Employee Handbook - Lake Hickory Haunts

Employee Handbook - Lake Hickory Haunts
Employee Handbook
Lake Hickory Haunts LLC. Presents
Lake Hickory Haunts Haunted Attraction
Located at:
519 Carolina Avenue
Hickory, NC 28601
[email protected]
Scott Settlemyre (828)-493-2781, Joshua Settlemyre (828)-485-8684
Curtis Holman (828)-292-6922, Ryan Settlemyre (828)-493-2805
Welcome to the Lake Hickory Haunts Team. We know that you will find this endeavor both
exciting and rewarding. We appreciate each and every one of you and are excited to embark on
a new season of fright, fear, and fun!
We know you have joined the Lake Hickory Haunts Team because, like us, you have a passion
for the genre and you enjoy scaring people! With our experience and our great Team, we plan
to operate one of the safest, scariest, and most professional haunts in the country.
As a member of the Lake Hickory Haunts Team, we ask that you maintain complete discretion
and confidentiality regarding the content, procedures, and operation of Lake Hickory Haunts.
You will also be privy to the secrets of the illusions and special effects inside the haunted
attraction. We ask that you not share these secrets as you will spoil the mystique and mystery
surrounding the haunt for our customers.
We want to emphasize that our first priority for our Team members is that you and our
customers are SAFE. We also want you to have as much fun as a Team member as the
customers have getting scared in the haunts. Because safety of our Team members and the
customers is a top priority, we ask you to read through the following pages of information
carefully. We will ask you to sign a document stating that you have read and fully understand
this information. Prior to the opening of Lake Hickory Haunts, we will also conduct safety
training to go over this information again.
Lastly, we want you to have fun! Let’s all maintain a positive attitude, work together as an
excellent team, and create great memories for a Halloween season.
INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE................................................................................1
STAFF RESPONSIBILITES…………………………………………………………………………………….2-3
Event Director
Attraction Managers
Box Office Manager
EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN...................................................................................4-6
Fire Prevention Plan
Fire Emergency Plan
Medical Emergency Plan
Power Failure Emergency Plan
EAP Training Statement
Attraction Rules
Scheduling and Attire
Job Description
When You Arrive
Before You Leave
During The Show
Tips for Effective Scaring
Types of Scares
Customers Needing NON-Emergency Assistance
In Case of an Emergency
Team (Staff) Rules
Actor Rules
Social Media Policy
This plan sets forth the policy and procedures to be followed in various types of
emergencies. The plan purpose is to prevent and minimize loss of life, injury, and
property damage which may result from emergency situations.
“Haunted Attraction” shall mean the any annual event sponsored by Lake Hickory
Haunts LLC., and its property
“Staff” shall mean any person or persons conducting, operating, performing in, or
otherwise supporting the production of all haunted attractions, which include
independent contractors, and volunteers as actors, security, make-up artist, or other
positions representing Lake Hickory Haunts LLC.
“Customers” shall mean any member of the general public attending the haunted
attraction and other entertainment-related amusements on the property.
“Building”, “Property”, or “Facility” shall mean the space located at addresses
502,519,520 Carolina Avenue, Hickory, NC 28601 and/or any other space used or
occupied by Lake Hickory Haunts LLC., for the purpose of producing the Haunted
Attractions and related amusements.
“Fire Department” shall mean Drowning Creek Fire Department.
“Police Department” shall mean Burke County Sheriff’s Department.
Event Director – Scott Settlemyre, Joshua Settlemyre
(Lake Hickory Haunts LLC. Director of Operations)
The Event Director will be responsible for all aspects of the attraction set up,
maintenance, build requirements, and tear down. The Event Director will oversee and
manage the installation and tear down crew and will be responsible for design and
constructions of all walls, sets, props, sound, and lighting, etc. and ensure all areas of
the attractions are designed and built to adhere to fire and safety code. This Event
Director will be on-site before, during, and after all show performances. The Event
Director will also be responsible for overseeing that all appropriate pre-show and postshow equipment inspections, preparation, and initiations of all equipment such as fog
machines, sound, lighting, etc. have been completed prior to opening to the public for
performance. The Event Director also double checks that all equipment has been turned
off as of closing. The Event Director will be on two-way-radio and should be contacted
by Attraction Managers to address any equipment malfunctions if the Attraction
Manager is unable to repair the issue at hand first.
