2015 Parent Handbook

2015 Parent Handbook
2015 Parent
Camp Inc. is a program of the Boulder JCC and is funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation and AVI CHAI Foundation, in partnership with the
Foundation for Jewish Camp.
Dear Camp Inc. Parents,
We couldn’t be more pleased to have you joining us. The Parent Handbook provides you with all the information you
need for camp this summer. Please be sure to read this handbook closely as there is a lot of information for the
upcoming experiencer. Our goal is to create a kehillah b’harim, a community in the mountains. Campers will be part of
start-up teams, cabins, and units, giving them the opportunity to meet friends in many ways. Camp Inc. is a vibrant
community that operates according to Jewish values. Camp Inc. provides a foundation to building memories, creating
companies, and having a summer of fun.
Josh and Dan
Camp Inc. provides 6th–12th grade campers with a unique Jewish summer camp experience that introduces and develops
creativity and invention through entrepreneurship.
Camp Inc. teaches our campers how to turn their ideas into reality and leave them with a tool box of skills that promotes
community, confidence, independence, leadership, giving, and Jewish identity so they can become innovators in business,
philanthropy, and the Jewish community.
The vision of Camp Inc. is to inspire a global community of multi-generational entrepreneurs and innovators, who
continually work to develop the skills needed to turn their ideas into reality, build their Jewish identity, connect to Israel in
meaningful ways, and make a positive difference in the world.
Our Partners and Sponsors
Camp Inc. is a program of the Boulder JCC and is funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation and AVI CHAI Foundation, in
partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Camp Inc. was competitively selected as part of the Foundation for
Jewish Camp’s esteemed Incubator II to receive both funding and mentorship to build the best Jewish overnight camp
Our Year-Round Team
Josh Pierce, Chief Camp Officer - Camp Inc. is directed by Josh Pierce, a successful entrepreneur, camp professional,
husband, and father of two girls. Josh spent years as a camper and staff member at Camp Chi, the Chicago Jewish
Community Center’s overnight camp. He studied music and business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has built
and sold a number of companies. After a decade of working with Jewish teens, Josh’s passion for youth entrepreneurship
and overnight camp led him to the Boulder JCC, where he was awarded a prestigious position in the Foundation for Jewish
Camp’s Incubator II and full funding for Camp Inc. through the Jim Joseph Foundation and Avi Chai Foundation.
Dan Baer, Camp Operations Officer - Dan returns for summer number 2 at Camp Inc. after 5 years as the Associate
Director of Camp Interlaken JCC in Milwaukee, WI. Dan was a participant in the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Yitro
Leadership Program and a member of the JCC Association’s Merrin Teen Professional Fellows. Dan grew up in Akron, OH
where he got his start in camping as a lifeguard, Pool Director, and Assistant Director at Hiram House Camp. Dan
graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics and Management and a concentration in
Marketing. He is currently a BBYO advisor and was active in Hillel in college. Dan enjoys, playing soccer, skiing and
Our Campers
Camp Inc. is Colorado based, but home to campers from across North America and Israel. Our campers hail from across
the United States, Canada, and Israel. Campers entering grades 6 to 12 will join the Camp Inc. community for a summer of
inspiration, innovation, & entrepreneurship.
Our Staff
Our Staff is carefully selected by Josh and Dan. Before our campers arrive, all staff members participate in an intensive
training program. This on-site training includes workshops led by our camp directors, outside professionals, and industry
experts. When Opening Day arrives, our entire staff is confident, energized, excited, and ready to meet our campers.
Our Staff includes Business Specialists who are experts in the field. The Business Specialists have classical training and
real-world entrepreneurship experience, as well as experience working with youth and teens. Our 24-hour Health Center
is staffed by professional registered nurses (RN) with a local physician on call at all times.
Our counselors are Jewish college students and graduates majoring, focusing, or experienced in business and related
fields. Many of them have grown up in Jewish overnight camps, youth groups, and JCCs. Staff members are familiar with
camp routines and traditions, and are eager to share their love for camping and entrepreneurship with our campers.
Camp Inc. also welcomes 4 energetic shlichim (Israeli staff) this summer. In addition to being counselor/specialists, they
assist in organizing Israel themed programs, teaching campers Hebrew words, and adding an Israeli “flavor” that enhances
everything we experience at camp.
Each session, guest entrepreneurs and educators join our program to share their expertise. We visit local start-ups and
Fortune 500 companies alike to give our campers a real-world sense of what it means to be an entrepreneur.
Our Location
Camp Inc. sits on 70 gorgeous acres in Steamboat, CO. At 7,500 ft high, the weather is in the low 80’s and the
mountain views are spectacular. Camp Inc. teaches a work-life balance and our property is perfect for just that.
Mixed right in to the traditional overnight camp feel are 10 high tech work spaces, a Mac lab, and a 150-seat indoor
theater. Weather may vary. Average temperatures are in the high 70s during the day and the 40s at night. Layering
is smart. The altitude makes for stronger sunlight, dry air, and increased need for hydration and sunblock.
