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 Exceptional Image Quality and
Great Setup Flexibility Homi
* High Brightness 5000AL and remarkable contrast ratio 7000: |
* Big zoom ratio and vertical lens shift provides flexible installation
* Advanced network capabilities (LAN control/LAN display/wifi display/Remote desktop) №.
* Easy setup:Vertical and Horizontal keystone adjustment, Corner fit, Auto input signal search, +
VGA signal power on, Dual HDMI, MHL connectivity EEE
* Easy maintenance : Dust filter free design, Top access lamp door for easy lamp change
* Energy saving and environmental friendly: SmartEco, Eco blank, less than 0.5YV standby
power consumption(Network off), Sleep timer, Auto power off
BenQ SU9 17 5000AL Fa
Because it matters
Exceptional Image Quality for High-Impact Presentations
Superior Image Quality © Brilliant Image Performance Ultra High Resolution up to WUXGA
With 5000 ANSI lumen high brightness, the SU217 will always give With up to 2.3 million pixels of resolution far surpassing 1080p,
you the best clarity under the brightest lights! So, take advantage! audiences can view even high-quality Full HD content in breathtaking
Stay in control and enjoy perfect presentations and the best clarity, and presenters can show more content and detail without
interactions with your audience; moreover, the combined expertise sacrificing legibility. High resolution brings out fine details and
of BenQ'’s projector know-hows delivers an astounding 7000:| produces more lifelike three-dimensional appearance for pictures
contrast at the highest to significantly improve the black level for while resolving even small text with crisp precision.
superbly rendered image definition.
High Contrast Low Contrast { : WUXGA 1970 x 17200
Long-Lasting DLP Image Perfection Perfect Six-Color Management via Independent 3D Calibration
Utilizing a nearly-sealed DLP projection engine, BenQ projectors Independently fine-tune the hue, gain, and saturation levels of each of
exhibit virtually no image distortion from panel aging due to heat or the six primary colors (R/G/B/C/M/Y) with innovative BenQ 3D
dust buildup. Millions of micro mirrors on the advanced DMD chip color management. The ability to precisely control these parameters
reflect pure light through the color wheel, producing precise details greatly enhances mid-tones and greyscales to deliver more realistic
and intensely saturated colors without degradation over time. images and video.
Original Color
Color Saturation (Simulated Photos)
Installation Flexibility
Vertical Lens Shift for Precise Projector Placement Big Zoom for Extra Projector Installation Flexibility
In case of any minor miscalculations to take place during the SU917 1.5x big zoom feature opens up space with an impressively
projector installation, the lens shift function can be used to adjust the wide range of throw distances. All you have to do is simply place the
position of the projected image to fit the projection screen. This new projector right where your original ceiling mount is. Without
adjustment can be made by using the switch next to the projector adding projector setting re-construction costs to your budget list,
lens. с you'll get to save the money for better use.
== ==
5.2Em é.07m
2D Keystone Correction & Corner Fit Correction
When the projector is placed off center, the 2D keystone correction feature gives you a wider projector installation flexibility by correcting the
trapezoid effect using horizontal and vertical adjustments. Moreover, corner Fit is a flexible and convenient way to correct picture dimensions by
adjusting each corner of an image independently.
41 {A
— FP
[= |
|— 7 pio
| — в
| EC,
—— | La]
| |
— La
LI |}
Vertical Keystone Horizontal Keystone Corner Fit
Complete Remote Control and Easy Maintenance
LAN-Based Multiple Projector Management (AMX/CRESTRON)/PJ-Link/Extron)
Projector monitoring, scheduling, and management are under convenient ГГ
manager control utilizing BenQ's intuitive interface. Compatible with PJ-Link,
Crestron, and AMX control systems for convenient system integration with
multiple third-party A/V components, BenQ High Brightness projectors
allow remote operation and status supervision over multiple remote
projectors to minimize labor cost and resources.
Meeting room Auditorium room
a > Pe EE ро
— ia war lS i ar. juas
es =
Dust Filter Free Design
BenQ Projectors feature leading-edge Digital Light Processing (DLP)
Technology, featuring nearly-sealed projection engines able to deliver
persistent picture perfection without the hassles and costs of filters.
The ability of DLP to keep heat and dust out of the engine results in
long-lasting clarity without unnecessary filter replacement and cost.
IER Er rr re rr
Dust filter free
No dust filter to change or clean Save your money!
World-Leading SmartEco™ Technology for a Greener Environment
As the first DLP brand to incorporate Philips’ ImageCare technology
into its projector lamp system, BenQ has taken a further leap,
developing its own SmartEco™ Technology to perfect what DLP can
do for energy saving in the 2lst century classroom. Built with this
brand new invention, the SU917 brings together uncompromised
brightnes innovative features.
Convenient Lamp Access
Top-mounted quick-release doors for lamp replacement eliminate
the need to move the projector for quick, hassle-free lamp exchange.
