innovative knife sharpeners
and kitchen tools:
• The first thing you will want to carve out
is a proper amount of time to cook the turkey.
When coordinating your schedule that morning, keep in mind that between taking the turkey out of the oven and cooking it, you should
allot about 20 minutes. This waiting period
is not frivolous. It makes the handling of the
hot turkey easier on your hands, and gives the
meat’s juices crucial time to redistribute.
• If your turkey is tied, remove the string first.
Start by removing each leg and thigh from the
body of the turkey, using your hands to separate, and your knife to slice through the meat.
• Next, separate the thighs from the legs by
pulling on a leg and using your knife to slice.
Target the ‘V’ area with your knife, feeling
around until you find the joint. Slice the meat
away from the thigh bone and place it directly
on your serving platter.
• The next step is to remove the wings using a
similar method. By identifying where the joint
is; you can avoid slicing bone.
• Using an even stroke, slice each breast from
slightly off the midline. Slice down, gently pull-
Great Christmas gifts to help children learn
(StatePoint) – One of the
best ways to motivate kids
to learn is by making it fun,
and the holiday season is the
perfect opportunity to equip
the kids in your life with gifts
that are equal parts entertaining and educational.
For some great gift ideas
that turn what could be a chore
into a good time, consider the
Watch it Grow
Whether you do-it-yourself
or opt for a store-bought kit,
a terrarium offers children a
hands-on lesson in horticulture, biology, earth science
and responsibility. Terrariums,
which make great gifts, can be
used to grow beautiful plants
and flowers, or edible herbs
for the kitchen.
Pair this gift with books
about nature and gardening
and you may inspire a green
thumb for life.
Smart Gaming
Kids will always want to
play video games, so why
not allow them to learn while
playing? Check out VTech’s
InnoTV, an educational TVconnected gaming system
designed with preschoolers
in mind. It features an easy-
to-use kid-friendly wireless
controller and learning games
for ages 3-8 that introduce
language arts, science, technology, engineering and math
concepts and more. InnoTV
also offers access to a huge
educator-supported library of
additional games on VTech’s
Learning Lodge app store,
as well as compatibility with
a variety of InnoTab MAX
“The family gaming console
has found a welcome place in
many family rooms for good
Complete your shopping
for everyone on your list...
Jim Shore Heartwood
Creek Collection
• Precious Moments
• Cherished Teddies
• Boxed Christmas Cards
• Nativities • Plaques
• Ornaments • Children’s
Books •Plus Lots More
New Things!
See our new titles in
Books and Music
reason,” says Dr. Eric Klopfer,
VTech Expert Panel member
and Platform Learning Expert.
“The console connected to the
TV provides an interactive focal point for family gaming.”
InnoTV comes with singleplayer, age-appropriate educational games (many aligned
with Common Core curriculum standards), and allows for
multiple players -- providing
opportunities for social play,
which is important for preschoolers learning to share,
cooperate and take turns. To
learn more, visit www.vtechkids.com/InnoTV.
Make Music
Many children wish to explore the world of music, but
unfortunately, their schools
may not offer the exact programs they are looking for. You
can nurture musical talent and
interest at holiday time, however. If your child is indecisive,
consider a temporary rental of
his or her instrument of choice
and a starter pack of just a few
Kids’ Size Science
Bourgeoning scientists will
love making their own observations and discoveries.
Luckily, kids-size scientific
apparatus are available for
those just beginning to explore
everything from cells of plants
to the cosmos. Telescopes and
microscopes designed with
kids in mind can help young
ones develop the skills needed
to succeed in science.
When making your gift list
this season, don’t forget the
notion that fun and learning
are two peas in a pod.
If You Can Dream It,
Christian Book
& Gift Shop
191 Main Street
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 11
We Can Design It
Get $10000 Off a 10 Cabinet
or More
See store for details.
• Yankee Candles • Swan Creek Candles
• Gardner’s & Russell Stover Candy • Christmas Decor
• Pencil Trees • Greeting Cards • Free Gift Wrapping
Service • Pittsburgh Steeler Novelties •
• Gift Registry Available • Delivery
Stop in and see our great
selection of gift items. We are
sure you will find the perfect
gift for someone or even just
something for you!
Nickolas A. Kernich, Pharmacist
Gary Bowers, RPh
In the Groundhog Plaza
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-7 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
CRW Home Center
313 Martha St., Punxsutawney
814-938-3850 • www.crw.doitbest.com
“Proud Member
Since 1992”
Along with the fragrant evergreens and
twinkling lights synonymous with the
holiday season, poinsettias make up a key
component of holiday decorating.
Unlike holly and some of the other greenery that is commonly associated with the
holidays, poinsettias do not naturally thrive
in the colder temperatures. These plants
originate in southern Mexico and were considered an exotic plant when first introduced
to the United States by Joel Robert Poinsett,
the first American ambassador to Mexico.
Poinsettias can be fickle plants and ones
that gardening novices may find challenging to maintain. The plants are comprised
of green foliage, colorful (often red) flower
bracts, and the actual flowers of the plants,
which are the red or green buttonlike parts
nestled in the center of the bracts.