How to Contact Us
Boulder Jewish Community Center
P.O. Box 18983
Boulder, CO 80308
(303) 500-3020
(877) 624-7989 (fax)
Camp Inc.
42605 County Road 36
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(303) 500-3020
(877) 624-7989 (fax)
Chief Camp Officer, Josh Pierce – [email protected]
Camp Operations Officer, Dan Baer – [email protected]
Incoming Mail
Please write your child often! It means so much to campers to hear from home frequently. Especially for first time
campers, send mail before they even leave for camp so it’s waiting for them. Mail is distributed every day at camp except
Shabbat. Letters detailing how much you miss your child or what a good time you are having in his or her absence are not
helpful. If you have bad or upsetting news that needs to be conveyed to your child, please call the camp office and
consult with the Josh or Dan. Letters from home should only be positive in tone.
Please send mail to your child at:
Camp Inc.
Attn: Camper Name, Grade
42605 County Road 36
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Outgoing Mail
Please keep in mind that at camp, the old saying, “No news is good news” holds true. Your camper will write home
regularly. Campers are required to send a note home twice a week. Many parents find it helpful to send along preaddressed (and stamped) envelopes or postcards with their child (even for the older campers). Please keep in mind that
mail takes several days to travel from Camp Inc. to your home. Often children choose to keep their difficulties private. If
your camper alerts you to anything, please call Josh or Dan. Camp Inc. will also use CampStamps (see below) for our
campers to communicate home to parents.
Phone Calls
Campers are not allowed to use the telephone while at camp. The only exception is receiving a pre-arranged birthday call
from their parents. We have found that phone calls do not help children who are adjusting to the daily life at camp. If
you require information or wish to relay an important message to your child, please call the camp office and speak with
the camp staff.
Parents, family members and friends may send packages to camp. We will accept packages from commonly known camp
package services such as Sealed with a Kiss, or other similar service. Please DO NOT SEND FOOD. We serve balanced and
nourishing meals and snacks, while being considerate of special concerns and allergies. No outside food is allowed in the
cabins. Please help us in keeping our cabins clean, and let your friends and relatives know that food is not allowed in
packages. For health and security purposes, all packages will be opened by staff. Additionally, please do not send water
guns, water balloons, silly string, fireworks, etc. We encourage you to send magazines, books, small games, and more.
CampStamps One-Way Email
We are pleased to offer web services that include e-mail capabilities, camp newsletters, and a photo gallery from our
technology friends at CampMinder. These features are password protected so that only Camp Inc. families may view
them. You will be able to send e-mails to your child and enjoy all of CampMinder’s other features. This is an unlimited
and free service to our families.
Parents will receive 3 Camp Stamp credits for every week of camp that their campers attend. This is included in your
camp fee. These are intended for your camper to be able to write home on a digital form to you throughout the summer.
You will notice that these can also be used to print the emails on stationary, add games, etc. You can purchase more
CampStamps. Here are instructions for how to use CampMinder’s Online System:
Visit https://campinc.campintouch.com. This will prompt you to enter your email address and password as you did for all
of your camp forms. This process is designed to be safe and secure – by limiting access of “our” children’s pictures online
and your credit card information. If you cannot remember your password please click the link to “Retrieve/Set Password”.
Online Community: Once you are logged in, you will see our Online Community section where you can view and
purchase photos, send your child one-way emails, read newsletters, and create guest accounts.
Photos: The Photo pages allow you to mark favorites, view, buy and share photos, as well as view slideshows. Click
the icons below each photo to perform these actions. All of the photos you view online are available for purchase
as prints, digital downloads, or gift items such as t-shirts, calendars, or mouse pads.
Emails: When you click on the email link, the system will guide you through the process of purchasing
“CampStamps” to send emails as often as you’d like throughout the session to your child. Each email sent will use
a certain number of CampStamps based on the selections you make. Standard emails without add-ons (e.g.
Stationary, Smart Words & Sudoku) are free. Upon purchasing CampStamps you will also be able to gift them to
your guests; however they will be able to purchase their own upon logging in.
Guest Accounts: By clicking the “Guest Accounts” icon you will be able to create accounts for family members and
friends to view photos and send emails. If you’d like your guest to be able to email your child make sure to check
the appropriate boxes (these will be evident upon entering the guest’s information). After creating each account
your guest will receive an email similar to the one you received when first creating a password and security
questions. They will be guided through the same process in order to log in securely.
NOTE: You do not need to create guest accounts for parents/guardians of the child as that information is already
stored in our system.
If you need help with anything regarding your online account, click on the HELP LINK at the top right of the screen and
browse the FAQs. If none of these answer your questions, click on the HELP TICKETS LINK and create a help ticket. These
help tickets will be sent directly to CampMinder for assistance, and will be answered as quickly as possible.
