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October 2015
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Your students will love these fun,
educational and rewarding 3D
printing projects.
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HoverCam Solo 8 Ultra
All the capacity of the Solo 8 with
great new connectivity and control
littleBits Gadgets and Gizmo’s Kit
Inspire a spirit of improvisation and creativity with electronics
Wacom Intuos 10 Pack + Free Pen
Save over $1000 when you purchase
a 10 Pack with a bonus pen.
Exclusive to CD-Soft!
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Adobe Photoshop and Premiere
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iPad Accessories
Save up to 30% on iPad accessories
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educational resources
ScanMaster Plus
ScanMaster 3D Scanner
One of the easiest and most
exciting ways to create a 3D
model is to simply scan it.
The ScanMaster 3D scanning
system makes it fast and easy.
All you need is a computer, an
object and with a little help the
ScanMaster will take care of
the rest.
Take your 3D scanning to the next level with the ScanMaster Plus 3D
Scanner. Using innovative Structured Light Technology, this incredible
setup allows you to easily capture real life objects in high detail.
ScanMaster Plus offers two modes, automatic turntable with
stitching or free scan mode. In free scan mode, a tripod is used to
capture separate scans, enabling you to scan even larger models.
The bundled smart stitch software allows you to effortlessly scan
and construct 3D models, ready for either reverse engineering or 3D
printing with the push of a button.
What’s really cool for kids and adults alike is to scan themselves and
then 3D print a model of themselves. Students can then take these
models, paint them, add clothing, props and use them in games,
animations etc. You’re not limited to scanning people you can scan
pretty much anything, even buildings.
The entire 3D scanning workflow is controlled by a step by step
software wizard. This structured workflow will take you through the
entire process, from starting a scan, inspecting, repairing and saving
ready for printing. The ScanMaster Plus speeds up the scanning
process and reduces the time to have your models captured and
ready for printing.
• Simple menu options allow
you to quickly select the
size of the volume to a
• Scan in real time with live
video feedback
• See exactly what you are
scanning with the 7” touch
• Integrated step by step workflow.
• Save in STL format for easy 3D printing.
• Best suited for medium to large objects. 20cm or larger.
$1,645 inc GST
$1,069.00 inc GST
3Doodler 2.0
3D Printing Curriculum Kits
The world’s first 3D
Printing Pen just got
even better!
Below are just a handful of the improvements
in the new version:
• Brand new nozzle
• Re-engineered drive system for smoother doodling
• Enhanced & quieter airflow
• Dual speed control – Print faster with more control.
• Double-click function for continuous flow
• Manual temperature adjusment
• More efficient and stable heating system for more consistent doodles.
• Reduced power consumption
Your students will love this expanding collection of fun, educational and
rewarding 3D printing projects. These projects have been created to
not only teach students all about design and encourage creativity, but
are great hands on projects that teachers can use for further teaching
in the science, technology, engineering & maths (STEM) areas.
LED Digital Clock
Every student needs to know what time
it is in the morning so they won’t be late
for school. In this project students will
design, print and then build their very own
LED digital clock! This is a great STEM
project for teachers to do further teaching
on topics such as time, temperature,
LED’s and electronics!
$17.95 inc GST (Includes student workbook)
$158.40 inc GST
Filament - Single Mixed Pack
5x Mixed Pack
$18.50 inc GST
$74.25 inc GST SAVE 20%
3Doodler EDU Bundle
EDU Bundle includes
• 12 x 3Doodler v2
• 12 x Filament Packs. 12 different
• 12 x DoodleStands
• 4 x Nozzle set
$1,848.00 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
Demolition Derby
Your students will love this project!
Students will design, print and then build
their very own demolition derby car! Once
completed, students will challenge each
other to a fun demolition derby game
to see who has designed and built the
ultimate derby car! The last car standing
wins! This is a great STEM project for
teachers to do further teaching on topics
such as electric motors, gears, kinematics and basic principles of
physics, such as the conservation of energy.
$15.95 inc GST (Includes student workbook)
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
The UP family has just got bigger. A lot bigger in fact. Taking all the things you love
about the UP Plus 2 and making it BIGGER, SAFER AND FASTER! The build volume
of this bad boy is over 10.7 litres! Not only that, printing speed has been notched up
a gear.
Using a 3D Printer just got easier, the UP Box features “fully” automatic platform levelling along with “fully” automatic platform height detection. The newest way to print
quality 3D models right from your desk for visualization, collaboration, and functional
prototyping testing. Want to change colours of filament, no problem – just press a
button on the printer and it will withdraw and another press will load the new colour.
The New UP Box is an exemplary 3D
• HEPA filter to remove air-born
containments and fumes
• Well engineered with internal steel
chassis and impressive HD 100
micron 3D print resolution
• Fully automatic platform levelling and
height sense – no human interaction
• Improved 3D printing speed – 30%
faster than an UP Plus 2
• Super quiet
• Fully automatic calibration
• Average Noise: 51.7 dB – as quiet as
your fridge
• Build volume: 255 x 205 x 205 mm (10.7
• Air filtration: Inbuilt HEPA filter – removes
micro fine particles and 3d printing fumes
• Selectable Z resolution: 0.1, 0.15, 0.2,
0.25, 0.3, 0.4 (mm)
• Dimension: 485 x 520 x 395 mm
• Weight: 20kg
• Connectivity: USB
• Consumables: 1.75mm ABS or PLA
• Software: 3D layout and printing software
with advanced support generation
• Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/7
and OSX
• Warranty: 12 month return to base.
$3,179.00 inc GST
UP BOX BUNDLES: Save on UP Box, 3D scanner and filament bundles.
Check cdsoft.com.au for details and pricing or call us
Get a FREE 3D Printing Demolition Derby Curriculum Kit with every UP Printer purchased
UP Mini 3D Printer Bundle
$215 Free
There’s no sacrifice
on build quality with
the UP! Mini, with its
enclosed steel construction, double linear
bearings on each axis
and a temperature stabilizing build chamber;
it’s ready to produce
quality parts on your
desk within 15 minutes
from unpacking.
UP Plus 2 3D Printer - Ultimate Makers Bundle
The multi-award
winning UP Plus 2
was the first and still
one of the few 3D
printers that includes
automatic calibration
enabling you to get
printing quickly and
• Build volume:
(1.7 litres)
UP MINI Bundle
• Selectable Z resolution:
4 spools of UP
0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.4 (mm)
Premium Filament
• Dimension: 245w, 260d, 350h (mm)
Free. Valued at $215.
• Weight: 5kg
Offer ends December 31
• Connectivity: USB
• Consumables: 1.75mm ABS or PLA
• Software: 3D layout and printing software with advanced
support generation
• Raftless Printing: No
• Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/7 and OSX
• Warranty: 12 month return to base.
• Automatic
• Build volume:
(2.6 litres)
• Selectable Z resolution:
Makers Bundle
0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.4 (mm)
• Dim: 245w, 260d, 350h (mm)
$660 worth of
• Weight: 5kg
extras included.
• Connectivity: USB
Offer ends October 31
• Consumables: 1.75mm ABS or PLA
• Software: 3D layout and printing software
with advanced support generation
• Raftless Printing: Yes
• Operating System:
Windows XP/ Vista/7 and OSX
• Warranty: 12 month return to base.
$899.00 inc GST Extended Warranty Available
$1,975.00 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
$660 Free
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
1.75mm ABS
UP Premium Filament
1.75mm ABS
Value Filament
1.75mm Special
500g Spools
1kg Spools
500g Spools
A wide selection of certified ABS filament
specially formulated for your UP 3D Printer.
Considered to be the Rolls Royce of ABS
filament the high polycarbonate content
gives strong and durable components.
Of all the ABS filaments the support material is the easiest to remove. Suitable
for all UP Printers including UP Box.
