File - DC Hobbit League

File - DC Hobbit League
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Q The first part in a series of
| scenarios involving the nine
Ringwraiths. This month the
defenders of the west bank
| try to stop the Ringwraiths.
| Written by David Smith.
The Dark Lord has spent every moment trying
to find the One Ring since Isildur cut it from
his hand, but through chance and desperate
fortune, the Ring has remained hidden from
his eye. Now, after many long centuries of
searching, the whereabouts of the One Ring
has been gleaned. In the dungeons of Barad-
dúr, the creature known as Gollum has been
tortured almost to death by the Dark Lord's
| servants. In his pitiful cries were two distinct
| words: ‘Shire’ and ‘Baggins’, and so Sauron is
finally one step closer to tracing his quarry.
Sauron sends his most faithful servants, the
nine Ringwraiths, to retrieve the Ring. The
Nazgúl are afraid of water, especially the large
and swift river Anduin and so the Ringwraiths
| have to cross the bridge at Osgiliath. From the
| western bank they can then head off through
| Rohan to find the Shire and hunt for a Hobbit
called Baggins. Unwilling to delay his war
) plans even for the search for the Ring, Sauron
also uses this moment to test the resolve of the
west bank defenders. Fortunately for the free
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Part One — Osgiliath
peoples of the world, the Lord of Mordor has
not counted on the sheer bravery of the Men
who garrison the western bank.
On the Good side there are a 18 Men of
Gondor led by a Captain, 12 Men led by
Faramir and 12 Men led by Boromir (on foot)
(for a total of 42 Men of Gondor). You can
have any mix of weapons, but only up to 33%
may be bow-armed.
On the Evil side there's the Witch King and 8
Ringwraiths (on horseback), a Troll, and 24
Orcs. You can have any mix of weapons, but
only up to 33% may be bow-armed.
Set up a 72"/180cm x 48"/112cm board with as
many buildings and ruins as you have within
the 48"/112cm x 48"/112em city area.
À bridge needs to be made from card or wood
about 24"/56em long by 3"/8cm wide.
Put a barricade at the end of the bridge.
Make up to 4 boats or rafts from card about
3"/8cm x 6"/14cm long, just a top view
template will do cut from cereal packets or
make some rafts out of balsa wood.
If you want to fight this battle with other
forces then the Good side gets 600 points;
200 points should start in the city while the
other 400 pts come on as reinforcements, in
two separate groups of 200 points each. A
Hero should lead each of these groups; you
could use Isildur and Elendil and fight a
battle of the Second Age.
The Evil side gets 600 points of Heroes and
150 points of Warriors. Half of the Heroes
must exit the table to win.
The Captain of Gondor and his 18 Men set
up anywhere in the city.
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de vw} Me * \ ET \
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| BES. a Em гос Riba пои
3 а à || a, Ч | \ \
Al Se A 3 5-6 : ES \ EN \ ns A
Pl "RE Pio. y (PSS AT Lo | \ \ | À \ \
| =. и E Î 0 = So "DUELO \ 5 N \ \ \ \
A | | | a e y \ Ka \
O E et A (4 LAA
= 1 ho de xe y Uma f | | | |
> | pes | A
| e. à Res o rd |
to a — NO
| | r © a ( a { / | | I ) | I
Pu | ñ ъ Es ? / / if y : / / /
7 Y О
с E / /
| ot E i Da mr a тои =
Н Wht Li e 4 Ruined city area ; a
= I Gs | : 4 tl (Re
= ie Y E a e A X a u
NN PS: a | na = Aad LEER e 1 ST o La SLRS E
(AT TT pe LE пои
о 7 Loss % FR | 3 | l/ / hy / /
gp == a 7 Fe ras À й fü TD Ar
| i y | 454 il | Lia) [pra e N
mama (VY le EY ws : = pd Г y f | EZ /
| | | CA я ys y | i / / hz /
' = | f| SR, :
pa № a + м “ar Ц | } i | |
TD A L | © = | y
-<- Cu № TR Fn AE A Va Se
Ue — | ma ER
«e = 8 a а Be. spo Css | a Ue AE NN AN NA
UE 4 "50 Us a | i 5 | (H, , i \ | \ \ \ \ \ | \ \ \
FJ ME | À * whe <a O Re
Mi 2 5 sf | + Le) >. à \ h \
He a м DAS As. Я $a <a |) Lan Pa red 1 | \ Vid] | \ | | | :
O À ME > Ga: ; > | \ | 4 \ | \ \ vi \ | \
Y Ч \ TR | ahi] || |
у 72"/180cm
or Sm) pr"
The Evil force set up at least 18"/42cm from
the riverbank, either in a boat or on the
At the start of the Good player's second and
subsequent turns Faramir and Boromir roll a
die individually to see if they come on; they
arrive on a 4, 5 or 6. If they arrive then roll a
D6 to see where they come on, they then
make a move in from the table edge and can
shoot but may not charge.