Obtaining More Information about My Child during Camp
In the information age, it’s our goal to give you as much information as possible. Many times parents become
concerned about not getting enough information in their child’s letters about how camp is going. In your letters to
your child, ask specific questions for them to answer when writing back. Whenever you need information, please
don’t hesitate to call Josh or Dan. Our newsletters are a great source of information (see above for how to access)!
From news about special programs to photos, you will have a glimpse into your child’s life at camp.
Arrival to Camp
Bus – Meet at the Renaissance Denver Hotel (3801 Quebec Street) at 10:30am for an 11:30am departure on the 1st day
of camp (6/18, 7/7, 7/27). Campers will check-in, turn in their meds to our staff, and board a coach bus for the 3.5 hour
trip to Camp Inc.
Car – Parents are not permitted to drop campers off on the Camp property on our arrival days. Please drop campers at
the bus stop as stated above.
Air – Campers travelling by air should plan to fly into Denver International Airport. Flights arriving to Denver (DEN) should
arrive by 10:30am on the day of arrival. Campers may fly in the day prior with permission from Josh or Dan. Campers will
be greeted by a member of our staff in a Camp Inc. t-shirt at their arrival gate. Campers should wear/have visible their
Camp Inc. t-shirt that was mailed prior to the start of camp. The Camp Inc. staff member will allow the camper to call
home and let parents know that they have safely arrived prior to collecting their cell phone. Please send your camper with
a lunch on the plane. Campers will proceed to baggage claim to collect their luggage, meet the rest of the group, and be
shuttled to the hotel prior to boarding the bus to camp. Specific details and names of staff will be sent home just prior to
each session. Upon arrival, your child’s photo ID, return flight ticket, passport, cell phone, and medications will be
collected by the camp staff member meeting their flight at the gate. Please remind your child to give his/her documents
to that staff member for safe keeping until the end of the session. Camp cannot be responsible for any valuables not
turned in to our staff.
Unaccompanied minor requirements vary by airline. You need to make all necessary arrangements with your airline for an
unaccompanied minor and baggage fees for travel both to and from camp before your child leaves for camp. Please select
your airline for specific policies: Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, United, US Airways
Departure from Camp
Bus – Our campers will depart camp at 8am and return to the Renaissance Denver Hotel at 11:30am on 7/5, 7/23, and
8/12. Campers will receive their personal technology after the bus has arrived back at the hotel. Medications will be
packed with the camper’s luggage, unless it requires special transport (e.g. refrigeration). Parents will sign out their
camper at the bus stop.
Car – Parents are welcome to pick-up their campers at and tour Camp Inc. on the final day of camp each session. Please
arrive between 8:30-9:30am to our property. Staff will be available to greet parents and show them around camp.
Air – Campers travelling by air should plan to fly out of Denver International Airport. Flights from Denver (DEN) should
depart between 2:00pm-6:00pm on the final day of camp (7/5, 7/23, 8/12). Campers will be walked to their gate by Camp
Inc. staff member. Camp Inc. will provide a boxed lunch for campers flying home. We will bring campers to the airport
and assist with their check-in process, including checking in of luggage and seat selection. We will stay with campers until
they board their flight, and remain at the airport until all flights with campers are airborne. Again, luggage fees for return
flights home must be paid by the parents prior to departure from camp. In the unlikely event that you are unable to
accomplish this, camp will pay for the luggage and charge your credit card on file through CampMinder.
Picking up your Camper
If you are unable or choose not to pick your child up from the bus stop or camp, you must submit written permission
to Josh or Dan for someone else to pick up your child. You may do this through the online Transportation Form or
with an email to Camp Inc.
Typically campers will bring one larger duffle with their clothing and a second duffle for their other items. If you are flying
to or from camp, please check with your airline carrier regarding baggage fees and policies. Luggage fees for return flights
home must be paid by parents prior to departure from camp. In the event you are unable to accomplish this, Camp Inc.
will pay for the luggage and charge your credit card on file through CampMinder.
You may choose to ship your luggage via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. We recommend that if you ship, you also pre-pay for the
return trip and schedule baggage pick-up at camp. Campers should turn in their return shipping labels to the camp office
upon arrival to camp. Laundry occurs weekly while at camp and we therefore recommend packing for approximately 10
Please ship luggage (after 6/5/2015) to:
Camp Inc.
Attn: Camper Name, Grade
42605 County Road 36
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Camp Inc. embraces technology and understands the challenges associated with it. The entrepreneurial and business
community is deeply rooted in technology and being connected at all hours. At Camp Inc., we believe a work-life balance
is important and adds value to our lives. Camp Inc. will provide computers for campers to use while working on their
projects. After spending time trying to define what electronics devices were and were not affected by this type of policy,
we are happy to specifically clarify how this is defined at Camp Inc.
iPod/MP3 Players
No music players with interactive screens, or that play movies or television shows, will be allowed. This includes, but is not
limited to: iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPhone, etc. As we recognize that campers like to have their music with them and like
to be able to identify and find their songs, we recommend bringing an iPod Shuffle, a Sansa Clip, or a personal CD player
for music.
