DiALTA Di151
Minolta. First to put you first.
Form and function.
Designed specifically for Small Office/Home Offices or Small Work Groups, this
digital copier, fax and printer are housed as one unit. Can you say “Multi-Tasking?”
Compact and Wingless
Space saving, high-touch design has integrated a “wingless” approach. No more trays sticking out.
Perfect for small offices or tight spaces.
Easy to use
With the 250 sheet tray and optional 500 sheet tray, the Di151 can hold up to 2 types of paper such
as plain paper and letterhead. Additionally, you can feed thick paper and transparencies from the
single sheet bypass. Plus, we use cartridge type consumables so there’s little fuss and no mess.
CS Digital Technologies. The Power Behind The Promise.
Image Quality
Minolta’s CS Digital Technologies is all about complete customer
satisfaction. Combining both network connectivity and exceptional
Minolta quality to create high-level digital technology with a myriad of
dynamic functions. Minolta’s CS Digital Technologies provides you with
a level of productivity and versatility that can only be obtained through
digital technology. Technology that’s powerful enough for any business,
yet simple enough for everyday use.
Image Quality –
Our Super Fine-MT developing system gives you more
beautiful reproduction.
Productivity –
High-volume paper supply and Electronic Sorting function
for greater efficiency.
Operability –
Cartridge type consumables for easy replacement.
Reliability –
Functions such as 1 Original Scan/Multiple Copies reduces
wear on parts and improves reliability.
Connectivity –
Super G3 facsimile/network printer capabilities.
Environment –
Low-ozone and energy-saving design.
Digital Copies Made Easy With The Di151
As a copier, the Di151 uses the very best in digital quality so all
your copies look phenomenal.
Digital Functions
15 copies/min
Electronic Sorting*
Top copying speed is a productive 15 copies/min
(A4 lengthwise).
The Electronic Sorting function allows you to sort
without a sorter. This not only keeps the machine
more compact, but allows you to sort without
being limited to the number of bins (max. load,
100 sheets). *AF-8 and optional memory are required.
600dpi Print Quality
Thanks to our Super Fine-MT developing system
and small diameter 6µm toner particles, the Di151
is able to produce images with an astonishingly
crisp 600dpi.
Photo Mode
The Photo Mode delivers 256 gradation and
improves reproductions of the original photo, as
well as giving you more stable halftone images.
Additionally, the Di151
can perform 2 in 1
Copying, which lowers
paper consumption by
reducing the original
to copy a two-page
original onto a single
sheet of paper.
High-Quality Printing
2 in 1 Copying*
The Di151’s 1 Original Scan/Multiple Copies
feature allows you to exchange documents quickly
by scanning a document just once to make
multiple copies.
1 Original Scan/Multiple Copies
*Optional memory is required.
50-200% Wide Zoom*
The Di151 boasts a wide zoom range, giving
you the flexibility to copy documents in a
variety of sizes.
*50-199% when copier panel is attached.
⁰ DiALTA is a combination of "digital intelligence" and "lealta," which is Italian for "accuracy" and
"fidelity." It's our nickname for the Minolta Di Series. These copiers are engineered with a combination of our
exclusive digital and CS (Customer Satisfaction) Technology, thereby creating a new CS philosophy.
The Di151 Does Triple Duty As A Fax And
With the addition of the optional fax and printer function, your work space will be
By integrating all 3 machines as one unit, you’ve got maximum productivity in a
fax uses a high-speed Super G3 Mode. And, for high-speed printing, it carries a
Fax Capabilities
Transmitting The Best Way
High Speed
Super G3 Mode for
High-Speed Transmission
Thanks to the standard Super G3, which incorporates
a 33.6kbps high-speed modem, the Di151 can
transmit facsimile messages at less than 3 seconds
per page, using a general telephone line. Furthermore,
thanks to JBIG compression technology, even halftone documents can be quickly transmitted, thereby
reducing long-distance fees.
Pre-Control Time
Super G3Facsimile
Transmission Time
Post-Control Time (In approximate seconds)
High-Quality Images
You have 3 options when
sending faxes, depending on the
content of the fax. Super Fine,
Fine and standard are used
when sending off faxes. There’s
also the Half Tone Mode using
256 gradations for when
sending documents with a large
amount of photo images.
Additional Features
Large Memory. Small Body.
The Di151’s 3MB memory (max. 7MB) allows you
to store outgoing or incoming large-volume
documents. Standard is 256* A4 sheets (max. 596*
with optional memory). *ITU-T No.1 chart in standard mode.
Speed Dial/One-Touch Dial
A convenient Speed Dial function can store up to 100
numbers and up to 27 numbers can be stored for the
One-Touch Dial function. Simply store your most
frequently called numbers to cut down on dialing time.
600dpi Resolution For
True-To-Life Images
Book Scanner Transmission
While receiving, 600dpi resolution brings out the life
in lifeless images using the Super Fine-MT developing
system. Plus, with Fine-ART smoothing, the edges are
smooth and not jagged.
Thick books, magazines, even cut and pasted
documents can be set on the glass and sent directly
without the need to make copies first, thereby
saving paper.