Faramir's and Boromir's Men must be set up
within 6"/14cm of the Hero.
For Evil to win more than half the
Ringwraiths must cross the bridge and exit the
western edge and head for the Gap of Rohan.
The Good side must prevent this.
Surprise Attack. The forces of Good are
caught wrong-footed after several days of
relative peace. The Evil player automatically
has Priority in the first turn.
Night. The battle takes place at night so
visibility is down to 12"/28cm for the Good
Boats. Each boat or raft can carry up to 12
Orcs; the Ringwraiths and the Troll cannot
use the boats due to the Ringwraiths’ fear of
water and the instability of the boat to carry
the Troll safely.
Orcs are certainly not the best mariners in
Middle-earth and controlling boats is not one
of their skills. At the start of their Movement
phase roll a die for their boating skills:
“They are the Nazgul. The nine se
1 The boat goes out of control. The
Orcs spend the rest of their Move
phase trying to regain control and
may not move this turn.
2-5 The boat is under control. Move up
to 6"/14cm.
6 Excellent seamanship.
Move 6"/14cm + D6'/2D6cm.
la ea x 1 и
a e = A me ÿ " Ca
The boat can move at full speed if there are 4
or more Ores propelling the boat, if there are
less than 4 then the speed of the boat is
halved. If an Orc is propelling the boat then
he cannot fire his bow.
Once the prow of the boat hits the bank the
Orcs can then make a jump roll to disembark
using the normal jump rules. If a 1 is rolled
on the jump roll then the Orc falls into the
Anduin and is swept away. Remove the model
as a casualty.
The boat may turn side on taking one model,
one move, to allow an easier exit from the
boat by allowing more warriors to disembark
in the same turn.
Lu purge КАИ ол as
rvants of Sauron.”
Je я
or Г,
a de
= |- ей +
ENE e: <, я
3 и a Ya
If there are any defenders at the bank then
they fight as if defending an obstacle.
Boromir. Boromir has yet to be influenced
by the power of The Ring; to represent this
his Fate is increased to 3, he does not have a
horse in this scenario.
Barricade. The barricade has a Defence of 7
and 3 Batter points; the barrier can only be
attacked if the model is not fighting an
enemy model. The Cave Troll is the
exception to the rule in that if the Troll
misses a model due to the barrier being ‘in
the way’ then the barrier is hit instead, roll to
damage the barrier as normal.
—— 45
a 5 y = У
The second part in a series
of scenarios involving the
nine Ringwraiths. This
month the Ringwraiths
attempt to cross the lsen.
Written by David Smith.
In this battle, the Ringwraiths are attempting to
cross the Isen and ride into Eriador in search
of the One Ring. All is not well in Rohan
however, and the Nazgúl find the crossings of
the Isen held against them, and many patrols in
the outlying lands. Though the folk of Rohan
are not alerted to the presence of The Nine,
their vigilance presents an obstacle to the
servants of Mordor. With time ever-pressing,
and the possibility of interference from the
White Council lingering, the Nazgúl are
spurred into action. At the dead of night the
Ringwraiths try and break through the
Rohirrim force and into Eriador, but can they
do so before the patrols are alerted and arrive
to join the fight?
The Good side has two Captains of Rohan, six
Royal Guard with throwing spear, 10 Warriors
of Rohan with throwing spear and shield, 10
Warriors of Rohan with shield, five Riders of
Rohan with throwing spear and five Riders of
Part Two — The Gap of Rohan
The Evil side has all nine Ringwraiths. All nine
of the Ringwraiths are on horseback.
If you want to play this game with other forces,
choose 500 points of troops for the Good side
and 800 points of Heroes of the Evil side. No
more than 50% of the Good force may be spent
on Heroes.