Digital Cameras
We encourage campers to bring a digital camera to capture their own memories.
Tablets, Netbooks, DVD Players, Laptops, or game systems like Gameboys, PSPs, Nintendo DS, etc.
Leave them at home. If your child is flying to/from camp and they travel with a game system, it will be collected on arrival
and kept in a locked location at camp until the end of the session.
Cell Phones
Campers are not permitted to have a cell phone at camp. If your child is flying to/from camp and they travel with a phone,
it will be kept in a locked location at camp and returned at the end of the session. We will charge the phone if you send a
charger to camp.
Please do not bring Kindles or Nooks or other eReaders. Campers can bring books or magazines. (Also, campers would
love to receive a package from home that has a new book!)
At Camp Inc., we view the opportunity to disconnect as a gift for your children while at camp. Thank you for supporting
this effort to simplify the camp experience and to build additional interpersonal skills.
*Please do not send items of value unless you are willing to take responsibility for them. These items include iPods,
cameras, watches, jewelry, etc. For those travelling by plane with valuables, we will collect them at the beginning of the
session and keep them locked up for the session. CAMP INC. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OR DAMAGE OF
**We are trying to create a festive atmosphere for Friday Night Shabbat. Appropriate clothes will help set the tone.
Saturday is more casual.
Rain Gear
Long sleeve shirts
Shorts (gym or regular)
Sweatshirts/sweaters (Camp Inc. Sweatshirt!)
Shabbat appropriate outfits**
(collared shirts & nice pants for boys)
(skirts, dresses, or nice pants for girls)
Swimming suit (one-piece only)
Light jacket (fleece or otherwise)
Kippot for boys (optional)
Solid white T-Shirts for tie-dying/decorating
Winter hat/gloves
Sleeping Gear
Camp Inc. will provide bedding (1 pillow, sheets, and
wool blanket) and towels for all campers. If your camper
would like their own pillow or blanket, feel free to bring.
Pair of rain shoes / boots (optional)
Raincoat or poncho
Pairs of tennis shoes
Pair of shower shoes
Pair of sandals w/ back
Pair of hiking boots (optional)
Sundry Items
Tube toothpaste / mouthwash
Bar of soap w/case or bodywash
Hairbrush / comb
Insect repellant
Sunscreen – SPF 30+ recommended
Shower Tote
Beach / Large Towel
Face-towel (optional)
Laundry bag (marked with name)
Flashlight w/batteries
Water bottle
Stationary / envelopes / stamps
Pre-addressed envelopes / postcards
Pens / pencils
Recommended Optional Items
Spare glasses / contacts
Lip balm / Nail clippers
Books, magazines, etc. (non-electronic form)
*Note about travel & pitch days: Camp Inc. will provide
2-3 Camp Inc. t-shirts for out of camp excursions.
Medical Information
While we expect most campers will stay healthy throughout the summer, occasionally campers become ill or injured at
camp. Camp Inc. provides a registered nurse in residence at camp at all times. Emergency medical services are a short
distance away.
Parents will be notified if an overnight stay in the camp health center is required for your child. Should any significant
accident or illness occur, the nurse will notify the parent. If a prescription drug is deemed necessary, you will be notified
by phone. In addition to a copy of your medical insurance card, you should also include a copy of your prescription drug
card. If medical services are required, you will be notified and the provider or Camp Inc. will bill you for these services.
At times campers may feel run down, have a sore throat, or develop a cold. They often stop in for some over the counter
treatments. Camp will not notify parents of these visits.
Glasses, Braces, Inhalers, etc…
If glasses are worn by the camper, we advise you to send along a spare pair and a copy of the lens prescription 7-10 days
before camp. Please address it directly to Dan and he will keep them safely throughout the session. The glasses will be
returned home with your camper at the end of the session. It is also advisable that a dental examination and any needed
dental work be completed before camp begins. If necessary, minor dental repair (i.e., loose wire on a brace) will be taken
care of by a local health professional and charged to the parents. Additionally, if your child uses an inhaler, we
recommend that you send two: 1 for your camper to keep and another for the infirmary.
Camper Mental Health
Some parents hesitate to provide camp with personal information about their child’s behavior or past experience. Some
fear the information will be used inappropriately while others are concerned about their child being labeled or treated
differently. All parents want to see their child have a fresh start at camp. While we fully understand these concerns, we
know how invaluable such information can be in assisting us to help make your child’s adjustment to camp as smooth as
possible – something we know all parents want. Knowing about a learning difficulty, ADHD, bedwetting problem, a recent
loss or major change in the family or child’s life, etc. makes a tremendous difference in helping us to be sensitive to your
child’s needs. This information will be handled confidentially and shared only on a “need to know” basis.
