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Operating Instructions
HM 03 UK
Read this manual thoroughly before using and save it for future reference
Eject button
Speed button
Turbo button
Dough hooks
Before using the electrical
appliance, the following
basic precautions should
including the following:
1. Read all instructions.
2. Before use, check that
the voltage of your wall
outlet corresponds to
the one on the rating
plate which is on the
bottom of the appliance.
3. Do not operate the
damaged cord or after
malfunction or has
been damaged in any
4. Do not let cord hang
over edge of table or
counter or hot surface.
5. Do not immerse cord or
the body of mixer into
water as this would give
rise to electric shock.
6. If the supply cord is
be replaced by the
manufacturer or its
service agent or a
person in order to avoid
a hazard.
7. Close supervision is
necessary when your
appliance is being used
near children or infirm
8. Do not place an
appliance on or near a
hot gas or on a heated
9. Never eject beaters
or dough hooks when
the appliance is in
10.Do not leave mixer
unattended while it is
11.Unplug from outlet
while not in use, before
putting on or taking
off parts, and before
12.The use of attachments
not recommended or
sold by the manufacturer
may cause fire, electric
shock or injury
13.Remove beaters from
mixer before washing.
14.Always check that the
control is OFF before
plugging cord into wall
outlet. To disconnect,
turn the control to OFF
, then remove plug from
wall outlet.
15.Avoid contacting with
moving parts.
16.Keep hands, clothing,
as well as spatulas and
other utensils away
from beaters during
operation to reduce the
risk of injury to persons,
and/or damage to the
17.The appliance can
be used by children
aged from 8 years and
above and persons
with reduced physical,
sensory or mental
capabilities or lack
of experience and
knowledge if they have
been given supervision
concerning use of the
appliance in a safe
way and understand
the hazards involved.
Children shall not play
with the appliance.
Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not
be made by children
unless they are older
than 8 and supervised.
18.Keep the appliance and
its cord out of reach of
children less than 8
changing accessories
or approaching parts
which move in use.
20.Do not use outdoors.
21.Save these instructions.
Remove any packages, disassemble any detachable
parts. Clean the dough hooks and beaters. Before
assembling the mixer, make sure the power cord
is unplugged from the power outlet and the speed
selector is on “Off” position.
Assemble proper beaters or dough hooks.
Note: Beaters can be inserted in either socket,
as the beaters are identical. For dough hooks,
the one with washer can only be inserted into the
bigger socket and the other one can only be inserted
into the smaller one. The two dough hooks cannot be
inserted reversely (fig. 1).
2. Ensure that the unit is on “Off” position, then plug
in the power source.
3. Set the speed selector to your desired speed.
There are 5 speed settings to be selected. Note
When kneading yeast dough, we suggest to set
the speed selector on the lower speed and then
on the higher speed to achieve the best results.
Note: The mixer will run at the highest speed
when pressing turbo button.
Warning: Do not put knife, metal spoons, fork
and so on into bowl while operating.
4. The max operation time shall not exceed 10
minutes, then have a rest for a proper time until
your hand mixer has cooled down between two
consecutive cycles.
Note: During operation you may rotate the
bowl by hand to achieve the best results.
5. When mixing is complete, turn the speed
selector to “Off” setting, and unplug the cord
from the power outlet.
Note: If necessary, scrape the food particles in
excess from the beaters or dough hooks a
rubber or wooden spatula.
6. Hold the beaters or dough hooks with one hand
and press the Ejector button down firmly with the
other hand to remove the beaters or the dough
Note: Remove the beaters or dough hooks
only with the speed selector on Off position.
Note: During operation, you can move the
mixer to upright position occasionally, but make
sure the speed selector is on Off position.
Unplug the appliance and wait for it to be
completely cooled down before cleaning
Wipe over the outside surface of the head with a
damp cloth and mop with a soft dry cloth.
Wipe any food particles in excess out of the
power cord.
Wash beaters and dough hooks in warm soapy
water and dry them with a soft cloth.
