Student Planner 15-16 - Granite School District

Student Planner 15-16 - Granite School District

This Student Planner Belongs to:






Warning bell

1A/1B Period




7:50 8:55

9:00 9:35

2A/2B Period

1 st


3A/3B Period

3A/3B Period

2 nd


4A/4B Period









11:55 12:25

12:30 1:35

5A/5B Period

Buses Leave

Building cleared

1:40 2:45



Warning bell

1A/1B Period



7:50 8:35

2A/2B Period

4A/4B Period

1 st


3A/3B Period

3A/3B Period

2 nd










10:25 11:10

11:10 11:40

5A/5B Period

Buses Leave

Building cleared

11:45 12:30




Warning Bell


1A/1B Period

2A/2B Period

Assembly A

2A/2/B Period

Assembly B

1 st


3A/3B Period

3A/3B Period

2 nd


4A/4B Period

5A/5B Period

7:50 8:55

9:00 9:55


11:00 11:30

11:35 12:35

11:05 12:05








Buses Leave

Building cleared



Afternoon ASSEMBLY

Warning bell

1A/1B Period

2A/2B Period

4A/4B Period

1 st



7:50 8:55

9:00 10:00

10:05 11:05

11:05 11:35

3A/3B Period

3A/3B Period

2 nd


5A/5B Period

Assembly A

5A/5B Period

Assembly B

Buses Leave

Building cleared

11:40 12:40

11:10 12:10

12:10 12:40

12:45 1:40

1:45 2:45



- 1 -

Period Room#








Period Room#












(Use a Pencil



2nd Semester

(Use a Pencil)


- 2 -




Hunter Junio r High is a “living” organization. We are constantly changing and adapting to the varied needs of our community. Academic achievement and educational accountability are two of H unter’s highest priorities. The following belief statements and desired results for student learning (DRSLs) guide our efforts as we work to improve student achievement and meet curriculum and teaching expectations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare every student with the knowledge, skills, values and vision for life-long success in a changing world.

Beliefs Statements

Every individual has unique physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs.

Every student has a right to learn in a safe environment.

Continuous improvement and the application of knowledge are essential for students to become confident, self-directed and life-long learners.

Educators, parents, students and the community share responsibility for advancement of the school’s mission.

Desired Results for Student Learning

Demonstrate effective literacy skills:


Read effectively for a variety of purposes o

Write with clarity and purpose o

Communicate through oral presentation o

Recognize, evaluate, and utilize various forms of communication

Demonstrate mastery of content knowledge:


Initiate their own learning o

Gather, organize, and synthesize information o

Access background knowledge and apply it to new situations o

Identify and use a variety of strategies to solve problems o

Reflect on their own learning

Demonstrate skills necessary to become productive members of their community:


Demonstrate individual responsibility and self-control o

Learn skills necessary to maintain a healthy mind and body o

Listen to others and respect other opinions o

Work cooperatively and contribute constructively in collaborative situations

- 3 -




A Responsible, Respectful, and Safe Learning Community



taying Prepared


n Time




lways Engaged in Learning espectful and Responsible afe

Hunter Junior High is progressive, innovative, and responsive in meeting the needs of a diverse student body. One important program in our school is the UBI program for students. Research based practices have been implemented to provide our students with important social and behavioral support on an ongoing basis. This positive support for students has met tremendous success in improving the culture and climate at Hunter Junior High. The UBI program includes the following components: Social Skills, Think Time, Behavior

Initiatives, Data Collection, Student Awards and Recognition and Enrichment

Activities for students.


Welcome to Hunter Jr. High, the “Home of the Hawks”. We hope that your school year will be a successful one, academically, physically, and socially. In an effort to help you become an active and significant member of our Hawk community, this student planner is provided and the following policies are explained. This manual is intended as an overview of policies and is not intended to be inclusive.

You should review this manual and become familiar with these guidelines to work toward a successful experience at Hunter Jr. High.

- 4 -



Aug 19 School begins


Sept 7 Labor Day

– No School

Sept 30 P/T Conferences


Oct. 1

Oct. 2

Nov 26

Nov 27

P/T Conferences

Compensatory Day (No


Oct. 15

Oct. 16

Fall Recess

Fall Recess

End of 1 st

term Oct. 30


Nov 25


No school for students)

Thanksgiving Recess

Thanksgiving Recess

Thanksgiving Recess


Dec. 21-Jan. 1 Winter Recess

May be changed due to District scheduling.


