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Petrol Line Trimmer


Owner’s Manual


Please read this Owner’s Manual and the Express Warranty before using this product. The Warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or failure to follow the operating and installation instructions.

Keep the instructions in a safe place for future use.

571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14

Pantone Cool Gray


Pantone 426C

Part N o : 571823

Revised April 2014

Pantone 1797C


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14

Revised April 2014

Do not operate this machine before it has been assembled correctly and you have read and understood these instructions.

Keep the instructions in a safe place for future use.

Symbols on the Machine

Read and follow this operator’s manual. Fail to do so could result in serious injury.

Wear head, eye and hearing protection during operation.

Proper Use

For safety reasons, the Line Trimmers are not to be used by children, young people under 16 years of age, or any other persons who are not acquainted with these directions for use.

Specific safety information please read this safety information and the directions for use carefully and be sure to follow the instructions completely.

Symbols on the machine

Proper Use

Parts Location

Safety Precautions

Notes on transportation

















Wear heavy-duty gloves, preferably made of leather.

1. This machine should never be used for anything other than the purpose for which it has been designed.

2. Do not use this line trimmer when tired or drowsy or under the influence of medication or alcohol, or at any time when you may not be able to operate it safely.

3. Avoid running the engine indoors. The exhaust gases contain harmful carbon monoxide.

4. Never use the machine in the circumstances described below:

When the ground is slippery or when other conditions exist which might make your footing unsteady.

At night or in times of fog where it would not be possible to have a clear view of the cutting area.

During rain or electrical storms, during gale force winds or at any time when weather conditions might make use of the product unsafe.

5. Before using this product for the first time, get an experienced operator to show you how to use the machine.

6. When you are new to the machine, limit your work sessions to 30-40 minutes with a 10 minute break between, and a total working time of 2 hours per day. Accidents can be caused by tiredness and physical exhaustion.

7. Be sure to keep this manual handy so that you may refer to it later if any questions arise.

8. Always be sure to include this manual when selling, or lending, this machine.

9. Never allow children or anyone to use this machine if they cannot fully understand the directions given in this manual.

Wear steel-toed safety boots.

Wear non-slip foot wear.

Beware of thrown objects.

Make sure no one is within 15 metres from the machine during operation.

The maximum speed of the cutting attachment shaft.


1. When using your line trimmer, you should wear long, close fitting trousers and protective equipment as follows.

(1) Helmet

(2) Protection goggles or face protector

(3) Thick work gloves

(4) Non-slip-sole work boots

(5) Ear protectors

2. You should carry with you the following things as appropriate.

A. Reserve fuel

B. A spare blade

C. Something to indicate your working area. (Yellow rope, warning signs)

D. Hatchet or saw (for removal of obstacles)

3. Never use your line trimmer when barefoot or in sandals or wearing trousers with loose cuffs.


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14


1. For Honda 4 stroke engines:

Fuel and oil are not to be mixed, they fill separate tanks. Use unleaded gasoline for fuel and automotive 4 cycle oil for the oil tank. Do not store cans of fuel or refill the fuel tank in any place where there is a boiler, stove, wood fire, electrical or welding sparks, or any other source of heat or fire which might ignite the fuel.

2. Smoking while operating the line trimmer or refilling its fuel tank is extremely dangerous. Always be sure to keep lit cigarettes away from the line trimmer at all times.

3. When refilling the tank always turn off the engine first, wait for it to cool, and take a careful look around to make sure that there is nothing nearby which might ignite spilled fuel.

4. To avoid spilling fuel, always use a funnel when filling the fuel tank.

5. If any fuel spillage occurs during refuelling, use a dry rag to wipe up the spillage before starting the engine again.

6. After refuelling, screw the fuel cap back tightly onto the fuel tank and then carry the line trimmer to a spot 3m or more away from where it was refuelled before starting the engine.

Parts Location

1. Engine

2. Air Cleaner

3. Fuel Tank

4. Suspension point

5. D loop handle

6. Shaft tube

7. Safety guard

8. Nylon head

9. Engine stop switch

10. Throttle trigger lockout

11. Throttle trigger

12. Throttle level lock bottom


Never use other cutting devices than those provided


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14

Safety precautions

1. Before beginning work, check the worksite carefully to see whether there are any obstacles to be removed or avoided and whether there are any potholes or obstructions which might cause you to lose your footing.

2. The area within a radius of 15m of the line trimmer should be considered a hazardous area into which no one should enter while the line trimmer is in use. If necessary, yellow warning rope or warning signs should be placed around the work area.

When work is to be performed simultaneously by two or more persons, constantly be aware of the location of other operators to maintain a safe separation distance.

3. Make sure that there are no loose screws or bolts, fuel leaks or any other problems, which might result in unsafe operation.

Be especially careful to check the cutting devices and their fastening arrangements.


Never use other cutting devices than those provided

8. Never touch the muffler, spark plug, or other metallic parts of the engine while the engine is running or immediately after shutting down the engine as serious burns may result.

9. Stop the engine when moving from one work location to another.


1. Perform the regular maintenance procedures described in this manual. Repair and maintenance procedures other than those detailed in this manual should be carried out only by an authorised service dealer.

