LC-004-164 User Manual DALI Expander.indd

LC-004-164 User Manual DALI Expander.indd
LED DALI Expander - User Manual
Item no.: LC-004-164
1. Product Description
The DALI Expander is a device for simple DALI circuit expansion with integrated Bus power supply
Facilitates the control of 64 DALI devices with only one DALI adress. All DALI devices will be selected
on the same way (broadcast).
2. Specifications
Power Supply
typ. current consumption
DALI input (DALI IN)
output (DALI OUT),
power supply
max. wire cross-section
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm
100V - 240V AC
2 mA
200 mA
max. 1,5mm²
120,2 x 41 x 21,6mm
3. Description
1. Device for simple DALI circuit expansion.
2. Control of several DALI-devices via one DALI-address
3. For the superordinate DALI circuit the DALI expander acts as a DALI EVG (DALI IN) with a single address.
4. Output (DALI OUT) with DALI power supply (200mA) for the supply of DALI EVG‘s and DALI control modules.
5. Forwarding Broadcast-commands received at the input (DALI IN) to the output (DALI OUT)
6. Alternative control options of the DALI-output circuit via Switch&Diminput (Broadcast).
7. Galvanic separation between DALIcircuits.
8. Multiple DALI-terminals
4. Dimensions
5. Wiring Diagramm
6. Safety warnings
6.1. To avoid installed the product in minefield, strong magnetic field and high voltage area.
6.2. To ensure the wiring is correct and firm avoiding short circuit damages to components and
cause fire.
6.3. Please install the product in a well ventilated area to ensure appropriate temperature
6.4. The product must be worked with DC constant voltage power supply.
Please check the consistence of input power with the product, if the output voltage of the
power comply with that of the product.
6.5. Connect the wire with the power on is forbidden. Ensure proper wiring first then check to
ensure no short-circuit, then power on.
6.6. Don‘t repair it by yourself whenever an error occur. Contact the supplier for any inquiry.
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