Our policy and procedure for dispensing and administering medication requires camp families to have all of your child’s
medication to match their medical forms and be turned in upon check-in at the bus or arrival at the airport. This includes
all pills taken daily, prescription and non-prescription) and vitamins. Camp Inc. stocks most over the counter items such
as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc. according to the Standing Orders of our consulting physician. Medications must be
provided to Camp Inc. in their original packaging. Prescription medications must be labeled with the name, address, and
phone number of the pharmacy; name of the camper; name and strength of the medicine; directions for use; date filled;
prescription number, and, the name of practitioner prescribing the medicine.
Medical Forms
All campers must come to camp with completed medical forms, including an up-to-date Health History,
Immunization Record, Authorization to Treat, Insurance information, and a Physicians Examination. Medical forms
can be accessed through CampInTouch using your login and password that you set when filling out the Camper
Application. All forms are due May 15th.
Cabin Life
Campers live in cabins of 4, 6, or 12 campers each depending on age, with counselors living in the cabins. Each of our
cabins are in larger dorms. Each dorm has bathrooms and showers within the facility. Campers clean their personal living
space and common areas, with the help of their counselors, each day. Campers will also tidy-up bathrooms and
professional cleaning staff will sanitize and clean bathrooms daily. Linens, a pillow, and bath towels are provided by Camp,
and will be laundered weekly. Our cabins are a short walk from the Chadar Ochel (dining hall), amphitheater, sports
fields, and main lodge which houses the CI Café – the center of entrepreneurial activity at Camp Inc.
Each camper is assigned to a cabin according to his/her age and/or grade in school in September. We make every effort
to place your child in a cabin group that will ensure his/her having a positive group experience. Whenever possible, we
will place a child in the same cabin with one friend of the same grade. A space has been provided for you to inform us of
campers that your child wants to bunk with on the “Letter to My Counselor” form. We guarantee mutual requests within
the same grade. Please let us know any additional information in writing either on the forms provided or in a separate
space online.
A Word about Bullying
Bullying occurs when one or more people exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, hit, kick, or put down another person with the
intent to hurt another. Bullying can be verbal (tease, taunt, threaten, exclude) and/or physical (hit, kick, use force,
impede, assault) and or written (notes, emails, texts, instant message, Facebook). Bullying happens when a person or
group of people exert power over another and use their power to get their way, at the expense of someone else. Bullying
can also occur in cyberspace: through emails, text messaging and instant messaging. This type of bullying can also lead to
persons being hurt between the camp seasons.
At Camp, bullying and harassment are inexcusable, and we stand firmly against all types of bullying. Our Camp philosophy
is to ensure that every camper learns the value of cooperative living, gains a sense of Jewish identity, spirit and pride,
experiences the thrill of mastering new skills, and work towards a better good through entrepreneurship. We work
together as a team to guarantee that campers gain self-confidence, make new friends, feel safe, and go home with great
memories. Campers found to be bullying in our community may be dismissed from camp at the discretion of the director.
Every person has the right to expect to have the best possible experience at camp, and by working together as a team to
identify and manage bullying, we can help ensure that all campers and staff have a great summer at Camp Inc.
Mandatory Reporting
Camp Inc. Directors and Staff are considered mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect, including suspected
Under the "Child Protection Act of 1987" (C.R.S. 19-3-301) in the Colorado Children's Code, workers in any facility that is
licensed or certified pursuant to the Child Care Licensing Act (C.R.S. 26-1-101) are required to report suspected child abuse
or neglect. The law at 19-3-304 states that if a child care worker has "reasonable cause to know or suspect that a child has
been subjected to abuse or neglect or who has observed the child being subjected to circumstances or conditions which
would reasonably result in abuse or neglect shall immediately upon receiving such information report or cause a report to
be made of such fact to the county department or local law enforcement agency.
It is not the responsibility of Camp Inc. Directors or Staff to investigate suspected abuse or neglect.
It is our policy at Camp Inc. that all reports be made by the Camp Director, to the appropriate state and child welfare
organization related to the situation at hand.
Personal laundry will be washed, dried, and folded weekly by a 3rd party local laundry service. Campers will bring their
laundry bags (please pack) to our main building once each session before breakfast. Laundry will go out in the morning
and return the following day by lunch. Laundry will be done once per session for all campers. While we strive to provide
excellent laundry service, we strongly discourage campers from bringing expensive clothes or items that require delicate
or special care. It is critical that you write your camper’s name on each article of clothing.
Bedding & Towels
Camp Inc. provides bedding for all campers for our twin-sized bunk beds. This includes a fitted bottom sheet, top sheet,
pillow case, blanket, and pillow. Bedding will also be laundered and switched weekly while at camp. Campers each have
different sleep habits and comforts. If campers have a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, or other item that will help them
sleep better at night, please send that item with them.