*Control panel for the Fax Unit for Di151
And Printer
e will be more streamlined and serve you well. You can do it all with one machine.
vity in a minimal amount of space to handle all your office needs. Plus, the Di151
arries a 15 page/min engine with PCL5e. Fax. Print. Copy. All at light speed.
Printer Capabilities
Super Fast. Super Quality.
15 pages/min
GUI Printer Driver
With the combination of a high-speed 24MHz
RISC processor, the Di151 gives you 15 pages/
min (A4 lengthwise) outputs even when using
the printer function.
The Di151 comes with an easy to use printer
driver. The GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Printer Driver allows you to quickly choose any
printer function just by following the graphics
on the Driver window.
High-Quality Printing
Characters are well defined and any image is
clearly visible with 600dpi output thanks to our
Super Fine-MT developing system.
Network Compatible
Using the optional Network Interface Card,
which is compatible to 100BASE-TX and
10BASE-T, you can link your Di151 directly into
the network. Plug in and stay connected.
Copier/Fax/Printer Options
Automatic Document
Feeder (AF-8)
Fax Unit for Di151
Can handle up to 50 sheets of single-sided originals.
*Minolta will replace original control panel.
Original Cover
Printer Controller (Pi1501)
Holds your original in place when copying.
Transforms the Di151 into a laser network printer.
Paper Feed Unit (PF-116)
TWAIN Driver (For Fax Unit for Di151)
Holds 500 A4 size sheets, ideal for largevolume copying.
Allows the Di151 to perform as a scanner when
connected to a PC using a serial cable.
Allows the Di151 to function as a high-speed fax.
Minolta Genuine Consumables And Parts
To ensure the best possible use of our copiers in terms of
cost, copy quality and service life, Minolta has extended
its technical expertise as a manufacturer of precision
equipment to the development and production of highquality consumables and parts. For optimum performance
and productivity, we recommend use of Minolta’s genuine
consumables and parts.
Fax Unit for Di151
Copying System:
Type of Originals:
Original Size:
Copy Size:
Copy Speed:
1st Copy:
Communication Line:
Modem Speed:
Laser Electrostatic
Desktop/Stationary platen
256 gradations
Sheets, Books, 3-D Objects
Max. A4 (Legal)
A4 to B6 (Legal to Invoice)
15 copies/min (A4/Letter Lengthwise)
11 seconds* (A4/Letter Lengthwise)
*Varies depending on type of use
✕ 0.50-2.00* (Preset or Variable)
*✕ 0.50-1.99 without the Fax Unit for Di151
Exposure Control:
Automatic & Manual
Paper Feeding System: 1 Paper Tray (250 sheets)
Sheet Bypass:
Single Sheet Bypass (A4 to B6/Legal to Invoice)
Multiple Copy:
1--100, Count-Down, Interruption
Input Materials:
Plain Paper (60--90 g/m2)
Thick Paper (90--163 g/m2) by Single Sheet Bypass
OHP Sheets by Single Sheet Bypass
Developing System:
Super Fine-MT System
OPC Drum
Warm-up Time:
Less than 28 seconds
Power Consumption: 680W (115V)
715-770W (120-127V)
670-750W (220-240V)
562(W)✕530(D)✕405(H) mm
28.1 kg (62 lb)
Automatic Document Feeder (AF-8)
Paper Feed Unit (PF-116)
Fax Unit for Di151
Printer Controller (Pi1501)
16MB Memory for Copier
32MB Memory for Copier
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
4,800/2,400 bps (Automatic fallback)
Transmission Speed:
Less Than 3 seconds (A4)
(ITU-T No.1 Chart in standard mode)
Scanning Resolution:
Normal: 203✕98dpi/Fine: 203✕196dpi/
Super Fine: 203✕391dpi
Max Document Size:
A4 (Legal)
Recording Size:
G3,Super G3
Data Compression Method: MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Transmitting Functions: Book Scanner Transmission,
Timer Transmission, Confidential Mailbox
Transmission, Polling Transmission,
Broadcast, Relay Broadcast,
One-Touch Dialling, Speed Dialling,
Group Dialling, Memory Transmission
Receiving Functions:
Memory Reception, Polling Reception,
Confidential Mailbox Reception
4MB Memory for Fax
TWAIN Driver
Printing Speed:
15 pages/min (A4/Letter Lengthwise)
16MB (up to 32MB)
IEEE1284 (ECP/Nibble Mode)
45 Resident Fonts
Windows 98/95, Windows 2000/NT4.0
16MB Memory for Printer
As a global partner in the environment, Minolta has designed the Di151 to meet the
stringent guidelines of the International ENERGY STAR Program -- a global standard
for more efficient energy use.
Product appearance, configuration and/or specifications are subject to change
without notice.
DiALTA, Fine-MT, and Fine-ART, are trademarks of Minolta Co., Ltd.
Windows and WindowsNT are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark.
All other brand and product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
As an E NERGY S TAR Partner, Minolta Co., Ltd. has determined that this product meets the E NERGY STAR
guidelines for energy efficiency.
3-13, 2-Chome, Azuchi-Machi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 541-8556, Japan
9251-4087-41 O105(E)-D1 Printed in Japan
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