Because they are a tropical plant, poinsettias can be damaged by exposure to low
temperatures, even if they are only exposed
for short periods of time. They should be
wrapped and protected against the elements
when brought home. For maximum plant
life, poinsettias need to be placed near a
warm, sunny window, or another area that
has ample amounts of light. They thrive
in temperatures between 60 and 75 F and
should be kept away from warm or cold
Water the plant whenever the surface
feels dry to the touch. Water until it drains
out the bottom, but don’t let the plant sit in
water. Over- or under-watering can cause
leaves to drop prematurely and wilt. If your
home lacks in humidity, you may need to
water the plant more frequently. Poinsettias
do not need to be fertilized while the plant
is in bloom.
The Ohio State University Extension says
poinsettias can be reflowered the following
Christmas, but unless a yearlong schedule of
care is observed, the results usually are not
good. You can speak with a gardening expert
or consult online resources for the proper
care schedule. Caring for a poinsettia yearround involves gradually drying out the plant
and storing it in a cool location. The plant
later will be moved outdoors and then back
inside and pruned to keep a full shape.
Poinsettias are short-day plants, which
means they flower about 10 weeks after the
daylight shortens to about 12 hours or less.
Therefore, to have the plant in full flower by
Christmas, it will have to be kept in complete
darkness between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. from
the first part of October until Thanksgiving.
Many people find the affordability of poinsettias makes it more convenient to buy new
ones each year than try to foster regrowth.
Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are
not poisonous to humans or animals, but they
should not be ingested due to the potential
for allergic reactions. Poinsettias can help
remove pollutants from indoor air, which
is advantageous during the winter months
when doors and windows are typically kept
Select plants that have dark green foliage
and no low or damaged leaves. This ensures
the best success for keeping poinsettias
looking healthy and vibrant throughout the
holiday season.
Creative solutions for centerpieces
Entertaining guests is a great
way to open and share your home
and make memories with family
and friends. If your entertaining
includes a meal, chances are everyone will be sitting at the table
to dine and converse. A beautifully
set table can make guests feel welcome and establish the ambiance
for the meal.
A centerpiece is at the heart of
a well-dressed table. While centerpieces are most often associated
with formal affairs, any meal or
gathering is enhanced with the right
centerpiece. Here are some easy
and elegant centerpiece ideas to
dress up your dinner table.
Fresh flowers
Floral arrangements make for
great centerpieces. Such arrangements can be as simple or as
extravagant as you desire. For casual meals, consider picking some
flowers from your own garden or
a nearby field. Spring daffodils
or cherry blossom branches can
add color to a table. Some smaller,
potted impatiens or begonias make
great centerpieces for summer
soirées, while autumn and winter
blooms work for holiday gatherings and parties.
If you want an even more special
touch, consider working with a
florist. Explain the theme of your
party and ask the florist to recommend appropriate flowers for the
Great books to give this Christmas season
(StatePoint) – Holiday gift
trends come and go, but books
are a perennial classic. And
the volumes that make the
best gifts feature stunning
visuals and well-designed
content that educates while it
Here are six titles for everyone on your list:
Nature Lovers
For a journey through scenic and rich animal habitats,
give “Wildlife of the World.”
Portrait-style photography
brings you “face-to-face”
with individual animals, from
the shaggy musk ox foraging in the Canadian high
arctic, to the rock-climbing
gelada monkey of Ethiopia.
Engrossing profiles narrate
how they interact with their
environments, mate, survive,
and even play. Produced in
association with the Smithsonian Institution, the book
also features an 80-page illustrated reference section on
the animal kingdom
Gift the complete history of
the musical with “Musicals:
The Definitive Illustrated Story.” This behind-the-scenes
tour of the best-loved musicals uses rich photography,
memorabilia, and behind-thescenes gossip to tell the story
of more than 140 notable
stage and film productions
and their creators.
Star Wars Enthusiasts
Wacky trivia await readers
of “Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know,”
from who cleans the floors
of the Death Stars and what
takes 1,000 years to digest its
victims. From movie-making
trivia to quirky facts you never knew, this guide will excite
new and old fans alike of Star
Wars Rebels, Star Wars: The
Clone Wars and the Star Wars
movies I-VI.
Super Hero Fans
For the most comprehensive single volume published
on the subject, “Marvel’s The
Avengers Encyclopedia,” details the genesis of the team
and explores the powers of
more than 250 characters
and 40 teams and lineups,
including fan-favorites such
as Captain America and Black
Widow. Packed with fantastic
comic book art, this title is a
must-have guide to Earth’s
Mightiest Heroes.
Budding Creators
Unlock the secrets of LEGO
building in this all-new book
based off the popular LEGO
Ideas series. “LEGO Awesome Ideas” shows fans how
to create their own world with
LEGO bricks by providing
step-by-step visual breakdowns of new models and
offering alternative ways to
build them, brick by brick.