Camp Inc. providers each camper with a shower towel for use during the summer. Like the bedding, these will be
swapped weekly for fresh towels. Camp Inc. does not provide face towels, wash cloths, beach towels, or any toiletries for
campers. Camp Inc. recommends bringing 1 beach towel for the session. Wash cloths and face towels are optional for
Our Values & Camper Conduct
Camp Inc. is a program of the Boulder JCC and is dedicated to building a strong and welcoming Jewish community.
With the support of counselors and professional staff, campers explore how Jewish values impact their own lives right
now and as future business leaders. From interacting with Israeli startups and networking with other Jewish teens, to
celebrating Shabbat and singing Hebrew songs around the campfire, Camp Inc. combines the best of Jewish summer
camp with a top-notch business program.
All standards of behavior at Camp Inc. are grounded in Jewish values. They are designed to create an “envelope of safety”
within which children and teens can grow and have fun in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. Campers who do not
follow the rules may be sent home early from camp per discretion of the camp director. No refund shall be given if a
camper is asked to leave camp early due to behavior.
Tikkun Olam - A responsibility to structure our lives, families and businesses in a way that allows us to give back to the
world, financially or physically. Repair of the world is central to Jewish teaching. We are in this world as partners with G-d.
Therefore at camp:
 We recognize our obligation to do tzedakah, to do the righteous thing.
 We protect and enhance the environment by being shomrei adamah, guardians of the earth and observing the
principle of bal taschit, a prohibition against waste or destruction. We recognize that everyone is responsible for
taking care of the physical facilities and the natural environment at camp.
Tikkun Middot - An obligation to treat yourself with respect and have a moral and ethical approach to the world around
you personally and professionally. We are all fundamentally equal in value and rights. Therefore at camp:
 No member of the camp community is permitted to possess or use cigarettes or alcohol on camp property, or
illegal drugs in any situation. Campers will be sent home from camp for smoking, drinking, or possession.
 We take care of our physical selves. This includes showering regularly, cleaning public and personal spaces, and
practicing good personal hygiene.
 We check to make sure that we are respecting the feelings, safety and personal integrity of others and ourselves
before acting. We don’t participate in unsupervised activities.
 We dress and behave with modesty and decorum, avoiding clothing that is promiscuous or exhibits slogans
promoting drug use or other inappropriate behavior. Makeup should be tastefully done and not offensive to
 We do not engage in either piercing or tattooing. We embrace who we are and don’t otherwise alter the
appearance of ourselves, other campers, or of staff.
Shabbat Shalom - An opportunity to cease business, slow down, reflect on what was accomplished and evaluate what is
Eretz Yisrael - Israel is a global leader in technological advancements and shaping entrepreneurship as we know it today,
and is itself, an example of a successful startup. We have a special relationship with eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel, and
with am Yisrael, the people Israel, Jewish people everywhere. Therefore:
K’lal Yisrael - Jewish people have a built in connection to each other and an obligation to support each other’s goals and
needs. We participate in the celebration of Shabbat, holidays, simchas, etc. We let Jewish laws and values guide our
A Day in the Life
Camp Inc.’s curriculum begins with team building, leadership, and Jewish values to build the foundation for launching a
product or service. Campers will use skills and tools learned through daily team challenges, interactions with guest
entrepreneurs, tours of local businesses, and weekly “Shark Tank” style pitch competitions. Camp Inc. believes that
innovation is not a 24/7 job, but a result of diverse life experiences. Campers will engage Jewishly through Shabbat, hike
in the mountains, climb our rock wall, swim and boat in a nearby lake, play sports, and be challenged on our ropes
7:30 am
Good Morning -Boker Tov
Morning Meetup
Inc. 1
Community Time – Z’man Kehillah
Electives – Chugim
Rest Hour – M’nucha
Inc. 2
Cabin Time
Brain Break - Chofesh
Change & Shower
Evening Meetup & Flag
Evening Program
Rolling Cabin Wrap-Ups & Bedtime
Good Morning – Boker Tov!
Counselors wake their campers each morning so that the campers have enough time to get dressed, brush their teeth,
comb their hair, and get to Morning Meetup on time.
Morning Meetup
Before breakfast, the entire camp community will come together to sing a few songs, raise our flags, and welcome the day
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
As a camp community, we begin our meal by reciting Hamotzi, the blessing before the meal. See our sample menu
section for a selection. We end our meal with the singing of Birkat Hamazon, the blessing after the meal.
Inc. 1 &2
Campers will work in their start-up teams to develop their company’s product or service under the guidance and teaching
of our Business Specialists and guest entrepreneurs.
Community Time
This mid-morning break is intended to bring the camp together for a quick all camp team challenge, ice breaker, quick
high energy activity, etc.
Brain Break – Chugim
This is the camper’s opportunity to free their mind and experience lots of different activities throughout the session. The
chugim are run by all of our staff members, who get an opportunity to share something they’re passionate about with the
campers. Some possible chugim include: rock climbing, basketball, arts & crafts, guitar, hiking, yoga, improv, and more.
