GENERAL INFORMATION Introduction Product Appearance

GENERAL INFORMATION Introduction Product Appearance
DVD-Video Recorders: DVDR1000, DVDR150, & DVDR1500
Manual 2010
The Philips DVD Recorder is a Recorder and player for digital video discs, with a two-way compatibility to
the universal DVD Video standard. This means that:
- existing pre-recorded DVD Video discs can play on these systems and
- recordings, made on these systems, can play on existing DVD Video players and DVD-ROM drives.
Product Appearance
The DVDR150 is the same Recorder as the DVDR1500. The only difference between the 2 systems lies
in the Remote Transmitters bundled with the units. Instead of the pronto remote supplied with the
DVDR1500, the DVDR150 is supplied with the RC2051/01 which is also the same transmitter supplied
with the DVDR1000.
Technical Specifications
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