Jan 4

Jan 15

Jan 18

Jan 29

Return to school

End of 2 nd


(No school for students)

MLK Day - No school

Hawk Showcase, 6-8 PM


Feb 8 P/T Conference

Feb 9

Feb 12

Feb 15

P/T Conference

Compensatory Day (No school)

Washington & Lincoln

Day- No school


Mar 24

Mar 25

End 3 rd


(No school for students)

Spring Recess

Student Recess Day

Snow Day

Mar 28

Mar 29


May 27 Last Day of School

- 5 -

Hunter Junior High

6131 West 3785 South

West Valley City, Utah 84128




– Doug Wagstaff

Asst. Principal

– Kirby Bauer


– Shirlene Teigen


– Heather Bankhead




– Karel Nelson, 7 th



– Belinda Lee, 8 th



– Dixie Swiatocha

Counseling Assistant

– Teri Nichols

Police Officer

– Officer Lopez

School Colors

Silver, Black, and Red

School Mascot

– Hawk

School Song

We are the Hawks,

Fearless and free,

Fighting on to victory.

We’re hunters using steady aim,

Watch us while we win the game.

Brave and free, we’ll tell the story

As we fight for fame and glory,

Silver, black and red

We’ll stay ahead

Hunter Hawks ever p roud we’ll be.

HJH Homepage:

(Computer access to grades

– Student # required)

Grading Periods




Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015 through Thursday, October 29, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015 through Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 through Thursday, March 23, 2016

TERM 4 Wednesday, March 30, 2016 through Friday May 27, 2016

Midterm reports will be given to students 4-5 weeks into each term.


What You Need to Know

Building Hours

Students are allowed to be in the commons area from 7:00 am until 7:30 am.

Students must exit the building by 3:00 pm, unless they are under the direct supervision of an adult employee.

Textbooks and School Materials

Each student is provided an average of $500 worth of textbooks to use for the year. We expect you to handle your books and other provided material to avoid damage. Make sure that your name is written in your books in the appropriate places in case they are misplaced.

If you paid the textbook fee and your books are returned in good shape at the end of the year, and you have no other fees/fines, you will receive a $10.00 refund.

Fines will be issued for stolen, lost, abused, or misused books or other materials provided by the school.

Lost & Found

All lost and found items are taken to the Counseling Center.

It’s a good idea to label your coat, books, backpack and other personal items with your full name, in case you lose them.


Office telephones are to be used for official school business and emergencies only. It is the goal at Hunter Junior High to have students engaged in learning.

We want students in class. However, if there is an emergency and you need to use the phone, get a note from your teacher. You must have a hall pass, note from your teacher and approval from the secretary in the Counseling Center.

You will not, as a rule, be called to the phone when classes are in session; however, emergency messages will be delivered promptly. A telephone is available in the main office until 4:00 pm.

Hey, Buddy? I Gotta Problem

The Counseling Center is where the counselors reside. They are there to work with you through your junior high experience. When you find that your schedule is incorrect, or you are having a conflict with a teacher or another student, or you have a problem you need some help in solving, your counselor is the person to see. You will also get to know your counselor as he/she guides you through career exploration during the next three years. There are two counselors, each assigned to a grade:

Ms. Nelson

– 7 th


Ms. Lee

– 8 th


- 7 -

Feeling a Quart Low?

If you are sick and need to go home, ask for a hall pass from your teacher to go to the Counseling Center. A secretary will contact a parent or guardian to get permission to release you. You may


leave the building without checking out with the Counseling Center.

Let’s Do Lunch!

The HJH Cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily. The cost for breakfast is


and lunch is


per day. Lunch deposits are made in the Main Office before school. Deposits must be made by 10:00 a.m. if you plan to use the funds that same day. You cannot use your account if there is a zero balance.

Application forms for free and reduced lunches are available online at

. The cafeteria provides a wide range of options to include the daily special, salad bars and deli sandwiches. You can also purchase milk, fruit, pastries and other items from the a la carte line. Students may be in the cafeteria and the east courtyard during lunch. Students elsewhere in the building without permission of a teacher will be considered sluffing. Please make sure that you are in the appropriate area by the time the tardy bell rings.

Rules and Expectations for the Commons Area/Cafeteria


*Walk at all times

*Eat only your own food

*Stand at the back of line

*2 single lines for lunch

*Don’t push into the line

*Sit only on benches


*Wait in line patiently

*All food and drinks stay in

the cafeteria

*Know your pin number

*Clean up after yourself


*Use good manners

*Clean up your area

*Follow instructions by all


Sorry, Campus is Closed

HJH operates under a closed campus policy. Students are required to stay on the campus during school hours. If you need to be excused during the school day, you must bring a written parental request to the Counseling Center and the secretaries will issue you a street pass. The street pass will serve as your admit to the classes you missed. At no time during the school day will any student be dismissed for extracurricular activities or lunch, unless he/she is escorted by a parent or teacher.

Students not enrolled at Hunter Junior High

will not

be issued a visitor’s pass and are not allowed to be on campus during the school day.

- 8 -

Parents Are Always Welcome to Visit the School and Are Encouraged To

Do So.