With unqiue model ideas and
expert tips and techniques,
“ L E G O Aw e s o m e I d e a s ”
will inspire anyone, from
beginners to accomplished
Award-winning artist David Macaulay introduces
readers to Sloth and his sidekick Sengi as they try to find
their way out of the zoo with
the help of machines. Their
efforts are brought to life in
“How Machines Work: Zoo
Break!” Through models and
illustrations, as well as novelty elements including popups, pull-outs, and lift-theflaps, readers can explore how
and why machines work.
For a classic gift that will
never go out of fashion, consider giving an interesting and
engaging book this holiday
season. New beautifullydesigned titles are available
for everyone on your list.
gathering based on your theme.
Fruit and foods
Floral centerpieces may be some
of the most popular, but food also
works as a base for interesting
centerpieces. Grab an unused soup
tureen or some decorative vases
and fill them with an assortment of
items. Lemons, oranges and other
citrus fruits add a splash of bold
color to a table. Otherwise, look
for exotic foods that have interesting appearances, like prickly pears
or artichokes. Fill a tall vessel with
walnuts or chestnuts for an earthy
look. A large basket brimming
with assorted breads and crackers
looks attractive and is also ready
for guests to dig in.
Whimsical parties or children’s
events can be made more fun with
clever centerpieces made from
candy. Stick lollipops into buckets
filled with sand or push them into
a foam form to make a candy topiary. Canisters filled with candy of
all shapes, sizes and colors appeal
to guests’ eyes and their affinity
for sweets.
Miscellaneous items
Look around the house for any
number of other items that can
be placed inside vases or clear
containers. Bells, tissue paper,
pebbles or confetti can be used to
create attractive centerpieces for
the table.
Distributed by
200 S. Gilpin St.
• 938-5600 •
12 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
Keep poinsettias looking great
Ways to give unique, meaningful gifts this Christmas season
(StatePoint) – Making your
list and checking it twice? Coming up with unique items for all
your family and friends in a short
period of time is not always a
simple feat.
Luckily, there are many easy
ways to make everyone on your
list feel special.
Customized Books
While literature always makes
a great gift, a personalized book
will make reading time extra appealing, and a cherished present
that will never be forgotten.
Personalized book companies
let you make your gift recipient the hero of a unique story,
Hang stockings with care
Mantles adorned with garland
and other holiday trinkets make
fireplaces come alive for Christmas. That magic is only enhanced
by hanging Christmas stockings,
which are just waiting to be filled
with goodies for good girls and
boys. Those without a fireplace
often hang stockings from windowsills and stairway banisters.
No written record exists to explain the origin of hanging stockings on fireplace mantles. Despite
this, many people link the tradition to a tale about St. Nicholas.
As that story goes, St. Nicholas
was traveling through a village
when he overheard the plight of
three women. They were poor,
and their father could not afford
an ample dowry to marry them
off. Rather than have them end
up spinsters, St. Nicholas secretly
tossed bags of coins through a
window (or down the chimney,
depending on which version of
the story you read or hear), and
they were captured in the girls’
stockings hanging to dry by the
fire. The family was overjoyed to
have received such riches.
Soon news traveled about the
mysterious money in stockings,
and other children left out stockings for St. Nicholas to capture
their own gifts.
The tradition has transformed
over the years, and now many
children hang stockings by the
chimney with the expectation
that the stockings will be filled
with gifts from Santa. Traditions
once suggested that only gifts
from Santa were left in stockings, while gifts placed beneath
the tree were from family, but
that has since changed. Stockings are now meant to hold small
gifts while larger items are placed
under the tree.
Stockings should be hung away
from the flames of the fire as a
safety precaution. Some children
even like to hang individual stockings on their bedposts instead of
on a fireplace mantle.
complete with the person’s name
and photo.
Personalized Candles
Turn the gift of a treasured
candle into something even more
personalized by incorporating
photos and messages on the
candle label. Make a statement
by picking a fragrance with your
recipient in mind, tied to special
memories you share.
To create made-to-order combinations for your friends and
family, consider Yankee Candle,
which offers several customization options that allow you to
personalize everything from the
label design to embellishments
in the wrapping. Their lineup of
fragrances includes Buttercream,
Lilac Blossoms, and Sparkling
Cinnamon, conjuring fond memories of everything from a walk
through flowery fields to a favorite holiday dessert.
Personalized candles, which
are easy to design, also make
thoughtful hostess gifts for all
your holiday festivities this
DIY Gift Basket
A standard-issue gift basket will be appreciated, but to
show you truly care, consider
2nd anniversary special
2, 3 & 4 Bottle
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Gift Boxes
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Gift Boxes for Christmas!
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and Softwood
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Landscape Center
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 13
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Prepare For Cold Weather
customizing each gift for every
recipient. You can make unique
creations by taking favorites into
consideration. Is your gift recipient a dog lover? Does she have a
sweet tooth?
After stocking baskets with
goodies customized to their
tastes, adorn each one with
unique garlands, ribbons and
This holiday season is the
perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the easy, customizable options available to
make each gift thoughtful and
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Many people feel dessert
is the best part of any meal.
When dining out, diners who
can’t wait to peruse the dessert menu may find several
items they think they can
only enjoy at restaurants. But
food fans need not be experts
in the kitchen to enjoy their
favorite desserts in the comforts of home. The following
recipe for “Luscious Créme
Brûlée” from Lori Longbotham’s “Luscious Creamy Desserts” (Chronicle Books) is
a restaurant-quality dessert
that’s simple to prepare and
just as decadent as desserts
you many find on the menus of
your favorite restaurants.
