Tech Issue - AME Solutions..

Tech Issue - AME Solutions..
Issue 12 - November 2015
Microsoft OFFICE 2016
Teamwork is everything
PLUS: AME training schedule for Winter 2015, top tips on getting the most from Windows 10,
new operating system from Android, Windows 10 training course, AME company news & more.
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Take a look at our review of
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Key new operating system
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AME's training schedule for
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Teamwork is a crucial part of business and
life. Microsoft focuses on this providing new
features in Office 2016 for team collaboration.
live from the desktop version of
the app. Collaborators don’t even
need to have Office 2016 or 365 on
subscription, they can view and edit
the documents that are shared to
them with the free Word Online app.
Skype Integration
In September we saw the release of Microsoft
Office 2016, with updates being applied to
Office 365 subscribers back in July.
Microsoft, in an attempt to compete with the
likes of Google, have focused on providing
customers with better ways to work together
and have made a conscious effort to focus on
team collaboration.
For years, when Office reigned king, workplace collaboration
meant creating a file, emailing it to someone who tracks
changes, and then sends it back. After a few back-and-forths,
you end up with numerous copies of the same file, or worse,
different versions without knowing which is most current.
But Office isn't enough anymore – today many manufacturers
and users are embracing productivity on-the-fly. With
products such as Google docs you can collaboratively edit
documents and spreadsheets in the cloud, access these
files while you are on the road or working from home, and
ask to be notified when any real-time changes occur. In this
nimble world, the old Office appears to lagging behind its
Microsoft Office 2016
For the reinvention of Office 2016, Microsoft has decided to
stick with the familiar. It looks and functions a lot like 2013
with no new navigation interfaces or funny menus. So 2013
users can rest easy as most of Office 2016's applications are
almost indistinguishable from their previous versions.
The biggest changes in Office 2016 are behind the scenes
– the package has been redesigned to be collaborative and
cross-platform. This means the new Office is not just available
on Windows 10 but nearly all devices. It’s compatible with
iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. The Mac versions
of Office apps are fully native. And if you subscribe to Office
365, you get a fully updated version of the apps wherever
you are.
Built for Teamwork
To encourage collaboration and teamwork, Microsoft have
dramatically improved the sharing side of Office 2016. New
key features have been added to Word that offers the ability
to co-author documents stored in SharePoint or on OneDrive
You can now chat to document
collaborators right in the application
you’re using with new Skype inapp integration. This allows you to
instant-message, talk or video chat
right in your documents - no need to
switch windows. Skype Meetings also
offers HD video and desktop sharing
- perfect for chatting with groups
when working on presentations,
projects and more.
Cloud attachments
When attaching files saved in OneDrive, OneDrive for
Business, or SharePoint, you can now send documents as
attachments (the traditional method) or as links to saved files.
If you send links, you avoid the sprawl of document copies,
and you create a one-stop location for edits to a document.
Outlook 2016: Office 365 Groups
The new Office Groups option is aimed at teams. You can
create your own groups in Outlook 2016, then use those
groups across other applications for collaboration. It's like
having a project folder accessible to all team members across
their Office apps, available from within the email client you
will likely have open all day anyway. Office Groups already
existed in Outlook Web App, but now you can use it in the
Outlook 2016 desktop client as well. (Mobile users need to
use the separate Office 365 Groups app.)
Office 2016 represents Microsoft’s efforts to invest in future
productivity and to meet the needs of the current business
users. Extra support for sharing and collaborative working
means that Office very much feels like software that works
as part of a cloud-based system and very much improves on
this compared with 2013.
Take a look at Marks article on the next page to find out more
about Microsoft Office and the different versions available.
Mark Thomas looks at Microsoft Office and
the versions available to suit the needs of
different businesses.
How to Purchase Microsoft
Let’s take a look at the main ways of
buying Microsoft Office:
One time Purchase
Cost: RRP £191.66 + VAT
Versions: Office Home and Business
2016; Office for MAC Home and
Business 2016
With Microsoft’s recent launch of Office 2016,
now is a good time to check if the version
of Office you currently have is right for your
business and whether an upgrade will provide
any benefits.
