Bruker 600 Sample Rules
Sample Handling Procedures for Bruker-Avance III-HD 600 MHz NMR
Clean the outside of Each-And-Every NMR tube by wiping with ethanol or other solvent BEFORE
bringing to the NMR lab. This is critical to prevent contamination of the NMR probe.
Tubes that have been handled in glove boxes often are contaminated with an oily residue.
Never place NMR tubes in an oil bath.
Maximum overall tube length is 8 inches.
J-Young tubes in common use in the Department are TOO LONG!!
See Mike Strain for specifications.
Beware of the 9" long tubes stocked by ScienceStores: the extra length is meant for flame-sealing.
Do not use these for routine NMR. They will not fit the Bruker Sample Changer.
Use only high grade NMR tubes made of Pyrex (ASTM Type 1 Class A ), e.g.:
Wilmad “Precision” series: 507-PP-7, 528-PP-7, 535-PP-7
Norell “Select” series:. S-5-200-7 or S-5-600-7.
Defective tubes (cracks, chips, scoring, scratches, etching, warped, etc.) are prohibited.
Recommended sample volumes:
600 MHz
500 MHz
300 MHz
0.5 to 0.6 ml
0.6 to 0.7 ml
0.7 ml
4 cm liquid height
4.5 cm liquid height
5 cm liquid height
Excessive volume unnecessarily dilutes the sample, reducing sensitivity for low-abundance nuclides such
as 13C and is a waste of expensive deuterated solvent.
Dilution by 1.4x doubles the number of scans required when signal averaging.
Please, no NMR samples or chemicals on the console workstation desk!
Lab gloves are NOT permitted in the NMR lab
or, in general, when operating instruments, telephones, door knobs, etc
Please take your samples with you when you leave the NMR lab.
Don't use tippy scintillation vials or small flasks to hold NMR tubes.
Use secondary containment (e.g. plastic bottle) for carrying tubes containing hazardous or toxic materials.
Slow down and work carefully to avoid sample accidents. Don't drop samples on the floor... they break!
NMR sample holders ("spinners") are precision-machined (read EXPENSIVE) and will be damaged if
dropped on the floor.
Sample Changer:
Use sample changer in manual, push-button mode at magnet base.
We will develop procedures for automated multiple samples later on.
Leave the magnet empty at the end of your session, i.e. don't re-insert the standard (applies only to 600)
rev 30-Sep-2013
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