Luscious Créme Brûlée
Serves 8
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup half-and-half
6 large egg yolks
3/4 cup sugar
Pinch of salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1. Preheat the oven to 300
F. Have ready a flame-proof
1-quart shallow baking or
gratin dish and a roasting pan.
Put on a kettle of water to boil
for the water bath.
2. Heat the cream and halfand-half in a medium saucepan over medium heat until
hot. Remove from the heat.
3. Whisk together the yolks,
1/2 cup of the sugar, and the
salt in a medium bowl. Slowly
add the cream mixture, whisking constantly until blended
and smooth. Add the vanilla.
Pour the mixture through a
fine strainer set over a medium
glass measuring cup or bowl.
4. Pour the custard into
the baking dish and skim any
foam from the top. Transfer
to the roasting pan, place in
the oven, and pour enough
boiling water into the pan to
reach halfway up the sides of
the baking dish. Bake for 25 to
30 minutes, or until the custard
is set around the edges but still
slightly jiggly in the center. Do
not overbake – the custard will
set further as it cools. Remove
the baking dish from the water
bath and let cool completely
on a wire rack.
5. Refrigerate the créme
brûlée, loosely covered, for at
least 4 hours, until thoroughly
Breakfast is a great time to relax
and catch up when hosting guests
during the holiday season. The
holiday breakfast table provides a
casual setting to share a good meal
and a few laughs with your guests.
While some guests might prefer
omelets and others may like French
toast or a simple bowl of cereal, few
won’t enjoy a slice or two of freshly
baked bread. Hosts who want to
satisfy their guests’ hunger pangs
and give them something to enjoy
with their first few sips of coffee
can prepare the following recipe
for “Steamed Spiced Brown Bread”
from Andrew Schloss’ “Cooking
Slow” (Chronicle Books).
Steamed Spice Brown Bread
Makes 4 servings
Vegetable oil spray
1 cup rye flour
1 cup blue cornmeal
1 cup whole-wheat flour
2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon fine sea salt
2 cups raisins
1 cup black coffee
1 cup yogurt
3/4 cup molasses
Boiling water as needed
Unsalted butter for serving (opGuests will appreciate the tional)
personal touches, which will
be sure to spark some dinner
Wrap it Up
Chances are you’ll need
some last-minute gifts for
unannounced guests. Stock up
on a few items with universal
appeal. Jars of locally made
preserves, decorative candles,
wrapped soaps or bottles of
wine are good to have on hand
to make everyone feel welcome this holiday season.
‘Tis the season to be festive, not frazzled. Keep guests
– and yourself – happy with
simple tips and tricks, and
have time to relax and enjoy
your get-together.
chilled and set, or for up to
1 day.
6. Preheat the broiler. Have
the roasting pan ready, and fill
a bowl with ice water. Gently
blot the surface of the custard
with the edge of a paper towel
to remove any condensation.
Sift the remaining 1/4 cup
sugar evenly over the custard.
Place the baking dish in the
roasting pan and carefully
pour enough ice water into the
pan to come halfway up the
sides of the baking dish.
7. Broil the custard about
3 inches from the heat for 2
to 3 minutes, until the sugar
has melted and turned a dark
amber color; carefully move or
rotate the dish if necessary so
the sugar caramelizes evenly.
Remove from the broiler and
cool the custard in the ice water for 5 minutes.
8. Carefully remove the
baking dish from the baking
pan. Serve right away, or
refrigerate, uncovered, for
no longer than 1 hour before
serving – or the topping will
Entertaining without the hassle
(StatePoint) – Rather than
worry about the hassle of
hosting this holiday season,
prepare for visitors and entertaining with these tips and
Get a Fresh Start
Trying to prepare everything at the last minute when
guests are knocking at your
door creates unwanted stress.
Instead, clean and prep the
house a few days in advance.
Quickly turn chores to checks
on your to-do list. For example, use a dab of glue to fix the
pesky towel rod in the powder
room that keeps coming loose,
or to repair broken handles on
drawers and cabinets.
While you’re making home
improvements here and there,
get organized for holiday
guests by relocating your own
coats from the hall closets,
leaving room for your visitors’
winter gear. If your guests are
bringing appetizers or cocktails, clean out the fridge in
advance to have ample storage
Don’t Buy It, DIY It
Tired of hanging the same
wreath on your door year after
year? Create a new, modern
focal point that can be used
for multiple occasions. Spray
paint a wooden wreath form
and mini clothespins silver
and gold. Once dry, adhere
the clothespins to the wreath
form in varying layers. Use an
adhesive that dries instantly
and won’t leave you with
messy glue gun strands, such
as Krazy Glue’s Maximum
Bond No-Run Gel, which
will give you time to decorate
the rest of your home, rather
than cleaning up your crafting
By flipping a few of the
clothespins around on the
outside, you can attach pictures of friends and family
or holiday cards to create an
eye-catching display.