For the safety of our students and staff members, we ask that all visitors check in first at the Main Office.

Your Home Away from Home: Your Locker!

Every student has his own locker. It is your responsibility to keep your locker clea n. If your locker is a mess, or if you’ve created a mess outside of your locker, a


cleaning fee may be assessed by our custodians and must be paid before you will be allowed to reuse the locker. If you have any problems with your locker, report them to the Main Office. Keep all of your books, coats, etc., in



! If your combination needs to be changed you may be assessed a


fine. Periodically, your locker will be checked by the administration. Lockers are not theft proof

- DO NOT leave money or valuables in them.

Backpacks, Purses and Book Bags are to be Kept in the Locker

. They are not allowed in classrooms.

Granite District Rules Governing Use of School Lockers:

Lockers are installed for the convenience of students and are intended primarily as a place for hanging coats and storing individual school supplies. It is not a safe and should not be regarded as such. The acceptance of a combination implies the acceptance of the following agreement governing use of lockers:

1. Lockers may be opened at will by the administration for the purpose of inspection.

2. Lockers will be used only for the hanging of coats, or outer wear and storing of school material.

3. No posters, pictures or other means of identification may be posted in the locker by students.

4. Granite School District, or its agents, have no responsibility for any loss or damage which may result from use of this locker.

5. Granite School District reserves the right to terminate the use of lockers at any time.

Halt! Who Goes There?

Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a teacher or are wearing a hall pass vest and carrying a signed planner from an authorized person. Students should use hall privileges infrequently and appropriately.

- 9 -

This is the Place…To Be!

Attendance affects school performance and satisfaction. Unless there is a very good reason to be absent such as illness, a death in the family, emergencies or appointments that cannot be scheduled after school hours, students are expected to be in attendance at school. It is the law.

Each term, the student’s citizenship grade will be no higher than

“1” for one unexcused absence and “0” for two or more unexcused absences. Excessive absences and first period tardies will be referred to the school Truancy Tracker and may result in a court referral.

If you miss school, return with an excusal note which includes your name, grade, dates of absence and parent/guardian signature. Take the note to the Counseling Center. Be sure to check your weekly attendance summary on the Granite School District website

( to make sure the absence has been excused.

You have 10 days to bring an excusal note after which it will remain unexcused.

The three types of school absences are as follows:


Excused Absence (E)

– Excused absence include the following: illness, medical

2) emergencies, death of a family member of close friend, or family activity or travel, consistent with district/school policy with a note or phone call from the parent or guardian.

A parent may excuse up to 7 full school days a year.

Unexcused Absences (A)

– Unexcused absences are absences not authorized

3) by state law or by school or district policy and are not excused, despite parental knowledge or consent.

Truancy Absence (U)

– Truancy absences are absences that occur without school or parental approval. A teacher or administration determines the consequences for a truancy absence. (Sluffing/cutting class)

Attendance marks:

The following are marks used on the attendance sheet to represent attendance:



) unexcused absence (


) funeral

– requires obituary/funeral program



) tardy (


) sluff

– cutting class



) excused by parent (


) school release (field trips, etc.)



) medical (Dr. or Counselor) (


) detention



) vacation

– must be cleared by the principal



) corrected mark



) suspension

Attendance Policy/all Day Absences

To excuse an absence, parents/legal guardians must provide the school attendance office a written note upon their student’s return to school. The note must be signed by the parent/legal guardian, have the date of the absence, state the reason for the absence, include the student’s first and last name and student ID number. If a note is not provided, the absence will be considered unexcused. You have a 10 day period from the day of the absence to bring an excuse note to bring an excuse note to the Attendance

Office. After the 10 day period, the absence will remain unexcused. Medical notes will be accepted through the end of the quarter in which the absence occurred.

- 10 -

Coming to School LATE or Leaving EARLY

If you come to school late during first period, and you have an excuse note, check with the Administration in the Commons. (This note excuses you for your absence.) If you do not have a note, you need to check with the Administration in the Commons. If you come anytime after first period, you need to check into the Counseling Center for an excuse note or an admit slip to class.

See page 15 for tardy policy.

All students must check in at the Attendance Office if they arrive after 8:00 am and when it is necessary to leave school early. All students must check in with a parent escort or have a written note from their parent/legal guardian when checking in late. Written requests for street passes must be delivered to the Attendance Office before school and picked up between classes. Students may then show the street pass to their teacher and leave campus or meet their parent at the time specified on the written request. Written excuse note must contain: First and last name of the student, Student ID number, Date and Time of the check-in/early check out, phone number where parent can be reached, reason for being late/needing to leave early, and parent signature.

If a note requesting a street pass is not sent to school to the Attendance Office before first period, a parent/legal guardian must come in to the office and personally sign his/her student out of school. A telephone call alone will not suffice and, for the safety of our students, identification will be required. Students will only be released to their parents/legal guardian or to those listed and authorized on the emergency contact card.

