May 2015 - National CPS Certification

May 2015 - National CPS Certification
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May 2015
Announcements and Notices
Program Reminders
Just For Instructors
CEU Corner
Training Seat - Custom-built training seats for CPS classes
Seats include a variety of seat belt systems, forward and rear facing anchor points and LATCH. Seats are mounted on an
aluminum box with a locking storage compartment, and 5" wheels for easy transport. For more information, contact Steve
at [email protected] or 301-960-4426 and check out the flier.
Learn more about CPS Express Ad Space
Let It Go!
We make sure we have the latest recall lists and review printed materials to make sure they are up to date. Let’s do the same
with older messaging! Take a deep breath and LET IT GO!
Let It Go: Top 10
Stop doing it for the parents/caregivers - even expectant moms can install!
The knee in the seat – there’s no need to get in there like that! Adjusting the angle as you pull on the belt to tighten it
works wonders. Avoid the car seat-to-vehicle seat megaweld. The CR can move up to 1 inch at the belt path and be
properly installed.
Going straight for a locking clip when they see a base. If you try installing a base with a seat belt and it angles up on
one side, reinstall pulling the belt straight out from the side rather than up and don’t over tighten.
Using an inclinometer or folded paper for angle – trust the manufacturer angle indicator.
Aftermarket" products - They are non-regulated, folks. If they are manufacturer-approved, we approve! If not, we offer
best practice advice and it’s their choice whether or not they use it.
All infant seat handles must be down – check the manual! There are a wide variety of acceptable handle positions
during travel.
Fingers under the straps - Do the pinch test instead!
Shelf liner – Try without! You can get a good install without shelf liner, even on the squishiest of seats. Shelf liner does
not make the install any more snug.
Referring to the lower anchors as LATCH - LATCH refers to the lower anchors AND tether together. The lower anchors
are a PART of LATCH.
Skipping the tether with seat belt install – use the tether with lower anchors OR the seat belt.
Not all caregivers are going to adopt every best practice suggestion.
Accept that “better than they came in” is a SUCCESS!
If they are following the manufacturer’s instructions, they are doing it right.
Download the PDF
Safe Kids Prevention Convention: PREVCON 2015
Join Safe Kids at PREVCON to meet and network with injury prevention experts from hundreds of communities across the
United States and more than 25 countries around the world.
This unique convention engages attendees on a wide variety of injury prevention topics and highlights best practices, new
research and innovative programs from around the world. In addition to addressing road traffic injuries, hazards in the home,
sports and recreation safety, and emerging risks, Safe Kids examines cross-cutting issues such as distraction and supervision
and provides training on core competencies such as research, evaluation, advocacy and communications strategy.
With representation from Safe Kids’ domestic and global networks, board members, partners, federal agencies and sponsors,
as well the broader public health community, this biennial convention will set the stage for our global efforts over the next two
Visit to learn more.
Questions about registration? E-mail BlueSkyz at mailto:[email protected]
All other questions about PREVCON should be directed to [email protected]
Submitted by Mark Ryan, Safe Kids Worldwide (Washington, DC)
Apply to Join the National CPS Board
Have you or someone you know expressed interest in joining the National CPS Board? The Board is seeking applications from
hard-working, team players like you, who want to serve and share their passion for CPS.
This year, the Board is seeking applicants for the following four positions:
At Large - Candidate must be a CPS Technician or Instructor and will serve as an individual involved in child
passenger safety. If supported by an agency, the Candidate will serve on the Board as an individual - not representing
his/her employer.
Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Advocate - Candidate must be a CPS Technician or Instructor representing the CPS
community. Candidate will serve on the Board as an individual - not representing his/her employer
Diversity - Candidate must be a representative of an organization that serves diverse populations. Candidate must
have experience in working with hard-to-reach/at-risk populations including culturally/ethnically diverse groups in the
field of child passenger safety.
Injury Prevention - Candidate must be involved in coordinating a broad spectrum of injury prevention programs,
including but not limited to, CPS or traffic safety.
Selected applicants will serve a three-year term beginning January 2016.