Attraction Managers – Curtis Holman, Ryan Settlemyre
For each public performance, (4) Lake Hickory Haunts employees or contract labor staff
members shall be designated to serve as individual Attraction Managers. The Attraction
Managers shall be present on the premises for the duration of the time the haunted
attractions are open to the public. If during the performance, the Attraction Manager
must leave the premises of the specific area of the haunt s/he is responsible for (even
for a brief period), shall delegate responsibility to another Lake Hickory Haunts
representative (but not another Attraction Manager who is pre-assigned).
The Attraction Managers will be responsible for recruiting, selecting, and training the
actors and crew for their specific attraction, as well as be the point person for the
haunt’s nightly operation. The Event Director and Attraction Managers will act as the
contact personnel for all scheduling and crew coverage and will address tardiness,
performance, absence, and other issues related to scheduling.
Most importantly, the Attraction Managers shall have overall responsibilities for the
safe operation of their particular attraction and for the implementation of the
Emergency Action Plan. The Attraction Managers and the Event Director will conduct
safety inspections of the grounds surrounding their attraction, the queue lines leading
to and from the attraction, the interior of the haunt itself, operation of props, condition
of scenes and costumes. In addition to this, the Attraction Managers will continually
monitor activities within their attraction, in order to ensure SAFETY for all actors, staff,
volunteers, and customers.
Box Office Manager
For each public performance, a Lake Hickory Haunts representative or staff member
shall be designated to serve as Box Office Manager. This person will oversee all ticket
sales and distribution. Also, the Box Office Manager shall be provided with a two-way
radio. In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring outside assistance, the
Attraction Manager for that haunt or Security Staff will notify (in person or by radio) the
Box Office Manager, or other appropriate emergency personnel, who will then call for
such assistance.
For every public performance, each Lake Hickory Haunts Manager will serve as the
designated Lighting/Sound Technician for his/her particular attraction. The Attraction
Managers will ensure that all lighting, sound, and effects for their attraction are in
proper working order prior to each show. In the event of an emergency requiring an
evacuation, the Attraction Manages and/or Security Staff shall use the following
emergency procedure:
-Turn ON Attraction lights
-Turn OFF all Attraction music and sound effects
-Turn OFF all scene lighting and power
-Make Announcement via PA system, radio, and in person
Security Staff
For every public performance, Lake Hickory Haunts hires security representatives (Burke
County Police) on a contract labor basis to be designated as Security Staff. Security Staff
shall conduct frequent safety inspections of the public and non-public areas of the
grounds and facility. Unsafe conditions (fire hazards, electrical hazards, tripping hazards,
etc.) shall be corrected immediately, if possible, or reported to the Attraction Manager
responsible for that attraction and/or the Event Director. Security Staff members will
each be equipped with two-way radio and will call for any outside assistance, or notify
the Event Director or other Police Officers on the property to do the same.
All staff, including contract labor, shall arrive to work in a timely manner and in
appropriate attire. This means wearing all black. No jeans or logos, and dark/black
shoes. Actors will perform their role as indicated in the assigned character descriptions.
All attraction staff shall take responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of
those in their immediate vicinity. Observations of unsafe conditions shall be
immediately brought to the attention of the specific Attraction Manager. Staff shall
familiarize themselves with the layout of all the attractions and grounds, exits and
emergency corridors, and the path to primary and alternate exits from the particular
location in which they are working. This can be seen on several layouts posted in various
points around the makeup area and queue line.
In-Attractions Communication:
At all times when the haunted attractions are open to the public, the following staff
shall remain in contact via two-way-radio:
-Event Director
-Attraction Managers
-Box Office Manager
-Security Staff
-Fire Fighters/Emergency First Responders
Emergency instructions and announcements shall be made by word of mouth, radio,
and/or PA system.
Local Emergency Phone Numbers
(828)-396-4005 Drowning Creek Fire Department
(828)-438-5508 Burke County Sheriff’s Department
911-For Emergencies!
