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Page 1 of 1 Canon PowerShot A490 Digital Compact Camera
Canon PowerShot A490 Digital Compact Camera - Canon Middle East
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Canon PowerShot A490
Digital Compact Camera
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Affordable, easy and fun, the PowerShot A490 uses Canon know-how to
let everyone take great 10 Megapixel photos. Its compact, lightweight
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design slips easily into any pocket.
z 10.0 MP
z 3.3x optical zoom
z 6.2cm (2.5”) LCD
z Smart Auto mode
z Simple design
Shooting modes including Low Light
Face Detection & Auto Red-Eye Correction
Motion Detection Technology
z Long Play Movies with sound
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PowerShot A490
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Casual shooting with great results
Quality 10.0 Megapixel imaging
A 10.0 Megapixel sensor gives you the detail for superb, large-scale
prints, or creatively cropping shots to perfection.
3.3X optical zoom
The 3.3x optical zoom lens is designed and manufactured by Canon to the
high standards found throughout the Canon photographic range. In
combination with digital zoom, magnification of up to 13x can be
6.2cm (2.5”) LCD
A bright, 6.2cm (2.5”) LCD lets you frame, review and share shots
Smart Auto mode
Designed to let everyone take great shots, Smart Auto mode uses Scene
Detection Technology to determine the shooting scene from subject
brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue. The camera selects the
scene type from 13 variables, applying the best settings for optimum
output. Smart Auto mode also includes Smart Flash Exposure, which
intelligently adjusts flash settings for optimum results.
Attractive and easy
The PowerShot A490 features a slim, lightweight design that makes it
easy to take anywhere. A simple, intuitive button layout lets users of all
ages start taking pictures right away.
14 shooting modes
A selection of 14 shooting modes makes it easy to get the right settings
for any scene, including Low Light mode for great shots in darker
conditions. Simply select the mode you want, and let the camera take
care of everything else.
Face Detection Technology
A suite of Face Detection technologies detects multiple faces in a scene
and adjusts focus, exposure, flash settings and white balance – for
optimal results with natural-looking skin tones. Auto Red-Eye Correction
identifies and removes the red-eye effect that can occur when shooting
with flash.
As well as powering intelligent camera technologies such as Smart Auto,
Canon’s DIGIC III processor ensures fast response times, superb image
quality, advanced noise reduction and accurate colour reproduction.
Motion Detection Technology
Activated in Smart Auto mode, Motion Detection Technology ascertains
movement in the shooting scene. The optimal ISO level is then
automatically set, to minimise blur and maximise image quality.
Long Play Movies
Supplement your still images with fun 30fps VGA movie clips with sound.
A Long Play mode lets you store twice as much footage on the camera’s
memory card.
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