The 2015 Board Membership Application is found online. Applications will be accepted until Friday, June 12, 2015 (5 PM
PDT). For more information on how to apply or to download the 2015 online application, visit the CPS Board website.
Submitted by Audrey Eagle, Membership Committee Chair, National CPS Board (Auburn Hills, MI)
Policy and Procedures Manual Updates
Policies and Procedures Manual (ver. 4/2014) - No edits or updates.
Child Passenger Safety Technician Code of Conduct
Recertification Details
Recertification FAQS
You may recertify up to four months before your certification expiration date without losing any time.
Avoid problems - don't delay!
Basic Recertification Requirements and Deadlines
Five seat checks approved by a certified instructor (you may use the technician proxy option).You can do the checks at any
time during your certification cycle as long as they are entered online and a certified instructor approves them before your
recertification date.
Community education (choose one):
Participation in at least one two-hour checkup event with at least one other CPS technician using any standardized
checklist to provide documentation, if needed.
Provide at least four hours of community education. Examples include making presentations to parents, educators,
kids, organizations (such as PTAs or law enforcement), or other stakeholders who are not technicians.
A minimum of six hours of CPS technical continuing education units (CEUs) earned and reported during a current two-year
certification cycle.
You cannot carry over CEUs from one period to the next, even if you have accumulated more CEUs than are required
Because your certification cycle stays the same, any CEUs obtained after you recertify but before the first day of your
new certification cycle may not be applied to the new cycle
You can record CEUs at any time during your certification cycle, but they must fit into one of the five approved
categories and meet content requirements.
Register and pay the recertification fee before your certification expiration date. You can register up to four months in advance
of your certification expiration date. You will NOT lose any time - your dates stay the same.
To get to the payment screen, you must have:
o Completed all five seat checks (entered and CPSTI approved)
o Entered at least six CEUs
o Entered your community event information
Once all three are done and you are within four months of your certification expiration date, you will see a "Click Here
to Continue" button that will take you to the payment screens. Once your registration is complete, your recertification
will be processed in no more than two days.
PPTs/PDFs with step-by-step instructions and screen shots are available. Check out the Resources tab and look at
theHow To page.
CPS Customer Service Survey Available
Safe Kids is interested in your experiences with our CPS customer service. If you have contacted the customer service
representatives by calling the toll-free number (877-366-8154) or by e-mailing them at [email protected], please
take a few minutes to complete the online survey under Contact Us on the Certification Web site.
This survey should take no more than two minutes to complete. There is no limit to the number of times you can share your
opinions with us.
Thank you for helping us to improve our customer service!
By the Numbers
Deaths of children in hot cars
2015: 1
2014: 30
2013: 43
2012: 34
2011: 33
2010: 49
Details are available at
CPS Recertification
2015: 57.1 percent (January-April)
2014: 56.0 percent
2013: 58.5 percent
2012: 54.9 percent
BRITAX Discontinues Rear-Face Tethering
Britax has removed the option to rear-face tether its convertible car seats in future owner’s manuals. This change regarding
rear-face tethering is not retroactive. Changes to instructions will be phased in over the next few months. Technicians should
advise caregivers to follow the instructions on the seat being used. Rear-face tethering has become less compatible with newer
vehicles that have occupant detection systems located underneath the front vehicle seat. Some vehicle manufacturers have
concerns about tether anchor points that could inadvertently affect the operation of the detection systems.
This includes discontinuing the option to tether rear facing using the Australian method (in which the tether is attached to the
seating position’s regular tether anchor). The Australian method hasn’t been popular with American consumers because of the
inconvenience in getting a child into and out of the car seat. In some cases, the tether strap is not long enough for this option in
some vehicles without the use of an extender strap.
To provide an optional replacement to rear tethering, Britax has designed an anti-rebound bar that can be attached to current
convertible car seats. The rebound bar is more likely to be compatible with vehicles. Note that Britax permits the use of the
anti-rebound bar on older car seat models manufactured after May 2010 (excluding the Classic line). On models that allow rear
tethering in the instructions, use of the anti-rebound bar with a rear tether is not permitted.