Colours Available
• Black
• Blue
• Green
• Red
• White
• Yellow
Colours Available
• Black Jack
• Charcoal
• Electric Lime
• Gold
• Mellow Yellow
• Orange Delight
Pimpin Purple
Radical Red
Royal Blue
Sea Green
$64.90 inc GST each
Value Print Pack - Save 15%
Special Print Pack - Save 15%
5x 1kg - $275 inc GST
5x 500g - $209 inc GST
1.75 & 3.0mm ABS
Standard Filament
$53.90 inc GST each
UP Premium Print Pack
Save 10%
10x 500g - $484 inc GST
Add some “wow” factor to your prints with;
• ABS Light Change - White to Purple
• ABS Heat Change - Green to Yellow
• ABS Heat Change - Purple to Pink
• ABS Crystal Clear (translucent)
• ABS Glow Pacific Blue
• ABS Twisted - Blue, Green, Yellow
• ABS Twisted - Red, Purple, Blue
• PLA Copper NEW
$49.95 inc GST each
1.75 & 3.00mm PLA
Standard Filament 1kg Spools
1kg Spools
Colours available:
• Black
• Blue
• Green
• Red
• White
• Yellow
Colours available:
• Black
• Blue
• Green
• Red
• White
• Yellow
$39.95 each inc GST
$39.95 each inc GST
CreatBot D Series 3D Printers
When it comes to 3D Printers, size does matter, the CreatBot D series boasts build volumes
of up to 28 litres (250 x 250 x 450mm), 0.04mm print resolution and high print speeds at less
than half the price of its “industrial sized” competitors.
These solidly constructed 3D printers have dual print heads, semi enclosed chamber with
see through walls, a heated glass print bed and a Bowden style extruder. The extruder has
the filament feed stepper motors positioned at the back of the machine which results in a
light weight print head assembly enabling high print speeds. The CreatBot prints beautifully
in PLA and ABS as well as other filaments including soluble HIPS and PVA. A great machine
for engineering and education, stacking up multiple objects for production work, large
architectural models, sculpture, jigs and fixtures, 3D printing people from scanned data or
anyone who does not wish to be constrained by the size of their 3D printer.
This printer utilises open source slicing technology and comes with optimised Cura 3D
Printing software presets. Other open source slicers can also be used such as Repetier and
Min Layer Thickness (Z res)
Nozzle Diameter:
Nozzle Count:
Extrusion Style:
Positioning Accuracy XYZ axis):
Print Speed (stable):
Speed Max:
Heat Bed Temperature (Max):
Print Materials:
Filament Diameter:
Operating System:
Printing Software:
Compatible File Formats:
Offline Printing:
| www.cdsoft.com.au
0.4 (standard) or 0.8 (optional) mm
Bowden Style, Teflon lined
0.01 mm
120 mm /s
200 mm /s
PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, Nylon, Laywood,
Laybrick, Flexible
Windows, Linux & Mac compatible
.STL OBJ and GCode
Yes (via SD card)
| [email protected]
Package Includes:
1 x 4GB SD card
1 X USB cable
1 X AU power cable
1 x Tool Kit & Spare parts
1 x Kapton Adhesive Sheet
for Print Bed)
1 X CreatBot Dual Head Printer
3D Printer
CreatBot DX
CreatBot DZ
CreatBot DH
Build Size: (mm)
300 x250x300
(22.5 lt)
300 x250x520
(28 lt)
Pricing (inc GST)
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
1.75mm ABS & PLA
Flashforge Filament
Flashforge Finder 3D Printer
Flashforge is becoming renowned for its
modern and innovative design and the new
Flashforge Finder is no exception. The Finder
has been designed with the new or casual
user in mind is ideal for students or customers
on a budget who do not want to compromise
on quality and performance.
600g Spools
New formulation minimises warping and
curling during printing.
Made for Flashforge Dreamer and Finder
Colours available in ABS & PLA
• Black
• Red
• Blue
• White
• Green
• Yellow
$37.95 each inc GST
1.75mm Experimental
• Rubber-like (500g) translucent flexible &
super strong $64.90
• Rubber-like (500g) translucent flexible &
super strong $64.90
• Taulman Nylon (450g) $44.00
• Alloy 910 (450g - An amazing material,
strong and flexable and prints well.
This printer is incredible value and includes
the latest 3D printing technology ;
• 3.5-inch full colour touchscreen with intuitive icons
• Slide-in build plate making print easy to
remove and minimising disruption of the
• Assisted platform calibration system
makes platform leveling much easier and
more precise than ever before.
• Easy-to-install filament cartridge and
filament-run-out detection
• Connect and print anyway you like with
Wi-Fi, Mobile App, USB stick, or USB
• Safe for young and old as the printer uses
biodegradable PLA and does not require a
heated plate.
• Super quiet when printing, operating at
less than 50db.
Build Volume: 140L X 140W X 140H mm (2.7l)
Layer Resolution: 100~500 microns
Positioning Precision: XY: 0.011, Z: 0.0025 mm
Filment: 1.75 mm PLA
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Extuders: Single
Product Dimension: 420 x 420 x 420 mm
Product Weight: 20KG
Software & Firmware: FlashPrint
File Type: STL, OBJ
Operating Systems: Windows /7/8, Mac OS X
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB Cable, USB Stick
$995.00 inc GST
Flashforge Creator Pro
Dual Head 3D Printer
Flashforge Dreamer
Dual Head 3D Printer
This 3D Printer has
become available thanks
to open source technology. With an improved
design and at less than
two thirds the price of
the original, it is one
of the best value, fully
capable, dual head 3D
printers on the market.
The Flashforge
Dreamer is a high performance, easy to use
3d printer which offers
excellent value. Flashforge is fast becoming
the largest 3D printer
company in China for
good reason!
• Dual-Extrusion Printing
• Build Volume: 225 x 145 x 150 mm (4.9 litres)
• Layer Resolution: 0.1 – 0.3mm
• Heated Platform: Yes up to 120 degree Celsius
• Filament Diameter: 1.75-1.8 mm
• Filament Material: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Nylon etc
• Product Dimensions: 320 x 470 x 380mm
• Product Weight: 12.30 kg
• Connectivity: USB & SD Card
• Software: ReplicatorG / MakerWare
• OS Support: Windows XP/VISTA/7, MacOSX
• Warranty: 6 months parts only
• Dual-Extrusion
• Fully enclosed chamber
• Ultra flat heated build plate
• Build Volume: 230 x 155 x 150 mm (5.2 litres)
• Layer Thickness: 0.1 – 0.5mm
• Print Speed (mm/s): 30-80 for ABS, 80-200 for PLA
• Heated Platform: Yes up to 120 degree Celsius
• Filament Diameter: 1.75-1.8 mm
• Filament Material: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Nylon etc
• Connectivity: WiFi, USB & SD Card
• Software: FlashPrint
• OS Support: Windows XP/VISTA/7, MacOSX
• Warranty: 6 months parts only
$1,549.00 inc GST
4.7 out of 5 Stars by Amazon
$1,499.00 inc GST
4.5 out of 5 Stars by Amazon
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
educational resources
SAVE 10%
Hue-Cam HD
Swivl is a lecture capture and presentation
delivery tool that simplifies the recording,
delivery and sharing of videos. A robotic
mobile accessory, app and cloud hosting
service, Swivl allows you to utilize the
technology you already own, such as tablets
and smartphones, and makes it easy to
create engaging, multimedia videos that
enrich the learning experience. You can
then share your lectures and presentations
on Swivl’s private and secure video hosting
service, where you always retain the rights to
your content.
The HUE camera for Windows and Mac
OS X has a brilliant high resolution picture
and great sound through an internal USB
A easy way to create content for flipped
classrooms, professional development or
student projects. It’s an ideal tool to capture
lectures for distance learning and teacher
Available colours: Red, White, Black, Blue,
Green, Pink
The camera’s innovative and versatile
design offers limitless positioning options.
Users can leave the cam in its base or connect the flexible neck directly to a laptop’s
USB port for optimal mobility.
Single $119.90 inc GST
Swivl $549.95 inc GST
Swivl Carry Case $59.95 inc GST
6 Pack $669.00 inc GST
Without Microphone
$9.95 inc GST
The HoverCam Solo 8 – Splashtop Classroom Bundle allows teachers to view and
control their desktop, applications and the
live HoverCam image on their tablet from
anywhere in the classroom. Teachers can
share their desktop screen and HoverCam
image with up to 40 students’ devices including Chromebooks and iPads – allowing
them to view and control the lesson content
directly from their desk.
Solo 8 + 3 user Splashtop 1 year
subscription $629.00 inc GST
Solo 8 + 40 user Splashtop 1 year
subscription $689.00 inc GST
It is twice the camera - Dual camera
configuration lets you shoot Picture-InPicture.
With Microphone
$11.95 inc GST
Shintaro Kids Stereo Headphone
Volume limited (85dB)
Lightweight and durable
Padded ear cups
3.5mm jack
It is twice the output - VGA and USB
video outputs equally in full motion HD
It combines Versatility and Portability - Shoot any A4 sized paper in any
direction while maintaining a nimble
footprint that fits in your briefcase.
It combines a powerful Zoom and Usability - Bring the finest details
into 40x crystal clarity with the touch of your mouse wheel.
