Illuminate Notes:аа9172015 Control Panel= help files https

Illuminate Notes:аа9172015 Control Panel= help files https
Illuminate Notes: 9­17­2015 Control Panel= help files Portal: ​ Student username: UIC ­­ populating with id from state of michigan (local ID =state id) Student temp password: MS­­ oms HS­ ohs change password to permanent : birthdate Google single sign on MAY be an option. Kurt Meyer is looking into it. If you are using ELMO as document camera, you must use Firefox for the plugin to work. half sheets­ camera on computer didn’t pick up half sheets, Elmo had better luck based on lighting. testing with UIC: 5508050248 olivia password is now training Test your first illuminate assessment as a throw away survey (like counseling) Hybrid test­ paper copy of assessment (word, pdf or powerpoint) ­ answer key only entered in Illuminate. The left is paper that you loaded and the right is entry for answers only!! No entry of questions needed! but questions cannot randomize as other entry styles allow. Ex: Taking a Test as a student from the student portal: ­ As the student takes the test, the ​instructor ​can see the real time entry of answers and who has finished (Online Testing Rosters). You can also reopen the test if they goofed. You can also force finish the test if time ends and the student didn’t finish. (Action> Force finish) If you want to see data (right/wrong), you need to go to overview screen. ­ As long as a time limit isn’t set, the student test can remain open for those with extra time allowed. (under Online Testing­ Administration Settings) ­ A time limit will end their access, but the trainer doesn’t think it will force finish the test. ­ INLINE booklet= the hard copy of the test. ­ Assessment can be paused for everyone to address a common question. ­
Different rosters can be used to give tests at different times and still analyze data for those that have finished the test. Data is analyzed by test not roster so all data can still be collected ­
Online Testing­ Assessment Review Settings ­ Show Results… details. Always gives raw score? ­ ?s: ­
you can add password to test Add classes to the test later to avoid early taking you can do version (under setup) of test and statistics will all sync. You would use separate rosters. Attaching document­ make sure you click ATTACH.­ word docs, pdfs, powerpoint. NAMING CONVENTIONS: we have no folders so it can get messy with multiple subjects and tests. TO DO: explore paper paper options of how to get students a copy of the paper version. Grading open ended questions: Inside test: ​Administration> Enter/Edit​….select “​kids with data​”. show as ​Grid ​­­ empty scores so click on ​Constructed response​ and grade them! can grade by column and fill down instead of clicking one by one if everyone got it correct. by showing question and “​filldown​” “show question” OVERVIEW​: will show you stats. Reports: ​will show you data on assessment in dept. Can download data to excel. No auto load in gradebook ­ powerteacher­ but you can export and import grades. copy and paste grades from Illuminate over from excel doc into your exported powerteacher gradebook.(setup columns as alpha so they line up.) Each assignment would have its own import/export sheet. On setup>Information> “show in student and parent portal” to turn off reporting of grades to student immediately if constructed response won’t be graded they will see zeros as grade. ?: math open ended needs calculator tools added. it has been requested. ­ IEPS : how can we use it with IEP?­ been requested, stay tuned. ­ push to gradebook­ maybe someday ­ rosters inaccurate: powerschool rosters show original schedule and change. if there is no end date on class to show it as a drop, the student remains­ but before school starts, we haven’t entered end dates so there are no drops. We are overwriting files with uploads, but without​ end dates​ Illuminate doesn’t delete them. Nathan will work on fixing with a wipe and reload to cleanup these changes. In future years, they will work to set this up more accurately from the beginning of the year. ­ Portal SETUP: in Teacher Illuminate type portal and don’t hit enter shows as gray ­ students tab­ students portal Check if your students don’t have access. to add more students> grey menu bar “Add a student” find “class” or pick by “name” “Find Students” 1st step: reset password. Then, try to clear browser cache, as last resort, click disable the student and ADD them again and reset password from here. To change a password: Search for student> Click on blue number> Go to Student Demographic Data> Change