2. Under no circumstances should you take apart the line trimmer or alter it in any way. Doing so can result in damage to the machine, and may negate the manufacturer warranty.

3. Always be sure to turn off the engine before performing any maintenance or checking procedures.

4. To prevent injury when sharpening, removing, or reattaching the blade, be sure to wear thick, sturdy gloves and use only proper tools and equipment.

5. When replacing the blade or any other parts, always be sure to use only genuine MORRISON spares.

Before Starting the engine

1. Take a careful look around to make sure that there are no obstacles within a radius of 15m around the line trimmer.

2. Place the body of the line trimmer onto the ground in a flat clear area and hold it firmly in place to ensure that the blades will not contact anything when the engine starts.

3. Place the trigger grip in the START position when starting the engine. Do not start the engine at full speed. (See STARTING

THE ENGINE, page 8.)

4. After starting the engine, if the blades continue to rotate when the trigger grip has been released to the idle position, turn off the engine and check that the trigger grip cable is functioning correctly.


A dangerous reaction may occur if the spinning blade contacts a solid object. It is called kick back. As a result, the operator can lose control of the unit, resulting in a serious accident.

To avoid kick back, observe the following safety precautions:

1. Before beginning work, check your working area and remove any obstacles.

2. Grip your line trimmer only by the handles.

3. When using your line trimmer, always look closely at where you are cutting. If you need to look away, set the engine to idling speed.

4. When the engine is running, always keep the cutter head well away from your feet, and never lift it above waist level.


1. Grip the line trimmer firmly with both hands, using the correct\ hand positions. When not cutting, set the engine speed to idling.

2. Always be sure to maintain a safe footing while working.

3. Run the engine no faster than the speed required to cut cleanly.

4. If grass gets caught in the blade during operation, or if you need to check the unit or refuel the tank, always be sure to turn off the engine.

5. If the blade touches a hard object like a stone, immediately stop the engine and check the blade. If necessary, replace the blade by new one.

6. If someone calls out while you are working, always be sure to turn off the engine before turning around.

7. Never touch the spark plug or plug cord while the engine is running. Doing so may result in receiving an electrical shock.

Notes on transportation

1. If a metal cutting blade is fitted, wrap it with a cloth to

cover the sharp cutting edges.

2. When transporting by car, fix the unit firmly using a rope. It is dangerous to transport the line trimmer by cycle or motorcycle.

3. When travelling distances or over rough roads, fuel may spill from the tank. To avoid this, empty the tank before the journey.


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14


1. Insert the throttle wire through bracket and fasten by hex nut.

Fig. 3

2. Move the carburettor swivel toward the attachment.

3. Insert the tip (thick portion) of the throttle wire into the ground hole of the swivel.

4. Close the carburettor cover by fastening the screw. Fig. 3


Put the safety guard on the shaft tube near the gear case, attach it with the screw, washer and nut provided.

Do not operate this unit without a safety guard, if the safety guard is damaged replace immediately. Do not continue with a damaged guard.


1. Make sure the inner flange is fitted correctly on the gear shaft and turn it until it can be locked in position with the ‘L’ shaped locking bar inserted through the outer shroud.

2. Screw the nylon cutter head clockwise onto the shaft.

3. Use the ‘L’ shaped bar to prevent the inner flange from turning while screwing the nylon cutter assembly onto the shaft.

Hand tighten only.

5. Connect 2 lead wires from the throttle trigger to the corresponding 2 wires from the engine. Fig.6


Pass the throttle wire through adjust screw as Fig.3.


As Fig. 6, one lead wire which is from the throttle trigger to mount with stop switch wire which comes from the engine.


1. Petrol is very flammable. Avoid smoking or bringing any flame or sparks near fuel.

2. Wipe up all spills before starting the engine.

3. Stop the engine and allow it cool before refuelling the unit.

4. Keep open flames away from the area where fuel is handled or stored.



Check for loose screws and nuts and fill with proper mixed fuel. For safety, please place the engine on stable ground with engine stand

(fuel tank) and the guard down.


1. Push the priming pump 5 times, Fig.7

2. Fully close the chock, Fig.8

3. Hold the handle and depress the throttle trigger to the end.

Release the throttle trigger upon pushing the throttle lock bottom first on the handle.

4. Set the switch to ON position. In the opposite direction to the arrow mark with OFF Fig. 9

5. While holding the trimmer firmly by hand at the shaft assembly near the engine, pull the starter strongly.

6. When ignition is heard, open the choke lever gradually and release the starter. Fig. 10

7. Warm up the engine for about 3 minutes.


1. Adjust loop handle joint to most comfortable position for user.

2. Attach joint loop handle with main pipe.

Fig. 2

3. Fasten 4 sets of screws with hex nuts tightly.


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14



1. Fully open the choke lever.

2. Follow steps 7-2 starting a cool engine.

3. If the engine does not start, repeat step

2 procedure for starting a cool engine.


1. After starting the engine, accelerate and decelerate the engine several times by opening and closing the throttle trigger to remove air from the carburettor.