Portable Fire Extinguishers:
The attractions shall be equipped with multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguishers
within 75 ft. of the attractions emergency exits. All staff shall be instructed that the
portable fire extinguishers have been placed for the use by trained individuals and/or
Fire Department use only.
Staff shall not be permitted to use the portable fire extinguishers unless they have
been properly trained.
Emergency Exits & Means of Egress:
The haunted attractions’ interior (walls, scenes, etc.) have been designed and
constructed in such a way to ensure each point along the public pathway through the
attractions has an accessible route to the primary and emergency exits. At no time shall
access to the building exits be obstructed by construction, props, or stored materials.
Pathways to the exits shall be unobstructed and free from tripping hazards at all time.
Emergency Lighting System:
All buildings are equipped with back-up battery-powered exit lighting systems and glowin-the-dark emergency exit signs, to provide visibility in the event of a total power
failure. Proper functioning of the system shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the
Fire Marshall prior to first opening of the attractions to the public. The buildings
emergency exit and directional signage may be supplemented at certain points with
glow-in-the-dark exit and directional signage to clearly identify corridor access to the
emergency exits, but maintain the integrity of the scare.
Combustible Materials:
Combustible waste materials shall not be allowed to accumulate in the buildings. During
construction and operation, trash shall be removed and placed in the dumpster daily.
Combustible scenery, props, and decorations shall be appropriately treated with fire
retardant materials and maintained out-of-reach of customers as they pass through the
attractions. Combustibility shall be a consideration of the selection of props and
decorating materials. All wall partitions, wood, and fabric shall be treated with an
appropriate fire retardant. All foam sculptures shall be either treated or covered with a
non-flammable seal coat.
Smoking shall be prohibited inside the attraction at all times. All staff and customers will
use designated smoking areas located outside the building and be prohibited from
bringing smoking paraphernalia into the building.
Material Safety Data Sheets will be kept in the Event Director’s office.
In the Event of a Fire:
-Actors shall break character and act immediately.
-Staff members discovering a fire or smoke shall immediately evacuate all customers
and staff. The Attraction Manager for that haunt will contact Security and/or fire
personnel to identify the source of the smoke or flame and deal with the problem
accordingly. All Attraction Managers and Staff will be trained to know the locations of all
portable fire extinguishers and emergency exits.
-Upon sound of the fire alarm, the Attraction Manager shall turn ON the attraction
lighting, turn OFF scene sounds, lights, effects, and all other distractions, and make a
verbal announcement via the PA system, two-way radio, and in person as instructed.
–Upon announcement or instruction of an evacuation, all customers and (with the help
of) acting staff shall evacuate the building via closest emergency exit for their location.
–If the primary exit is blocked or unsafe, proceed to the nearest alternate exit location.
–If smoke makes it difficult to breathe or see, get on your hands and knees and crawl to
the nearest exit.
-Once out of the building proceed to the nearest designated assembly area and await
other instruction.
-Staff and customers shall not re-enter the attractions buildings until the “All Clear” is
giving by the Fire Department.
Accountability Procedure:
The Attractions Managers shall be responsible for the number of staff members
assigned to work in their attraction. It is the Attraction Manager’s responsibility to know
the appropriate head count of working staff for their haunt each night – including an
accurate number if they are short staffed or if a staff-person leaves early. The Attraction
Managers shall inform the Fire Department of any assigned attraction staff not
accounted for in the event of an evacuation.
P.A.S.S. is an acronym for remembering the procedure for using a portable fire
P=pull the pin and completely remove it from the extinguisher handle.
A=aim the extinguisher nozzle towards the base of the fire.
S=squeeze the handle to discharge extinguisher material.
S=sweep the spray of extinguisher material back and forth across the base of the flames.
In the event of a medical emergency:
-Actors should break character and act immediately.
-Acting staff within the attraction discovering a medical emergency shall immediately
notify their Attraction Manager who will in turn contact Security. All staff outside of the
attractions will contact Security directly.
-Attractions Manager or Security on the scene, shall instruct a police officer or Box
Office Manager to call for assistance.