Note: Beaters and dough hooks can be washed
in the dishwasher.
Caution: The mixer can not be immersed into
water or other liquid.
Warning: Any other maintenance operation shall be
performed by an authorized service personnel.
Note: Refrigerated ingredients, i.e., butter and
eggs should be at room temperature before
Note: To eliminate the possibility of shells into
your recipe, break eggs into separate container
first, then adding to the mixture.
Note: Do not over-beat. Be careful that you
only mix/blend mixtures until recommended in
your recipe.
Note: Always use the low speed when folding
dry ingredients.
Seasonal temperature changes,
temperature of ingredients and their texture
variation from area to area all play a part in the
required mixing time and in the final result.
Note: Always start mixing at slow speed.
Gradually increase to the recommended speed
as stated in the recipe.
12 months Standard Guarantee
Enhanced to 3 years upon product registration
This certificate of guarantee represents the guarantee (“Guarantee”
hereinafter) offered by Indesit Company UK Limited with registered office at Peterborough PE2 9JB in relation to products purchased in the
United Kingdom and Indesit Ireland Limited with registered office in
Dublin 9, Ireland for products purchased in the Republic of Ireland. This
Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
Your product has the benefit of our manufacturer’s Guarantee, which
covers the product for twelve months from the date of purchase.
This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your product
is proven to be defective because of either workmanship or materials,
we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the product at no cost
to you.
This Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:
Documentary proof of original purchase date is provided.
Cosmetic damage must be reported within 14 days from the date
of purchase.
The product has been installed and operated correctly and in accordance with our operating and maintenance instructions.
The product is used only on the electricity supply printed on the
rating plate.
The product has been used for normal domestic purposes only.
The product has not been altered, serviced, maintained, dismantled, or otherwise interfered with by any person not authorised
by us.
Any repair work must be undertaken by us or our appointed
Any parts removed during repair work or any product that is replaced become our property.
The product is used in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.
The Guarantee does not cover:
Damage resulting from transportation, improper use, neglect or
interference or as a result of improper installation.
Accidental damage, this includes but is not limited to, damage
which occurs as a result of an external action.
Replacement of any consumable item or accessory. These include but are not limited to:
plugs, cables, light bulbs, hoses, brushes, covers and filters.
Replacement of any removable parts made of glass or plastic.
After Sales Service
No one is better placed to care for your Hotpoint product during the
course of its working life than us – the manufacturer.
Essential Contact Information
Advice Line
The European Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old
household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in
the normal unsorted municipal waste stream.
Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimise the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact on human health and the environment.
The crossed out “wheeled bin” symbol on the product reminds you of
your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected. Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance.
We have a dedicated team who can provide free advice and assistance
with your product if you experience any technical difficulties. Simply call
our Hotpoint Service Hotline for telephone assistance.
UK: 03448 240 055
Republic of Ireland 0818 904 041
Please note:
Our advisors will require the following information:
Model number:
Serial number:
Consumables and Accessories
We supply a full range of consumables and accessories to keep your
product functioning efficiently throughout its life.
UK: 03448 225 225
Republic of Ireland: 0818 313 413
Recycling and Disposal Information
As part of Hotpoint’s continued commitment to helping the environment,
Hotpoint reserves the right to use quality, recycled components to keep
down customer costs and minimise material wastage.
Please dispose of packaging and old products carefully.
Register your new product and receive 2 additional year FREE!
As an additional benefit of owning your Hotpoint product, we are offering
2 years additional free guarantee. To be eligible for this you will need
to contact us to register your product within 28 days of purchase. If you
do not register your appliance within the 28 days you will still be entitled
to 1 years manufacturer’s guarantee. To activate your 3 year guarantee
register online at www.hotpoint.co.uk. Please note that the extended
guarantee is only available in the UK and Ireland and is subject to the
same terms and conditions as the 1 year guarantee. Please refer to the
certificate of guarantee for more information.
HM 03 UK
03/2015 - ver.3.1
Indesit Company UK Ltd
Morley Way,
Peterborough PE2 9JB
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