Students will not be e xcused from class before parent/legal guardian’s identification is verified.

Feeling sick

If you are sick during school, you need to get a note from your teacher to come to the

Counseling Center. You may spend one class period in the sickroom or call home.

Homework Requests

(due to absences)

If you are absent for

three or more days

, your parents may request homework by calling the Counseling Center (385-646-5186). This homework must be picked up and returned to the teacher on the first day back to school.


Students who are absent without parent permission, or for inappropriate reasons are subject to discipline according to the truancy policy. Any changes in citizenship grade due to truancy/unexcused absence will require a meeting with an administrator.

Be Cool, Stay in School

A natural consequence for truancy, or having unexcused absences, is the inability of the student to make up missed work and a drop in citizenship grades. If you sluff a class, you may receive an After-School-Detention (ASD). Frequent or chronic sluffing could get you placed on tracking, assigned to Friday school, referred to Truancy Court, or placed in an alternative educational setting.

- 11 -


The dress code applies to all students. The purpose of this code is to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and to promote a positive learning environment.


1 Clothing should be safe, clean and modest.

2. Clothing and hairstyles that are deemed conspicuous, hazardous, draw attention or tend to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere will not be allowed.

3. Vulgar, indecent, obscene or insulting slogans, profanity, sexually explicit, physically violent (including professional wrestling) and advertisements or symbols for alcohol, tobacco, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, gangs, or anything (message, pictures, cartoons, etc.) that promotes disrespectful attitudes are prohibited on clothing.

4. Numbers or words on clothing that are deemed inappropriate, have a double meaning, or are gang related, as determined by the Salt

Lake Gang Task Force, will not be tolerated (i.e.


69, 4:20, 14,

13, 8:40, 05, 31, 41, FUBU, Players, WWF, Taggers, dawg-e- dawg, 8ball, “smile now, cry later,” low-rider, Players 69, Big

Johnson, ICP

Insane Clown Posse)

, etc.

5. Promotion of the superiority of one group over another is not allowed on clothing (Tongan Pride, La Raza, Azteca, White Pride, KKK), etc.

6. “See through” clothing or clothing with excessive holes cannot be worn.

Fabric must be thick enough so that it cannot be seen through. If an item that is “see through” is worn over a shirt, then the shirt underneath the sheer item must meet the dress code standards.

7. Students may not rely on coats, jackets, sweaters or hoodies to cover up clothing that does not comply with the dress code.

8. Underwear is to remain true to its name (worn


regular clothing).

Boxers cannot be worn over pants and underwear is not to be visible.

9. Capes, costumes, distracting prints, and clothing related to occult are not allowed. Costume make-up is not allowed.

10. Jewelry, pacifiers or other items associated with the use of drugs are not allowed.

11. Safety pins may only be worn to correct a problem with your clothing.

They are not allowed to be worn as forms of decoration.

- 12 -


1. The body is to be kept clean and free of ink. Body decoration that draws undue attention to a student or disrupts the learning atmosphere of the school will not be allowed.

2. Drug, alcohol, gang, vulgar, indecent, obscene or insulting slogans profanity, sexually explicit, physically violent tattoos are not

3. Students shall wear their hair in a clean and well-groomed manner. allowed.


1. Shirts/tops must have sleeves (boys and girls).

2. Shirts/tops must come up to the arm pits on the sides.

3. Shirts must cover the midriff during regular movement. This includes sitting and bending.

4. Shirts cannot be revealing. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, French cuts or belly shirts are not allowed. Cleavage must be covered.


1. Pants must fit appropriately at the waist. Droopy (sagging) pants or clothing that reveals underwear are not allowed. No pajama pants are allowed.

2. Dresses, skirts and shorts need to be long enough to reach the midthigh.

3. For safety, pants must have hemmed legs that do not drag the floor.

4. Spandex and Lycra (clinging tightly to the body) or biking shorts are not allowed.

5. Leggings/tights are to be worn as an undergarment only. The shorts, skirt, or dress that is worn over them must adhere to the dress code standards.


1. Bare or stocking feet are not allowed. Footwear must be worn at all

2. Bed times. room or house slippers are not acceptable (unless under a doctor’s order).

3. Roller sneakers or roller blades are not allowed.


1. Hats or bandanas of any color are not allowed.

2. Sunglasses, hair nets, visors and hoods are not allowed in the building.

3. All coats and jackets must be placed in the locker upon arrival at school. Trench coats or western dusters are not allowed to be worn to school.

- 13 -


1. Chains of any length and made of any material and gang related objects or emblems are not allowed.

2. Belts must be fitted to the waist and tucked into all available looping.

Buckles with monograms, initials, and/or designs including

Pictures may be confiscated.