You will also need to plan for change as Office
2013 will soon cease to be available for general
sale, although there is a way around that as we
will discuss later in this article.
It used to be a simple purchase process when considering
the suite of applications useful for writing letters,
emailing, crunching numbers and presenting to your
customers, suppliers or employees. Most businesses (as a
generalisation) would have bought the “boxed” (also known
as “retail” or “fully packaged product”, now known as “One
Time Purchase”) edition of Microsoft Office from a Microsoft
Partner - a retailer or IT Supplier.
The cost of the software is relatively expensive in comparison
to the hardware purchased for word processing etc, however,
the value that this software application has provided is huge
– as a complete productivity suite there are now 1 Billion
users of the product, quite astounding really.
So with the majority of businesses communicating and
processing their data using this application suite which is
the best way to buy it?
This depends on a few key factors. Microsoft have been very
clear in their marketing strategy that Online Subscription
services is the way they prefer to do business with Small
to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In one respect this works
for customers with many value added items included, on
the other hand this is more expensive for customers in the
long run, especially if some of the add-ons are not used or
Importantly for Microsoft they have found a solution
ensuring illegal copies of the product are eradicated.
However, despite the marketing machine, Office 365 is not
the only way to purchase Office 2016.
This is the traditional way to purchase
Office for SMEs, there are other
versions available for Home and
Students which are not suitable for
the office notably lacking Outlook.
Business Suitability
Ideal for the customers with their own Exchange mail
server or email handled by another party already – email, in
essence, differentiates between the one time purchase and
subscription model. The other elements to consider are cash
flow and managing change – if cash flow is an issue then
the monthly or annual subscriptions to Office 365 may help
(it will cost more in the long run); change – if new features
are important to you then look to Office 365 which will be
constantly updated with new versions and features.
If training users on the new version is causing issues or you
have old software in the business that relies on an older
version of Office then it would be more beneficial to stick
with the one time purchase product.
Subscription Services – Monthly or Annual - Office 365
Office 365 is the general term used for the Microsoft business
productivity suite taking to the ‘Cloud’ and enabling the
business to be more agile, work from any device and free
the employee from the office and the PC.
Office 365 can work through an internet browser and be
used on any device, as well as having Apps for mobile and
tablet devices.
The online subscription bundles also include online storage
and importantly, the option to have email handled by
Microsoft. This is important as it plugs the gap left by the
abandonment of Microsoft Small Business Server in 2014
and provides a fully corporate level Exchange hosted email
management platform – this is no basic email service.
The licensing is different compared to the one time purchase,
instead of the PC or MAC being licensed, Office 365 licenses
the end user.
Volume Licensing Agreement
Cost: Price dependent on agreement
- one time purchase.
Business Suitability
Office 365 Products
The range of Office 365 products has reduced over the last
year and for the majority of customers there are 3 options
to consider.
Office 365 Business Essentials
Cost: RRP £3.10 +VAT per month when paid annually
Features: Email and online version of Office, and a huge 1 TB
of online storage.
Business Suitability
This is a great start for any micro business, enabling
professional email services and the use of Office – but only
through a web browser. This avoids the upfront cost of the
Office application on the desktop and means that most
devices will enable the use of the suite through the web – if
you use a device over 10.1” inches (an iPad or Android device,
or laptop, or Macbook) then you can edit the documents too.
Office 365 Business Premium
Cost: RRP £7.80 + VAT per month when paid annually
Features: Email and full version of Office for the desktop
and mobile devices and 1TB of online storage
Office 365 Pro Plus
Cost: RRP £10.10 + VAT when paid annually
Features: The full features as above including Active
Directory integration as well as the ability to use the Office
Licensing on a Remote Desktop Server.
Traditionally, Microsoft did business
with Enterprise clients through their
partners and provided an easier
process to manage the licences for
hundreds or thousands of users.