Make a Game Plan
Seemingly daunting tasks
can be fun if you’re strategic and give yourself time
to do them right. When it
comes to shopping for your
main course, avoid weekend
crowds. The day of your event,
set the table in the morning so
that unforeseen events or last
minute stops won’t throw you
off course.
Deck the Dinner Table
Rather than spending time
and money shopping for expensive décor for each upcoming party, create your own
one-of-a-kind centerpieces
and place settings. Add flair
to your tablescape by affixing
decorative gems or outdoor
sprigs onto napkin rings and
handwritten name cards. A
glue pen designed for delicate
tasks, such as Krazy Glue’s
Precision Control Pen, is easy
to hold and dries instantly.
Homemade bread for holiday guests
Amy Peace
Gigliotti, D.M.D.
Ronald J.
Walker, D.M.D.
new patients welcome
• Participating With Blue Shield-Delta 
   & Discount Plan Plus
• Insurance Plans Accepted
• Handicapped Access
• Emergency Treatment
• Evening Appts. Available
• Parking Available
203 Clearfield Avenue, Punxsutawney
Coat the inside of the bread
mold(s) lightly with vegetable oil
spray; set aside.
In a large bowl, whisk together
the rye flour, cornmeal, wholewheat flour, ginger, cinnamon,
mustard, allspice, cloves, baking
soda, and salt. Toss in the raisins
to coat. In a separate bowl, beat
together the coffee, yogurt and
molasses, and then stir the yogurt
mixture into the dry ingredients just
until a smooth batter forms.
Pour the batter into the prepared
mold(s). Cover the top of the
mold(s) with heavy-duty aluminum
foil and secure around the top with
kitchen string or a rubber band.
Position the baking ring(s) in a
Dutch oven or saucepan wide or
deep enough to hold the mold(s).
Put the mold(s) on top of the
ring(s) and pour the boiling water
around the mold(s) until the water
comes about halfway up the sides
but does not touch the foil. Cover
the pot and steam the bread over
low heat, adding more water if the
level drops by more than half, until
the top of the bread is dry and the
center feels springy but soft, about
21/2 hours.
Remove the mold(s) from the
water and cool for 5 minutes. Take
off the foil. Run a knife around the
edge of the bread and invert onto
a plate. Serve warm in slices with
butter, if desired.
14 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
Delight guests with restaurant-quality dessert
Celebrate Christmas for less 7 easy steps to your best turkey yet
(StatePoint) – The delights of
the holiday season can add up
quickly. From cooking and baking to shopping for the perfect
gift, the season can take its toll
on your wallet.
With some smart planning, you
can enjoy everything the holidays
have to offer without breaking
your budget, say the discount
experts at Dollar General, who
are providing some shrewd tips
to help keep costs down.
Deck the Halls
The holidays are marked by
festive decorations. This year,
consider a new theme or try your
hand at DIY decorations. Create
a rustic holiday feel with mason
jars, fresh greenery and candles.
Or for a more formal look, go
chic with gold bulbs, white accents and burlap. Experiment
with different materials and
ornaments to create a one-ofa-kind, inexpensive display for
your home.
Great Gifts
Gifts for friends and family
can get expensive. Save money
with DIY ideas. Try making a
homemade soup mix in a jar.
Purchase canning jars and fill
them with soup ingredients like
beans, spices and pasta. Discount
retailers like Dollar General carry
a variety of supplies and delicious
ingredients to make any DIY
gift tasty. Finish the jar with a
ribbon and use the gift tag to
include cooking instructions on
the back.
For the person who has everything, pick up a gift card to his or
her favorite restaurant or store.
Attach a bow or ornament to give
it a seasonal touch. Or, consider
giving the gift of time. Gather
friends together for a baking day
or cookie swap.
Classic Recipes
One of the most iconic aspects
of the holidays is the food. Baked
treats, rich casseroles, roasted
meats and holiday candy are all
wonderful enjoyments of the
season. And the more you prepare
yourself, the more you save. This
year, try new recipes and have
fun with unique ideas. Check out
delicious and easy dishes for your
holiday gatherings at dollargeneral.com/easy-meals.
Display your spread on a beautiful tablescape with a decorative
wreath as the centerpiece. Add a
holiday table cloth, holiday bulbs
and decorative LED lights to give
family and friends a warm and
festive place to share meals.
Enjoy this holiday season with
affordable, fun and easy tips to
make the most of your special
(StatePoint) – Selecting,
preparing and cooking the
centerpiece of your family’s
Thanksgiving meal can pile
on a lot of stress. However
there are some easy ways to
simplify the process.
“There are a lot of great
choices, but they can certainly be overwhelming during
a busy holiday,” says Theo
Weening, Global Meat Buyer
for Whole Foods Market.
Here are seven basic rules
to ensure you have the perfect turkey for your holiday
1. Plan ahead: Frozen
turkeys can take several
days to fully thaw. The safest method is by placing it
on a tray in its packaging to
catch drips, and put it in the
refrigerator on the lowest
shelf. Plan for one full day
of thawing for every five
pounds of turkey. If you’re
short on time, put your turkey in a leak-proof wrapper
and submerge it completely
in cold tap water. The water
should be changed every 30
minutes. Plan for 30 minutes
of thawing time per pound.