2. Air in the carburettor cause poor acceleration or engine stoppage.

3. Re-fuel before the fuel is used up, Starting the engine after using up the fuel is very difficult.


After starting the engine, warm it up about 3 minutes and increase the speed gradually.



Wash or replace the cleaner when it becomes dirty.

1. Detach the cleaner mounting screws and remove the cleaner cover.

2. Remove the elements, wash or replace the element.


The spark plugs have a standard electrode-to-electrode distance of

0.6 to 0.7mm Fig. 12

The spark plug electrodes are dry and drowned under optimum operating conditions. Clean as necessary.

Use spark plugs designated for the engine.


Do not suddenly stop the engine when operation at high speed.

Gradually return the throttle trigger and idle the engine before setting the switch to STOP.


Do not operate the engine at high speeds with no load on the cutting attachment, especially when the engine is new.

When operated at high speeds with no load, the speed will accelerate to excessively high that might harm the engine.


The fuel hose has a filter at its end

(in the fuel tank) to prevent foreign matter such as sand from entering the carburettor. Clean the filter as required because the pump cannot suck up fuel if the filter is clogged, which would cause the engine to stop. Clean or replace the filter if it is clogged or damaged.


If the engine does not start or flames flow back through the muffler even though you have pulled the starter many times, remove and check the spark plugs.

1. If the spark plugs are dry, no fuel has been fed into the cylinder.

Check the fuel pipe and carburettor.

2. Clean or replace the spark plugs if they are wet or dirty.

3. If fuel has overflowed into the crank case, remove the spark plugs, open throttle and pull the starter 2 or 3 times to remove excess fuel from the crank case.


Adjust the throttle cable length with the adjusting nut. If the Nylon cutting head rotates even after you have released your hand from the throttle trigger to idle the engine, adjust the throttle cable length.

Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjusting nut to adjust the cable length. Turn the adjusting nut clockwise to lengthen the throttle and counterclockwise to shorten it. Tighten the lock nut after adjustment.


• Cutting with the nylon cord consumes more power so the engine speed should be 50% greater than when using the metal blade.

• The nylon cord cuts the grass by meeting it at high speed. If you take too wide a swathe you may slow down the engine and not get clean cutting. To correct this, retract the cutter from the grass until the engine regains full speed and then cut using a narrower swathe.

• After a time the nylon cord will wear away. To restore the full cutting diameter, simply bump the cutter head on the ground while it is running at full speed. The cords will extend automatically and will be trimmed to the correct length by the cord trimmer blade mounted on the guard.

• Cut grass by swinging the line trimmer from right to left. While you can cut in either direction, if you follow these suggestions the cut grass will be thrown away from you, and you will avoid getting your clothes dirty.


The trimmer has a built-in throttle-locking mechanism to keep the throttle at half throttle for easy engine start up. Adjust the halfthrottle by changing the throttle length with the adjusting nut.



The engine has been adjusted before shipment. In the case of engine trouble, contact your distributor, because the engine trouble is not caused by a faulty carburettor only. An engine that is not adjusted properly will be damaged, not only the carburettor but also the engine it’s self.


Cleaning muffler carbon after 50 hours of operation as follows:

1. Remove the muffler guard and muffler.

2. To prevent carbon from entering the cylinder, pull the starter to turn the crankshaft, blocking the exhaust opening with the piston.

3. Clean carbon from the cylinder exhaust opening, taking care not to damage the surface.

4. Screw the muffler and muffler guard together securely.

5. Be sure to ask your operator to clean the muffler periodically.


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14


Do not store your unit for a prolonged period of time ( 30 days or longer ) without performing protective storage maintenance which includes the following :

1. Store unit in a dry dust free place, out of the reach of children.


Do not store in enclosure where fuel fumes may accumulate or reach an open flame or spark or serious personal injury may result

2. Place the stop switch in the “OFF” position.

3. Remove accumulation of grease, oil, dirt and debris from exterior of units.


1. Drain the fuel tank completely and pull the recoil starter handle several times to remove fuel from the carburettor.

2. Remove the spark plug and pour 7cc (1/4 oz) of fresh, clean, two–stroke engine oil into the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

A. Place a clean cloth over the spark plug hole.

B. Pull the recoil starter handle 2-3 times to distribute the oil inside the engine.

C. Observe the piston location through the spark plug hole. Pull the recoil starter handle slowly until the

D. piston reaches the top of its travel and leave it there.

3. Install the spark plug (do not connect spark plug cable).



Drive System





Brand & model


Max output (Kw)

Fuel tank capacity

Carburettor Type

Start System

Clutch System

Transmission and Tube

Handle type

Throttle Lever

Gear case



L x H x W




4 Stroke





Recoil Starter

Automatic centrifugal

Wire Steel / Aluminum Ø 24mm x Elbow type


Trigger type with stop switch

Ø 24: 7 x 7T

Nylon line


1050mm x 220mm x 240mm


571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14

571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14


Head Office - New Zealand

1-37 Mt Wellington Highway, Panmure, Auckland 1060

P.O. Box 14 349, Panmure, Auckland 1741

571823 - MX26HB Line Trimmer Owner’s Manual - April ‘14


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