Volume agreements develop pricing
based on commitments of purchase
volumes but these volumes are
relatively low and the ‘points’ can be
built up across the entire Microsoft
product set.
These agreements also provide
Charities, Government and Academic discounts should you
fall into one of the categories.
The benefit for SMEs here is that volume licensing allows for
downgrade rights. Where we have, for example, 20 users on
the network with the same version of Office (e.g. Office 2010)
and 2 PCs are replaced. The version of Office that all the users
have is not available to purchase as a one time purchase
product, and the copy on the old PC is non-transferable,
so the only way to keep the users consistent is to purchase
the volume based version and use the downgrade rights to
install the 2010 version.
Beware as there is a big cost difference to achieve this
The second main benefit is for businesses to license remote
users – for example those customers with remote laptop
users can be licenced both on their local machine and
through the Remote Desktop Server, providing in essence
two licenses. This can also be achieved through the Office
365 ProPlus license.
Office 365 is available through a Volume Licensing
Agreement, rather than buying direct from Microsoft’s retail
site, IT partners can purchase this software on an agreement
in the end users name – this makes license management
much easier and centralises the information.
Business Suitability
Finally the Volume Licensing Agreement offers ease of legal
compliance with the ability to manage all software licences,
and to deploy updates
With these options the Essentials package will provide email
management for those happy with the version of Office
installed on their PC/MAC but may have lost their Small
Business Server.
In conclusion there are a three key ways to purchase
Microsoft Office 2016, we would recommend speaking with
your IT partner to discuss the benefits of each method of
purchase and of course the new features in 2016.
For the majority of small business users the Premium
package makes sense – the full features of Microsoft Office
2016 installed on the PC and the ability/agility to have Office
on mobile devices and online through the browser.
Do not forget that Office 365 is licensed to the user which
also makes the software transportable to another PC/Laptop
should your original machine fail.
Technical Editor Simon House looks at the
latest tech news including the release of the
Androids latest operating system.
Samsung launched SmartThings
Intenet of things hub.
The internet of things is the
idea of creating a home where
everything is connected to the
internet, essentially creating
“intelligence” from individually
dumb devices. Toasters, washing
machines, fridges and lights will
be able to talk to each other for
automatic, more efficient control
and monitoring.
If your an Android user you'll be wanting to
know what Marshmallow can do for you. Its
not a dramatic leap forward but there are a
number of useful features you're going to
want to know about.
Androids newest operating system - codenamed
Marshmallow is currently being released to various flagship
This new version of Android, released last month brings
many changes to the overall user experience some of which
include new app pages where you can now scroll vertically.
Android has featured a new app search bar and favourites
system which assists you in finding the app you are after
without having to scroll through pages to find it.
Another great feature is a new memory manager app which
makes it easier to find out which apps are memory hungry
and slowing your phone down.
One of the bigger changes is battery power management
– the battery is now optimised on a by-app basis including
a new feature called “doze”, basically this feature allows
everything on your phone (apart from required apps) to
literally doze off to sleep when it detects that your phone
is not moving and is in a non-active state – this should help
those times where your phone is on 55% when you go to
sleep and then on 40% when you wake up! Early tests show
that as little as 1-2% is consumed overnight.
Third-party manufacturers have been adding fingerprint
sensors to their hardware for a while now but the latest
release of Android represents the first time that it is
supported by the core operating system itself. You’re still
relying on your actual phone to offer a fingerprint sensor,
but most future handsets will include such capabilities now
that Google has seen fit to add support for it to Android.
Permissions are also changing with Marshmallow – from
now on, apps will have to ask for your permission to access
the camera, at the point where they want to use it instead
of just asking to use pretty much everything on install of
the app initially.
Lights could talk to the heating
system or door to know when
you’re home or a fridge could
detect when the milk is empty
and order another pint.
Samsung are really pushing with their new Internet of
Things product SmartThings Intelligent home living.
You install a Samsung SmartHub onto your home wireless
network, install the app on your smartphone or Windows
10 device and then purchase various “Things” including
light bulbs, plug sockets, motion sensors, moisture sensors
and many more.