It combines Clarity and Speed - See the finest details without blurriness and without delay.
Available in Black, and White.
$499.00 inc GST
$14.95 inc GST
Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 USB
A fully wireless solution!
HoverCam Neo 3
Document Camera
Shintaro Headset
HoverCam Solo 8
Splashtop Bundle
Premium stereo sound
Superior sound with digital USB 2.0 connectivity
Noise cancelling microphone
Comfortable leatherette ear pads
HoverCam Microscope Adapter
The HoverCam Microscope Adapter allows
you to utilize your HoverCam with any
standard monocular microscope.
$44.95 inc GST each
$37.50 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
HoverCam Solo Series
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
HoverCam Solo 8 Ultra
HoverCam Solo 8
The HoverCam Solo
8 is possibly the best
document camera ever
built. It is the world’s first
SuperSpeed USB 3.0
document camera delivering brilliant 8-Megapixel
resolution and stunning
30 frames-per-second
full motion video. With
the HoverCam Solo 8 the
finest of details come to
life and video becomes
captivating and truly
All the capacity of the Solo 8 with great new connectivity and
control features.
Increased connectivity
• Output to HDMI. PC not required.
• Output to VGA. PC not required
• USB 3.0 for super speed PC Connectivity
LCD Viewing Monitor Included
See what your class is seeing without having to turn around.
Control at Your Fingertips
The only document camera with touch screen control. Zoom,
snapshot, record, focus and more with a touch.
$499.00 inc GST
$749.00 inc GST
HoverCam Solo 5
Document Camera
The HoverCam Solo 5 is the bestselling
HoverCam document camera. Its compact and articulated design makes it very
portable and versatile in the classroom
whether it is for live demonstrations,
showing objects in detail or displaying large books. All at a very affordable
price. Its ease of use, versatility and low
cost makes it a must have classroom
• Scan up to A3 size.
• Maximum resolution 2592 x 1944
• 16X digital and 12X mechanical zoom
• USB powered. No external power required.
• Auto focus
• 5MP HD CMOS sensor
• 28cm high when folded and weights 800g
• Includes LED lighting
• 1 year replacement warranty (conditions apply)
HoverCam T3 Document Camera
SAVE 15%
The pioneering HoverCam T3 is still
one of the bestselling document
cameras on the market for Australian
teachers. Its simplicity, ease of use
and low cost makes it a classroom
• USB powered. No external power
• Scan up to A4 size.
• Maximum resolution 2048 x 1536
• 16X digital and 2.5 X mechanical
• Manual focus
• 3MP HD CMOS sensor
• 33cm high when collapsed and
weights 800g
• Includes LED lighting
• 1 year replacement warranty
(conditions apply)
$339.00 inc GST
$429.00 inc GST
The HoverCam Solo 5 has been such a success that we have today
ordered another one. Teachers are finding it invaluable in allowing
students to observe Science demonstrations in the classroom.
They are very happy with the image quality and ease of use of the
instrument. Science Teacher - Our Lady of Mercy College
| www.cdsoft.com.au
Product Highlights
• 8.0 MegaPixel
• Constant 30fps full
motion video
• USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
• Amazing clarity and vibrant picture colour
• Zoom from an A3 sized document to a coin
• Easily conduct live, real-time video presentations
• Record hours of stunning 30fps full motion video for flipped learning
| [email protected]
I purchased the HoverCam T3 some time ago and have found it
an invaluable resource in the classroom…I see applications of this
device in all areas of education and it is simple and quick to set up.
Head of Mathematics - Colo High School
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
educational resources
Promic PA School Pack
All you’ll ever need in one low cost package. Suitable for larger events such
as sports days, carnivals, presentations, fetes etc. Total RRP of the items
included is $2789 - that’s a saving of $794!
This amazing package includes the following:
• 1 x PA-200W Portable PA System
• 1 x 10” Extension Speaker
• 1 x 20m Audio Cable (Speakon to 6.35 mm connectors)
• 2 x Tripod Speaker Stands
• 2 x Wireless Microphone Receivers
• 1 x Handheld Wireless Microphone
• 1 x Wireless Belt Pack Transmitter, Headset & Lapel Microphones (or swap
for second handheld wireless microphone)
• 1 x Dynamic Handheld Wired Microphone & 5m Cable
• 1 x Protective Nylon Cover for PA-200W with Accessory Pockets
$1,995.00 inc GST Save $794.00
Promic Portable Wireless PA Systems
The Promic Portable PA System range features all the inputs schools require with enough
power to suit most uses. What are normally options in other brands such as an ACMA
digitally compliant wireless microphone and wireless receiver, multi-function remote
controlled CD/DVD MP3, media player and more are included at one low affordable price.
Power Output
60W max
Handheld Wireless Microphone Yes
Anti-skip CD/DVD Player
Bluetooth Connectivity
USB Flash Drive Input
SD Card Media Playback
Aux Inputs
Installed Rechargeable Battery Lithium Ion
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)
Protective Cover
Warranty (RTB)
1 Year
Price (inc GST)
Promic PA Accessories
Additional Receiver
Allows the concurrent use of 2 wireless
devices with the PA-60W, PA-120W or
PA-200W at the same time.
60W max
Lithium Ion
1 Year
120W max
Lead Acid
1 Year
Lapel & Headset
Microphone with Belt
Wireless bodypack
transmitter complete
with both lapel and
headset microphone to
suit PA-60W or PA-120W
$169.00 inc GST
200W max
100W RMS
Lead Acid
1 Year
“Your PA Systems are just what the
average teacher needs...nice and
simple...and portable! I love it.”
Tim Knight, ICT Teacher.
Gleeson College
Boom Microphone Stand
Adjustable boom with
fittings for standard corded
microphones and also
broader wireless radio
$79.00 inc GST
$149.00 inc GST
Handheld Wireless Microphone
Additional or replacement handheld
microphone transmitter for PA-60W
or PA-120W
$149.00 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
Lightweight Stand
Lightweight but sturdy
aluminium speaker stand
with tension knobs and
35mm socket
Portable PA Passive
Extension Speaker
Compact, lightweight extension passive speaker suitable
for the PA-200W system.
$79.00 inc GST
$295.00 inc GST
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
Workshop Set
littleBits is the easiest and most extensive
way to learn and prototype with
electronics. They are making hardware
limitless with their award-winning, evergrowing library of electronic modules,
ranging from the very simple (power,
sensors, LED) to the very complex
(wireless, programmable).
SAVE 20%
Now with an extra 60 bits!
The newly reconfigured Workshop Set offers a great value with
160 modules, 20 each of our most popular modules. Suitable
for up to 20 people, it’s the perfect tool for your classroom,
makerspace, library or after-school program.
• Features a comprehensive workshop guide • Easily demonstrate the power of the maker movement and
• Includes official littleBits tacklebox for easy storage and
transport • Perfect for hands-on STEM/STEAM learning
• Supports iterative learning through design challenges
• Access hundreds of projects and lessons available online
$3,995 inc GST
Arduino Starter Kit
Base Kit
Gadgets and Gizmo’s Kit
CloudBit™ Starter Kit
Deluxe Kit
Premium Kit
Space Kit
Synth Kit
Designed to give users a well-rounded introduction to the
wide world of littleBits and inspire a spirit of improvisation
and creativity with electronics. Built-in learnings provide
a jumping off point for further self-propelled explorations,
experiments, and inventions. With 15 individual littleBits
components plus included accessories and materials, the
Gizmos & Gadgets Kit has all you need to get started
$347.95 inc GST
Raspberry Pi Model B 2
Arduino Starter Kit
This kit walks you through the basics of using the Arduino
in a hands-on way. You’ll learn through building several creative
projects. The kit includes a selection of the most common and useful
electronic components with a book of 15 projects. Starting the basics
of electronics, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control
the physical world with sensor and actuators.
GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS an introduction to the concepts you’ll
need to use this kit
design to control panel for your
Get more Raspberry Pi for your money with the new Model B 2.