This scenario takes place at the Fords of the
Isen. The river Isen flows through the middle
of the board and has several fords that can be
crossed without penalty (see map). The river is
shallow and slow flowing at this point in its
course and can be crossed at any point but
counts as difficult ground.
The Good player deploys 10 Warriors of Rohan
on foot (of his choice) in his deployment area
(see map). To represent the fact that they are a
piquet line they must be deployed at least
Reinforcements arrive from here on a 4
6"/14cm away from each other. The Royal
Guard are deployed within 6"/14cm of the
campfire. The two Captains of Rohan and
the remainder of the Good force are kept on
one side and may be used as reinforcements
later in the game.
The Evil player then deploys all nine
Ringwraiths in his deployment area (see
map below).
The Evil side wins if five out of the nine
Ringwraiths exit the board from the
indicated table edge (see map). The Good
side wins if it prevents the Evil side from
accomplishing its objectives.
Darkness. It is the middle of the night and
the Ringwraiths are advancing under a veil
of darkness created by the dark will of
Sauron. To represent this, the Ringwraiths
cannot be seen from more than 6"/14cm
es Good side deploys here
“E plo
2 24"/56cm
Campfire and ruined guardpost
(Roval Guard deploy here)
Reinforcements arrive from here ona I - 3
EE EE A A A O O = == == о = == =
Ringwraiths deploys here
Trees cs.
5 .
ID ats ват ава ов Fa AUF: Pf Б ст rm 1 gs
E a
E — — >
Ringwraiths. The Ringwraiths are in the
midst of their search for the Ring and
Sauron's power is still growing. As such, use
the profiles given for the Ringwraiths in The
Two Towers, not those presented in White
Dwarf 284.
Reinforcements. Once a model on the Good
side has seen a Ringwraith the Good player
may summon reinforcements. Once a
Ringwraith has been seen, the Good player
may roll a D6 at the end of his movement;
this is how many models are available to
him as reinforcements. The Good player may
select his reinforcements from the models set
aside at the start of the game (and from any
casualties suffered since). The Captains of
Rohan may not be selected as reinforcements
unless the Good player rolls a 6. The Good
Player must roll a D6 for each model
received as reinforcements to determine
which table edge they arrive on (this
represents the hue and cry summoning the
nearest warriors and not necessarily the most
suitably positioned ones). The newly arrived
models can move normally but cannot
charge enemy models. Roll for each model
separately until all reinforcements have been
The Ride of the Ringwraiths. This scenario
can be played as a stand-alone or as part of
the Ride of the Ringwraiths campaign. If
playing as part of a campaign, the
Ringwraiths do not begin this scenario with
their full complement of Will. Instead each
Ringwraith carries over the amount of Will it
had at the end of the previous scenario
(Osgiliath) to which D3 points of Will are
added. If a Ringwraith died during the
previous scenario, it is returned to life but
with only D3 points of Will. It is assumed
that any horses that were lost in the previous
scenario are replaced. In this way each
Ringwraith will always start this scenario
with at least one point of Will each and
mounted on a horse.
Riders of Rohan attempt to ambush the Ringwraiths.
Ús me
a pic
Adam O’Brien pens the third part
in a series of scenarios chronicling
the journey of the nine Ringwraiths
from Barad-dúr to retrieve the One
Ring from the Shire. This month the
Nine’s attempt to cross the Sarn
Ford, located on the border of the
Shire, is opposed by a band of
Rangers of Gondor sent by Aragorn
to guard the Shire.
his scenario is set just
before Frodo leaves his
peaceful life behind to set
out on the perilous journey
to Rivendell. Whilst he was happily
oblivious at this time to the
approach of mortal danger, his wise
friend Gandalf was not; knowing
that the peaceful hills and fields of
the Shire were woefully
unprotected, the wizard requested
Aragon to set a guard of Rangers
on the borders. One detachment of
Rangers took up position by the
Sarn Ford, on the southernmost
edge of the Shire, skilfully
concealing themselves and watching
with untiring vigilance for the least
sign of danger. They didn’t have
long to wait before the agents of
darkness revealed themselves, for
the Ringwraiths had chosen Sarn
Ford as their gateway into the Shire.