password BREAK Favorite test: Add to dashboard. Top corner of assessment is a star. Click on test. go to Oxford training practice test Sheet designer­ you can add up to 9 bubbles on the testing sheet VISIT THE ITEM BANK: ​­ 1st entry will require you to enter password twice! (update and add California under your standards under your Settings) Create assessment: item bank. Pencil and Computer icons. If it only has computer, you can’t do pencil. Step 2: after you select a standard, you can Modify criteria­ ​ your own items, not other banks. Check My Items to see your questions only. Public = all illuminate users­ some good, some bad CoreSpring­ passages and 4­5 questions Inspect­ smarter balance questions Oakland ISD­ shared among district STANDARDS­­ can be added by Nathan Spencer, but not ​linked ​to item bank. Unknown how it will work as shared tests with other district users. AFTER you create the test, you need to deliver it to students (NOT From item bank side). Publish test. Return to Illuminate and now you can deliver to students. Answer Key only is the only test you don’t go to Item bank to create. To make your own questions, you STILL go to the item bank to create your ​own ​item bank :) MANUAL SETUP: Go to item bank> Manual > select standards, select item types… Setup> Generate booklet­ teacher booklet can be created to deliver on paper LUNCH: Make your own items: Go to item bank> Create ITEM passages­ could be text, or a graph, or a video. Can be reused for multiple questions. more types of items are being added… MSTEP style selectable text= click on all adjectives… multiple choice gives clues, this is know it or don’t testing! Pick the sentence… paragraph etc. Explicit constructed response… math teachers like it. Fill in the blank with multiple options and it will auto grade short answer questions. misspellings can be included. Drawing responses­ diagram or overlay with an image to interact with it­ ex. heart and draw path of blood. math equation response­ built in calculator. Can upload mp3. mp4 and images. Text to speech will also be an option to read the question to students (this fall). (can read question into audacity and upload the file to the question) “Paste from word” button will strip off formatting from word. Rubric­ you can put verbiage in there to equal out criteria and points, but every new item requires a new rubric entry! Coming soon! Create rubric once for an item, select it for items needed thereafter. Must align standard to item in order to move on…. working on custom standards everywhere so you can search/link them better Create an item bank help file: ­­ selectable text: you must put in distractors!!! it literally shows yellow highlights for what you can select. ­­ math­­ gives you a math equation editor to make a multiple choice. ­­explicit­ you have to come up with all the options they COULD have picked. no errors at all… periods, caps, numbers, decimals. it has to be 100% correct. great for spelling tests. ­­­ can you use wildcards in explicit response? ­­ constructed­­ same as explicit, but manually grade. ­­ bracketed word dropdown must be typed into the text [drop down] 1.
answer sheet only­ existing paper tests (on the fly) hybrid assessment quick assessment make own Assessment> create a new survey> does not save the data use for exit slips? kinda useless if data isn’t saved. maybe later it will be added Reporting­ Standard Progress​ Report: make sure you add assessments in the ​order ​they were given. Item statistics:​ see how they did by item. ­ test analysis. Pivot tables:​ pre and post tests. open post and bring in pre­test as comparison assessment. make sure they are in right order. diagnostics on trends up and down... can drill down data from the pivot table and create a custom group for tracking. Can we import data from CPS clickers? How?? setup a roster: from itembank….open test, go to administer>online … +roster button set times, date for test, pick year, site, user, ….pick sections or ctrl to select multiple sections. shows students and total numbers. you can select a subset of students. for more options, click “show” each online assessment has to have students selected for the test. ­­ where do you add password to test? hybrid test­ try this for on the fly­ do you need a roster attached? just input answer key. bubble sheets list your students ids. In Scanning Tools> gradecam settings> sdk version­­ beta is an option coming soon. not tested yet. set as current. Advanced settings ­ you can change trust level for popups. Default is set as low. 
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