-Persons unconscious or seriously injured should NOT be removed or repositioned.
–Injured or ill persons who are ambulatory should be assisted to the front door to wait
for outside assistance.
In the event of a power failure:
-Actors should break character and act immediately.
-The emergency lighting system will activate in the event of a total power failure.
–The Attraction Managers and Safety/Security Staff shall circulate through the
attractions and ensuring the customers to be calm.
All haunted attraction staff will receive a copy and training on the contents of the
Emergency Action Plan (EAP). All staff will then be required to sign a statement
confirming that they have received the safety handbook and training (i.e. portable fire
extinguisher and fire drill) before they will be allowed to work in the haunts.
Prior to each performance, before admitting the public, each Attraction Manager will
circulate through his/her attraction to ensure the staff is familiar with the means of
egress from the particular location in which they are working. The Event Manager, will
walk-through each attraction to inspect prior to opening to the public.
These are the rules that will be posted and presented to each guest.
Read this warning before entering any of the attractions!
This attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.
You will experience intense audio, lighting, extreme low visibility, strobe lights, fog,
damp or wet conditions, moving floors, special effects, sudden actions, and an overall
physically demanding environment. You should NOT ENTER a haunted house if you
suffer from asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures, physical ailments, respiratory or
any type of medical problems, or are pregnant or suffer from any type of mental disease
including claustrophobia.
DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of cast, medical
brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations. Do not enter the
attraction if you are taking medication or using drugs of any type. You will not be
admitted if any of these conditions are to be noticed by our staff.
DO NOT smoke, run, eat or drink inside the attraction. Additionally there is no touching
of the actors, customers, or props inside the attraction. No video or flash photography
may be taken inside the attraction. You will not be admitted or ask to leave the
property if any of the rules are not followed.
Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken and admission refused upon refund
of purchase price. Holder of this ticket understands that there is inherent risk involved
when attending the attraction. Holder voluntarily assumes all risk and dangers
associated with participation in this attraction. In consideration and acceptance of
entrance into this attraction holder agrees to release the operator, it’s parent
corporations, affiliates, officers, directors, and employees and landlord from any
liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or
indirectly, from attending this attraction or any of the attractions at this location.
Scheduling will be done through the Attraction Managers and Event Directors. The
scheduling, once agreed upon, will be posted in the green room or available to you from
your Attraction Manager. If you have any scheduling conflicts and will not be able to
satisfy your commitments, you should notify your Attraction Manager immediately so
that your shift can be covered. Each Team member will be giving the phone numbers
and e-mail to the Attraction Managers and Event Directors. If you have a scheduling
conflict (immediate or future), or are going to be late arriving to your performance you
must call until you receive an answer from either the Attraction Manager and/or the
Event Director. We expect all staff to be on time for their performance.
All actors should be dressed in all black or agreed on attire. This means black shirt,
pants, and shoes/boots. Also, keep in mind your role may change at any time and it is
important that you have the flexibility to change without limitations of your wardrobe.
All non-uniform security and parking attendants will be issued a reflective safety vest,
and two-way radio. Also on radio will be the Event Director, Attraction Managers, and
the Box Office Manager.
The pay schedule is based on a percentage of the ticket face value collected during the
nights worked and agreed amount as outlined during the interview process. Please
direct and questions regarding compensation to the Event Director. The pay schedule
begins on the first public performance.
Customers may smoke outside of the attractions in the outdoors. Actors and staff may
smoke in the designated smoking area only. No lighters are allowed in the haunts. Do
not for any reason use a lighter to illuminate your way through the attraction.
Welcome to the Lake Hickory Haunts Team. This will be an exciting and rewarding
experience and unlike any other job or performance you have delivered. You are part of
an elaborate event designed to alter reality and force customers to face their fears. This
requires professionalism, enthusiasm, and awareness. Please read more to find out how
your role as an actor will be most effectively performed and how to deal with unique
haunted attractions situations.
As an actor you have an incredible impact on the success of the show. It is up to you to
know your role and perform well enough to entertain customers.
-There will be an assigned employee parking area located across the street from the Box
Office unless otherwise notified. This area will be secured after all staff has arrived.
