Label Printer
Label Printer
Quick Installation Guide
Loading the Ribbon
Printer Overview
Label roll mount
Ribbon supply spindle
Ribbon rewind spindle
Printer cover
Ribbon mechanism
(1) Place an empty paper core onto
the ribbon rewind spindle.
(2) Insert the left side first. Mount
the ribbon rewind paper core on
the front hubs.
(3) Please be noted that the bigger
hub side with 4 ribs must be
installed toward the right side of
ribbon mechanism.
(4) Install a ribbon on the ribbon
supply spindle. Mount the ribbon
supply spindle on the rear hubs.
(5) Insert the left side first. Please
be noted that the bigger hub
side with 4 ribs must be installed
toward the right side of ribbon
(6) Disengage the printer carriage
by pulling the carriage release
lever upwards.
(7) Following the direction of the
(8) Attach the ribbon leader to the
empty paper core on the ribbon
rewind spindle (with a tape).
(9) Rotate the ribbon rewind spindle
until the ribbon overlaps the
ribbon leader and stretches
Fixing tab
Print head
Label supply spindle
Label stripper
Carriage release lever
Backing paper outlet
Setting up the Printer
(1) Connect the printer to the
computer mainframe.
(2) Plug the power cord into the
power jacket at the rear of the
↓ RIBBON label, pull the
transparent ribbon leader to the
front from under the ribbon
(3) Plug the power cord into a
properly ground receptacle.
Note: Please switch OFF printer power switch prior to plug in the power cord to printer power jack.
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Loading the Label
Power-on Utilities
„ Self Test
Power off the printer, install the ribbon and the label first. Press the FEED button and then turn on the printer
power. Do not release the FEED button until the printer feeds labels. The printer performs the following items:
1. Calibrate label pitch.
2. Print out thermal print head check pattern.
3. Print the internal settings.
4. Enter into dump mode.
(1) Insert a label spindle into a paper (2) Place the label onto the
roll. Insert fixing tabs into the
(external) label roll mount.
(3) Install the label so that it goes
(when using an external label
roll mount: through the label
feed slot) in the direction of the
↓ LABEL label and under the
ribbon mechanism to lay upon
the platen.
„ Gap Sensor Calibration
This utility is used to calibrate the sensitivity of the gap sensor. Users may have to calibrate the gap sensor for
two reasons:
1. Using a new type of label
2. Initializing the printer
Note: The ERROR LED may flash if the gap sensor is not calibrated properly.
Please follow the steps below to calibrate the gap sensor.
1. Turn off printer power and install blank (i.e., without any logos or characters) label roll on the printer power.
2. Hold down the PAUSE button while turning on printer power.
3. Release PAUSE button when the printer feeds labels. Do not turn off printer power until the printer stops
and the two green LEDs light on.
(4) Adjust the label guide to fit the
width of the label.
(5) Engage the printer carriage.
(6) Close the printer cover.
„ Printer Initialization
Printer initialization sets printer parameters to default values.
Please follow the steps below to initialize the printer:
Note: When switched on, the printer will automatically detect whether ribbon is installed to set printer
to direct thermal or thermal transfer mode. As such, to use thermal transfer mode, be sure to
install the ribbon, the label, and engage the ribbon mechanism before you switch on the printer.
To use direct thermal mode, install the label and engage the ribbon mechanism before switching
on the printer.
1. Turn off the printer power.
2. Hold down the PAUSE and FEED buttons while turning on the printer power.
3. Do not release the buttons until the three LEDs flash in turn.
Note: When printer initialization is done, please calibrate the gap sensor again.
For further information on printer operation, please refer to the user's manual in driver CD disc.
Specifications, accessories, parts and programs are subject to change without notice.
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