The new and improved Pi offers:
• 6x Faster – Experience the new Quad Core Broadcom 2836
• Next generation Technology - Benefit from ARMv7
• More Memeory – Enjoy 1GB
LOVE-O-METER measure how
hot-blooded you are
produce any color with a lamp
that uses light as an input
MOOD CUE clue people in to
how you’re doing
$54.95 inc GST
LIGHT THEREMIN create a musical instrument you play by waving your
KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT play music and make some noise with this
DIGITAL HOURGLASS a light-up hourglass that can stop you from
working too much
MOTORIZED PINWHEEL a color wheel that will have your head spinning
RP Starter Kit
• Raspberry Pi Model B 2
• Raspberry Pi Case NEW
• Raspberry Pi - 8G SDHC
Card with 6 operating systems
• Raspberry Pi - Power Supply
• Ethernet Cable 5e - 1m
• HDMI Cable - 1m
$99.95 inc GST
RP Accessories (inc GST)
RP Wi-Fi
RP Camera
USB Optical
USB Mini
7” Touch
Screen NEW
7” Touch
Screen Enclosure
10. ZOETROPE create a mechanical animation you can play forward or
11. CRYSTAL BALL a mystical tour to answer all your tough question
12. KNOCK LOCK tap out the secret code to open the door
13. TOUCHY-FEEL LAMP a lamp that responds to your touch
14. TWEAK THE ARDUINO LOGO control your personal computer from your
15. HACKING BUTTONS create a master control for all your devices!
$219 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
TTS Bee-Bot 6 Pack
The super affordable, programmable robot.
Your stepping stone into the exciting world
of science and technology!
Why Edison?
• Affordable
• FREE open source graphical
programming software
• FREE robotics lesson plans
• FREE robotics activity mat
• FREE EdBooks
• LEGO® compatible
• Easy to use - suitable for all ages
• Built to last
• 6 Rechargeable Bee-Bots
• Recharge-Docking Station
$729.00 inc GST
Who is Edison for?
Edison Robot is for students of all ages. You can learn computer programming just like other
robotics systems which can cost much, much more. Edison is a great resource for teachers as
classroom sets are now very affordable for schools – it’s now possible to have one robot per
student. Edison is the perfect teaching and learning robot for Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM) activities!
What can Edison do?
• Navigate his way around by detecting obstacles
to his left or right
• Be controlled by a standard TV/DVD remote
• Follow a line or stay within a boarder
• Follow a flash light
• Communicate with another Edison using infrared
light – robot swarm anyone?!!
• Play beeps and musical tunes
• Respond to clapping and other loud sounds
• Move in any direction through his differential drive system
Single $65.00
Edison Robot
2 Pack $118.00
10 Pack $489.00 inc GST
Robotron Tami Robot Kits
Bee-Bot Value Bundle
6 x Bee-Bots
1 x Docking Station
1 x Bee-Bot Software - Site License
1 x Bee-Bot Book
- Lets Go with Bee-Bot Lesson Ideas
1 x Bee-Bot Carry Case
1 x Bee-Bot Mat - Australian Money
1 x Bee-Bot Mat - Australia Map
1 x Bee-Bot Mat
- New Zealand Map
1 x Bee-Bot Mat
- Solar System
$1,119 inc GST
Hummingbird Robotics & Coding Kit
Robotron is a company dedicated to robotics education and the
Tami range of robots are made specifically for education, introducing
students to basic robotic concepts in a hands-on, engaging and
fun way. All kits include teaching resource and activity packs to aid
teaching relating to construction, mechanics, electronics, movement,
sensing, programming, problem solving and much more.
Tami Mechanic
Make things move using wheels, gears and a motor.
$86.90 inc GST (Ages 9+)
Tami Smart
Introduce basic programming using 7 pre-programmed movements.
$196.90 inc GST (Ages 9+)
Hummingbird is designed to enable engineering and robotics
activities for ages 13 and up (8 with adult supervision) that involve
the making of robots, kinetic sculptures, and animatronics built out
of a combination of kit parts and crafting materials.
Tami Creative
Combined with very easy-to-use software environments like
Scratch, Snap!, the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, and
Ardublock, Hummingbird provides a great way to introduce kids to
robotics and engineering with construction materials that they are
already familiar with. At the same time, Hummingbird continues to
provide new challenges by allowing programming in the Arduino
environment, Python, Java, and Processing, and by supporting
Raspberry Pi.
A more advanced kit with full
programming capability.
$218.90 inc GST (Ages 11+)
TAMI Pro Starter Kit
Advanced programming using a
drag and drop software.
$207.90 inc GST (Ages 11+)
Duo Base Kit
$306.90 inc GST
Duo Premium Kit $493.90 inc GST
Duo Class Kit
$1,534.50 inc GST
TAMI Pro Extension Kit
$185.90 inc GST (Ages 11+)
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
Robotis Dream Robot Kits
Robotis Bioloid STEM
The Robotis Dream features four levels each introducing a set of
skills and knowledge, whilst building on the previous level.
Each level includes a 12 chapter workbook. Each chapter gives:
• detailed instruction on how to build the robot,
• explains the principles behind each robot and
• contains exercises and questions to reinforce what has been
Level 1 Introduces the basics of robotics
Level 2 Teaches students the basics of how a robot moves
Level 3 Includes a controller. Teaches the principles of servo motor
control, using the touch sensor, IR sensors, and LED
Level 4 Includes a Bluetooth remote control. Extends students
basic knowledge of programming giving them the skills to
enter competitions.
$179.95 inc GST each level.
Level 2 and higher levels require all parts from all lower levels.
Robotis DARwin-Mini
The STEM kit has modular hardware, so you can build 7
different predesigned robots or go on to design your own
robot. The Exapnsion Kit can then be added to the basic
STEM kit to allow a further 9 robots to be constructed.
Combine that with the versatile and easy-to-program CM-530
controller and you’ll find yourself building robots in no time!
You can easily load pre-programmed behaviours to your robot
using the RoboPlus software and even rewrite and load your
own custom behaviours!
Bioloid STEM Kit
– Standard (7 Robots)
$569.95 inc GST
Bioloid STEM Kit
– Expansion (9 Robots)
$399.95 inc GST
Robotis Bioloid Premium Kit
3D printable & programmable humanoid robot kit
The all new DARwIn-Mini can be controlled by smartphone (Android
and iOS) and by voice command. The bot’s software is open source
allowing for free distribution in your school. Its parts are 3D printable
so you could easily 3D print different coloured feet, hands, or legs
with vibrant filament colours to personalise your bot! DARwIn-Mini
also has neat embedded LEDs to enhance its activities. You can
use the bot with the pre-programmed features on the mobile app
or program DARwIn-Mini yourself with the easy-to-use, C-based
RoboPlus software.
The Bioloid Premium Kit has everything needed to build one of the
top performing humanoid robots available today. Lightning quick
moves really sets this ‘bot ahead of the pack!
$819.00 inc GST
• Excellent humanoid walking performance
• Various sensors including Gyro, Distance ranger, IR and external
IO ports for adding your own sensors
• Remote control capability - Zigbee wireless included!
• C-Style programming & motion teaching with the free RoboPlus
• Transparent humanoid skin for customization
• Digital Packet communication with daisy chain topology
• Building various robots using versatile expansion mechanism
$849.00 inc GST with Bluetooth
$1,899.00 inc GST
DARwIn-Mini comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is
compatible with the BIOLOID STEM robotics system. You’ll need a
bluetooth module on your computer to program your DARwIn-Mini.
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
educational resources
Power Anchor
The Power Anchor is a smart way of delivering power to car, ground effect vehicles and aircraft design projects.
The vehicle designs can be kept simple and when it comes to testing, results are more reliable because many
of the variables are removed.
The Power Anchor is classroom tested and classroom ready. Designed by teachers for teachers, the particular
needs of the learning environment have been kept in mind.
• It is portable with the four 6V batteries fully enclosed in the base, there is no need to plug it in.
• It is sturdy, made from tough materials.
• It is easy enough to use that even young students can work independently.
• And it looks great which adds to the classroom excitement when doing project work.
$764.50 inc GST
Power Anchor Projects
The best way to understand a problem is to go make something and put it to the test. With these five
great projects your students will learn about dynamics from first principles. It’s all about making quick
working models, testing them, recording results and modifying the design. All Power Anchor projects
are fully resourced with teaching tips, student notes, outcomes, teaching programme, and classroom
video as well as some with extra tutorials on CNC work and 3D modelling.
Teaching Resource Pack - Single Project $159.50 inc GST each
Teaching Resource Pack - All 5 Projects $495.00 inc GST
A propeller driven
car made from
modelling foam.
Learn about speed,
thrust, acceleration and
terminal velocity.
Class Parts Pack
$247.50 inc GST
Downforce Racer
A geared racing car
that uses downforce
to maximise
performance. Ideal
CNC project.