Rest Hour – Menucha
After an activity-paced morning, campers need a break. During Menucha, campers may sleep, write letters home to
family and friends, read, or play quietly with their friends in their cabins.
Cabin Time
Camp Inc. values campers branching out and trying something new over the summer. Cabin times are scheduled by age
and gender. Possible Cabin Times include: challah baking, low ropes course, crafts, sports, or a counselor’s choice.
Shower & Clean Up – Nikayon
Each day there is time showering and cleaning up the cabins. Campers will make their beds, organize their cubbies, and
fill their laundry bags. Campers will also be in charge of tidying common rooms and bathrooms.
Evening Program
Our evening programs are fun, active programs around camp that our counselors, specialists, and leadership help to plan
and run. Evening programs may include talent shows, a “TED Talks” style event, Israel-themed activities, capture the flag,
An Experience in “Living Judaism”
Living as part of a Jewish Kehillah (community) is one element that makes Camp Inc. special. The rules and daily routines
of camp life are based on Jewish values and practices. Programs are designed to be both fun and educational. Our
interactive programs concerning Jewish history and Israel, campers learn about their heritage through “hands-on”
activities that help them develop a positive Jewish identity.
Counselors are hired not only for their skills and personalities, but also for their ability to be good Jewish role models.
Using the Hebrew language, saying motzi and birkat hamazon before and after meals, celebrating Shabbat, getting to
know Israel through the eyes of our Israeli schlichim, the concept of “Start-Up Nation” — all these, and more, contribute
to a camper’s total Jewish experience at Camp Inc.
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Tutoring
Camp Inc. is proud to offer bar & bat mitzvah tutoring for your camper while at camp. If your camper is having a b’nai
mitzvah prior to January 2016, please call Dan at 303-500-3020 x102 to discuss tutoring.
Shabbat is the most special day of the week at Camp Inc. Shabbat is a time filled with traditions of family, community, and
peace. We see Shabbat as an opportunity to cease doing business, slow down, reflect on what was accomplished and
evaluate what is important
Our celebration begins with an altered Friday schedule allowing campers and staff extra time to clean camp, shower,
dress, and decorate for Shabbat. We encourage campers to dress festively, wearing clothes nicer than the rest of the
week (collared shirt and nice shorts/pants for boys – dress, skirt, or nice slacks for girls).
We convene at the CI Café to bring in Shabbat as a community. Led by our campers and Judaic Educator, we convene in
the Amphitheater for a Kabbalat Shabbat evening service. We light candles and welcome the Sabbath Bride together
using guitar music and song to infuse our prayer with spirituality. Each week a new group of campers will lead our service.
Following our service, we enjoy our first of the three festive Shabbat meals. We bless the children, say Kiddush over the
wine, and Motzi over the Challah Our Shabbat dinner is a multi-course feast that includes matza ball soup, salad, brisket
or chicken, and dessert. Our celebration continues with a raucous song session including a mix of traditional and modern
Hebrew and English songs and accompanying dances. Our Friday night concludes with an oneg Shabbat hosted by Josh &
Dan in the CI Café.
Shabbat morning begins with late wake up and optional continental breakfast for our campers in the CI Café. We
continue with a nature and experientially driven service in the mountains followed by Kiddush, complete with homemade
mandel bread and grape juice. During the day we have Sha-lectives, allowing campers to guide their own day of rest and
relaxation. Sha-lective topics change weekly and are based on the expertise and interests of our staff. We separate the
ordinary (the week ahead) from the extra-ordinary (Shabbat) with Havdallah lead at dusk by our song leaders.
Camp Inc. provides 3 nutritious meals and an afternoon snack each day at camp. Food service is provided Food and
Beverage Associates (FBA), who have been providing food at other Jewish camps in the area for many years. We work
closely with them to build menus that are nutritious, age-appropriate, and delicious! Meals are served family-style to
encourage a communal meal environment. Counselors eat at tables with campers to help them make healthy eating
Kashrut (Kosher) Policy
All food brought into the camp to share or to be distributed to others must contain a kosher symbol AND be checked in
with Dan or the Judaic Educator. Food ordered through our vendors will be checked in to our kitchen by FBA in
accordance with our policies. All food prepared in our kitchen by FBA will be prepared under observance of the rules of
kashrut. Meat and milk products will be kept strictly separate. Food prepared for service on Shabbat will be cooked in
accordance with the rules of Shabbat.
Allergies and Special Diets
We strive to accommodate all allergies and special diets, so that all campers can participate in our program. Our
professional dining services team has experience dealing with the following:
Vegetarian and vegan diet
Gluten/wheat intolerance/allergy
Lactose intolerance/dairy allergy
Peanut/tree nut allergy*
Fish allergy
We are able to accommodate most dietary needs – if your camper’s is not on the list, please call or email Dan. We are
always happy to place you in touch with our Head Chef so that we can meet your camper’s dietary needs.