Make sure you take everything you need, as you will not be able to return to your
vehicle. Make sure to leave all valuables or personal items you do not need in your
locked car. Lake Hickory Haunts is not responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen
personal property.
-Sign in on the sign in sheet located at the event exit. This is used to calculate pay and
keep track of staff members in the event of an emergency.
-Inspect your scene and don your costume.
-There will be a brief meeting approximately 7:00 pm each open date.
-Do not allow early arriving customers to see you out of costume/character or in partial
costume. (I.e. mask off or on forehead, no makeup, costumes tied around waist etc.)
-Scheduled personnel only behind the scenes. THIS MEANS NO FAMILY MEMBERS OR
-Once it is time to move into position, get everything you need until your first/next
break. If you need to keep your throat moist during the performance, pack honey-throat
lozenges or sprays, water, etc.-nothing mint-y which is definitely not scary.
–Keep all personal items secure and hidden from public sight.
-Go to your assigned area and make sure there are no safety hazards.
–Check that the lighting, sound, props, and/or fog machines are properly working.
–Stay in your position so that the Attraction Managers and/or Event Director will know
you are ready when they conduct their safety inspection. Wait patiently when you arrive
at your position and do not wander through out the attraction while you are waiting on
the event to open.
-Get ready to scare!
-As a rule, keep 18” of distance between you and the customers at all time.
Breaker positions are equally important and a critical role in the attraction. These actors
must learn to master not one, but multiple roles. It is important that you are regularly
floating throughout the attraction (in character) to relieve assigned actors for a short
break. You will need to wait until there are NO customers in earshot or nearby to
communicate with your actors about breaks. Each person should try to limit their breaks
needed. Breakers will have versatile make-up/mask and a universal costume which can
be easily adapted into the various scenes and characters that will be covered. Breakers
should do all they can to adapt and blend into the theme and purpose of each scene.
Breakers should be careful to pace yourself between groups. Remember to stay in
costume during transition. If you are caught off guard by costumers, perform!
-Each actor will have a one group cycle break throughout the course of the performance
-There will be a restroom and designated smoking area at your attraction for you to use.
-A breaker will need to arrive to relieve you from your position before you take break
unless your attraction is on break. No actor should leave his/her assigned post until the
breaker is settled and covering that position.
-Actors and breakers will only have a short time to switch positions before the next
group of customers will be passing. In some cases, on busy nights, the switch must
happen seamlessly with customers in full view. This means you must remain in character
until you have exited the haunt since you could be in view of customers at any time.
-As soon as you are on break, use your time wisely. This is the only opportunity you have
to eat, drink, smoke, use facilities, freshen make-up/costume, etc.
-If you smoke, you must use the designated smoking areas.
-Be on time, we must keep a schedule to guarantee everyone gets a break.
-Close down scene and clean area.
-Hang up costume and remove make-up.
-Store accessories in assigned area.
-Check out with Attraction Managers or Event Directors.
-Report any safety hazards or malfunctioning props to Attraction Managers or Event
We know you already have acting talent which is how you became part of our Team.
Acting in haunted attractions is different than stage acting as you will perform for small
groups, many times in an evening.
Some important things to consider:
-Always stay in character.
-Be ready for anyone to walk into your scene. Some groups may be small and quiet but
you do not want to be caught out of character. Nothing will kill the illusion of a scary
haunt like and actor just “hanging out” or “relaxing”.
-Read your audience. Recognize the dynamic of the group (shy, scared, boisterous,
brave, obnoxious, silly, curious, etc.)
-Know the best timing for your role. You are the cue/signal (the person who will be
alerting the next scene) for the next room’s scare through the noises and actions you
create. Also, be considerate and stop your scare in time so it does not interfere with the
next scare. For example, it might be appropriate to follow a group at times to “pursue”
them but be sure you don’t distract them from any upcoming set-up scares or steal the
next rooms scare.
-Be prepared to ad-lib, while staying in character.
-LISTEN to the people in the group coming through (names of people, what they are
afraid of, what they say, etc.) to help inform your scares and adapt in the moment.
Nothing scares someone like when you overhear their name and use it…
Scare Forward – Allowing customers to pass you and you scare them from behind.
