70205_Brookstone_Pro Bluetooth Headphones

70205_Brookstone_Pro Bluetooth Headphones
Pro Bluetooth Headphones
Please read this manual carefully before using your new Brookstone
Pro Bluetooth Headphones.
Collapsible design for easy storage and travel.
Zippered molded travel case for added protection when not in use.
Steel telescopic ear pieces adjust for perfect fit.
Neodymium diaphragm, delivers clear, high-frequency bass with
rich acoustic sound.
Soft ear pads for optimal acoustic quality and comfortable fit.
Unique, rubberized surface paint protects against scratches.
Bluetooth wireless connection up to 30 feet.
* The Bluetooth headset comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium
* The unit should be charged for at least 4 hours, or until battery
capacity is full, prior to first use. Future charges will only require
1-2 hours of charging time.
* Connect the micro USB charging cable to the headphones and the
USB end to the power source. The LED will be red when charging
and turn blue when fully charged.
* The fully charged battery has approximately 10 hours of playback
* Turn on the device that you are pairing the headphones to and go
to pairing mode.
* Press Button 1 on the headphones and hold for 5 seconds. The
red & blue LED will flash twice and a beeping sound will be heard.
The red & blue lights will then begin to flash alternately, the head
set is now ready to pair with your device.
While in paring mode, search for “BRKSTN HP” on your Bluetooth
device and select this option to pair.
Your device may require you to enter a pin-code. If it does, enter
pin-code 0000.
Note : 0000 is a default pairing pin-code, most devices with
Bluetooth support simple pairing and a pin-code is not needed.
A beep will sound when your device is successfully paired to the
Control 1 : Multi-Function Button - Power On/Off, Reject an incoming Red LED flashing | Battery charge is lower than headphones, the blue LED will blink slowly.
call, Answer/Hang Up, Redial and pairing with beeping 10% capacity, approximately If pairing is unsuccessful, turn off unit and begin pairing steps
Control 2 : Volume “+” Button - Raise volume for music or phone 30 minutes playback time left again.
Control 3 : Volume “-” Button - Lower volume for music or phone * The headphones will automatically shut down in 3 minutes if it
Control 4 : Pause / Play button — Play or Pause music Red LED on Battery in charging mode cannot find the pairing device.
Control 5 : Previous button - Play previous music track, Silence . * Headphones must be in pairing mode to pair with your Bluetooth
Blue LED on Battery is fully charged
phone call device.
User Manual Control 6 : Next button - Play next music track
LED : Red or Blue LED — Indicates when battery is charging, fully
charged, unit on
START UP 8: SHUTDOWN MUSIC PLAYBACK * You can refuse an in-coming call by pressing Button 1 twice NOTE SPECIFICATIONS
Start Up : * After your Bluetooth device is paired to the headphones, it will be quickly. » Charge every 6 months to prolong battery life.
* Press and hold Button 1 for 5 seconds, the blue LED will flash 3
times and a beep will sound, stop pressing the button.
* The blue LED will flash slowly if the headphones have already been
paired to your device.
* The red & blue LED will flash alternately if the headphones have not
been paired to your device.
Shut Down :
* Press and hold Button 1 for 3 seconds, the red light will flash
quickly 2 times, a beep will be heard and the headphones will shut
* The headphones will automatically shut down after 3 minutes if they
are out of range of the paired device (30 feet).
Bluetooth connection has
been established
Blue light flashing
Red & Blue light Headphones are ready to pair
flashing alternately| with your Bluetooth device
No LED Power Off
ready to play music whenever both units are turned on and paired.
* You can use the controls on your device or the headphones to
adjust volume, track selection, play and pause.
* Headphone control functions :
Control 2 : Volume “ +” Button — Raise volume
Control 3 : Volume “ - ” Button — Lower volume
Control 4 : Pause / Play button — Play or Pause track
Control 5 : Previous button — Play previous track
Control 6 : Next button — Play next track
* After your Bluetooth device is paired to the headphones, it can be
used to make a call or answer your phone.
* Making A Call : Dial the numbers on your phone as usual. Choose
the “BRKSTN HP” option if it comes up on your phone and it will
transfer the sound to the headphones. You can re-dial the last call
you made by pressing Button 1 twice quickly.
* Getting Calls : An incoming call will automatically be transferred to
your headphones if you are already paired and listening to the
headphones. Press “Answer” on your phone or Button 1 on the
headphones to answer the call. To end the call press “End” on your
phone or Button 1 on the headphones.
* You can mute the headphones when talking by pressing Button 5.
Press Button 5 again to restore speaker function.
* Red LED flashes quickly, and headphones make beeping sound.
- The battery is low, charge battery following previous instructions.
* The headphones will not start up after charging for 20 minutes.
- The headphones need to charge for at least 40 minutes before
* LED indicator light is out when unit is turned on.
- If the battery is fully drained or the unit has not been used in a
long time, the indicator light may not work. Charge following
previous instructions.
* No sound when playing headphones.
- Make sure the headphones have been paired successfully.
- Make sure the headphones are on.
- Make sure the distance between the headphones and the
Bluetooth device does not exceed 30°.
- Make sure your Bluetooth device does not have too many paired
Keep headphones dry and away from water.
The operating temperature is 5°C to 35°C.
Do not put into fire as battery may explode.
Do not bend or twist the metal extension piece when using.
Audiologists suggest that you not have long periods of continued
play at high volumes as it can result in hearing damage.
Adjust volume slowly. Do not turn up volume suddenly as this can
result in hearing damage.
Do not use the headset while driving or similar circumstances.
The headphones are not waterproof.
Do not use while jogging or walking in the rain.
Exposure to water or liquid may result in fire, electric shock or
personal injury.
* Do not disassemble the Bluetooth headphones.
* Don't place in dirty or dusty environment.
* Use a clean, soft, dry cloth to clean the headphones.
* Don't let children play with the headphones.
Bluetooth edition : V2.1+EDR
Frequency coverage : 2.402GHZ~2.480GHZ ISM Band
Transmit Range : 10M, 30feet
Frequency Response : 20HZ-20KHZ
Status Indication : LED indicator
Pairing products : Bluetooth computer with HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Bluetooth protocol, USB Bluetooth adapter,
Bluetooth cell phones, etc.,
Battery : Rechargeable lithium ion battery ,3.7V, 300mA
Charge Power : Computer USB interface, output DC 5V/300mA
Charge Time : 1-2 hours
Operate hours : Approximately 10 hours when fully charged
Standby time : More than 200 hours when fully charged
(paired with mobile
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