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Installation Instructions
Installation, repair and maintenance work should be performed by a
Miele authorized service technician in accordance with national and
local safety regulations and the provided installation instructions.
Electrical connection
,CAUTION: Before servicing,
disconnect the power supply by
either removing the fuse, shutting off
the power main or manually
"tripping" the circuit breaker.
Installation work and repairs should
only be performed by a qualified
technician in accordance with all
applicable codes and standards.
Repairs and service by unqualified
persons could be dangerous.
Before connecting the appliance to
the power supply, make sure that
the voltage and frequency listed on
the data plate correspond with the
household electrical supply. This
data must correspond in order to
prevent machine damage. Consult
an electrician if in doubt.
Only operate the appliance after it
has been installed into cabinetry.
The appliance must be plugged into
an appropriate outlet that is installed
and grounded in accordance with all
local codes and ordinances.
Power supply
The microwave comes equipped with a
power cord with a molded plug ready
for connection to a:
120V, 60 Hz power supply.
This appliance must be grounded.
In the event of an electrical short
circuit, grounding reduces the risk of
electric shock by providing an
escape wire for the electric current.
This appliance is equipped with a
cord having a grounding wire with a
grounded plug. The plug must be
plugged into an outlet that is
properly installed and grounded.
WARNING - Improper use of the
grounding can result in a risk of
electric shock.
Consult a qualified electrician or
serviceman if the grounding
instructions are not completely
understood, or if doubt exists as to
whether the appliance is properly
grounded, do not use an extension
cord. If the power supply cord is too
short, have a qualified electrician or
serviceman install an outlet near the
Please leave these instructions with
the consumer.
Building-in dimensions
When building in the appliance,
ensure that the vents located at the
front of the appliance are not
blocked, and that there is adequate
ventilation to the rear of the unit
(see illustrations).
Do not cover or block any openings
on the appliance.
Tall cabinet
This microwave is suitable for
installation into a tall cabinet.
A minimum installation height of 33
7/16" (850 mm) must be maintained.
During transport be sure to lift the
appliance by the housing, not by the
frame. The framework is not sturdy
enough to support the weight of the
appliance while being carried.
Installation accessories
4 x 16mm
Only operate the appliance after it
has been installed into cabinetry.
Position the fitting bracket on the
center line. Use the mark on the
bracket as a guide.
Mark the center line of the cabinet.
Miele appliances can be installed flush or proud. Discuss your installation
requirements with you architect, designer and installer.
^ Fit a screw a in to the center of the
first long hole.
^ Check the alignment of the unit, then
fit another screw a into the other
long hole.
^ Tighten both screws.
^ Place the appliance in the niche.
Using both hands on the back of the
microwave interior move it into place.
The microwave will engage into
position once it is correctly installed.
^ Check the alignment.
^ If it is not aligned correctly, pull the
appliance out of the niche and
realign it by slightly adjusting the
bracket on the long holes.
^ Once correctly aligned, to prevent
the unit from moving insert a third
screw a into the middle of the
^ Slide the unit into the niche, pulling
the plug and cable through the back.
^ Connect the electrical supply.
^ Push the appliance all the way in to
the niche as described above.
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