There are all nine Ringwraiths (use
the rules from The Two Towers
rules manual, not the new profiles
in WD284) on the Evil side, while
20 Rangers of Gondor make up the
forces of Good. Hideous odds for
the Good player!
Points Match
If you want to play this scenario
with alternative forces, then the Evil
player gets four times the points
total available to the Good player.
This scenario is played on a
48"/112¢m x 48"/112cm table. The
Brandywine, a slow, deep river,
crosses the table from the southern
table edge to the northern edge (see
map). It can only be crossed at Sarn
Ford. A road runs from the centre
of the eastern edge to the ford,
running on at the other side of the
Part Three —- Slaughter at Sarn Ford
river to leave the centre of the
western table edge. Decorate your
layout to taste; a nice way to show
that this is the border of the
prosperous Shire is to use lots of
neat hedges and well-tended fields
on the Shire side of the river, and
wilder-looking woods and rocks on
the other side.
Starting Positions
The Ringwraiths are not deployed
at the start of the game but enter
the table from the eastern table
edge. They have special arrival
rules (see below).
The Rangers start the game
anywhere on the western side of
the river, using their well-honed
skills of field craft and
concealment to stay all but
invisible (all but invisible to mortal
eyes, that is). Each Ranger must be
placed on the table no more than
1"/2em from a piece of cover, be it
a tree, wall or hedge. No standing
about in the open for these wily
woodsmen! Of course, their hiding
places are immediately visible to
the Ringwraiths, who can sense the
inner light of their souls, but it's a
characterful way of avoiding a
classic ‘serried ranks’ deployment.
The Ringwraiths are trying to
break into the Shire to track down
the One Ring. They win the game
if at least three models — the
minimum for a viable search of the
Shire for the purposes of this game
— exit the western table edge
within 10 turns. The Rangers win
if they can prevent this.
Special Rules
Divided Pursuit. In this game, the
Evil player gets priority in the first
turn, and can bring on D6
Ringwraiths from the eastern table
edge. In the second turn, he rolls a
D6 for each Ringwraith remaining
off-table — for each score of 5 or 6,
а я a АЯ à
i aR \ r
A 4
jun du =
NE у 5
Rangers deploy on
this side of the river.
one Ringwraith can enter from the
east. On the third turn, a score of 4, 5
or 6 will allow a Ringwraith to enter
the fray and on the fourth turn a score
of 3, 4, 5 or 6 is needed, and so on.
You will see that all Ringwraiths will
therefore be able to enter the table by
the beginning of the sixth turn.
The Ride of the Ringwraiths This
scenario can be played as part of a
mini-campaign, following on from
Osgiliath and The Gap of Rohan. If
you wish to do this, keep track of
which Ringwraiths have been
removed as casualties in the previous
games and roll a D6 for each at the
start of this game. On the roll of a |
or 2, the Ringwraith has not had
sufficient time to regain his full
strength and starts the game at 4 Will
rather than 7 (or 10 in the case of the
Witch King). On the roll of a 3+, the
Ringwraith is fully recovered and
suffers no penalty. Regardless of
whether any horses were slain in
previous games, the Ringwraiths are
assumed to have acquired new
< — >
In this, the fourth instalment of the R | DE O F TH Е
Ride of the Ringwraiths saga, Gandalf
hurries toward Weathertop, trying to
save Frodo from the threat of the RINGWRAITHS
dreaded Nazgûl. Arriving at Amon Sûl,
Gandalf finds the Ringwraiths lying in
wait for him there... Part four — Amon Sil
Description and destroy such a powerful foe as side and 700 points of Heroes for The Evil player then deploys 3
Delayed by treachery at Orthanc, ~~ Gandalf is too tempting to resist. the Evil side. Ringwraiths anywhere within
Gandalf hurries back to assist As night draws on, the 6"/14cm of any board edge. The
Frodo and his companions. Ringwraiths advance upon the Layout Witch-king and remaining
Arriving at Bree, he finds them hill... The scenario is played on a board Ringwraiths are Kept in reserve and
already gone but rides off towards 48"/120cm by 48"/180cm. The will be available later in the game.