These sensors all talk back to the SmartHub and everything
can be controlled remotely from your smartphone/
Windows 10 device through the internet. You can then
configure alerts and trigger actions to these events.
We expect lots of manufacturers to support and release
their own SmartThings compatible devices which will
integrate into the system going forward. This system can
also be used in an office environment if required.
Rob Wright provides us with top tips on how
to get the most out of Windows 10.
Take control of your Windows updates
If you have pending updates that require you to
reboot your PC, Windows 10 will allow you to do so at a time
that suits you. Open the Settings option in the start menu,
then head to Updates and Recovery > Windows Update. If
you have an update pending, you’ll see the screen at left,
which lets you schedule your reboot after you select the
“Select a restart time” radio button.
Use Keyboard shortcuts
As featured in our last issue of Tech Issue,
Windows 10 is free to users of Windows 7 and
later. Have you upgraded yet?
We have had quite a few customers contact us as they are
considering the upgrade to Windows 10, but they are still a
little unsure as to whether it will be suitable for them.
Take a look at the top tips below that should help to ease the
transition to Windows 10.
Customise the start menu
Windows 10's reprise of the start menu has been one
of the most popular features of the new operating system.
It's not exactly the same as the Windows XP version as it
combines the modern tiles of Windows 8. That said you can
now have the start menu, your way.
You can customise the start menu by simply clicking and
holding the cursor on the edge of the start box and drag it
to the size that you want. As with Windows 8 you can also
pin any applications you regularly use to tiles.
Make the most of Cortana
First introduced on Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana has
finally made it to Windows 10 desktop. Cortana is a voiceresponse digital assistant that lets you control what it knows
about you, so it can pop up relevant reminders and display
information that maybe of interest to you.
You can activate Cortana from the app on the start menu.
Use the "hey Cortana!" voice command or click inside the
taskbar search box and then ask a question.
Microsoft Edge
Edge, the new Web browser which has been released
with Windows 10 maintains the same blue "e" icon but
is unrecognisable from Internet Explorer. The new Edge
browser makes a clean break and offers speed with faster
page rendering and modern compatitbility. Edge doesn't
identify itself to sites as IE, but rather as a browser compatible
with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
There's just one way to get Edge: upgrade your PC to
Windows 10. When you do so, Edge is installed as the default
browser. In a move similar to that used by Apple on iOS and
Mac OS with Safari, you can't uninstall the browser, but of
course you can install any other browser you like and use it
as your default
With Windows 10 there are new window-snapping
options let you not only snap to fill half of the screen on a
side, but also a screen quadrant. Of course, you can tap the
Windows Key by itself to bring up the start menu. In addition
to this if you hold the Windows key down and then hit right
arrow and then up arrow, your program window will move to
the top-right quadrant of the screen. Windows Key-tab now
opens a new task view showing all of your running programs
and virtual desktops. To create a new virtual desktop, use the
Windows Key-Ctrl-D. Windows Key-C gets Cortana listening
for your voice, and Windows Key-S opens Cortana's Daily
Glance showing your weather, sports, and news.
Switch to Tablet Mode
Windows 10 lets you switch between tablet and
desktop mode (it happens automatically if you
connect a keyboard to a tablet). Open the Notifications
button in the system tray, then click on the Tablet mode
button to jump into an interface that's more suitable for
using with a touchscreen device.
Task View and multiple desktops
Multiple desktops are finally a part of windows,
which is extremely helpful in managing many open
windows. Click the icon right next to the Cortana search bar
to open it up. You'll see the task view with all your currently
open windows and each desktop you have open below. Click
the "+" sign to the lower right to add a new desktop, and
then drag windows to them to organise your work spaces.
Going back to Windows 7
and Windows 8
If you feel that Windows
10 is not what you hoped it to be
then you can take a step back in
time and go back to Windows 7 or
8.1. You have one month from the
date you installed Windows 10 to
change your mind.