Class Parts Pack
$363.00 inc GST
Focus on Design Technology Series
Focus Educational digital
resources are designed
by experienced teaching
professionals and as a
result we believe that their
products are truly useful to
both teachers and students
Titles available:
• Fairground Rides
• Food Technology NEW
• Mechanical Toys
• Metals
• Mechanisms
• Plastics
• Resistant Materials
• Wood Joints
Each product sold separately with an unlimited site licence
4 pack
5 pack
6 pack $1,099.00
7 pack $1,249.00
8 pack $1,399.00
| www.cdsoft.com.au
BONUS – With each unlimited site
licence purchased you will receive
a free one year subscription to the
online DT Apps Pack valued at
$49.00. Compatible with all devices
| [email protected]
Race & Chase
Easy to make pulley
driven vehicle. Use
different pulleys sizes
for speed or power.
Set up races and
Class Parts Pack
$412.50 inc GST
Use any materials you
can get your hands on
to make a flying car. You
will need to do lots of
modifications and testing
to get success.
Class Parts Pack
$264.00 inc GST
Make your aircraft, test
it and learn about flight
from first principles.
Challenge your friends
to a ‘dog fight’.
Class Parts Pack
$190.00 inc GST
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7
With a fresh look, new
must-have tools and
major feature enhancements, CorelDRAW
Graphics Suite X7 opens
up a world of new creative possibilities. Corel
have designed several
new workspaces that
reflect your natural workflow, so that everything
is right where you need
it, when you need it.
Whether you’re creating
graphics and layouts,
editing photos or designing websites, this
complete suite of graphic
design software helps
you design your way.
• Vector illustration & page layout
• Versatile drawing and tracing tools
• Works with most laser cutters
Single (DVD)
16 Licence
$129.95 inc GST
$749.00 inc GST
Site Licence - 12 Month Subscription $1,490.00 inc GST
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
Wacom Intuos
The innovative
Wacom Intuos Pro
Pen Tablet gives
you the power to
produce professional
results. Combining
high-tech pen capabilities
with intuitive multi-touch
gestures it delivers the finest in
precision and control of traditional
brushes, pens and markers with professional software. Available in
three sizes, it delivers a natural, intuitive experience that extends you
creative capabilities.
The new range of Intuos Pen & Touch tablets consist of four models:
Intuos Art, Intuos Comic, Intuos Photo and Intuos Draw (pen only).
Each model includes free creative software as well as additional
training and offers. The pen tablets, which have an ergonomic
design, come in two different sizes (small and medium), a choice of
colours (white, blue and black) and a pen or ‘pen & touch’ version –
with a wireless connection kit as an optional accessory.
• Interface: USB, Wireless RF
• Pen Technology: Cordless, Battery-Free, Ergonomic Pen
• Accuracy (Pen): 0.010 in (0.25 mm)
• Pressure Sensitivity Levels: 2048
• Tilt Range: ±60° (±50° on Intuos Pro small)
• Resolution: 5080 lpi (200 lines/mm)
• Maximum Report Rate: 200 points/second
• Touch Capability: Wacom Touch Technology, capable of detecting
up to 10 fingers
The new range offers 1,024 pen pressure-sensitivity levels, multitouch capability and four customisable ExpressKeys.
Intuos Draw - This tablet is designed for beginners.
Intuos Art - For users with more advanced painting and artistic
Free Downloadable Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11,
Autodesk SketchBookExpress, Anime Studio Debut 8, Corel Painter
90 day trial, Nik Color Efex Pro 4 Select Edition.
Intuos Photo - The pressure sensitive pen that comes with the
Intuos Photo offers a new level of accuracy and control.
Intuos Comic - This tablet is specifically designed for comic fans.
Intuos Pro Small
Intuos Pro Medium
Intuos Pro Large
Please call or email us for pricing and availability
Wacom Cintiq
The new Cintiq® creative pen displays
set a new standard in color and
The most natural form of creative
expression meets an advanced interface
design that re-imagines the creative
workflow so you don’t have to adapt to
the tool - the tool adapts to you.
Cintiq 13HD
Cintiq 13HD Touch
Cintiq 22HD
Cintiq 22HD Touch
Cintiq 27QHD
Cintiq 27QHD Touch
Cintiq 27 Ergo Stand
All prices include GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
$24.00 inc GST
$29.00 inc GST
$42.00 inc GST
Wacom Intuos & Cintiq
| [email protected]
$299.95 inc GST
$399.95 inc GST
$599.95 inc GST
Intuos Pro Medium
10 Pack + FREE Art Pen
Wacom Intuos
Carry Case
SAVE 15%
Wacom Intuos Pro
inc GST
Art Pen
Pro Pen
Inking Pen
Slim Pen
Grip Pen
Exclusive to CD-Soft
Purchase a 10 pack and
receive an Art Pen Free!
Valued at $145.00 the Art
Pen gives you pressure,
tilt and rotational sensitivity
enabling you fully emulate
brush and pen strokes.
$2,995.00 inc GST
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
educational resources
Stop Motion Pro Eclipse
Stop Motion Pro Eclipse
has been developed
with studios, schools
and independent animators around the world.
It is the culmination of
years of experience in
the industry.
• New interface easier
to use than ever
• Mix dozens of sound tracks with multi track audio
• Create flying effects with rig removal tools
• Paint over the frames to include light sabre effects etc
• Blend live action with animation using blue / green screen
• Found in hundreds of schools across Australia, creating
impressive animation in K-12 classrooms.
“Using Eclipse was great fun. I could fully concentrate on
my animation, usability is very intuitive. I was even able to
add audio for the first time” - Luca, 12
Stop Motion Pro Eclipse SD
Microsoft LifeCam Studio
Enjoy a superior HD video quality with the
LifeCam Studio, which includes a 1080p HD
sensor. But great video is about more than
HD. Keep your subject crisp with autofocus,
from 100mm to infinity. Shoot with great
accuracy in wide angle with the LifeCam
precision glass element lens. And, to
make filming even easier, LifeCam features
TrueColor Technology, which means your video remains bright and
colorful in virtually all light conditions while ClearFrame Technology
provides smooth and detailed footage. Use the built-in High-Fidelity
Microphone to bring it all together: the vivid sights, colours, and
sounds of real life.
Recommended by Stop Motion Pro.
$74.95 inc GST
Suitable for all compact
and media sized cameras
• Adjustable height
and three-way head
allow for creative
camera angles
• Quick-release
head allows you to
remove your camera quickly and
• Lightweight design makes it
perfect for travel
$9.95 inc GST
$89.00 inc GST
Stop Motion Pro Eclipse HD
3 Pack
3 Pack
10 Pack
10 Pack
Upgrade pricing available
Sony Tripod
Hue-Cam with Hue Animation
StopMotion Studio 4
Hue Animation
Hue Animation is a
powerful tailor-made
animation program,
ideal for use by anyone
from novice animators
creating their very
first film, through to
experienced animators
looking for a fully
featured animation
Great for
education and
school projects.
combines the
power of your
PC and stopmotion animation
to bring figures,
objects or
drawings to
life. Creating
stop-motion animation not only encourages the development of storytelling, it also provides an opportunity for kids to use the PC as a movie
production tool.
Hue-Cam HD
webcam with microphone
• Flexible stand
• Plug into stand or directly into computer
• Records video and sound directly to computer
• 10x zoom
• Snapshot button
• Full 360° rotation
• Special background effects Bundle
• Special lens effects
• Built-in USB microphone
Available colours; Red, White,
Black, Blue, Green, Pink
$218.90 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
6 x Hue-Cam’s with Hue Animation
6 x Animation Modelling Clay
$1,269 inc GST
| [email protected]
• Storyboard - View the frames in sequence for easy editing.
• Chroma Key - Add blue/green screen effects to your video.
• Audio Synchronization - Import audio or record your own audio and
easily synchronize recorded audio to specific frames.
• HD support - Resolution up to 1920 X 1080.
Requires HD webcam or camcorder.
• Display Screen - Capture images using
webcam, digital camera, camcorder,
and more.
• Capture Tools - Control brightness and
other camera settings.
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
Reallusion iClone 6
Traditional animation requires expert skills and neck-breaking frameby-frame editing, but not anymore thanks to CrazyTalk Animator.
Students can now easily import their own photos, or scanned text
book images to create full-body characters with automatic facial
animation and puppeteering motions. With this complete 2D animation tool, you can also drag & drop to build sets with sceneries and
props, control your camera, and make characters perform to tell a
story the way you see in a cartoon movie.
Standard + NEW
Essential Content
Library 2
Pro + NEW
Essential Content
Library 3
10 Pack
10 Pack
30 pack
30 pack
50 pack
50 pack
Windows and Mac compatible.
Upgrade licences available.