This versatility prevents the need to remove the projector from its
mounting bracket in single or multiple projector installations for lamp
Eco Blank Mode
During breaks in presentations or when the projector is not in use,
Eco Blank Mode reduces power consumption by up to 70% while at
the same time eliminating distractions from the inactive screen. The
blanked screen refocuses the audiences attention to the presenter
while conserving energy.
Eco Blank Mode On
(30% Lamp Power at the Lowest)
Full Power On
(100% Lamp Power )
Advanced Connectivity
* 2x HDMI
it allows for simultaneous digital connection of high-definition A/V devices
it enables you to output video from your Ус PR 1 L
Android MHL-enabled smartphones or весне —igh- efi nk
tablets, turn your projector into a smart display.
* Display PC content over wired and wireless network
- OPresenter PC software provides content
streaming from PC to projector via network.
* USB reader
- To read the file from USB memory devices with GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP file
format supported
* USB display
- Mirroring display your computer by connecting a USB cable from to projector
without installing any drivers
LAN Display: Ultra-Smooth Signal for Simultaneous Image Display
LAN Display offers a cost-effective solution for projector implementation
management using a single LAN cable to control and display. This feature
offers one NB to one projector projection display for better content
management for discussions, presentations, training and classroom
Benefit Highlights
* Easy installation with one LAN cable
for control and display
* Partial projection display option for
easy content management
* Simultaneous image display support of ra
up to 8 projectors for special events | | | 1
Simultaneous Presentation
via a Single LAN Cable
* 4-to-| display convenience for
meeting discussions and presentations
Projection System
Native Resolution
WUXGA (1920x1200)
Brightness* 3,000 ANSI Lumen
260.3mm Contrast Ratio 7,000: | |
10.3" Display Color 1.07 Billion Colors
Lens F=242~295, {=20.77~31.13mm
Aspect Ratio Native 16:10 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
Throw Ratio 1.37 - 2.05
Image Size (Diagonal) 40" — 300"
339 3mm Zoom Ratio |.5х
13.4” Lamp Type 340W
147. 3mm
Lamp(Normal/Economic Mode/SmartEco Mode)*
2300/3000/3500 hours
Keystone Adjustment
Vertical 8: Horizontal + 30 degrees
Projection Offset
Vertical lens shift 120-1457
PC Signal Compatibilrty
VGA (640 x 480) to VWVUXGA_RB(1920 x 1200) *RB
= Reduced blanking
HDTV Compatibility
4801, 480p, 5761, 576p, 720p, 10801, 1080p
Video Compatibility
Dimensions(W x H x D)
339.3x147.3x260.3mm (1.36x5.8x10.2 inches)
Weight 37Kg (8.16 lbs)
Audible Noise 36/34 dBA (Normal/Economic mode)
Power Supply ACIOO to 740V, 50 to 60 Hz
150mm 151.5nm Power Consumption 390W (lamp normal mode), 330W (lamp eco mode)
Standby<6.0W (network on), Standby<0.5W (network off)
Operating environment
Operating temperature 0°C-40°C
Operating humidity 10%-90% (no condensation)
What's in the box
SU217 Projector, power cord, remote control
batteries, VGA cable, Quick start guide, User manual CD
Rear IR remote sensor
Audio output jack
Audio input jack
Audio (L/R) input jack
S-Video input jack
RGB (PC)/Component video
(YPbPr/ Y CbCr) signal input jack
R5-232 control port
HDMI input jack
HDMI/MHL input jack
USB type A jack
USB type A/|.SA jack
RJ45 LAN input jack
Ventilation holes (exhaust)
Rear adjuster foot
Ceiling mount holes
USB mini-B jack
|2V DC output terminal
Quick-release adjuster foot
RGB signal output jack
AC power cord inlet
Video input jack
Microphone input jack
Kensington anti-theft lock slot
6600960 000060
ое 90 соо ее
Optional accessory
Universal ceiling mount
- CM00G3 (5/.JAM10.001)
Key Features
Quick wireless connection kit
- WDSOI (5].J9P28.E01)
Active 3D glasses
- DGDS5 (5/.J9H25.001)
Spare lamp kit
- (5JCT05.001)
Carry bag
- (5).J2V09.011)
- Horizontal & Vertical keystone - Corner fit - Vertical lens shift - 1.5X flexible zoom - Filter free design
- Compatible with PJLink - Compatible with Crestron - Compatible with AMX - Remote desktop - VGA signal power on
- Direct power on/off - Sleep timer - Support all 3D mandatory formats - Standby power <0.5VV (network off)
- SmartEco energy saving - Eco Blank mode - RoHS compliant - 2X digital zoom - Quick auto source search
- Closed captioning - Panel key lock - Kensington lock - Variable audio out - Top access lamp door
BenQ Europe BV.
Meerenakkerweg 1-17
5652 AR Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 88 888 9200
Fax: +31 88 888 9299
Because it matters
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