Firstly back everything up. Next
go to the Windows start menu
and click the Update & Security
option. Select Recovery and you
should see the option to go back
to Windows 7 or 8.1 depending on
what you had last running on your
Andrew Bettany, Microsoft Most Valuable
Professional (MVP) introduces our Windows
10 training course.
savings, as the learning curve is
reduced with the shared interface.
Windows 10 Training
Join us on our one day demo laden
Windows 10 day to familiarise your
team with the latest Microsoft
operating system. Understand
how securing the hearts and minds
of your user base is an essential
stage in the change management
and how best to communicate.
Andrew Bettany is a Microsoft Most Valuable
Professional (MVP), recognised for his Windows
expertise, and author of several publications
including Windows exam certification prep and
Microsoft official training materials.
As leader of the IT Academy at the University of York, UK and
Microsoft Certified Trainer, Andrew delivers learning and
consultancy to businesses on a number of technical areas
including Windows deployment and troubleshooting.
Andrew introduces Windows 10 and the training he provides
for AME for those looking to familiarise themselves with
Windows 10.
Windows 10
It is fair to say that most organisations have been very
happy with Windows 7 and the majority of businesses never
adopted the troubled Windows 8 offering from Microsoft.
With a desire to keep data and devices protected and allow
more mobility businesses are looking to finally replace
Windows 7. The reliance of a 10 year operating system is
starting to strain especially since it simply does not offer
mobility as well as a modern version.
Despite poor take up of Windows 8, Microsoft has not
been sluggish in improving key components and features
included in both 7 and 8. Many tools are now mature and
in Windows 10 we are seeing a realisation that businesses
can now jettison their reliance (and costs) of a myriad of 3rd
party tools that are now offered built in to Windows 10.
Security and Mobility are two large drivers for organisations
seeking more agility through hot desking and home
working. Windows 10 is nicely placed to welcome these
work changes.
We are seeing significant synergy with organisations
harnessing Windows 10 and Windows Phone together as
in addition to the technology benefits there are adoption
We will cover modern deployment
methodologies, explaining why
traditional wipe and load can cause
significant challenges on new
devices and how the latest version
of BitLocker with integration with
active directory can reduce your reliance on 3rd party tools.
During the fast paced session you will have chance to explore
Windows 10 and we will sprinkle the day with dozens of
productivity and time saving tips which you can try out in
our Windows 10 classroom.
There was significant pain caused by application
compatibility issues, especially when moving off Windows
XP. Thankfully a large majority of essential business apps
are now suitable for Windows 7 and most can therefore be
easily supported on Windows 10 with a minimal amount of
additional modification.
With Windows 10, Microsoft have torn up the rule book
when it comes to best practices. This one‐day session will
give you insight into a whole new way of managing your
enterprise desktops and applications.
If you would like more information on our Microsoft
Windows 10 courses please contact us.
AME Training Schedule Winter 2015
We offer hundreds of IT training courses, as well as non-IT training courses, suitable for individuals
of all levels. Although we cannot list every course we carry out, below is our training schedule
that lists some of the training courses coming up within the next couple of months.
We provide comprehensive and cost-effective training for companies, organisations and individuals looking to expand their
skills in I.T, Project Management, Tendering, Accounts
and more.
We offer courses for virtually every desktop application
used in the world of business and feature the latest
titles in order to stay current with the ever-changing
IT industry. Our qualified instructors are highly
Microsoft Excel Advanced
Microsoft Excel Intermediate
experienced in their specialised fields, giving them the
27th November
ability to pass on real world knowledge.
In conjunction with our structured courseware and
practical exercises, delegates will take away the
knowledge required to make the most of their business
applications and systems.
We provide training at our head office based in Exeter,
with capacity of up to 10 delegates. We can also
deliver training at other venues around the South West
including Bristol and Plymouth and also in London.
Courses can also be customised in order to be delivered
onsite at your premises.
The courses listed below are scheduled training courses,
which are held at our IT training suite in Exeter or
London if stated.