Comic Life 3 Education
Save 10%
iClone is a real-time
3D animation tool
with digital actors,
visual effects, drag
& drop editing,
powerful physics
and Microsoft Kinect-ready motion
capture; designed
for rapid production, creative education and cost-effective
Pro + NEW
Essential Content
Library 3
Why choose iClone?
• iClone meets the needs of today’s
10 Pack
educators by developing professionals
30 pack
with well-rounded talents for many
50 pack
• With iClone, students can unleash their
inner talents and deliver results in weeks
which would normally take years with
other traditional 3D tools.
• By streamlining the animation process,
iClone allows teachers to create
engaging courses while allowing
students to learn by having fun.
• Includes the Essential Content Library
Windows compatible.
that gets you using iClone immediately
Upgrade licences
in your classroom.
Kid Pix Deluxe 3D
Ages: All • PlasQ
Comic Life 3 is the ultimate
app for creating comics
with your digital images.
• The new script editor lets
you get the story straight
or create a new story
from scratch.
• Great looking templates
are available to make
layout fast and our
• The new filtering technology makes turning your photos into
comic panels a snap.
• Full balloon and lettering control lets you get the text where you
need it and looking awesome.
• And all the sharing options you need are included.
Comic Life 3 Education
Comic Life 3
Education Upgrade
10-24 (each)
10-24 (each)
25-99 (each)
25-99 (each)
100-249 (each)
100-249 (each)
New Features In This
• Transform animated
pictures and slide
shows into 3D movies
• Set the scene with
dozens of rich,
multi-layered 3D
• Transport your cast to
foreign lands with 100
video backgrounds
• Easy path animation
tools let your 3D
characters move and interact
• Put yourself in the picture with
video narration and costume
• Publish your Kid Pix animated
3D adventures directly to
• Make stop-action films by
adding slides directly to your
slide shows
• Use dual audio tracks to add
both narration and music to
your stories.
Upgrade pricing available
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
Kid Pix Deluxe 3D
2-20 (each)
21-50 (each)
51-99 (each)
100-499 (each)
Network 50
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
Corel Painter 2016
As the industry’s most expressive digital
paint program, Corel Painter allows artists to
explore their creativity and produce stunning
artwork with ease. Painter 2016 continues
to push what’s possible in digital art with
131 new brushes, streamlined workflow and
enhanced learning tools. Innovative brush
technologies such as Audio Expression and
Dynamic Speckles, impressive performance
enhancements and new ways to customize
the user interface make Painter 2016 a dramatic leap forward in the world of digital art.
Corel Pinnacle Studio 18.5
Corel VideoStudio Pro X8.5
Pinnacle Studio 18.5 Ultimate offer native
64-bit performance and enhanced productivity across your entire video editing experience. Select the version that’s right for your
workflow and take advantage of a new 64-bit
architecture, Intel Quick Sync optimizations,
a streamlined interface and new music from
Triple Scoop Music. For users looking for
maximum video editing power, Pinnacle
Studio 18.5 Ultimate also offers new 4K Ultra
HD Smart Encoding, support for XAVC S (HD
and 4K HD), enhanced Live Screen Capture
and valuable extras from NewBlue.
The new VideoStudio Pro X8 give users
even more power and options to unleash
their creativity and make amazing videos.
VideoStudio X8 brings together new tools, intelligent features and enhanced performance
including Freeze Frame and Video Masking,
Audio Ducking for pro-quality sound, and
4K hardware acceleration that’s more than 4
times faster on 5th gen Intel Core processors. Corel VideoStudio X8 is the industry’s
most creative and easy-to-use consumer
video editing software.
SAVE 25%
Adobe Photoshop
Elements 14
Adobe Premiere
Elements 14
Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
Buy a 1 year subscription and lock in this
price for 3 years. Save 25%.
With the 2015 release of Creative Cloud,
all your favourite desktop apps have
been transformed to help you work faster
and more efficiently with innovations like
artboards in Photoshop, performance boosts
in Illustrator and InDesign, and new touch
features in even more of our apps. And now
their power extends to your devices with
connected mobile apps, so you can go out
and capture inspiration, sample the world
around you and make something incredible.
If you’re still using Creative Suite, there’s
never been a better time to step up to
Creative Cloud. Offer ends November 27th
1 year “Lock In” device licences
1-49 seats
$239.00 inc GST each
50-249 seats
$209.00 inc GST each
| www.cdsoft.com.au
Smartphone selfies. Tablet landscapes.
Posed portraits and quick candids.
You take more photos than ever before.
Keep focusing on the memories —Adobe
Photoshop Elements 14 will make them
look great. Make quick edits, add artistic
touches and do fun transformations that
will wow your friends and family. Show your
creative side in beautiful scrapbook pages
and cards. Share to favorite social sites.
And with all your photos at your fingertips,
you can relive any memory at any moment.
5+ Licences $94.95 inc GST each
| [email protected]
Smartphone clips. Tablet scenes. Action
cam and handheld footage. You shoot more
video than ever before. Keep focusing on
the memories — Adobe Premiere Elements
will make them look great. Make quick movies your way, and add style like a pro. Share
on disc, HDTV, YouTube and Facebook.
And with all your videos at your fingertips,
you can relive any memory at any moment.
5+ Licences $94.95 inc GST each
Adobe Photoshop & Premier Elements 14
5+ Licences $159.95 inc GST each
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
Corel Academic Site Licence
educational resources
Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum
With no software reporting
requirements or maximum
restriction on the number of
computers, you can install as
many copies as you need,
making it easy for educators and
teachers to introduce a multimedia
dimension to any subject.
CorelDRAW, Painter, VideoStudio, PaintShop Pro, PDF Fusion
Smart phones make it easy to make movies. And Movie
Studio makes it even easier to make those movies
stand out. With a streamlined workflow, powerful editing
tools, and a vast array of video and audio effects, the
art of moviemaking is right at your fingertips. Add titles
and music. Add color correction and transitions. Movie
Studio offers all the tools and features you’ll need to put
your masterpiece together, fast.
Primary School Subscription
1 year subscription
$745.00 inc GST
3 year subscription $1,780.00 inc GST
Secondary School Standard Subscription
1 year subscription $1,490.00 inc GST
3 year subscription $3,560.00 inc GST
Sony Movie Studio 13
Corel Classroom Licence
An affordable 15+1 seat “class and teacher” licence pack. Inc GST.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7
CorelCAD 2015
Painter 2016
PaintShop Pro X8
Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate
VideoStudio Pro X8
Windows 7/8/10
| www.cdsoft.com.au
Windows 7/8/10
Academic Licences (Download)
Chroma Key Basic Kit
$449.00 inc GST
Backdrop Clips
High quality muslin
backdrops available
in several sizes and
• Blue • Green • Black • White
3 x 2m $69.95 inc GST
3 x 3m $89.95 inc GST
3 x 6m $169.95 inc GST
Reallusion Virtual Newsroom
Muslin Backdrops
Reallusion Virtual Newsroom includes all the
software tools, 3D content and special effects you
need to create your very own virtual 3D newsroom
or studio.
Reallusion Virtual Newsroom includes the new
iClone 6 Pro, popVideo Converter 2 software and
the new 3DVFX Power Packs. Use your Chroma
Key Basic Kit with popVideo to quickly add yourself
and your students to your virtual set and use 3D
VFX packages to create to your own unique virtual
3D classroom or Studio.
Package includes;
• iClone 6 PRO
• 3D VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 1
• 3D VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 2
• 3D VFX - Motion Montage Vol. 1
• 3D VFX - Motion Montage Vol. 2
• Motion Montage Vol.3 Flying Logo
• popVideo Converter 2
Sony Movie Studio 13
Platinum Suite
endless creative
possibilities for
digital content
creation in any
classroom. This
simple kit utilises a
green cloth background with stand, and
four softbox lights with stands.
Keep your backdrop tight for optimum
results using special clips.
The kit comprises;
• 1 x Pop-up Stand
• 1 x Green Cloth Screen 3m x 2m
• 4 x Cool Running Softbox Lights &
• 4 x Backdrop Clips
Set of two $19.95 inc GST
$878.90 inc GST
| [email protected]
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
Ages:12-18 • Eastmond Publishing
Bring Maths to Life! From secondary school to university.
• Lessons are more exciting and effective with Autograph’s dynamic,
interactive and visual approach.
• Built-in 3min tutorials from Year 7 to advance calculus show you how.
• The best and most intuitive interface for both teachers and students.
• The only maths software perfectly suited to Interactive Whiteboards and
• The only maths software with SLOW PLOT option: an essential tool to
assist learning.
