Section IX – Access Control Manual 111 North Canal Tenant Access

Section IX – Access Control Manual 111 North Canal Tenant Access
Section IX – Access Control Manual
111 North Canal Tenant Access Control User Manual
Logging into the access control website:
• Type in “” into any web browser and hit enter.
• Once you have reached the website you will be prompted to enter a username and
• Your username is your first initial followed by your last name.
• Your password is “change”.
• Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and left click on “LOGIN
Changing your password:
• Once you have logged in for the first time you will want to change your password.
• At the top of the screen left click on “PREFS”.
• At the top of this screen you will see a field that states “CHANGE PASSWORD”.
• You will need to type in your original password then your new password twice.
• Once you have completed the previous click “CHANGE PASSWORD”.
• If this was completed successfully you will be redirected to a success screen.
• Left click on the “HOME” button at the top of the screen.
From the home screen:
• The options on the home page are “MANAGE USERS”, “MESSAGES”, “ACTIVITY
Manage Users:
• If you left click on “MANAGE USERS” from the home screen you will be brought to a
screen that will allow you to add new users to the areas that you have access to.
• On the left side of this screen there are two clickable items: “REPORTS” and “NEW
Creating a new card:
• From the manage users screen left click on “NEW CARD”.
• This brings you to a new screen with several fields.
• Fill out each field with the appropriate data: First Name, Last Name, VIP Floor (your floor).
• At the bottom of this screen there is a list of areas that you are allowed to grant or deny
• Use the check box that is on the left of each area to grant or deny access to all given
floors. If the box is checked then access will be granted. If the box is left unchecked
then access will not be granted.
To the right of each area is a drop down box that displays multiple schedules. Each area
that a person has access to must have a schedule. The default schedule is 24/7. The
other schedules limit when the card holder will be allowed to access the area. Select the
desired schedule from the drop box for each area. Click “SAVE”.
Sending Request:
Once you have given access to all appropriate areas and selected the appropriate
schedule for each area left click on “SAVE”. By doing this an email will be sent to the
system administrator for review. Once the system administrator has reviewed and
approved the request an access card will be issued.
Guest Passes:
• To manage visitor passes from the home screen click “Guest Passes”
• The guest pass option is used to pre-register guests
• To pre-register an individual or group, enter the guest or guests’ names in the “Lists
of Guests” text box.
• Select Floor, Guest Pass Start Date, Days Valid, and enter the tenant name in the Notes
• Check the email check box if you would like the pass to be delivered via email. The email
option is limited to a single use pass, and a valid email address must be provided.
• Click "Issue Passes"
• Confirm the listed passes and click "continue"
As previously stated “MAILBOX” is one of the options that can be selected from the
home screen. By left clicking on “MAILBOX” from the home screen it will display a list of
requests that have been sent to the system administrator.
Activity Reports:
As previously stated “ACTIVITY REPORTS” can be accessed from the home screen.
When “ACTIVITY REPORTS” is left clicked from the home screen it will bring you to a
new screen. The same can be accomplished by clicking on the “REPORTS” tab at the top
of any screen.
Once you have reached the “ACCESS CONTROL REPORTS” screen fill out the desired
parameters and left click on “RUN REPORT”. This will run an access control activity
report. It will show the time and area a card was either denied or granted access.
From the home screen if you navigate to the “MANAGE USERS” screen you will see two
tabs on the left side of the screen. One being “REPORTS” and the other being “NEW
CARD”. If the “REPORTS” tab is selected you can generate reports for individual cards or
all cards in your company. This report will show you what cards have access to what
areas. You can search by clicking the down arrow under the card tab. You can also
search by entering the person’s name or job code. Once you have entered the data in
the appropriate field click “RUN REPORT”. If you entered any data into the “NAME” or
“CARD NUMBER “ fields you must click “RESET FILTER” before searching for another
The “RUN REPORT” screen is also where you will go to remove access from a card. Once
you have gotten to the screen of the desired card you will see two check boxes on the
right side of the screen one reads “ACCESS” and the other reads “NO ACCESS”. To
remove access from a card check the “NO ACCESS” box. A new screen will appear asking
if you are sure that you want to remove access from that particular card. If you are sure
click “YES”.
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