What's Included
Courseware and Manuals
Each delegate receives a manual for use on the training
course and to take away with them to refer back to
when in the work place.
Certificate of Achievement
So that each delegate can update their profiles within
their company and their personal CV, we provide every
delegate that successfully attends and completes a
training course with a signed certificate of achievement.
Refreshments and Lunch
There are complementary coffee, tea, water, biscuits
and sweets provided throughout the day. Delegates
are treated to a wide choice of food, from The Wear Park
restaurant for lunch including; sandwiches, burgers,
light bites and more.
Free Parking
There is plenty of free parking spaces at our premises for
delegates that are attending courses.
Wi-Fi Internet Access
During your breaks you may have access to Internet
ready machines to either use to send emails or surf for
If you are interested in another course we do not have
listed or for more information on our training courses
take a look at our website: or
contact our Training Manager on 01392 824022.
Internet and Social Media
30th November
Google Marketing Introduction
1st December
Microsoft Access Introduction
6th January
Adobe Photoshop Introduction
11th - 12th January
Microsoft Excel Intermediate
13th January
HTML/CSS Introduction
14th - 15th January
AutoCAD Introduction
14th - 15th January
Adobe Photoshop Advanced
18th - 19th January
SQL Server 2012 Introduction to
20th - 21st January
Microsoft Project Introduction
25th - 26th January
Microsoft Excel Advanced
27th January
Adobe InDesign Introduction
28th - 29th January
Internet and Social Media
28th January
Google Marketing Introduction
29th January
WordPress Introduction
1st - 2nd February
Microsoft Excel Introduction
5th February
AutoCAD Introduction
8th - 9th February
Microsoft PowerPoint
12th February
Microsoft Word Introduction
19th February
Microsoft Excel Intermediate
2nd March
Steve brings us up to date with the latest
news from AME, including celebrating our
10th birthday this month.
Richard returns to La
Ciotat in the South of
Over the last couple of years,
Meredith has carried out IT
projects for AME on the 10th
largest motor yacht in the world.
The yacht required a 3rd visit
in September 2015 to carry out
several server upgrades.
Time to celebrate.
This month we celebrate our 10th birthday on 18th
November. It was a cold Friday morning back in 2005 when
we opened for business at Sannerville Chase with one desk,
laptop and phone. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago, as I
don’t really feel any older, however there are so many great
stories, successes and achievements we have made in that
Over the last 10 years AME has steadily grown in staff,
customers and turnover. We now have 11 full time employees
and approx. 20 contractors, consultants and trainers that
work for us each month. Our customer base has reached
many corners of the world, let alone the UK. Although
we still predominantly provide outsourced IT support to
organisations and charities in the South of England, we
now visit places such as South of France, Germany and the
Falkland Islands and have also sent equipment to Dubai.
Our training facility and courses have grown over the years
as well. Courses such as Internet and Social Media, Credit
control, WordPress, Drupal and Digital marketing are just a
few that have been added to our portfolio. In addition we
have provided onsite courses throughout the country and
also at training centres in Central and South London.
We also celebrate our one year anniversary since we moved
to our fantastic office at Wear House in the grounds of Exeter
Golf and Country Club. We have already changed the layout
in the tech and sales office to make room for new employees,
which was one of the main reasons we wanted to move. We
have the facilities here to continue our organic growth over
the coming years and continue to provide top rate facilities
for our training course with onsite restaurant in Wear Park
for our delegates.
We now head into our 11th financial year with a great group
of individuals that care about our customers, the service we
provide and all working incredibly hard to make our team
Whilst the yacht was in docks in
La Ciotat in the south of France,
Richard flew into Marseille for a
week to complete the project.
Richard had to update the
domain controller and file server,
plus install 4 new virtual servers,
as well as migrating the backup
and anti-virus.
Richard said:
“I really enjoy this type of project. I have travelled to Isles
of Scilly, France, Germany and the Falkland Islands since last
year to carry out installations for our customers.