Weathertop in an attempt to catch Pa rticipants remains of the watchtower of Amon чи
them. Alas, he arrives at The Good side consists of Gandalf Súl is placed on a hill in the centre Objectives
Weathertop before Frodo, and the Grey. The Evil side consists of of the table — an open area of about — The Good side wins if Gandalf
finds the Ringwraiths waiting for all nine Ringwraiths (all on foot). 6"/14cm in diameter ringed with survives and at least four
him. In an attempt to draw the The Witch-king of Angmar does not broken walls. The rest of the board Ringwraiths have been slain. The
Nine away, Gandalf prepares to carry a Morgul blade in this should be scattered with occasional ~~ Evil force wins if Gandalf dies.
fight. Wary of his power, and scenario. rocky outcrops and trees. If both sides meet their victory
daring not to face him while the conditions in the same turn, the
sun remains in the sky, the Nazgal Points Match Starting Positions game is a draw.
withdraw and encircle the hill. If you want to play this game with The Good player deploys Gandalf
Though their mission calls to other forces, choose up to 200 within the remains of the Special Rules
them, the chance to overwhelm points of Heroes for the Good watchtower. Servant of the Secret Fire. Gandal
has fortified his resolve as best he
can for the coming confrontation
and knows the natures of the terrors
that he will have to face. Gandalf
will automatically pass any Courag
test required of him in this scenario
In addition, the Ringwraith's Sap
Will power has no effect on him.
Gandalf begins the game with
both Terrifying Aura and Cast Ligh
in effect. In addition to the usual
effects of these spells, when he
wins a combat any surviving
opponent must immediately retreat
a full move, exactly as if they had
failed a Courage test. As the mode
will have already been beaten back
1"/2cm as a result of the combat
this will place the model out of
charge range in the next turn.
Seat of Power. The aura of
nobility that surrounds the ruins of
what was once a great fortress is a
major deterrent to the Evil forces.
Therefore, any Evil model in the
circle at the start of its move must
test its Courage in the same way as
if it were alone.
The Night. Although the game
takes place at night, Gandalf’s Casi
Light spell enables him to see
normally up to 12"/28cm away. If
Cast Light ends, Gandalf can only
see a Ringwraith if it is within
6"/14cm. The Ringwraiths can see
OE EE НН НН НН НН НН НН EE LD в = am == == ==
o НВ
' 0
& |
pos ee Y
№ он он ен ew ee eo
ref -
3 Ringwraiths start anywhere behind line up to 6'/14cm from normally.
the table edge. Ringwraiths. At the end of
each of the Evil player's Movemen
phases he may roll a D6. On the
ll of a 4+, one Ringwraith model
ay move on from a table edge of
e Evil player's choice. You may
ot bring on Ringwraiths which
ere slain previously in the
The Ride of the Ringwraiths.
his scenario can be played as a
andalone or as part of the Ride of
e Ringwraiths campaign. If
aying a part of a campaign, the
ingwraiths do not begin this
‘епапо with their full
ymplement of Will. Instead each
ingwraith carries over the amount
Will he had at the end of the
evious scenario (Sarn Ford) to
hich D3 points of Will are added.
a Ringwraith died during the
evious scenario, it is returned to
e but with only D3 points of
ill. In this way each Ringwraith
ill always start this scenario with
least one point of Will each.
If you wish you can play the
‘eathertop scenario from The
llowship of The Ring immediately
ter this one. If you choose to do
‚the Evil force has as many
ngwraiths as survive this
enario. Each Ringwraith also
gains D3 points of Will. Note
at if a Ringwraith dies in Amon
| he does not regain D3 Will and
yes not take part in Weathertop.
я Я ча,
J C o J
ag al
и nan > oh A
Gandalf steels himself for the ensuing attack.
0 bem tan,
3 ln ле ца
A =
The final part in a series of
scenarios involving the nine
Ringwraiths. This month the
Nazgul attempt to stop
Frodo reaching Rivendell.
Written by Mat Ward.
Frodo has been wounded, stricken by the bite
of a Morgul blade. Aragorn hurries the Hobbits
towards Rivendell ever-conscious that Frodo's
time is short. The Nazgúl, scattered and
dismayed by their battles upon Amon Sil, are
once more upon the trail of the One Ring.