Advance Scare – The scare/surprise that takes place in front of customers; happens
quickly and disappears to as not to inhibit traffic flow. Occasionally, the customers will
be intentionally delayed to space groups.
Side Scare – Takes place as costumers are passing by. You scare them when the middle
of the group is in front of you.
Startle (Pop) Scare – Example would be drop picture or a break-away door.
Creepy Scare – Actors barely move, but maintains direct eye contact with customers
suggestion a foreboding knowledge of what is about to be encountered, or a “You don’t
belong here” stare. Unless you can do this really well and freak people out, it can be a
way-too passive way of scaring costumers. Try something more energetic if you can.
Distraction Scare – Something or someone is setup to draw the attention away from the
actual scare. An example would be a prop or activity that distracts people while you are
set up to scare from middle/behind, etc.
In some cases you will encounter a customer who is too afraid to continue through to
the end of the attraction. Though this person should feel free to use the emergency
exits to leave, sometimes they simply don’t realize it’s available to them or are too
scared to do so and need assistance.
If there is someone too scared to continue you should:
-Identify a person/friend who is closest to and attending to the frightened customer so
that your approach of the scared customer does not make things worse. Whisper very
quietly to the person/friend (so the rest of the group cannot see or hear) that they can
bring the frightened person out the next emergency door if necessary.
-If the customer is alone and does not have a person/friend to help them, you may need
to whisper quietly in a non-threating (out of character) voice that “It is OK; I can show
you a quick exit. Follow me”. Please try to be helpful while keeping the illusion of the
event for the remaining customers if at all possible.
-In some cases (last resort) you may need to accompany that scared person out of an
emergency exit and stay with them until passing them off to another staff person who is
not in costume/character and can stay with them to rejoin their group. Please do your
best to ensure their safety while not completely destroying the illusion for any customer
outside the haunt who may observe you.
Attraction floor plans are posted in the queue line and entrances to the building. Take
time to familiarize yourself with the layouts. Know the quickest route to and from your
position which is indicated on the floor plans (or ask your Attraction Manager). Also,
know your (2) nearest emergency exits. As mentioned previously, you are working
under special, unique circumstances in a haunted attraction. We are forcing people out
of their normal, comfortable reality. As they enter our environment they may not react
normally or rationally. Under no circumstances should you touch a customer. Likewise,
customers are instructed they should not touch any actors or props.
In the event you are touched by a customer or witness a customer touching props,
follow these guidelines:
-A customer touches a prop in a curious but non-harmful or malicious way.
Action: Remind them “no touching” (in character) and continue.
-A customer is kicking, hitting, or otherwise damaging props.
Action: Take note of identifying clothes and features before locating your
Attraction Manager or Security immediately. Stay in character as you
move through the haunt to find assistance. Identify the group to the
Attraction Managers or Security for warning or ejection.
If a customer touches an actor:
-Accidental contact: A startled customer accidentally bumps into you or moves
suddenly in a manner that accidentally made contact with another actor. Firmly, remind
them (in character) of no touching and let them continue.
-Intentional contact: Contact done in a playful, interactive, or silly manner is still not
acceptable. Firmly remind the customer (in character) of no touching and alert your
Attraction Managers or Security to monitor the group as they continue. Be sure to note
clothing, appearance, and other identifying characteristics since you’ll need to quickly
relay the message to your Attraction Manager or Security and return to your station
without delay.
-Assault: A customer has assaulted you in an aggressive manner. This is grounds for
immediate ejection with the potential for arrest. Break Character. Take note of the
identity and clothing of the person and immediately locate your Attraction Manager
and/or Security. In the case of an assault, shout the SIGNAL “Red, Red, Red” if you need
someone to come to your rescue or to enlist the help from fellow actor/staff. Any actor
hearing the SIGNAL words should break character and move toward the location of the
signal. The actor/staff responding to the situation should assist and/or seek assistance
immediately from the Attraction Manager and/or Security. In this situation the victim of
assault (and/or staff witness to the assault) will likely need to stay with the Attraction
Manager or Security to explain the situation.