It is great that we have the ability to carry out installations all
over the world and then provide remote support back in the
UK. Having worked on the yacht twice before, it was good
to come back and meet up with the crew and admire this
amazing yacht”.
Tom, the Electro Technical Officer (ETO) on board added:
“We have asked AME/Richard for help to perform upgrades
and reconfigurations on our systems. AME, during previous
work completed have shown that they are reliable, very
professional and do the job quickly together with good
documentation which is very important to us. Any questions
that might arise afterwards is answered promptly as well
as with hands on support. Their broad knowledge makes
it easier for us as we can deal with one company in which
to plan for a variety of upgrades in a short time frame with
minimal downtime for the end users.”
My First Year in Business.
As I mentioned in my last blog my next step in my apprenticeship was to attend
college once a week which happens to be a Tuesday. So it’s coming to the end of
the day on Monday and my nerves have already started to kick in about starting
college, but they slowly started to ease off when the team at AME were reassuring
me that college was going to be fine and that they knew I was going to do well.
Tuesday morning is here…I am feeling nervous and I don’t know what to expect. I
go into college and wait at reception for my lecturer to arrive, we meet and greet
everyone that is on the course and arrange the groups for the year. I was worried I
wouldn’t get to know anyone however the college were very good by allowing us
to participate in team building games to give us the chance to get to know each
other better. My first day at college is now, it was a great day and good to be to
introduced to all the other students in my course. I am looking forward to next
So the second week of college has arrived I don’t feel so apprehensive today, it will be great to see everyone again and catching
up with them on how they are getting on in their work placements. Today we got introduced to the OneFile, this is where we
submit our course work for our skills assessors to mark. The OneFile is a good way for ourselves and employers to keep track
of outstanding work.
At lunchtime, some of the girls from my course and myself decided to go out
for lunch together, this was a great way we get to know each other better.
After lunch we went to the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) here we have been
told to complete some of our OneFile work that our skills assessors have set us.
The day is over, it’s been nice seeing everyone again and I and cannot wait to
come back next week.
Work has been so busy this week as I have had to prepare everything for the
training courses that are coming up over the next couple of weeks. Especially
the Microsoft project course which takes place on the day I am at college so it
needs to be ready in preparation for Lauren.
Its Tuesday and another day at college, we have been informed today that
we have two weeks to prepare for our first exam… FIRST EXAM? WHAT?
ALREADY? It has only felt like I have been at college for a couple weeks and I
was surprised we were due to take the unit 2 exam already. Upon hearing this
news of an exam I could feel the nerves kicking in, I was concern as to whether
I would pass!
Wednesday is here and back to work, I spoke to my colleagues about the exam
coming up and they were very supportive, I was even allowed have time to
do some revision and Lauren suggested she could ask me some questions on the unit to practice. It’s really nice to know
that my work colleagues are understanding and helpful, it only reiterates that choosing AME as the business to facilitate my
apprenticeship was right for me.
The weeks are flying by and I’m on my 4th week of college already, today I have been set a
task by the college to give a presentation based around a series of questions as instructed by
my lecturer, surprisingly I feel quite calm about my presentation which is a good thing. My
presentation is done and it went really well, that’s another task ticked off the list.
Yet again I’ve had another very busy week at work with training courses as we have been fully
booked and also making sure everything is up to date with the invoicing and the credit notes.
Last week went so quickly and we are already at Tuesday, today is the day of the exam…I am so
worried about this exam but I have to go in with a positive mind and do my best. After our exam
the group went to the LRC, our lecturer gave us the scary news that we have another exam next
week, so we did more revision to prepare ourselves for this.
Its the end of the week and I have received an email from Katie my skills assessor oh gosh....its
my exam result! I PASSED, such a relief and its great to have the first exam out of the way, all
that worrying over nothing, what a good way to end the week.
Week 5 of college and we are doing our second exam, I am just hoping that this exam goes as
well as last week. We have a full day with a new lecturer going over the spec of the exam and
then sit the exam in the afternoon. The results take a couple of days to come through…so keep
an eye out for my next blog to find out how I got on…
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