Thwarted by Aragorn’s cautious route and
skill, the Ringwraiths can only continue
searching. As Frodo's fever deepens, his
companions have their first good luck in many
days. Elrond has not been idle and has sent out
as many of his household as he can to find the
wayward Halflings, and it is such a one, the
mighty lord Glorfindel, who finds the weary
travellers. Scant hours later, the Nazgúl sight
their prey once more and launch a final
desperate gambit. Alerted to their presence,
Glorfindel instructs Asfaloth to carry Frodo
through to Rivendell. Can the exhausted
travellers keep Frodo safe from the clutches of
the Ringwraiths and make it safely through?
e ME 2 Gi
0. aii он,
Part Five — The Ford of Bruinen
The Good side consists of Aragorn, Frodo,
Sam, Merry, Pippin, and Glorfindel. Frodo is
riding Asfaloth (see below), all other models
are on foot.
The Evil side consists all nine Ringwraiths.
The Witch-king of Angmar does not carry a
Morgul blade in this scenario.
Points Match
If you want to play this game with other forces,
choose up to 500 points of Heroes for the Good
side and 700 points of Heroes for the Evil side.
The scenario is played on a board 48"/112cm by
72"/180cm. The board is covered with trees and
rocks as befits the wilderland near Rivendell
(see map). The Bruinen river cuts through the
board 18"/42cm in from one short table edge.
The river is 4"/10cm wide and initially counts
as difficult terrain, although there is a ford
halfway along which counts as clear terrain.
Starting Positions
The Good player deploys Frodo anywhere
up to 18"/42cm in from the Trollshaws table
edge (see map). The Evil player then
deploys at least 5 Ringwraiths anywhere
within 8"/20cm of the Trollshaws board
edge. Any remaining Ringwraiths may be
kept in reserve (see below). The rest of the
Good models are deployed in base contact
with the Trollshaws board edge.
The Good side wins if all the Ringwraiths
are driven off or slain.
The Evil force wins if Frodo dies.
If both sides meet their victory conditions in
the same turn, the game is a draw.
Special Rules
Weakened by the Chase. Apart from
Glorfindel, all of the participants have been
on the road for days and are utterly
exhausted. Aragorn, Sam and Frodo have no
Trollshaws board edge
< >| A
de i а
41 I
A 1 I
® 1 1
% 1
= 1
u I |
BS I i
La 1
= 1
= 1
S |
ed 1
y 1
I En
— na то ere =
Might for this scenario (although Aragorn may
still use his free point of Might per turn, as
normal). In addition, Frodo has no Fate
remaining and begins the game under the effect
of a Morgul blade (and so will lose a Wound at
the start of each turn on the roll of a 1).
The Ringwraiths are also nearly spent,
having recovered only slightly from their near
defeats on Weathertop. Each Ringwraith starts
this scenario with only 4 points of Will, while
the Witch-king starts with 7 points of Will.
Asfaloth. Asfaloth is an Elven steed, swift and
powerful. He has the same statistics as a
normal horse. As he is under Glorfindel's
instructions, Asfaloth can carry Frodo, even
though Frodo is not normally permitted to ride
a horse. To represent the fact that Asfaloth will
not allow Frodo to misguidedly ride towards
the Nazgúl, Frodo may always resist a spell as
if he has a single point of Will (this can be
used with his Resistant to Magic rule).
Ringwraiths. Several Ringwraiths have split
off from the main group in an attempt to
outflank their fleeing quarry. From the second
turn onwards the Evil player may roll a D6 at
the end of each of his Movement phases. On
the roll of a 1, one of the Ringwraiths that was
not deployed at the beginning of the game has
met with an accident and is removed as a
casualty. On a roll of a 2-3, no Ringwraiths
turn up this turn. On the roll of a 4-3, one
Ringwraith model may move on from a table
edge of the Evil player's choice. On the roll of
a 6, two Ringwraith models may move on
from a table edge of the Evil player's choice.
You may not bring on Ringwraiths that have
been slain previously in the scenario.
The Ford of Bruinen. The waters of the
Bruinen can rise up at Elrond's command in a
torrent of floodwater, although it does take
some time to prepare. Once Asfaloth steps foot
in the ford, the Good player may roll a D6 at
the start of the following turn. On the roll of a
4+, Elrond is ready and the waters can be
unleashed in a subsequent Move phase of the
Good player’s choice.
When the waters are unleashed, a boiling
and writhing torrent sweeps down the river
sweeping away anyone caught in its path —
remove any models in the river or on the ford
as casualties (Good or Evil). For the rest of the
game, the entire river counts as impassable
terrain and the ford counts as difficult terrain.