If you are witness to a medical emergency, immediately locate the closest actor and
direct them to find Security for a medical emergency. You return to stay with and
monitor the person with the medical emergency.
1. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in the attraction!!! There is a designated smoking area.
When smoking, consider yourself “out of character” and do so out of view from
2. Possession of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited. This includes working under
and illegal influence.
3. Grabbing or touching the customers is prohibited.
4. Keep a guideline of 18” distance between yourself and the customer.
5. Sexual misconduct / harassment are not tolerated and are grounds for immediate
termination. Profanity should be avoided while “in character” and in front of the
6. ALL customer problems must be reported to the management immediately.
7. Park in the employee parking lot across from the Box Office. (Do not throw trash on
the ground).
8. Time your arrival to be on time.
9. Arrive dressed in appropriate attire per your costume.
10. Do not use cell phones or any other devices while in view of any customer.
11. Costumes owned by Lake Hickory Haunts are not allowed off the property without
permission from your designated Attraction Manager. All Lake Hickory Haunts
costumes and props will be inventoried at the end of each performance. Staff is
responsible for any missing props and/or costumes used by them.
12. Purses, wallets and other valuables should be left in your locked car or at home.
Lake Hickory Haunts is not responsibility for lost, damaged, stolen personal
property or any personal items left at the attraction.
1. Safety First! No one will be permitted to work in the attraction until they have
successfully completed safety training. This will be a full training, including portable
fire extinguishers, fire drills and allowing time to fully read the safety manual before
signing it and having a complete walk-through of the attraction with emergency exits
located and an understanding of how to handle or who to contact in an emergency
situation. Each attraction will have designated Attraction Manager (with two-way
radio) inside or located just outside the attraction they are managing. Attraction
Managers will be strategically located to ensure safety for the actors, staff,
customers, and to radio any real or potential problems. Security personnel will also
be stationed near the attraction and around the property.
2. All actors and staff will be hired only after an interview process, which will consist of
an initial interview with the Attraction Managers and/or Event Directors. Contract
Labor Employees will have the pay scale clearly explained to them, as well as the
expectations, job requirements, and consequences for failure to meet the
expectations and requirements of the Contract Labor Employee position. Hours will
be clearly explained to all staff.
3. At the start of operation, when instructed by the Attraction Managers and/or the
Event Directors, all actors and staff will be required to immediately report to their
position. Actors are to be in their places no less than 5 minutes prior to opening. At
the end of the evening, Actors will be required to stay at their position and in
character until the attraction lights switch on at which time return directly to the
make-up/wardrobe area.
4. All actors and staff will be required to pick up any trash in their area and check in
their costumes and props before leaving the premises at the end of the
5. Any modifications or additions to set designs or costumes will need to be approved
by your Attraction Manager and/or Event Directors. No last minute changes. (this
does not include characters lines or personality)
6. Most importantly, have fun, scare smart, and scare well!
This policy provides guidance for employee use of social media, which should be broadly
understood for purposes of this policy to include blogs, wikis, micro blogs, message boards,
chat rooms, electronic newsletters, online forums, social networking sites, and other sites and
services that permit users to share information with others in a contemporaneous manner.
The following principles apply to professional use of social media on behalf of Lake Hickory
Haunts LLC., as well as personal use of social media when referencing Lake Hickory haunts LLC.
-Employees need to know and adhere to the Company’s Code of Conduct, Team Handbook, and
other company policies when using social media in reference to Lake Hickory Haunts LLC.
-Employees should be aware of the effect their actions may have on their images, as well as
the Company’s image. The information that employees post or publish may be public
information for a long time.
-Employees should be aware that the Company may observe content and information made
available by employees through social media. Employees should use their best judgment in
posting material that is neither inappropriate nor harmful to the Company, its affiliates,
employees, or customers.
-Although not an exclusive list, some specific examples of prohibited social media conduct
include posting commentary, content, or images that are defamatory, pornographic,
proprietary, harassing, libelous, or that can create embarrassment to the Company and/or
employees or affiliates of the Company.
-Employees are not to publish, post, or release any information that is considered confidential
or nonpublic. If there are questions about what is considered confidential, employees should
check with the Attraction Managers and/or Event Director.
