Sulzer CP 116, CP 216 Installation Guide

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Sulzer CP 116, CP 216 Installation Guide | Manualzz

Quick Basic Installation Guide CP 116 & CP 216

Key board

To leave the main picture and enter the menus; push Down Arrow

Use Up & Down Arrow to step between submenus and confirm with Enter

Change value with Enter at chosen function, give the password and change value with Up/Down

Go back in the menus by Left and to main picture by Esc


There are three security levels:

1. Daily operations, such as acknowledging an alarm or stopping a pump, do not require any pass code or authorization.

2. Operational settings, such as settings for the start or stop levels for the pump, require a pass code at the level of Operator ;

3. Configuration settings that affect the basic functionality or access, such as the type of level sensor, require a pass code at the level of System .

The factory default pass codes are 1 and 2 respectively, but the codes can be changed under the menu item Settings – System – Change Passcode

After Installation and power up first time

Start to do a Factory Default Reset by holding down both Right/Left arrows for 10 seconds. The cabinet will when restart with the factory default settings.

Check the firmware by [Down Arrow] – Show Status – System . Update the firmware if necessary. Find latest firmware at C&M ftp-site. Be aware that CP 116 and CP 216 do not have same firmware. The built-in sensor has fixed range 0 – 3.5 meters.

Basic settings




Set the Language

[Down Arrow] – Settings – Language

Are you using Level Sensor or built-in Air Pressure tube?

[Down Arrow] – Settings – Analoge Inputs

Set the Start / Stop levels

[Down Arrow] – Settings – Pump X – Start and Stop levels

4. Station flow

[Down Arrow] – Settings – Pump pit – Station Flow – Pit area parameters. This is the place to activate the temperature and leakage sensors as well.

6. Look at the main picture and start one pump manually, notice the current consuming in the display. The nominal value is higher than what you just read. The alarm for high current shall be set in the middle of those two values and be typed in at Settings – Pump X –

Pump Alarms – High Motor current

7. If Low Level Float is used; go into the menus and change in

Settings – Digital Inputs – Digital in 4 to NC (Normally Closed)

5. The pumps use to be marked with the “Nominal Current”; that value shall be typed into [Down Arrow] – Settings – Pump x – Pump


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