Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater System Comparison Chart

Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater System Comparison Chart
Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater
System Comparison Chart
Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater System
2 In/1 Out
2 In/1 Out
2 In/1 Out
0 In/1 Out
Premium Design
Connect & stream music from Bluetooth devices with just one touch1 (N.F.C.)
iPhone®/iPod® Dock2
Universal Disc Playback
(Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD)
Built-in super Wi-Fi ®3
Full HD 1080p & DVD upscaling4
Internet Video Content Noise Reduction
Experience High Definition sound with Dolby® TrueHD
and dts®-HD Master Audio5
USB Slot for quickly enjoying music, photos and videos6
HDMI® In/Out
Universal remote control
3D & 2D to 3D up conversion7
4K Upscaling 8
Optimize your picture viewing quality with Super Bit Mapping
Sony Entertainment Network
Stream & Control
Netflix,® Pandora,® YouTube,™ HuluPlus™ & more with 100+ streaming apps3
Built-in Web Browser 3
Control, browse & “throw”with TV SideView™9
Display your multi-media wirelessly from your PC with DLNA®10
Digital Front Panel Display
Share what you’re watching with Socialize™11
Gracenote®12 Look-up
1000 watts, 5.1 Channel system
Digital Cinema Auto Calibration with Included Stereo Microphone
Magnetic Fluid Speaker Technology
Glass Fiber Speaker Drivers
Wireless Rear Surround Speakers
Premium 3-Way 47" floor-standing speakers with Super Tweeters
Dedicated Subwoofer
Experience life-like stadium sound with football mode
FM Radio with 20 station presets
Feature Descriptions
Premium Design
Premium Design to help accent your entertainment space’s decor.
Connect & stream wirelessly
Utilizing Near Field Communication1 and Bluetooth, connect and wirelessly stream music from your
smartphone or tablet by touching them together just once.
Universal Disc Playback
The highest in-home resolution available gives you crystal-clear detail of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, AVC-HD,
and is also able to play CDs.
Stream & Control
(DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray/CD/SACD)
Built-in Super Wi-Fi®3
Sony Wi-Fi® Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater Systems are engineered for a stronger and faster wireless
Full HD 1080p & DVD upscaling4
Enjoy movies and TV shows in Full HD 1080p and upscale DVDs to near HD quality.
Internet Video Content Noise
Internet Video Content Noise Reduction is specifically designed to eliminate digital playback noise
for a better picture quality.
Dolby® TrueHD and dts®-Master
Dolby® TrueHD and dts®-HD codecs reproduce high-definition sound with 7.1 channels of discrete
audio for uncompromised quality
USB Slot6
Easily display your videos and photos on your TV or listen to your Digital music by simply connecting
your USB storage device to the USB port.
HDMI® In/Out
Easily connect and get superior high-definition picture and sound quality from up to two HD sources.
Universal remote control
Control your home theater system and other Sony electronics products like Blu-ray players and
Sound Bars with one remote.
3D & 2D to 3D up conversion7
Watch Blu-ray 3D™ movies and convert 2D movies into 3D movies.
4K Upscaling8
4K upscaling allows users to upscale their DVDs and Blu-ray Discs up to nearly 4,096 x 2,160
resolution, delivering up to 8.8 million pixels—almost 4 times the pixels of 1080p.
Super Bit Mapping
Super Bit Mapping optmizes every pixel of what you watch for improved picture quality.
Sony Entertainment Network3
With the Sony Entertainment Network, you’ll never run out of entertainment options with access to
100+ streaming services including movies, TV shows and music from Netflix,® YouTube,™ HuluPlus,™
Pandora,® Amazon Instant Video and more. Also, access My Sports & Fitness apps designed for your
health and optimized for your TV.
Built-in Web Browser 3
Browse the internet with your mobile devices via TV SideView™ application, USB keyboard (not
supplied), or the supplied remote.
TV SideView™
With the free Sony TV SideView app, you can control your player and browse content from your
mobile devices. “Throw” your videos, pictures, and music from your mobile device(s) to your TV.
Voice search is also available for some services.
Using DLNA® you can wirelessly access music, videos and photos from your PC or other compatible
device and play them on your TV.
Digital Front Panel Display
Digital display communicates the status of the Blu-ray player.
Socialize® 11
Using Facebook™ and Twitter, you can tell your friends what you are watching right from your Blu-ray
Disc™ Player.
Gracenote® Look-up
Gracenote® searches across internet apps and external services such as YouTube® and Video
Unlimited to provide you with detailed information on a wide variety of movies.
1000 Watts, 5.1 Channel Blu-ray
Disc™ Home Theater
Experience 1000 watts of power and 5 speakers (front left, front right, front center, rear right, rear left)
and subwoofer.
Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
with Included Stereo Microphone
The DCAC DX system automatically measures all the acoustic variables and optimizes the audio
settings to provide the best sound experience for each individual viewing room.
Magnetic Fluid Speaker
Each individual speaker driver is damperless and has magnetic fluid technology that minimizes
sound distortion providing an enhanced sound quality and clearer reproduction of original sound
Glass Fiber Speaker Drivers
Provides more accurate, life-like sound reproduction through enhanced diaphragm strength.
2-Way Wireless Rear Surround
Experience immersive surround sound without having to run wires around your home.
Premium 3-Way 47" floor-standing
speakers with Super Tweeters
47"-tall speakers feature 1 super tweeter, 2 mid-range drivers and 1 woofer that provide a complete
range of sound from low to high notes.
Experience life-like stadium
sound with football mode
Experience a true-to-life stadium sound experience with football mode so it feels like you’re really
watching a game at the stadium. Also with Narration Cancellation, you can minimize the play-byplay commentary for an even more realistic stadium experience.
Requires NFC and Bluetooth enabled device and possible downloadable NFC app. Check device’s user manual for compatibility. 2 Works with most iPod and iPhone models. 3Broadband speed of at least 2.5
Mbps recommended (10 Mbps for HD). Content subject to change and may require fees. Wireless connectivity requires an 802.11 home network. 4Requires HDTV with equivalent display and HDMI® cable
sold separately. 5Requires Dolby TrueHD or dts-Master Audio content, HDMI® cable and LPCM capable receiver. 6File format limitations do exist please check owner’s manual for format support. 7Requires 3D
content, 1080p 3D HDTV, 3D emitter and HDMI™ cable (at least 10Gbps). Simulated 3D image will vary based on source content. 84K upscaling requires a 4K projector or 4K TV. 4K upscaling only applies to
DVD and Blu-ray disc playback. 9TV SideView™ Application must be downloaded from the iTunes® or Google Play application store. Check Android market from your device for compatibility. Requires devices
connected to the same wireless home network. 10Requires 802.11 home network and content stored on a DLNA® compliant PC or server. 11Socialize requires user to have Twitter or Facebook account setup
on player and internet connectivity. 12Gracenote requires internet connection.
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