3. No sunglasses or excessive eyewear (contacts) may be worn.

4. Jewelry, such as, but not limited to, dog collars, collars or bracelets with nails or spikes are not allowed. Jewelry which could be used as weapons, such as chains, are not allowed. Ear wear or jewelry which presents a hazard is not allowed. Medallions, pins or jewelry with messages inappropriate for school are not allowed.

5. Headbands will not be allowed worn across the forehead.

6. Gloves, purses and backpacks must be removed and placed in the locker before school begins in the morning.


1. Excessively baggy clothing.

2. Belts worn long in the front and hanging from either side. Boy scout- style buckle with initials or symbols.

3. Baseball hat or other caps with symbols, monikers, or insignia on it, or on the brim.

4. Bandannas of any color, worn or carried.

5. Shirts or apparel with gang symbols, monikers “nicknames”, insignia, colors or other gang identifiers.

6. Hair nets, gloves, sweatbands or headbands.

7. Color on color (red shirt with red pants).

8. Pants or shirt with one leg or arm rolled up. Carrying a t-shirt for no

purpose .

9. Joining with others to dress in a manner that is intimidating, or that school officials or law enforcement view as denoting gang membership or affiliation.

The purpose of the dress code is to keep students safe and to ensure a positive educational environment. The administration has the right to modify the dress code to ensure that the school is safe and learning is free from undue distraction. Parents have the right to appeal to the School

Community Council. Request is to be made in writing, and the student’s dress is to comply with the dress code until the hearing is held during the regular monthly School Community Council meeting.

- 14 -

Citizenship Counts!

Satisfactory citizenship is a graduation requirement in the Granite School District.

Citizenship is determined by behavior, attendance, punctuality and adherence to the rules and policies of our school. Good citizenship is expected of everyone, and is recognized in many fun ways. Develop habits that make you a successful student…and show that you are proud to be a Hunter Hawk!

In addition to academic grades, the following citizenship grades will be awarded quarterly:


– Honor


– Good


– Satisfactory


– Poor


– No Credit

Citizenship is affected by absences and tardies. A student with one unexcused absence can receive no higher than a “1”. Two unexcused absences will result in a “0”.

Citizenship is used to determine eligibility to participate in certain activities. If you want to participate in extracurricular athletics you must maintain a 2.0 citizenship average. If you want to run for student body office, cheerleader or be involved in the student government you must maintain a 3.0 citizenship average. Part of the secret to academic success is tending to the citizenship requirements!

Please note: Citizenship is a graduation requirement in Granite School District.

Therefore, it is important for 7 th

and 8 th

grade students to develop those skills


so they will be successful when in high school.

Tardy Policy

You have 5 minutes to get from class to class. Because the building is large and the halls are crowded, you can’t go to your locker, go to the restroom, visit with your friends, get a drink of water and still get to class on time! Below you can see the effect tardies will have on your citizenship. If you are tardy to class, disciplinary action will be taken.

The HJH Tardy Policy can be found on our web page. Parents can excuse five (5) first period tardies each term before the Administrative tardy consequences begin to be enforced. The

Administrative tardy consequences are enforced on unexcused tardies.

Citizenship grades


–1 Tardy 4 – Honor

2 Tardies 3

– Good

3 Tardies 2

– Satisfactory

4 Tardies 1

– Poor

5 or more 0

– No Credit (Failure)

- 15 -

Playthings Are Home Things

Items which may detract from the educational process or may present a hazard to others are not to be brought to school. Items such as weapons, slingshots or other projectile devices or facsimile will be referred to law enforcement officials.

Other items such as: cigarette lighters, matches, laser pens, Frisbees, fireworks, elastic bands, water toys and guns, hardballs, or other similar things are not allowed at school. Personal items such as electronic games and gaming devices are prohibited. We discourage you from bringing any items of value to school such as: collectible cards, irreplaceable photographs, large amounts of money, etc. Skateboards or roller blades are not allowed to be used on campus. Items confiscated by teachers or administrators will be returned to your parent/guardian only at the discretion of the administration.

The school will assume no liability for any item lost or stolen.

When in Mass, Have Class

When students use the auditorium, they will:

1. Enter in the auditorium without pushing and be seated quickly with their teacher in the assigned seats.

2. Respect others by not screaming, whistling, booing or yelling.

3. Respect the facility by not climbing over seats or leaving garbage.

4. Show appreciation for the performers by applauding when appropriate and not talking during the performances.

Dance “Till you Drop”

The number of assemblies and dances made available are determined by student conduct and responsibility. Dances are held immediately after school.

Only Hunter Jr. High Students who have no outstanding detentions may attend.

- 16 -

Get Involved!!