“I think our kids deserve the best and
I know that Autograph is the king,
queen and jack of Maths teaching
programmes.” Bill Newell, Australia
“...Autograph is an essential tool
for secondary and college maths
Chris Drage, EC&T
Extended licence allows for
student laptop use.
Ideal Resources - Secondary Maths Pack
Autograph Activities
An inspiring new series of books by CN Barton
Two books with CD-ROMs
• Lessons are more exciting and effective with Autograph’s
dynamic, interactive and visual approach.
• Built-in 3-Minute Tutorials from Year 7 to advanced calculus
show you how.
• The best and most intuitive interface for both teachers and
• Perfectly suited to Interactive Whiteboards and tablets.
• Only software with SLOW PLOT option: an essential tool to
assist learning.
Sample pages are available for download.
Please email [email protected]
Teacher Demonstrations for 16-19
$69.95 inc GST
Student Investigations for 16-19
$69.95 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
| [email protected]
Ages:12-18 • Ideal Resources
An interactive
teaching resource
designed for
all types of
whiteboards and
data projectors.
Activities include:
Area & Perimeter,
Coin Breaker, Fractions, Function Machine, Line Graph, Pie
Chart, Polygon, Powerlines, Probability, Reflect-a-Sketch, Sketch
& Reflect, Symmetrical Patterns, Translation, Venn Diagrams, &
many more ...
• Get students thinking with an oral
or mental starter. A high degree
of interactivity keeps the lesson
engaging and relevant.
• Interactive games and activities allow
you to develop teaching points,
initiate class discussion, or test
knowledge and check understanding.
• Plenary activities provide plenty of
opportunity for applying skills and
knowledge, and for discussion of
important concepts
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Newbyte Software Series
Sunflower Software Series
Software to help you teach!
Sunflower Multimedia for Science is a suite
of curriculum-focused programmes designed
to help you tackle tricky topics in secondary
biology, chemistry and physics.
You can buy as many programmes as you
wish to suit your teaching needs and your
Established in 1985, Newbyte is an Educational Software company specialising in the
development of simulation style software. They feel that the teacher is the best person to decide
on how their students will be taught a particular subject area and seek to provide simulations to
help you get your message across to your students.
Free 7 days trials available for selected titles. All software is Windows and Mac compatible UON.
All pricing includes an unlimited site licence and GST.
Try them online:
Newbyte Biology Series
Arid Adaptation - Plants V1
DNA Lab V3
Drosophila Genetics Lab V6
Enzyme Lab V6
Evolution V3
Food Webs: Australian Woodlands V4 Save 20% $262.90
Food Webs: Ponds V1 (Windows only)
Natural Selection - Series (All 3 below)
Natural Selection - Peppered Moths V3
Natural Selection - Frogs V3
Natural Selection - Beetles V3
Pea Plant Genetics Lab V6
Rocky Shore Ecology V5 Save 20%
Newbyte Chemistry Series
Newbyte Physics Series
Acid/Base Titrations V4
Radioactivity - Series (All 3 below) V2 $412.50
Electrochemical Cells V1 (Win Only) $328.90
Radioactivity - Penetration V2
Enzyme Lab V6
Radioactivity - Distance V2
Gas Equilibrium V2
Radioactivity - a Scattering V2
Haber Process - Advanced V2
Sulfuric Acid Production V1
5MP USB Digital Microscope
Atoms & Ions
Chemical Reactions
Elements, Compounds
and Mixtures
Periodic Tables
Rates of Reaction
Solids, Liquids & Gases
Chemistry Pack
All 9 programs
+ 2 tools
A USB microscope with a simple but
incredibly useful stand that allows you to
make fine adjustments to the vertical height
of the microscope. The microscope can be
easily removed for the stand from situations
which demand it.
• Still image resolution: 2592x1944,
maximum pixels
• Video capture resolution: 1280x960
• Light source: 8 x LEDs with adjustable
• Magnification ratio: 10x, 300x
• Compatible with WinXP/Vista/7/8, Mac
• Bundled software: Microcapture Pro with
measurement function
Forces and Motion
Motors and Generators
Simple Circuits
Earth in Space
Nuclear Physics
| [email protected]
Biology Pack
All 9 programs
+ 2 tools
Data Analyser
Resource Builder
Buy all 29
only $4589
Physics Pack
All 9 programss
+ 2 tools
Each tool sold separately
$159.00 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
Predator Prey
| Freecall 1800 634 050
Available online
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
educational resources
iRig Voice
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, newer Mac models and
Android devices
• Compact cardioid pattern minimizes feedback
• Constructed of durable, lightweight thermoplastic
• Available in 5 colours: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White
• Comes with EZ Voice app
• Works with dozens of karaoke, sing-along and music making apps
• Headphone jack for real-time monitoring
• Convenient on/off switch located on the mic
iKlip XPand Stand
The iKlip Xpand Stand, expandable tabletop riser stand, is
designed to securely hold your
iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, Android
device or other tablet with a
screen size between 178mm
and 307mm above keyboards,
mixers, DJ gear, notes and other
tools. It’s an all-in-one solution
that’s as useful for musicians as
it is for small business owners,
public speakers, professionals
and anyone else who needs a
sturdy way to secure their tablet
for everyday use.
$59.95 inc GST each
• Desktop riser stand that adjusts to fit iPad, iPad mini and other 178
to 317mm tablets
• Sturdy and robust thermoplastic design with metal-reinforced base
• Includes tabletop clamp
• Tall enough to fit a keyboard, mixer or other device underneath it
• Two independent articulations for maximum flexibility
• Adjustable viewing angle
• Orientation can be easily switched from portrait to landscape
Also available (inc GST)
$114.95 inc GST
iRig Mic
iRig Mic Field
iRig Mic Cast
iRig Mic HD
iRig Mic Studio $269.95
MFI USB to Lightning Cable
• MFI certification
ensures quality
and reliability
• High-speed
charge - 2.4
• 1m cable length
Also available iKlip Grip $99.95 inc GST
A selfie stick on steroids this multifunctional smartphone & camera
video stand/selfie-stick/tripod with Bluetooth shutter is everything you
need in one beautifully designed package.
Bluelounge USB to Lightning
Snugg iPad Air Black 360
Bluetooth Keyboard Case
• Recommended for use when only a little
length is needed eg Griffin PowerDock 5
• Braided to prevent tangling and twisting
• 20cm cable length
$21.95 inc GST
$29.95 inc GST
Griffin Cable Kits
USB to Lightning
(10 Pack) $199.00
inc GST
Kensington USB
to Lightning
The Bluetooth keyboard also doubles
up as a protective case for your tablet,
covering all edges and corners. There
are cut-outs for all cameras and ports,
so you’ll still be able to charge your iPad
Air up while it’s in the Bluetooth keyboard
case. Also included is a convenient, builtin stylus pen, which clicks in and out of
the side of the keyboard for ease of use.
• Designed for use with the Kensington
Charge & Sync Cabinet
• 165mm long
• 360 degree rotating iPad stand.
• Built-in stylus pen.
• USB charging cable included.
USB to 30 Pin
(10 Pack) $99
inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
(10 Pack)
$199.95 inc GST
| [email protected]
$79.95 inc GST
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
Snugg iPad Air
Silicone Non Slip Case
The easy to fit, soft silicone provides
the perfect Snugg fit, covering all of the
most vulnerable parts of your iPad Air.
All of its important sockets and buttons
are left exposed for easy access, and
you can also plug in your Lightning cable
without removing the iPad Air from its
case. What’s more, we’ve designed
our Squared range to give you robust
protection with minimal bulk, and you’ll be
amazed at just how slim this case is.
SAVE 10%
Bounce Skin
Bounce is a cost effective pure silicon
protective case with integrated air chamber
protection. This case is designed specifically
for rugged environments including K-12
classroom and one to one iPad initiatives.
