Quick Start Guide - fitWaves Fitness and Activity Tracker

Quick Start Guide - fitWaves Fitness and Activity Tracker
fitWaves Activity Tracker
Quick Start Guide
Thanks for your purchase of the fitWaves Activity and Fitness Tracker. Please follow
the instructions below to get started in the easiest and quickest way.
1. In the Package
Please check that everything expected is in the box:
The fitWaves Activity Tracker Wristband
Magnetic USB charging cable
User Manual
App Manual
2. Charge The Device
Although the device may arrive with some charge on the battery already it is advised
to fully charge it before first use.
Attach the magnetic part of the charging cable to the device and insert the USB into a
charging port (computer or laptop, powerbank or USB wall charger).
Press the K1 button on the device and the charging icon will display showing it is
3. Download the fitWaves Activity Tracker App
Whilst you are waiting for the device to charge, download the App:
For Android: Search Google Play for “fitwaves activity tracker”.
For Apple iOS: Search the Apple App Store for “fitwaves activity tracker”. If you are
using an iPad you may not get results. If this is the case select iPhone Only as shown
below and research:
4. Connect the fitWaves Tracker to the app:
First, make sure that bluetooth is turned on on your phone/tablet and that your phone
or tablet is not already connected to any other bluetooth device. Also make sure that
you have disconnected the charging cable.Then:
Load the FitWaves Activity Tracker App on your phone. In the first window
that shows you will notice a small icon top right which says “DEVICE”.
Click on the DEVICE icon, a new window will show up in which you will see
the Bluetooth icon followed by the Activity Tracker.
Click the refresh button below to pair the Tracker with the APP while pressing
the K1 button to keep the tracker on when you sync with your phone or tablet.
Once the Tracker and APP have paired you will see that the text above will
have the word (Paired).
5. Set your personal details in the App
For ultimate performance and accuracy it is important to set your personal details and
goals in the App:
In the app, click on the Cog icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to go into
System Settings. Here you can set your personal details. Select then Units you prefer,
your Gender, Date of Birth, Weight, Target Steps and Stride Length (important for
accurately measuring your steps).
How to measure your stride length:
- Go to a track or somewhere you are certain of the distance.
- Count your steps as you walk (or run depending of your main use of the tracker)
across the distance, making sure that you travel at least 20 steps.
- Divide the total distance (in feet) taken by the number of steps to get your stride
Also set your wear info (whether you will be wearing the device on your left or right
wrist). It is in System Settings where you can also set any reminders or alarms you
may require.
Click SAVE to save all the details and synchronize them with the device.
6. Familiarize yourself with the various modes on the fitWaves
Activity Tracker:
You are now ready to go!
Once you have used the device on your first day, sync the data to the App. Go
into the system options in the App (The Cog Icon bottom right). Press the K1
button on the tracker to make sure it is active and then click “Synchronize” on
the App. At the end of your first day with the fitWaves Activity Tracker why not
try the sleep monitoring function …
7. Sleep Monitoring
In any function, press the K1 button for 3 secs (approx) and you will see a blinking
moon. This indicates that the Tracker has entred the sleep mode. To
leave the sleep mode press the K1 Button again for 3 sec (aprox) and you will be
taken back to the day functions.
Please refer to the images below:
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