One of the best ways to enjoy school is to get involved in extracurricular activities. Hundreds of students are involved in student government, sports, debate, Future City competition, drama, MESA and other after-school activities, and there is plenty of room for you! Students who are involved are more likely to be successful in their studies and feel positive about school. Just remember that some of these (like student government and some athletic programs) require you to carry a certain grade point-average and satisfactory citizenship. In all programs we expect you to represent our school in an exemplary manner. Make sure that you listen to announcements to find out what is happening.

Tips for Success

There are four quarters in the school year. Report cards are issued very shortly after the end of each quarter. Students receive an academic and a citizenship grade for each class.

A mid-term report will be available each quarter. The mid-term is to inform parents and students of passing and failing grades. If a student is in danger of failing, remediation is provided at Homework Clubs which are held right after school. So, do your best to be successful!

Homework Makes the Difference!

Homework is the preparation of work to be completed outside of the classroom.

The assignment of homework is an important part of your education at Hunter

Junior High, and should be considered a part of every student’s day. Good study habits are important to getting homework done in a timely and effective manner.

A few suggestions include:


Assign a definite time for study at home; utilize study periods and library facilities in school. Keep a list of assignments in your planner and take home all necessary books, papers and other materials.


Have a definite place at home to study with all necessary materials available. Do not try to study while the T.V. is on, or while talking on the phone with friends.


Be sure you understand the assignment when the teacher gives it. Read the entire assignment over rapidly to grasp the basic content. Close the book and

- 17 -

mentally outline the material and ideas contained in the lesson. Reread parts of the assignments that you need to know in depth. Do any written work assigned.

Make-Up Work

You may turn in make-up work for any excused absen ce. It is the student’s responsibility to get all make-up work and know when it is due immediately upon returning to school.

Failure to obtain work is no excuse for not completing work missed.

If a student is absent for 3 or more consecutive days, a parent may request the Counseling Center to ask teachers for homework assignments.

We, at Hunter Junior, believe that all students are capable of success. We have great teachers who will provide excellent learning opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunities you will have to learn new skills, develop talents and interests, and incorporate a life-long love of learning. Remember, you have the responsibility to make the most of your opportunities, and you have the power to be successful.



– Buses are for those of you who live two or more miles from the school.

The bus is for your convenience. The driver is in charge and must have full cooperation from you. If you abuse the privilege of riding the bus, or have behaviors that endanger the lives of your fellow students, you will have your bus privilege revoked.

Granite District Regulations Governing Pupils Riding School Buses

Granite District Transportation



Pupils shall be on time for the bus both morning & evening

– in the morning, five (5) minutes before the bus is due but no earlier. Buses will leave school in the afternoon according to the following schedule: Junior


– 8 minutes after the bell.


Pupils shall remain seated while the bus is in motion.


The bus driver may assign pupils seats.


The bus driver shall instruct pupils how to cross the road.


Pupils shall not extend their hands, arms, or heads through bus windows.


Pupils must have written permission from parent/guardian signed by the principal to leave the bus other than at home or school.


Pupils should converse in normal tones; loud, vulgar language is prohibited.


Pupils shall not open or close windows without permission of the driver.


The emergency door shall be opened only in cases of emergency.


Pupils shall keep the bus clean and must refrain from damaging it.


Pupils shall be courteous to the driver, fellow pupils and passers-by.

- 18 -


For everyone’s safety no item shall be carried on the bus that could create a hazard to any passenger; including but not limited to; live animals, skateboards, skis, glass objects, etc.

Change of Address or Telephone


notify the Counseling Center (385-646-5186)

immediately if there is a

change in address, telephone number (home or work), or emergency number

. In case of an emergency we must have current information for parents and at least two (2) emergency contacts.

Please furnish verification.


7 th

graders must pay a

$74 basic fee


8 th

graders must pay a

$59 basic fee


$10 of the basic fee is refunded at the end of the year with the return of all books in good condition, and the student has no other unpaid fines or fees


(Fees are subject to change)


Fees are collected in each class in which fees are required. Most elective classes require a fee as outlined in the 2015-2016 Junior High School Fee

Schedule found in the Granite School District 2015-2016 Information for Junior &

Senior High Students. Other than individual class fees, another optional cost is the Memory Book. The cost for this book is $20.00 and students are encouraged to purchase this book during registration in order to ensure a book at the end of the school year.

Grade Information

Go to

Click on Gradebook/Parent Portal Registration

Read the information and click: “

Register in the Parent Portal

Fill in the information needed in the fields marked with an Asterisk*, then click

Create Account

.” Parents need to know:

Student Number

Student Date of Birth

If all information is correct and matches the information in the school system, you will see a screen that verifies the correct information.

Then go to your e-mail account to click on the link in the e-mail to activate your account.

Once activated, you can go into the portal and log in.