2. Research: There are
many different types of turkey to choose from. Some
Cost-saving measures when gifting a large family
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 15
Exchanging gifts with loved
ones is one of the joys of the
holiday season. But it can be
challenging to reign in holiday
spending when your shopping
list is especially lengthy. Fortunately, there are many ways
for holiday shoppers to cut costs
this season.
• Create a limited gift exchange. Speak with other family members who also may be
feeling the pinch of holiday
spending to establish a gift
exchange system. Rather than
purchasing a gift for everyone
in the family, split the list accordingly. Maybe everyone will
only be expected to purchase
gifts for the children, instead
of buying for kids and adults.
Propose that you only exchange
gifts with immediate family
members and not your extended
family, such as your cousins,
aunts and uncles. Develop a
system that works for everyone
so no one feels like they need
to break the bank this holiday
• Host a holiday grab bag.
Grab bags are great ways to
exchange gifts without going
broke. In a traditional grab bag,
everyone brings a gift that does
not exceed a predetermined
value and puts it in the bag.
Each family member then pulls
a gift out of the bag. Allow everyone the option to swap with
one another if one gift is more
fitting for a particular person.
• Set a price limit. Decide
in advance that gifts should
not exceed a certain price. This
way if you are budgeting for the
holidays you will have a better
understanding of what you can
expect to spend if every gift
should be around $30.
• Pool your resources. Rather than giving many little gifts,
pool your resources with some
relatives and give a single bigticket gift. Each person can
contribute the same amount, or
family members can contribute
as much as they can afford.
• Give an experience. Sometimes the gift of an experience,
such as tickets to a sporting
event or a night at the theater,
can make a thoughtful and
impressive gift. Again, other
family members can contribute,
and collectively you can enjoy
a night on the town or another
Having a large family can
be expensive come the holiday
season. However, there are
ways to curtail your spending
without taking any joy out of
the holidays.
Wishing You A
Bountiful Holiday
See Us
For All Your
Distributor of Many Fine Products
Indiana Hill, Punxsy
grocers carry a variety of
birds and additionally have
in-house butcher experts behind the counter to help you
choose what is right for your
taste and budget. Here are
the five types of turkey found
at Whole Foods Market:
• Organic: fed organic
feed (that means no GMOs,
among other things) and given access to the outdoors.
• Classic: known for their
trifecta of flavor, quality,
and value.
• Heritage: rich, succulent,
old-world breeds cherished
for flavor.
• Heirloom: robust flavor
with a higher percentage of
dark meat.
• Kosher: certified kosher.
3. Size matters: A good
rule of thumb is to buy 1.5
pounds of turkey per person,
providing everyone a healthy
portion while allowing for
those sought after leftovers.
4. Read the label: The
best birds are raised with
the highest standards. This
means no antibiotics, no
animal by-products in their
feed, no added solutions
or injections and no added
growth hormones. To make
it simple, shop at a store that
only carries turkeys raised
with these standards, such as
Whole Foods Market. Their
turkeys are also 5-Step Animal Welfare rated.
5. Brine: Soaking turkey
in a saltwater solution for
four to 24 hours before roasting keeps it tender and juicy.
Try a brine kit for a simple
and easy recipe.
6. Time it: It takes approximately 13 minutes per
pound to cook a turkey at
350 degrees, and the turkey
is done once it reaches 165
degrees. Use a meat thermometer and insert it into
the thickest part of the thigh
(without hitting the bone) to
test the temperature.
7. Rest: Wait 30 minutes
before carving the turkey.
Giving the turkey time to rest
allows the juices to redistribute for better flavor.
More turkey tips are available at www.wholefoodsmarket.com/turkey.
When it comes to choosing and cooking your holiday
turkey, preparation is key.
Do your research, know what
you like, and enjoy the rest.
Are you
warm today?
Are you going
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to be comfortably
warm this winter?
has income based rental units
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16 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
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Give more for less this Christmas
(StatePoint) – The holidays
are a great time to shower friends
and family with wonderful gifts.
As you check off your holiday
shopping list, remember that
even small gifts can add up
quickly to cost a bundle.
With these helpful tips from
the discount experts at Dollar
General, you may be able to
give more for less this holiday
Holiday Thank Yous
Little gifts for the kids’ teachers, the neighborhood mail carrier, your favorite hairdresser
and office co-workers can add
up to some big expenses.
Gift cards are a special way
to show your year-round appreciation and you don’t have to
spend much to make an impact.
Consider giving gift cards for a
popular restaurant, retail store
or coffee spot. Adorn the gift
card with a unique ornament or
decoration to add some extra
holiday flair.
Stocking Stuffers
After the large items are
purchased, don’t forget the
stocking stuffers. With nearly
limitless possibilities, consider
fun items like lip gloss, hand
cream and travel-sized toiletries
for those on the go. For kids,
think about small toys, mini coloring sets and yummy holiday
treats including candy canes and
chocolates. Add in little everyday items like gloves or a pair of
patterned fuzzy socks.