-Social media networks, blogs and other types of online content sometimes generate press and
media attention or legal questions. Employees should refer these inquiries to the Event
-If employees find encounter a situation while using social media that threatens to become
antagonistic, employees should disengage from the dialogue in a polite manner and seek the
advice of an Attraction Manager and/or Event Director.
-Employees should get appropriate permission before you refer to or post images of current or
former employees, members, vendors, or suppliers. Additionally, employees should get
appropriate permission to use a third party's copyrights, copyrighted material, trademarks,
service marks or other intellectual property.
-Social media use shouldn't interfere with employee’s responsibilities at the Company,
Company’s computer systems are to be used for business purposes only. When using Company
computer systems, use of social media is not allowed. (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
-Subject to applicable law, online activity that violates the Company’s Code of Conduct or any
other company policy may subject an employee to disciplinary action or termination.
-If employees publish content that involves work or subjects associated with the Company, a
disclaimer should be used, such as this: “The postings on this site are my own and may not
represent the Company’s positions, strategies, or opinions.”
-It is highly recommended that employees keeps Company related social media accounts
separate from personal accounts, if practical.
I have read the Employee Handbook and understand what is expected from me and my job at
Lake Hickory Haunts.
Name: (printed) _____________________________
Name: (signed) _____________________________ Date: ____________________
(To be signed if the person is under the age of 18.)
I am the parent or guardian of the persons listed and I give my authorization and consent on
his/her behalf.
Name: (printed) _____________________________
Name: (signed) _____________________________ Date: ____________________
Authored by: Lake Hickory Haunts LLC.
519 Carolina Avenue
Hickory, NC 28601
I hereby consent and authorize an employee or agent of Lake Hickory Haunts LLC., and/or Lake
Hickory Haunts Haunted Attractions to take photographs or motion pictures of me; or to
produce videotapes, audiotapes, closed circuit television programs, web casts, or other types of
media productions that capture my name, voice, and/or image (any of the foregoing types of
media are called the “Materials” in this Consent and Release form).
I authorize Lake Hickory Haunts LLC., to copyright the Materials, and to use, reuse, copy,
publish, display, exhibit, reproduce, license to a third party, and distribute the Materials in any
educational or promotional materials or other forms of media, which may include, but are not
limited to publications, catalogs, articles, magazines, recruiting brochures, websites or other
electronic forms of media, and to offer the Materials for use or distribution in other
publications, electronic or otherwise, without notifying me. I also agree that Lake Hickory
Haunts LLC., may identify me by name, and such other identifying information.
I agree that I am participating on a voluntary basis and I will not receive any payment or
compensation from Lake Hickory Haunts LLC., for signing this release or as a result of any
publication of the Materials.
Name: (printed) _____________________________
Name: (signed) _____________________________ Date: ____________________
(To be signed if the person is under the age of 18.)
I am the parent or guardian of the persons listed and I give my authorization and consent on
his/her behalf.
Name: (printed) _____________________________
Name: (signed) _____________________________ Date: ____________________
Contract Labor Agreement:
I, __________________________________, agree that I am engaging in independent contract
labor and I am responsible for all taxes on any income received from Lake Hickory Haunts LLC. I
understand that I am not entitled to any employee benefits from Lake Hickory Haunts LLC. I am
responsible for my own health insurance and liability insurance at all times. I hold Lake Hickory
Haunts LLC., harmless for any and all accidents, injuries or illness that may occur while I am on
the premises of Lake Hickory Haunts LLC. or anywhere while I am under this contract
agreement. I understand that I may not file for State unemployment insurance because I am an
independent contractor.
Length of Service
Start Date____________________________ Finish Date________________________
I understand that Lake Hickory Haunts LLC., will issue a 1099 Miscellaneous Income Form to me
at the end of the year.
My 1099 should be sent to:
(Please Print)
My Federal Tax ID number or Social Security Number is______________________
a copy for which is attached to this letter.
In case of emergency, please contact:
Signature of Independent Contractor
Signature of Lake Hickory Haunts LLC. Mgmt.
___________________________________ _____________________________________
Date: _______________________________ Date: _________________________________
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