The Ride of the Ringwraiths. This scenario
can be played as a stand-alone or as part of the
‘Ride of the Ringwraiths’ campaign. If playing
as part of a campaign, the Ringwraiths do not
begin this scenario with their full complement
of Will. Instead, each Ringwraith carries over
the amount of Will he had at the end of the
previous scenario (Amon Súl/Weathertop). If a
Ringwraith died during the previous scenario, it
is not available in this scenario.
The fighting at Helm's Deep and Isengard
is over, Saruman’s army slaughtered and
drowned. Rohan is free once more, but
what of the larger cause? Faramir holds
the Ringbearer and his companions in
Osgiliath. Torn by duty, the young
Captain of Gondor decides to send Frodo
and his burden to Denethor, the Steward
of Gondor but, before he can do this, a
Nazgúl arrives and Faramir and his men
dive for cover. As the Nazgúl searches for
the Ring, the Orcs on the eastern bank
summon their courage and launch an
attack. While Faramir's men fight
desperately to repel the Orcs, Frodo is
overcome by the power of the Ring and is
slowly but surely drawn towards the
searching Ringwraith.
The Good side consists of Frodo (although
Frodo is actually controlled by the Evil
player at the start of the game), Sam,
Gollum, Faramir, Damrod, 6 Rangers of
Gondor with bow, and 24 Men of Gondor
(8 have shields and spears, 8 have shields,
and 8 have bows).
The Evil side has a Ringwraith (mounted
on a fell beast), 2 Orc Captains, 4 Warg
Riders with shield and throwing spear, and
36 Orcs (12 with shield, 6 with bow, 12
with spear, and 6 with two-handed
"PO rca
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- “——
— —
If you want to fight this battle with
alternative forces, choose at least 400
points for each side. Both sides must
include at least two Heroes. When playing
a “Points Match” game the Evil player
chooses one Hero to take the role of
Frodo — Frodo's deployment and all of
Frodo's special rules for this scenario will
apply to that Hero, as will any victory
conditions normally bound to Frodo.
Similarly the Good player can choose an
Evil Hero to take the role of the Nazgûl.
It is recommended that Gollum is always
used in this scenario.
The scenario is played on à board
48"/180cm by 48"/120cm. The ruins of
Osgiliath cover the entire board — the
more ruins, the better.
The Good player deploys Frodo, Sam and
Gollum in deployment area A. Faramir is
then deployed along with Damrod and the
Rangers in deployment area B. The
remaining Good models are then placed in
deployment area C.
The Evil player then deploys an Orc
Captain and 20 Orcs within 3"/6em of
the east board edge. The remainder of
the Evil force is kept to one side and
may be available as reinforcements later
in the game.
The Good side wins if the Evil force is
reduced to 50% of its starting strength
or less.
The Evil side wins if the Ringwraith is in
base contact with Frodo at the end of any
turn. If this happens Frodo is then carried
away to Barad-dar where he suffers a very
unpleasant lingering death (Sauron also
regains the Ring and covers the world in
darkness, but that probably won't matter
to Frodo at that point). The Evil side also
wins if Frodo leaves the table from the
eastern edge.
If both sides satisfy their victory
conditions in the same turn or if Frodo is
slain, the Evil side wins.
Tide of Darkness. As the Nazgûl flies
across Osgiliath, more and more Orcs are
drawn to his presence. From the second
turn onwards, the Evil player may roll a
D6 at the end his Move phase and place a
number of Evil models equal to the dice
roll move onto the board from the east
table edge. These models may not charge,
but may otherwise act as normal. The
most expensive Hero (the Nazgûl) may
== == pre ES
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not be placed in this way until all other
models have been placed. However, if the
D6 roll is a 6, the Nazgúl has arrived early
and may be placed as one of the six
reinforcements if the Evil player wishes.
Heavy Armour. The troops defending
Osgiliath are amongst the best equipped in
all of Gondor. To represent this, all the
Men of Gondor (not Faramir, Damrod, or
the Rangers) are wearing heavy armour.
The bowmen therefore have a Defence of
5 whilst the warriors with shields have a
Defence of 6.