The stocking is a fun part of
the holiday tradition that doesn’t
have to drain your budget. A
discount retailer like Dollar
General has a wide variety of
stocking stuffer essentials at
great prices for every member
of the family, including the family pet. In fact, many items are
priced at $1 or less.
Gifts from the Heart
Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are the one you
make. Fill a fun candy jar with
holiday sweets like individuallywrapped mints and chocolates,
and then finish it with a coordinating ribbon and gift tag. You
can also give someone a stressfree supper with a homemade
soup in a jar mix. Purchase
canning jars and fill with soup
ingredients like beans, pasta,
spices and other delicious ingredients to make a tasty DIY gift.
Decorate the jar with ribbon and
use the gift tag to include cooking instructions on the back.
Finally, let the kids help by
creating personalized holiday
cards using colored paper, glitter
and craft essentials for a unique,
one-of-a-kind greeting. Use creativity and have fun with it!
Gift ideas for avid readers
Gift giving is made easier
when shoppers are in tune
with their loved ones’ interests. Knowing a friend’s or
relative’s likes and dislikes
can provide a starting point
as you begin your holiday
Reading is one interest or
hobby that has never gone out
of style. People who enjoy
reading tend to devour book
after book and are always
eager for the next installment
from their favorite authors.
Books and other reading materials can make perfect gifts
for anyone with a love for
First edition texts
Collectors very often are
interested in the first edition or
first printing of classic books.
Publishers may offer only a
limited number of books in a
first edition or first printing,
and such editions tend to be
A first edition of a favorite
book can make a cherished
gift. These books often can
be identified by a unique numbering system or even by the
words “first edition” or “first
printing” on the copyright
page. Work with a reputable
bookshop or dealer to find
expensive and rare prints.
Digital reading device
Some book purists stand by
their decisions to only read
paper copies of their favorite
books, feeling there’s something special or more enjoyable about holding a hardcover
or paperback in one’s hands
and making progress through
paper pages. Others are enamored with the convenience
and portability of having an
entire library saved on a digital device. E-readers come in
different sizes and offerings
from various manufacturers.
The Kindle® from Amazon
and Nook® from Barnes &
Noble are two of the more
popular stand-alone reading
tablets. E-reader apps also are
available through Apple and
Amazon to work on various
mobile devices. A tablet can
be a welcome gift, especially
for a reader who appreciates
on-demand reading material.
Protective case
Help readers protect their
tablets with protective cases.
These run the gamut from the
utilitarian to the decorative.
Some tablet cases are designed
to look like books themselves,
with a soft interior cushion for
the e-reader and a hard shell to
keep it safe.
Book accessories
Readers need their own collections of accessories that cater to their love of the written
word. Look for clocks made
out of literary volumes, lamps
that look like a stacked book
collection or framed photos of favorite book covers.
Some publishers offer printed
works reissued in decorative
covers to make the books an
eye-catching addition to any
home’s décor.
Someone who lends out
favorite works may like a
personalized library embosser,
which will imprint a book
page with the name of the
person loaning out his or her
collection of books.
Book tote
Whether they are carrying
books back to the library or
traveling with an e-reader in
tow, avid readers might appreciate a functional tote bag.
Order pre-printed literary
tote bags or customize a tote
based on the tastes of the gift’s
recipient. It even can feature
photographs or the jacket of a
favorite book.
When gifting readers, there
are many ideas that can make
welcome presents.
Gifts for the handy DIYers in your life
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 17
(StatePoint) – The holiday
season is the perfect time to
ensure the handy guys and gals
in your life are well-equipped
for all their planned projects
in the coming year -- whether
that is building shelves, making
home improvements or fixing
up the car.
Every DIY-er needs an up-todate, comprehensive toolbox, as
damaged or dull gear can pose
a safety hazard, and the wrong
implement for the job can slow
down work and even be dangerous to the user and anyone
When doing your gift shopping, consider opting for a few
high quality tools. It can be
tempting to try to save a few
dollars when holiday budgets
are tight, as well as add heft to
a gift basket with more items,
but you will be doing your gift
recipient a bigger favor by investing in fewer tools that will
out-perform and out-last their
flimsier alternatives.
With this top of mind, here
are a few gift ideas to consider:
• A durable, strong set of
screwdrivers will be designed
to handle the rigors of everyday use. Consider a 10-piece
which recently introduced their
American-made professional
screwdrivers. Round out the
gift with the brand’s six-in-one
multi-bit screwdriver. Each is
designed with a four-sided acetate handle that delivers great
torque and is impact-resistant,
and its blasted tips can be used
in electronic applications.
• Give the gift of versatility
with an adjustable wrench. Look
for one with slim jaws for extra
reach and maximum accessibility, but great jaw capacity to
support larger nuts and bolts.
• Every home and garage
needs a high-quality straight
jaw tongue and groove plier. For
one that will last long enough to
pass down to the kids, consider
can be purchased solo or as
part of a two-piece gift set that
also includes a diagonal cutting
plier. Treated to grip better, last
longer and prevent rust, these
tools will prove useful for years
to come.
