Class 2 RS232 - Electrocomponents
EST 1984
Instant Wireless Cable Replacement
Class 2 RS232
Bluetooth Serial Port Adaptor
• Integral Antenna
• Security: bonding/pairing option
• Can be configured as a ‘pair’
offering TRUE cable replacement
• Able to establish a wireless
connection to any legacy device
with a RS232 serial port
• Advanced features available via
Hyperterminal, Command Set &
Windows Utilities
• Open field range up to 30m
with Class 2
Class 2 device 2dBm
Max Measured Current: 150mA
Sleep Mode: 1mA max
Power Requirements: 5V-13.6V on pin 9
Mains Power Adapter Supplied
Default Configuration
• 115,200 baud, 8 Data bits,
1 Stop bit, No Parity
• Size: 7.5cm x 3.4cm Weight: 24g
• Bluetooth 1.1 Qualified
The Brainboxes RS232 Adaptor allows any device
with an RS232 port to communicate with
another Bluetooth device without the need
for additional Bluetooth software, making it
ideal for Bluetooth enabling ‘dumb’ RS232
devices such as printers/scanners etc. It is based
on fully tested Bluetooth silicon, allowing
communications at the full Bluetooth data rates.
The antenna for the board is built into the PCB.
This product is part of a wide range of Bluetooth products available from
Brainboxes including Type I CompactFlash, USB and Type II PCMCIA.
Key Benefits
• Small Form Factor
• Configurability
• Power input via Pin 9 of RS232 port
• Ease of use
• Class 2 device
Simple to use - be up and running within seconds!
Configuration Options
• Baud Rate: Select from list or enter
custom. Available rates 244 baud921,600 baud
• Data bits: 8 only
• Parity: Odd, even or none
• Stop bits: 1or 2
• Profile Behaviour: Client Server (DevA, DevB)
• Bonding: Enable/disable/link key expiry.
Manually enter remote address
• PIN: Select from list or enter custom
(16 character limit)
• Local Name: Select from list or enter
custom (31character limit)
• Menu: enable/disable/allow automated
• Automatically detects and matches
the baud rate of the attached device
• Field Upgradeable
• Windows Configuration/Upgrade Utility
• Controllable Proximity Connection
• DTR/DSR Handshaking
• Find and Connect Capability
• Park/Hold and Sniff Modes
Note: Settings are only applied on device
reset or user confirmation.
Bluetooth™ is a trademark owned by its proprietor
and used by Brainboxes Limited under license
The BL-819/BL-830 does not require any software. It has a choice of 3 simple and
easy to use configuration utilities, these are the Windows, Hyperterminal and
Command Set Configuration applications. This means its settings can be
changed from any Windows or Linux Operating System without the need
for a specific configuration application.
Bluetooth RS232 Adaptor DTE (Male 9pin D for Device End)
Bluetooth RS232 Adaptor DCE (Female 9pin D for PC End)
+44 (0) 151 220 2500
[email protected]
New Bluetooth RS232 Serial Port Adaptor
User Friendly Form Factor
Class 2 Bluetooth Device – Bluetooth Specification 1.1 Compact Size
‘Simple Cable Replacement’
Simple to use – be up and running within seconds
Brainboxes ‘NEW’ small form factor Bluetooth Serial Port
Adaptor is a high-performance, low-power serial port cable
replacement product. The Serial Port Adaptor is an ideal cable
replacement technology for mobile applications in POS,
industrial, scientific and medical areas.
The adaptor automatically detects when power is being supplied
on pin 9 of the RS232 connector, input range 5V to 13.6V.
Bluetooth 1.1 Qualified
Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack - SPP (Serial Port Profile)
Server or Client roles supported
Board Mounted Antenna
Class 2 Bluetooth Device - Typical range up to 30m with Class 2
Auto detect power source on Pin 9 of RS232 port (if available)
Supports input power ranges from 5V - 13.6V
Mains power adaptor included
Bluetooth RS232 Serial Port Adaptor
Standard male RS-232 DSUB-9M connector for DTE operation - BL-819
Standard female RS-232 DSUB-9F connector for DCE operation - BL-830
Supports point-to-point paired operation
Master/Slave software Switch supported
Supported Baud rates 300 - 921kbps in increments of 244bps
+44 (0) 151 220 2500
Part of Brainboxes family of CF, RS232
and USB Bluetooth Adaptors
[email protected]
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