- 19 -



Extracurricular Activities

Student Leadership

Class Officers

– 7 th

grade, 8 th


Award Parties


High Honor Roll Party

– 3.5 GPA and above

Honor Roll Party

- 3.0-3.49

Citizenship Party

3.0 CPA and above

4.0 Party

– 4.0 GPA & CPA

Hawk Challenge

– increase GPA by .5 and no “Fs”

Soaring Hawk Award

– weekly drawing for students caught doing good things.

After School Activities

– Extramural, intramurals, drama, dance, MESA,

Homework club, others TBA.

Extramural Activities

: All grades by try-out: Boys & Girls: cross country,

track/field; wrestling

Intramural Activities

: All grades

3 on 3 basketball, 4 on 4 volleyball, soccer, open gym, ping pong, others TBA.

- 20 -


The Hawk Code of Conduct

The administration, staff and faculty, and student officers at Hunter Junior High are committed to create a school atmosphere that strives for academic excellence and a “Community of Caring”. We ask the support of students and parents to help us reach these goals and we have set the following code of standards which we expect the administration, staff and faculty, students, and visitors to Hunter Junior High to comply. Persons who choose not to comply with the Code of Standards also choose to accept appropriate disciplinary action.

Code of Standards

Attendance to all classes each day is expected unless excused. Students are expected to be on time to all classes.

All students have the right to attend school without being threatened or harassed. Verbal or physical threats or attacks, or any form of sexual harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Good citizenship is expected of everyone in all areas of the Hunter Junior

High Campus.

Students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach.

Behavior that interferes with this process is unacceptable.

Students are expected to take assigned materials to each class

(textbooks, notebooks, a writing tool, gym clothes, etc.).

Students will do their own best work and will not cheat. Cheating is copying of any type and/or communicating in any way to another student while a test is being given or about a test you will be taking. Cheating is checking homework inaccurately (i.e. reporting 5 wrong when 12 are actually wrong).

Any manner of passing off someone’s work as your own for your own gain is cheating.

Foul or abusive language is not tolerated. Students are to treat others

☺ with respect and consideration.

Students are expected to wear clothes that are modest, clean and not disruptive to the educational process. Please refer to the dress code for specifics.

Students will not dress, speak or behave in ways which suggest or promotes gang affiliation.

Fighting in or about the school building and from the time a student leaves home for school until he/she returns home is prohibited.

Gambling, or conducting financial transactions to benefit an individual is prohibited.

Weapons or any objects or devices that might, or are intended to do harm to anyone, are prohibited. This includes lighters and matches.

The possession, use or distribution of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, ecigarettes, imitation substances or paraphernalia is prohibited. Students violating Granite District policy will be referred to juvenile authorities and will be subject to school and district disciplinary action. Stealing will result in disciplinary action and possible referral to Juvenile Court.

- 21 -

All who work at, attend, or visit Hunter Junior High will show courtesy to others; will demonstrate pride in their work, and accomplishments; will exhibit good sportsmanship on the field and court; will show the school spirit which supports the traditions and reputation of Hunter Junior High.

The administration retains the right and privilege to issue penalties for acts not specifically stated herein and to alter any penalties considered necessary.

Furthermore, the administration reserves the right to amend any provision in this disclosure which is in the best interest of the educational process.

Consequences for Disciplinary Actions

Administrative contract, ASD (after school detention

– 40 min), Friday School

(3 hrs.), ISS (in school detention

– 1-7 periods), lunch detention, suspension (1 period

– 3 days), referral to Granite District, referral to law enforcement officer.


Cheating on homework or a test will result in a ZERO grade for that task at the discretion of the teacher involved. Cheating will result in a loss in grade and citizenship as determined by the individual teacher.

Disorderly Conduct/School Disruption

You are not to run or participate in horseplay in the building. Pushing in halls or sliding down hand rails, or anything of annoyance will be considered disorderly.

Disrespect or Defiance

Disrespect or defiance to faculty or staff will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as a severe case. The consequences may include suspension and /or referral to the district.

Fighting, Threatening, Intimidating, Assault, & Battery

Fighting will not be tolerated at school, on the way to or from school, at any school function, or at school-sponsored activities. This will result in immediate parent contact and administrative action, which may include suspension from school and possible referral to the appropriate police agency and district referral.

People who promote, instigate, or encourage fighting will also be deemed responsible and are subject to disciplinary actions. You are expected to get along with others and settle differences and disputes in other ways than fighting. You may want to get assistance from a teacher, counselor or other school adult with this conflict. Fighting, threatening, intimidating, including snowball throwing at school, on the way to and from school, or at school related activities are prohibited. Injuries, damages, and medical costs associated with fighting are your and your parent’s responsibility.

Fire Alarms & Evacuations

The faculty & staff at Hunter Junior High care about your safety and health while at school. When an emergency alarm sounds, you are expected to cooperate

- 22 -

with all adult staff members and evacuate the building immediately. Evacuation maps and procedures will be posted in each classroom near the door and will be reviewed by all teachers. If you pull an alarm station without a valid or compelling reason, such as a fire or other endangering situation in the building, you will face police referral and possible referral to Granite School District.