*Note regarding nut allergies: Our kitchen will not use nut or nut-based products during the summer, however many
products are processed on machinery where nuts have previously been processed as well. We will do our best to avoid
these products, but cannot guarantee that all ingredients have never come in contact with nuts.
In addition to 3 daily meals, campers are also given an afternoon snack. Fresh fruit is available throughout the day in the
CI Café or the dining hall.
Outside Food
Camp Inc. provides 3 nutritious meals and snacks daily. Outside food is not permitted for the health and safety of our
Sample Menu
Day 1
Belgian Waffles with Mixed Berry Compote, eggs, Syrup, and Butter
Grilled cheese and tomato soup with roasted potato wedges and Veggies
Orange Brined Turkey Breast with Candied Yams and Roasted Veggies and rolls
Day 2
Margarine Croissant Sandwiches with Scrambled Eggs and Cheese and Fresh Fruit
Burrito Day – grilled tempeh, Fresh Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Cheese, Lime & Cilantro Rice, and Black Beans in a 12Inch Tortilla
Pizza Party – Assorted Pizzas with BBQ “Chicken”, Roasted Vegetables, Soysage, and Extra Cheese
Day 3
Funny Face Pancake Scramble – Scrambled Eggs with Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Butter, Syrup, and Fresh Fruit
Bakers Bar – Baked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes with Veggie Chili, Cheese Sauce, Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream, Green
Onions, and Broccoli Bits
Luau Night – Grilled Pineapple and Teriyaki Turkey Burgers, Grilled Chicken Breasts, Grilled Zucchini and Squash, Roasted
Corn on the Cob, and Fresh Sliced Fruit
All the Fixin’s
At each meal additional items will regularly be available to supplement the main course through our breakfast bar and
salad bar. Each Bar with follow kosher laws regarding meat or milk meal
Breakfast Bar (may include): Assorted cereals and milk, oatmeal and/or yogurt.
Salad Bar (lunch and dinner): Bowl of greens and several separate ingredients. Each meal’s salad bar will vary. The salad
bar will include greens, 6-8 separate ingredients and dressings. The ingredients that may be included are:
Lettuce - Romaine, Spring Mix, Arugula, or Spinach
Dressings - Sesame Seed, Balsamic, Caesar, Vidalia, Italian, Honey Mustard
Toppings - Quinoa, beans, Fried Noodles, Mandarin Oranges, Baby Corn, Black Beans, Roasted Corn, Tomatoes, Carrots,
Peppers, Craisins, Cucumbers, Spinach, Sun Flower Seeds, Pecans, Almonds, Roasted Tofu, Apples, Broccoli, Sun Dried
Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Hard Boiled Eggs, Croutons, Raspberries, Fresh Strawberries, Melon, Blueberries, Cheddar
Cheese, Feta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Blue Cheese, Gouda, Cottage Cheese
Birthday Celebrations
Every camper celebrating a birthday while at camp receives a cake that is shared with their cabin. No one is forgotten.
Please do not send special birthday food. Presents are, of course, optional. Presents to be shared with the entire cabin
are recommended. You may telephone your child on his or her birthday. Camp will contact you the day prior to set up
your birthday call with your child.
Parent Extended Travel during Camp
If you expect to be away from home during your child's stay at camp, please complete the vacation section in your
campers’ New Camper Information Form that is included in your online forms dashboard. If you decide to go on vacation
after your child has left for camp, or if you need to report any changes on your vacation form, please call the camp office
at (303) 500-3020. Should an emergency arise, we will need an address and phone number where you can be reached,
plus the name and phone number of an emergency contact we can call if we cannot reach you.
If you are unable or choose not to pick your child up from the bus stop or camp, you must submit written permission to
the director for someone else to pick up your child. You may do this through the online Transportation Form or with an
email to Camp.
Visiting Day
Camp Inc. offers an opportunity for parents to see their campers and start-up projects once each session at Pitch Day!
Pitch Day will occur two days prior to the end of each session (7/3, 7/21, 8/10) at the Chief Theater in Steamboat Springs,
CO. Pitch Day is the opportunity for the campers to share their work from the session and pitch their companies to
investors and entrepreneurs. Parents are welcome to attend and watch their camper(s). Pitch Day will also be available
via live stream.
Visiting your campers during the remainder of the camp session is NOT permitted. Our philosophy is that when children
are at camp, there is a better opportunity for adjustment and meet the challenges of the camp situation if their stay is
uninterrupted by a family visit. We value independence and the ability to grow away from parents while at Camp Inc. You
are most welcome to visit and observe the camp when your child is not enrolled. Please DO NOT show up at camp
expecting to see your child. You will be asked to leave. If a camper is staying for multiple sessions, parents are allowed to
visit during inter-session and may take their child out of camp. For more information about picking your camper up at
camp, please look at the transportation section.
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