This policy change was issued February 10, 2015. The complete policy is available at on the
Britax Advocate Extranet. To access it, log into your online profile (LOG IN), click on Online CEUs and then select 3. Britax
Tech Site. Tip to techs is to always check the vehicle manual if rear tethering is permitted.
Submitted by Sarah Tilton, Britax (Ft. Mill, South Carolina) and Kim Herrmann, Safe Kids Worldwide (Ft. Myers, Florida)
New Videos on Event Liability Now Available
A series of eight short video clips posted on the CPS Board YouTube channel are available for you to use when talking about
liability to CPS technicians, instructors, volunteers and others who assist in community events. The presenters, David
Strickland, former NHTSA Administrator and Alan Korn, Executive Director of Abbey’s Hope are both attorneys.
The frank discussion between them is designed to help educators plan and execute a safe, informative and positive event in a
community. The longest video is about 6 minutes and you can pick and choose clips that fit the audience you are addressing.
Auditor Alcove: Have My People Call Your People
Another Lifesavers conference has come and gone. I saw some familiar faces, met some new people, and had a few random
moments of genius along the way. At the Certification booth, CPS Techs were given a laser pointer pen if they showed us their
wallet card. They could show an actual hard copy or could pull it up on their phone. A benefit to having people do this is to make
sure you know how to access your profile through the certification website. We had access to our system so that we could
provide those with their username and password who did not have it. During business hours, a call to customer service (877366-8154) will provide you with it. Or, you can do what I have been sharing with techs: create a contact in your phone! Here is
what mine looks like (edited, of course):
I know that I never leave home without my phone, and if I do, I turn around to get it! By having this information with you, you will
always be able to access your profile and fill in your tech number on inspection forms. If you go to an event with people you
have never worked with before, it will be quite easy for you to access your wallet card electronically to verify that you are, in
fact, a nationally certified CPS Technician!
Submitted by Jami Eklund, CPSTI and Safe Kids Quality Assurance Specialist (Canton, Ohio)
Fact or Fiction: Some frontal air bags are optional.
FACT: Sounds crazy, I know. In some countries where there are no vehicle safety standards, this could be an optional feature.
We are fortunate in this country and many European countries to have an expectation of a level of safety for any vehicles that
are available. Yet in many emerging countries this level of safety is not expected. Can you imagine having seat belts as an
option? Not likely. In these emerging countries to keep the cost of the vehicle down; airbags, seat belts, etc. may be optional
and the structure of the vehicle may not be as strong and provide the needed protection that we have come to expect in the US.
A new report released in March by the Global New Car Assessment Programme, or Global NCAP, calls for minimum vehicle
safety standards to be applied universally in all world markets. Adrian Lund from IIHS adds, "Safety standards and crash test
programs in the U.S. and Europe have saved tens of thousands of lives. People shouldn’t be excluded from buying safe cars
because of where they live."
Global NCAP is an independent charity registered in the United Kingdom. It serves as a global platform for NCAPs around the
world to exchange best practices in consumer-oriented motor vehicle safety initiatives. Global NCAP also provides financial and
technical assistance to new car assessment programs in the rapidly motorizing countries and regions of Asia and Latin
America. Global NCAP supports the U.N. Decade of Action for Road Safety and is a member of the United Nations Road Safety
Read the complete article.
Read the report: Democratising Car Safety: Road Map for Safer Cars 2020
Submitted by Kim Herrmann, Safe Kids Worldwide (Ft. Myers, Florida)
Featured FAQ: What is the Community Event/Education?
OPTION 1: Participate in a two-hour seat checkup event. Participate in a seat checkup event (or events) for a minimum of 2
hours. At least one other CPS technician must be present. You must serve families by using any standardized checklist. You
are welcome to combine different checkup events or appointments to meet the time requirement of two hours.
OPTION 2: Provide at least four hours of community education to people who are not CPS technicians. Examples include
speaking about child passenger safety at birthing classes, PTA or EMS/law enforcement meetings, a preschool or Head Start
program, or other parenting groups and organizations. Working at a health fair where you are primarily talking about CPS also
qualifies for recertification. You are welcome to combine different presentations to meet the time requirement of four hours. For
example, you can do eight 30-minute education sessions or four one-hour education sessions.