The Call of the Ring. Frodo has
succumbed to the call of the Ring and is
trying to reach the Nazgul. To represent
this Frodo is controlled by the Evil player
at the start of the game. No Good model
may shoot or attempt to strike Frodo. They
may still charge Frodo (to represent them
trying to prevent him reaching the enemy)
but may not strike any blows. If the
Nazgfil is slain, the call of the Ring
diminishes and Frodo begins to reassert
control of himself — from that time
onwards Frodo is controlled by the player
who loses Priority. The Ring may not be
used in this scenario.
Bombardment. As the battle rages, the
Orc siege engines continue to hurl
boulders at the Men, heedless of their own
troops. At the start of his Shoot phase, the
Evil player rolls a D6. On the roll of a 5 or
SE "a
6, the Orc catapults have found a target,
shattering a building and sending out a
wave of crushing shrapnel. The Evil
player may nominate any Good model
(remember that Frodo is actually an Evil
model) on the board. That model and any
other model, Good or Evil, within 1"/2cm
takes a single Strength 6 hit as they are
pummelled by rubble, and any survivors
are knocked to the ground. If the Evil
player rolls a 1 or 2, the same effect
occurs, but the Good player may
nominate the target instead. Either player
may target a model in combat (this is an
exception to the usual rule that Good may
never shoot into combat — it is actually
the Orcs who are firing, after all), but
neither player may target the
bombardment in such a way that Frodo is
hit. If a cavalry model is hit both rider
and steed take a Strength 6 hit, the rider is
thrown and both models are knocked to
the ground.
Gollum is as anxious to see the
Ring out of the hands of Sauron as
anyone, but daren’t take it for himself
while the Nazgúl still circles above.
While the Nazgúl is still alive, Gollum is
controlled like any other Good model and
will not strike blows against Frodo if he
wins a fight. If the Nazgil dies, Gollum
reverts to his normal rules.
= в)
A motley band of Games
Workshop staffers in America
combine to present a hobby feast
representing one of the most
tension filled scenes from The
Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship
of The Ring.
here are some action scenes in The
Lord of The Rings movie that
simply scream out to be turned into
tabletop gaming scenarios. The Watcher in
the Water is just such a dynamic moment -
with horrible tentacles bursting forth from
the darksome water and entangling Frodo.
The rest of the Fellowship rush to free the
Hobbit, with Aragorn and Boromir
striding into the foul waters and severing
the slimy appendages with mighty sword
strokes while Legolas’ bow provides
A new scenario and terrain building ideas
covering fire, Can the Fellowship fight off
this loathsome creature and escape through
the hidden doors into the Mines of Moria?
Turning all this action into a fun and
playable scenario has been a backburner
mini-project for a small group of people for
quite some time, but through sheer force of
will at last the labour of love is done. The
scenario was written by Matthew Ward, the
special terrain built by Jason Buyaki and
Jeremy Vetock, and the Watcher model and
its many tentacles were converted by Dave
Converting your own Watcher and building elaborate terrain is fantastic, but will
involve no small degree of time and effort. We admit that we here at Games Workshop
are pretty crazy and looked at the whole project as more of a labour of love than work,
so the time went by very quickly. But keep in mind that the upcoming Shadow and
Flame gaming supplement for The Lord of The Rings will be revisiting Moria. Having
built the Hollin Gates for the Watcher in the Water scenario you will have even more
use for your terrain recreating Balin, the Lord of Moria, and his ill-fated attempt to
wrest the ancient Dwarven Kingdom from the forces of Evil. Just think about doughty
well-armoured Dwarves pitting their axes against the tentacles of the Watcher! It’s
another reason for The Lord of The Rings gaming fans to stay tuned and keep checking
to see if your sword is glowing blue - there could be Goblins near...
a a. er -
Taylor. In addition to giving you the full
scenario to try yourself, we have put
together in this article some quick
descriptions of how the terrain and
conversions were done, and a quick report
of a game fought on the table. If you are
looking to game out the entire movie
trilogy or just try a new fast-playing
and brilliant scenario then you are in
for a treat.
Defeated by the weather on Caradhras, the
Fellowship have decided to journey
through Moria, but the way into the fabled
Dwarven realm is not without a guardian.
As the Fellowship attempt to open the
Hollin Gate of Moria, something evil stirs
in the waters nearby. With the bulk of the
Fellowships attention on the door and
what may lie inside, the be-tentacled
Watcher awakes and attacks Frodo. Can
the rest of the Fellowship rescue Frodo and
escape into Moria?
— Ч г A PR
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