It is the policy of Granite district to maintain a learning and working environment, free from sexual and racial harassment or any verbally or physically abusive actions. Remarks that embarrass or humiliate are not appropriate. This policy is violated if any student or employee harasses another student or school employee through conduct or communication. You should tell the administration, a teacher or counselor if you feel you have been harassed. All complaints will be investigated and disciplinary procedures will be followed if needed.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as being persistently disturbed by someone because of your gender. While people sometimes differ in what they think is harassing or annoying, the government agencies responsible for enforcing laws against sex discrimination agree that certain behaviors are unlawful. These behaviors can vary from an annoying glance to an attempted or actual physical assault. Such behavior includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Any sexual harassment behaviors are prohibited for students and employees.

Public Display of Affection

Public displays of affection are inappropriate for a middle school environment and are prohibited.


If you are suspended by the administration, your parent must accompany you to school in order to be reinstated. Showing up on campus during a suspension is considered trespassing.

Vulgar or Profane Language, Pictures & Gestures

Any vulgar or profane language, pictures, pornography and gestures or associated actions are inappropriate for any school environment and are prohibited.

The teacher or administrator will take appropriate disciplinary action


Safe School Policy

Granite School district has a Safe School Policy designed to encourage regular attendance, student responsibility, a proper learning environment and selfdiscipline, while discouraging behavior that is unsafe or disruptive to the school’s educational program.

- 23 -

It is important to remind you, your parents, and your guardians that

aggressive behavior on school grounds or that impacts the educational environment

will not be tolerated. This includes: physical abuse, gang activity, intimidation, bullying, cyber- bullying, threats, harassment, any type of criminal behavior, vandalism and the use or possession of weapons or facsimile weapons.

Furthermore, the possession of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs or any illegal item or substance at school also violated Safe School Policy. Being involved in such activities may result in immediate suspension from school and referral to the District Safe School Review Committee and police referral.


(801.481.7199) TEXT (801.664.2929)

All calls and texts are



Please report any information you have concerning these matters at school.

The Granite School District “School Safety” policy

establishes penalties and procedures for:

Any threat or act of violence.

Possession of any type of weapon (real, look-alike or pretend)

Any form of organized gang activity.

Any type of criminal behavior.

Destruction or defacement of school property.

Conduct in locations away from the school that threatens or does harm to the school or persons associated with the school.

Students who violate this policy may subject themselves to:

Automatic suspension from school.

Immediate referral to law enforcement officials.

Mandatory parent/guardian conference at school or district offices.

Referral to the district Student Services Office.

Placement in an alternative program.

Expulsion from school, or other action to resolve the problem

A mandatory one-year expulsion may be imposed for any incident involving firearms.

- 24 -

Granite School District Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

The illegal use, possession, distribution, sale or being under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, over-the counter prescription medications, or intoxicants of any kind by students is prohibited in all Granite School District schools, on school grounds, at school-sanctioned activities, or when students are being transported in vehicles dispatched by the district. Violations also include student use, possession, distribution or sale of drug paraphernalia, imitation controlled substances or resorting where drugs are being used.


Violations for Selling or Distributing Drugs/Alcohol

Students who are caught and/or convicted of selling or distributing controlled substances, imitation controlled substances or over-the-counter medi cations which alter students’ psychological-social functioning and/or alcohol on the school grounds or within 1,000 feet of the school grounds, will be referred to law enforcement officials, suspended, and referred to the

Granite School Student Services office for disciplinary action.


First Violation

An automatic law enforcement referral will be made.

There will be an automatic one to three-day suspension or until parent/guardian conference is held.

The parent/guardian/student will read and sign the non-use contract with the designated administrator.

The student will be assisted within the school, i.e. counseling, progress reports, etc.

The parent/guardian/student must attend and complete the Granite District

QUIT program within two months of the violation. Failure to successfully complete the QUIT program will result in an automatic suspension to Student

Services for placement in an alternative placement for up to 90 days.

Free or low cost family counseling and other district intervention serviced may be assessed.

Students who are participants of extra-curricular activities or elected officers will be suspended from participation for two weeks.


Tobacco Use

The possession of tobacco or e-cigarettes for students under the age of 19 is against

Utah State law

. Violators are dealt with by the Juvenile court as

“status” offenders under the criminal code and not under the controlled substance act. Violators in schools, at school activities or on school grounds will be issued citations by the school administration; staff and/or law

- 25 -

enforcement authorities and subsequent Juvenile Court action may be taken. Student with citations will be encouraged to attend the district QUIT program with their parents.


It is the policy of Granite School District and Hunter Jr. High not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability in any educational program or activity.

- 26 -

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