Read the FAQ online.
Notes from the CPS Board: Getting to Know Your Board
Each month, learn a little about a child passenger safety board member here in the CPS Express.
Emily Lee (Cincinnati, OH)
Injury Prevention/Public Health Representative
How long have you been a member of the board? I just recently joined the Board in January 2015.
How long have you been a technician/instructor? I have been a technician since 2009 and an Instructor since
Why did you decide to become a CPS advocate? Out of college, my first job was selling safety products to families
and employees in the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s. As part of my job requirements, I had to attend
the certification course only a month after I was hired. Therefore, I like to think this field chose me!
Who taught your first certification course? Susan Laurence and Donna Laake taught my first certification course.
They truly are great mentors, to this day!
Advice for the field: My advice is simple—Getting your car seat checked can be overwhelming for some
parents/caregivers so find one or two things you can communicate effectively to them, and ensure they understand the
importance of doing those two things (for example, tightening the harness appropriately and placing the chest clip at
armpit level). Sometimes keeping it simple, is key.
What are your hobbies: I love to travel with my husband, spend time outside with my dog, Bella, and curl up with a
good book and a strong cup of coffee any chance I get.
Tell us about your family: I am happily married to my husband, Ryan, who I met 10 years ago in college and we
have an energetic chocolate lab/terrier mix pup named Bella.
Manuals Versus Car Seats!
Before or during a class do you find yourself hunting for the instructions books for the child seats? If so here is idea that I use
that can help you. Use a heavy duty colored masking tape to match sets of instructions and car seats. For child seat number 1,
put a piece of tape with the number 1 on the front of the seat. Then number the corresponding instruction book number 1.
Once the instructions are labeled, I keep all the instruction books together in a case. That way, when you need the books they
are all in one place. If you have many seats and only use certain seat for a class, only take the instruction books for the seat
that you are using.
Submitted by Robert Brasky, Illinois, Rush-Copley Medical Center/IDOT-DTS (Algonquin, Ill.)
CPST Month Update
Happy National CPST Month! We are just short of our goal of 100 Certification Courses offered this month. If you need help
offering a course within the required 6 week online registration deadline, please contact Kerry ([email protected], 202662-0639) for assistance.
This section provides information on nationally available continuing education opportunities. We are not able to include
information on state or local conferences, training or other technical updates if they cannot be made available nationally. This
information is provided as a resource only. Events and activities listed here are not endorsed by Safe Kids unless otherwise
CPS Express CEU Corner Submissions: Please e-mail the necessary information (in the format below) to Kerry Chausmer.
Conferences (includes pre-conference dates)
Buckle Up Missouri CPS Conference
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Dates: May 27-28, 2015
Location: Orlando, Florida
Dates: August 12-15, 2015
2015 Maine Child Passenger Safety Conference
Location: South Portland, Maine
Dates: September 13-15, 2015
Online Courses
A variety of webinars are available online and free of charge. Learn more
Upcoming Webinars
Live Webinars
Test your connection now! Go to and click on JOIN LIVE MEETING. If you have problems, you can talk with
their customer support for assistance.
Can I get credit for watching a webinar with a group? Read more
Safe Kids and State Farm present: LATCH 2015: What the Curbside Tech Needs to Know
Thu, May 21, 2015, 2 PM - 3 PM ET (East Coast/NY time)
CPS CEUs available: 1 (CHES/MCHES credit is also available)
Register now
Safe Kids and State Farm present: Safely Transporting Children by Ambulance
Thursday, Jun 18, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET (East Coast/NY time)
CPS CEUs available: 1 (CHES/MCHES credit is also available)
Register now
Safe Kids and State Farm present: Car Seat Manufacturer Update: Evenflo
Thu, July 16, 2015, 2 PM - 3 PM ET (East Coast/NY time)
CPS CEUs available: 1 (CHES/MCHES credit is also available)
Register now
More webinars coming soon! Mid-month updates posted on Facebook.
Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Ideas and Article Submissions
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Advocates and manufacturers are welcome to submit
articles, or suggestions for articles, to the CPS Express!
Send your ideas and submissions
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All submissions may be edited for content and length.
The National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program
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