Samsung B1940W User manual

Samsung B1940W User manual
B1940W - Monitors
Presenting high performance monitors that suit your vision and your budget. The B1940W is
stylishly designed with ultra narrow bezels and a height adjustable stand for improved viewing
comfort. A high dynamic contrast ratio and fast response time ensure vividly clear images and
motion graphics. Exclusive Magic technologies enhance productivity: MagicReturn saves dualmonitor users time by shifting content from one screen to the other when one's turned off.
MagicEco reduces energy consumption by auto-adjusting brightness and MagicAngle delivers
crisp, bold images from every angle. No matter how you look at it, your outlook is bright with the
Samsung B1940W LCD display.
High Dynamic Contrast Ratio
The high dynamic contrast ratio of the B1940W creates
deeper, more dramatic dark tones and brighter more striking
light tones. Now you can enjoy images that echo reality with
rich, vivid color and brilliant natural intensity. When it comes
down to the details, conventional monitors simply pale in
Fast Response Time
With a response time of 5 ms, you can be sure that your
monitor will perform perfectly, even in the fastest moving
scenes. This stunning, seamless motion imaging presents
movies, games, and internet streamed content with precision
and without the motion judder, blurring, and ghosting that can
occur on a slower monitor, allowing you to enjoy a completely
immersive viewing experience.
Height Adjustable Stand
MagicAngle Technology
Tired of straining your neck to see what's on your monitor?
The B1940W adjusts to your personal comfort level with a 100
mm height adjustable stand (HAS). Customize your monitor to
your viewing needs with height and tilt options. The more
comfortable you are while working, the more productive you'll
Love to watch movies lying down or while you’re cooking
dinner? The Samsung's MagicAngle uses 5-step angle
management to deliver crisp images and bold color from every
direction. So whether your view is from above, below or from
the side, images stay the same.
MagicEco Feature
MagicReturn Feature
MagicEco allows you to work at 100 %, 75 % or 50 %
brightness, to reduce energy usage. Low power consumption
technology reduces energy use and energy bills even further.
Take the effort out of saving energy and take control with
Samsung's MagicReturn feature makes your life easier by
automatically managing your dual-monitor content. When you
turn off one monitor to save energy, or if the cable disconnects
and you lose the signal, MagicReturn make sure that all
content is automatically shifted to the monitor that remains on.
MagicBright 3™
TCO Display 5.0 Certified
Control your screen’s display
with just one click. MagicBright
3™ automatically optimizes
brightness, contrast and
gamma correction, based on
the mode you choose.
Meeting the strict
environmental requirements of
the TCO Display 5.0 standard,
Samsung monitors represent
the cutting-edge of responsible
design and manufacture,
ensuring the health of both
users and the planet.
Windows® 7
Samsung monitors have been
tested to meet all technical
requirements to be compatible
with Windows® 7 and meets
Windows® Color System
standards for consistent and
accurate color across multiple
mediums. Enjoy true to life
color on your screen.
Signal input
Screen Size
19" Wide
Brightness (Typical)
300 cd
Contrast Ratio
DC 70,000 : 1 (Typ. 1,000 : 1)
1,440 x 900
Response Time
Viewing Angle
5 ms
Color Support
16.7 M
Video Signal
Analog RGB, DVI
Sync. Signal
Separate H / V, Composite, SOG
15pin D-SUB, DVI-D
Power Consumption
35 Watts
Stand By Power
< 0.3 W
170 / 160 (CR > 10)
Plug & Play
USB powered hub
Mac compatibility
Multimedia Speakers No
75 x 75 mm
Cabinet Color
Optional Accessories DVI Cable
Special Features
MagicBright3, MagicEco, MagicAngle, MagicReturn, Off
timer, Image Size Color Effect, Customized key,
Windows7, DVI with HDCP
17.4" x 13.3" x 7.5"
Dimension(With stand,
Product Dimension
17.4" x 11.6 x 2.7"
(Without Stand,
Shipment Dimension 17.4"x 294.89 x 5.1"
Product Weight
7.94 lbs.
Shipment Weight
10.36 lbs.
100 mm HAS
Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
[email protected] 2007 SAMSUNG. ALL rights reserved
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