• For those whose handy projects take them places or if they
spend a lot of time on different
home projects indoors and outside, consider a transportable
toolbox that is lightweight in
structure but durable, waterproof, and lockable.
Don’t know what’s needed?
Get a gift card to a hardware
retailer so your gift recipient
can make the right purchase.
High-quality items and sets
are available at such retailers
as Home Depot, Lowes, Do
It Best, True Value, Ace and
at www.Channellock.com, a
family-owned plier and hand
tool manufacturer.
Practical and useful tools
make excellent gifts that keep on
giving. With extra attention paid
to making quality purchases,
you can ensure they last for
many years.
Embracing Excellence
in Healthcare
Community Health
Drs. Elder & Kernich
200 Prushnok Drive
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
Apply Now
New apartments for adults 62 years or older
SpaciouS 1 & 2
105 north Gilpin St.
Professionally managed by NDC Real Estate Management.
Income Guildelines Apply • Section 8 Vouchers Welcome
The Reynoldsville Area Business Association
invites you to take a step back in time at their annual...
Community Chistmas Carols at the tree at 5:30,
led by Eloise Pifer Rice, Followed by
6 p.m. - Tree Light Up
and Cookies
will be served.
Small Business
We encourage
you to stop at the
local Reynoldsville
Saturday, November 28
Christmas Light Up
6 p.m. - Parade
Sponsored by Reynoldsville
Volunteer Fire Company
Sunday, November 29
12 Noon-5 p.m. - Open House
Craft Shows at the Foundry and The Bellamauro.
Visit all local merchants for many specials.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Fri. & Sat. - Carriage House Creations
Noon - 5 p.m. Sun. - Wine Tastings
S a l e S • R e pa i R • S e R v i c e
535 Main Street, Reynoldsville • 814-653-8562
• Ultra Slim Direct LED
• 1920x1080 Resolution
• Frame Rate: 60HZ
• USB Cloning Feature
• MHL Smart Phone to TV Connect
• USB 2.0
H 2 Year Warranty H
In Business
Since 1935
Package Deals • Large Selection Available
• Party Trays • Meat & Cheese • Fresh & Lean Meat
• Our Own Old Fashioned Maple Sugar Cured
Hickory Smoked Semi-Boneless Ham
Hours: Mon., Tues., & Wed. 8-5; Thurs. 8-6; Fri. 8-7; Sat. 8-Noon
Located: 1 1/4 Mile East of Reynoldsville on 4th
Street or 6 Miles West of DuBois on Wayne Road
Owned & Operated by ted palumbO & SOnS
Phone 653-2147
Bernard P. Snyder
Funeral Home
Serving Reynoldsville and Surrounding Areas
Looking for something to do?
Located on Route 322 1/2 Mile West of the Tickle Belly Bridge
206 Main Street, Reynoldsville
18 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
Friday, November 27
humphrey radio & TV
Open House
Harry e._________________
GeneraL FaMILy
praCTICe denTIsTry
Office Hours by Appointment
814-653-2227 • 473 Main Street, Reynoldsville
Friday, November 27
Saturday, November 28
Sunday, November 29
15th Annual
Craft &
Gift Fair
at the
Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015 – 19
45 West Main St., Reynoldsville
November 29
12:00 to 5:00 p.m.
A Must See Event!
There will be Jewelry, Fabric Crafts, Alpaca Items, Baked Goods, Candies, Maple Syrup,
Dip & Dessert Mixes, Custom Pepper, Skincare, Rawleigh and So Much More!
For more information, call 653-2522
“Let Us Tame Your Thirst”
Stocking Your Favorite Brands of Beer
Visit us for all of your parties and events
Walk-In and Drive-In Service
527 Main Street, Reynoldsville, PA 15851
Joe Volchko, Manager/Owner
814-653-9592 • Mon.-Thurs. 9-6, Fri. & Sat. 9-8
p. snyder
Jefferson County Coroner
Enjoy Christmas Open House
in Reynoldsville.
Giving Thanks
Giving Thanks
High Temp Self Clean,
Accubake, 2 Power Burners
5 Burner, Convection,
3 Oven Racks
Coil Burners, High Temp Self
Clean, Extra Large Window
1.7 cu ft, 1000 Watts, 13” Glass
Turntable, Sensor Cooking
Free liFetime
Sensor Cooking, 2 cu ft,
1200 Watts
5 Burner, 6.2 cu ft Convection
Oven, 1 Dual Burner
1000 Watts, Stoppable Turntable,
3 Speed Fan
Convection, Temperature
Probe, 2 Dual Element Burners
Free Delivery
within 30 miles
Free liFetime
Free Delivery
within 30 miles
Lowmaster & warden
Lowmaster & warden
Hours: monday & friday 9 to 8; daiLy 9 to 5
Hours: monday & friday 9 to 8; daiLy 9 to 5
top of fairview HiLL, one miLe soutH of punxsy on rt. 36
pHone: 938-7420
top of fairview HiLL, one miLe soutH of punxsy on rt. 36
pHone: 938-7420
20 – Holiday Food, Fun and Shopping, The Punxsutawney Spirit & Jefferson County Neighbors, November 2015
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