New Products are Easiest, Safest, FASTEST, and (wait till you see this one), Smallest
What are we launching?
A radically improved approach to personal and professional storage – which includes a number of
industry firsts and technical breakthroughs. The new Drobos are easier to use than ever, and bring a
new level of performance to the market with a unique, automated combination of disk and solid-state
technologies, coupled with Thunderbolt and USB speeds. The two products being announced are the
Drobo Mini and the Drobo 5D.
Drobo Mini: Thursday, June 21 public announcement, general availability mid-summer
 Drobo Mini is the world’s smallest, fully functional, modern data-protecting storage array
 Portable 4-bay, direct-attached storage for professionals
 2.5” carrierless drive bays, compact, sleek design, high performance
 Supports automated performance optimization with both hard drives and SSD technology
 MSRP $599 without drives
 Thunderbolt and USB 3.0
Drobo Mini (Front)
Drobo Mini (Interior)
Drobo Mini (Back)
Drobo 5D: Thursday, June 21 general announcement, availability mid-summer
 Drobo 5D is the most modern, most complete storage system for creative professionals and
individuals. The 5D combines a unique blend of the most advanced storage technologies with
unrivaled ease-of-use in a very expandable desktop system.
 5-bay, direct-attached storage for professionals (Thunderbolt and USB 3.0)
 5-bay handling high capacity 3.5” drives, along with automated support of SSD technology
 MSRP starting at $799 without drives, up to 16TB protected data
 Huge performance increase of 3x-6x over current models
Drobo 5D (Front)
Drobo 5D (Back)
Who’s it for?
1. Creative professionals (videographers, photographers)
o Mini allows Drobo to add value to a greater percentage of workflow
o Replaces multiple external drives and/or compact flash RAID for protected storage on
location to greatly simplify storage workflow
o 5D is “stay at home” workhorse for editing, backup, and archive
o Need super high performance which Drobo now delivers
o Heavy use of Adobe and Apple applications (Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.)
2. Mobile professionals
o Power user who travels extensively with external drive(s)
o Tends to be an early adopter; buys based on want as opposed to need; not price sensitive
o Likely uses sleek laptop (Macbook Air and/or PC-based ultra book) in addition to tablet
o Wants to leverage Thunderbolt and/or USB 3.0 connectivity on laptop
o Sneakernet backup
o Dual-drive protected storage in an easy-to-sue sub-$1K solution
o Connected home pros, who want remote access by multiple users to files stores on device
o Centralized backup for all computers in SMB/SOHO
What’s better/different?
Shared benefits:
 Industry-first hybrid-like storage characteristics--utilizing the capacity benefits of hard disk
drives (HDDs) in combination with the performance benefits of SSDs with automated tiering
 Connectivity: Thunderbolt to connect to brand new Thunderbolt computers for high
performance AND USB 3.0 for every other computer you’re ever owned; you get both, don’t
have to choose
 BeyondRAID, Drobo’s core technology which automatically provides sophisticated data
protection and unrivaled ease-of-use
 Ease-of-use: As with all Drobos, traffic light operation, capacity indicator, etc.
 All user data is fully protected, big batteries, enterprise-class protection of user data, more
reliable than other products in this category
 User-driven industrial design: desktop-quiet, compact form factor, sleeker, magnetic face plate,
 New everything: smaller, sleeker, more technology, integrated
Media Contact:
Michelle Reingold, Trainer Communications
Office: (925) 271-8214
Mobile: (650) 281-5866
[email protected]
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