User Manual Activate Credit Card Add
HKUST ePurse Add Value Service – User Manual
Activate Credit Card Add-Value Function
When the Credit Card ‘Add value’ function has been successfully activated via the “HKUST
ePurse Add Value Service”, the top-up amount for your HKUST ePurse can come from your
designated credit card account.
The requirements as a prerequisite for using this function are a valid HKUST Card, a user
account of BOCI Online Service with a BOC HKUST Credit Card registered in the user
profile, and a compatible smart card reader with the required software. Then, you may
follow the steps below to activate the Credit Card “Add value” function.
1. Login BOCI Online Service, and click “ePurse Add Value Service” in the “HKUST card”
2. Read carefully the “Additional Terms & Conditions” relating to this service, and click the
[Accept] button to proceed if you agree.
3. Click the [Continue] button on the below webpage to proceed.
4. Select the Credit Card Number to be used for deducting the top-up amount, and click the
[Confirm] button.
5. Insert your HKUST card in your card reader and then click the below button to continue.
6. Next, key in your “HKUST Card eCert Password”
7. Lastly, click the [Continue] button on the below webpage to complete the process.
8. Once you have successfully activated the credit card add value function, the following
screen will appear .
9. Thereafter , whenever you have to ‘add value’ to your HKUST Card ePurse through the
“HKUST Card Management System”, you can deduct the top-up amount from your
designated credit card account. For details of the HKUST Card Management System,
please refer to the relevant website of HKUST.
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