• Form-fitting silicone provides precise fit
and maximum protection
• Air-filled chambers deliver extraordinarily
unique cushioning
• Full access to all media controls while in
the iPad case
• Never Slip Grip
Colours available: Black and Red
iPad Air 1
iPad Air 2
$33.95 inc GST
$33.95 inc GST
iPad 2, 3, 4
iPad Air 1
$49.95 inc GST
$49.95 inc GST
Drop Tech
SAVE 10%
• Complete protection, including screen
and port covers
• Rigid internal frame protects against
drops. (Tested from 1.8m on concrete)
• Outer Silicone skin absorbs shock and
vibration with Reinforced bumpers
• Integrated and replaceable screen shield
prevents scratches
• Full access to touch ID technology on
iPad Air 2 case
iPad 2, 3, 4
iPad Mini
iPad Air 1
iPad Air 2
$89.95 inc GST
$69.95 inc GST
$79.95 inc GST
$79.95 inc GST
SAVE 30%
Gripcase Shield
Griffin Survivor
for iPad
• Continuous Channel Guard around
perimeter doubles as hand holds
• Sound Forward system improves
speaker and microphone clarity and
• Accepts and protects straight and 90
degree headphone jacks
• 13mm corner holes allow tethering,
securing and use of standard duffel strap
iPad Air 1
iPad Air 2
iPad Mini
$47.95 inc GST
$56.95 inc GST
$47.95 inc GST
| www.cdsoft.com.au
Tested and certified to meet or exceed US
Department of Defense Standard 810F,
Griffin’s Survivor Military-Duty Case is
designed from the inside out to protect your
iPad from extreme conditions ... dirt, sand,
rain, shock, vibration and a host of other
environmental factors.
Colours available: Black, Black/Blue,
Black/Pink (not all colours available for all
iPad Air 1
iPad Air 2
iPad Mini
| [email protected]
$69.95 inc GST
$69.95 inc GST
$55.95 inc GST
Logitech BLOK Shell
for Air 2
Protective iPad Shell designed for everyday
Minimal design, maximum protection
Drop protection (up to 1.8m)
Square corners to absorb force
Includes a screen protector to minimise
• Easy-access ports
• 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
Colours available: Black, Red & Teal
$44.95 inc GST
| Freecall 1800 634 050
| FreeFax 1800 111 050
educational resources
educational resources
Bretford iPad PowerSync Solutions
Bretford products set the new standard with ground-breaking features
that allow you to remotely check connected devices, freeing up time
for you to focus on other tasks.
Remote Status - The PowerSync app for iPhone alerts you when
devices are fully charged.
Full-Time Full-Rate Charging - Provides maximum charging rate,
even while connected to your Mac.
Next Generation Security - Beyond the all steel construction, the
PowerSync Cart can notify you when devices are removed.
Ready To Go - With pre-installed Lightning cables, simply plug in the
cart and it’s ready to go, right out of the box.
Versatile - Offers greater capacity in a tighter footprint. The
completely redesigned divider system is reconfigurable offering
maximum flexibility for protective cases.
Warranty - 12 years (2 years for electronics)
Bretford PowerSync Station 20
Bretford PowerSync Cart 20
Bretford PowerSync Cart 40
$2,799.00 inc GST
$3,199.00 inc GST
$4,399.00 inc GST
Griffin MultiDock 2
• Space-efficient, securable charging and
storage for iOS and Android devices.
• Individual colour-changing LEDs
indicate charging and syncing status for
each bay
• Charges tablets even in bulky cases
• Slot Dimensions: 28cm Deep x
3.17cm Wide x 20.3cm Tall
10 Bay $995.00 inc GST
ISIS Charge/Sync/Store Units
This is where tablets go to recover from a hard day’s learning.
Provides sync, charging and secure storage for 15 or 30 devices
concealed in what looks like an ordinary cupboard with space at the
top for your laptop. Lockable doors which fold back 270 degrees for
easy access.
Configuration - Available as a stationary cupboard or mobile trolley.
Shelf slot size (mm) is 272d x 210w x 32h. Suits most cases.
Charge & Sync - (iPad only) Intelligent charge and sync technology
detects each connected device and determines the optimum charge
settings - so each device will charge just as fast as if it were plugged
directly into a wall socket. Supports any device which is USB
chargeable. Mains chargers & USB cables not included.
Warranty - 5 years (2 years for electronics)
Pricing (inc GST)
Charge Only
Charge & Sync (iPad Only)
15 Bay
30 Bay
Pricing is the same for cupboard and mobile units.
SAVE 10%
SAVE $150
Charge and Sync 10 Bay
Order your Griffin MultiDock
30 Bay before 30/11/ 2015 to
receive a FREE Griffin PowerDock 5 valued at $129.95!
30 Bay $3,195.00 inc GST
• Adjustable shelves allows for tablets in
their protective rugged cases
• Holds up to 10 tablets for secured
storage, charging and syncing
• Stack up to 3 cabinets and sync up to
30 tablets with a separate USB hub.
USB cable included.
• Can hold iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Kindles,
and other iOS and Android devices
• Tamper-resistant, retracting door opens
wide for easy access
• Built-in cooling fan to avoid overheating
charging tablets
• Individual lock keys included. Master
Access keys can be ordered (Please
contact us for details).
(Includes trolley and laptop tray)
Griffin PowerDock5
• Store and charge 5 iPads, iPhones or iPod
touches simultaneously
• Space-saving design for your countertop
• Output: 10 watts (5 volts DC @ 2.1 amps)
for each charging bay
• Cables not included
• Accommodates iPad tablets in their cases
$129.95 inc GST
$699.00 inc GST
...It just makes life easier.
iQ 10 Charging Station
Charge, store and secure up to 10 iPad,
iPad Air, iPad mini or any other compatible
Tablet devices. Featuring the 5-slot Baskets
by PC Locs, the iQ 10 Charging Station provides portability compared to the traditional
What’s in the box:
• iQ 10 Charging Station with two preinstalled USB Power Supply’s
• Two 5-slot Baskets
• 3m extension cord
• Keyed padlock
• Instruction manuals
$749.00 inc GST
iQ 10 Sync
Charge Station
Sync, charge, store and secure up to 10
iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini or other compatible
Tablet devices. Featuring the 5-slot Baskets
by PC Locs, the iQ 10 Sync Charge Station
provides portability compared to the traditional cabinet.
What’s in the box:
• iQ 10 Sync Charge Station with two preinstalled iQ 5 Sync Charge Boxes
• Two 5-slot Baskets
• 3m extension cord
• One USB host cable
• Keyed padlock
• Instruction manuals
$959.00 inc GST
Carrier 10
Charging Station
$799.00 inc GST
Sync, charge, store, secure and transport
up to 20 iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and
other compatible Tablet devices. Featuring
Baskets by PC Locs, the iQ 20 Cart is a
great alternative to the traditional cabinet on
$2,879 inc GST
iQ 30 Cart
$3,729 inc GST
Revolution ECO Laptop
Carrier Carts
The Carrier
10 Charging
Station is
designed to
make Tablet,
Laptop or iPad deployments easier and
quicker. The new 5-slot Baskets by PC
Locs allow the users to deploy banks of 5
devices at once.
What’s in the box:
• Carrier 10 Charging Station with two
5-way overload protection Power
Distribution Units
• 3m extension cord
• Two Larger 5-slot Baskets
• Stainless Steel Device Rack for larger
Chromebooks, Laptops and other
devices (introductory offer)
• Padlock and keys
• Instruction manuals
iQ 20 Cart
Carrier 20 Cart $1,799 inc GST
The Revolution ECO Range is the perfect
solution for managing multiple banks of
Laptops or Chromebooks.
• Charge up to 16 or 28 Laptops or
Chromebooks simultaneously
• One time adjustable shelf allows you to
make the Trolley suitable for any size
Laptop or Chromebook.
• Dual side storage for quick and easy
• Designed for passive ventilation to
minimise heat during charging
Carrier 30 Cart $2,129 inc GST
16 Bay $1,699.00 inc GST
Carrier 40 Cart $2,449 inc GST
28 Bay $2,599.00 inc GST
The Carrier Carts are designed to make
Tablet, Chromebook or Laptop deployments
easier and quicker. The new 5-slot Baskets
allow the users to deploy banks of 5 devices
at once.
educational resources
How to Order
Order Form
Unit Price
Purchase Order
Schools are able to order on
account. No time consuming
application required! Simply order
online with your order number
or email, fax or post your official
school purchase order and we’ll
send a tax invoice. Payment
terms are 14 days.
Credit Card
Credit card purchases are
• Online – www.cdsoft.com.au
• Phone - 1800 634 050
• Fax – 1800 111 050
• Email – [email protected]
We aim to dispatch all orders we
receive the same day if the items
are in stock. Bulkier items may be
direct shipped from our suppliers.
Pricing Subject to Change
We make every effort to ensure that our pricing is correct
at the time of publishing. If prices do change we reserve
the right to change our pricing accordingly. We will notify
you of such changes prior to processing your order.
Freight will be charged on a cost recovery basis and will
depend on the total weight or volume of your order. Please
call or email for pricing. Minimum charge $13.20.
For software orders
Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________________
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educational resources
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