Whirlpool | MF IDC AX0 UK | Instruction for Use | EN Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions
Read this manual thoroughly before using and save it for future reference
Pouring cap
Removable container
Heating base
Temperature control knob
ON, start/stop, start/stop heating button
Indicator lamp
Cord storage compartment
Product nameplate label
Removable container handle
Toothed whisk (for frothing)
Smooth whisk (for mixing)
Unused whisk holder on back of appliance
Dear customer,
Thanks you for purchasing a Hotpoint-Ariston cappuccino maker. Please register your product on the
website www.hotpoint.eu to enjoy the full benefits of
Hotpoint-Ariston service and to download the Recipes
Before using the appliance, make sure to read the
following instructions and keep them for future reference. The appliance may only be used by persons
familiar with the following instructions.
1. For reasons of safety, repairs
to this appliance and its power
cord must be done by our
technical service centre. If the
plug, power cord or appliance
appear to be damaged or if
any visible damage is found,
do not operate the appliance.
In such cases, please send
the appliance to our technical
service centre (see Annex).
2. If the appliance has been
dropped, do not operate it.
3. This appliance may be used
by children over the age of 8
and by persons with reduced
physical, sensory and mental
capacities, and by persons
unfamiliar with its operation,
under supervision or following
instruction in the use of the
appliance, on condition that
they fully understand the risks
associated with the appliance
and the precautions required to
operate it.
4. Children may not play with the
5. The appliance and its power
cord must be kept out of the
reach of children under the age
of 8 at all times.
6. Never leave the appliance
unattended when it is plugged
into an electrical outlet.
7. The appliance must be used
and placed on a stable, flat,
horizontal and dry surface.
8. Do not allow children to clean
or service it unsupervised.
9. The appliance is designed
solely for domestic and similar
10. Caution: Keep the packaging
material out of the reach
of children; it constitutes a
suffocation hazard, among
11. The appliance may only be
operated with the original
accessories provided by the
12. Never place the appliance or
its power cord over a flame
or heated surface (including
kitchen hobs or hot plates).
13. The appliance has been designed exclusively for
heating, frothing and preparing milk-based beverages. Do not use it with any other kind of fluid
or solid in its container, unless indicated in the
included Recipes booklet, and in the suggested
14. When using the appliance, always observe the
minimum and maximum level markings inside its
15. The protrusion at the bottom of the container (minimum level mark) must always be covered by
milk. If insufficiently filled with milk, the appliance
can overheat.
16. To prevent overheating, the appliance will automatically switch itself off if used with the container empty.
17. Overfilling the container may also be hazardous,
since the frothed and heated milk can squirt out
of the container. We recommend using the lid
when operating the appliance.
18. Caution: The milk container heats up in use. Do
not touch its heated surfaces.
19. Always hold the container by its handle.
20. Do not leave the milk frother unsupervised when
it is operating.
21. Before using the appliance, carefully check that
it and its accessories are in good working order.
If, for example, it has been dropped onto a hard
surface or the power cord has been pulled too
hard, do not use the appliance: even damage
which is not evident to the naked eye can compromise the operational safety of the appliance.
22. Make sure that the appliance has been disconnected from its power outlet and that it is completely cool before cleaning it. For detailed information on cleaning the appliance, please refer to
the section Maintenance and cleaning.
23. To avoid the risk of electrocution, never clean
the appliance with water and never immerse it
in water.
24. Children must not be permitted to clean or service the appliance unless they are over the age of
8 and under adult supervision.
25. Do not leave the power cord hanging loose; keep
it away from the appliance’s heated parts.
26. Always disconnect the plug from the power outlet
In case of malfunction,
After use,
Before cleaning the appliance.
27. Never pull the power cord to disconnect the plug
from the outlet, but grip the plug itself.
28. The manufacturer is not liable in any way for the
consequences of incorrect use or failure to follow
the provided instructions.
The appliance must be connected exclusively to a regulatory grounded power outlet. Make sure that the
mains voltage matches the appliance’s nameplate rating. This product is conforming with all mandatory CE
Mark directives.
Remove all packaging material and check that all accessory parts are present. When first using the appliance or after a long period of disuse, clean it thoroughly as indicated in the section Maintenance and
We recommend using long life (UHT) milk with a high
fat content. For best results, take the milk out of the
refrigerator immediately before using it. The bottom
of the container and the contact area inside the base
must be clean and dry.
Selecting the whisk
Use the smooth whisk for heating the milk.
Use the toothed whisk for frothing the milk, whether hot or cold.
Store the whisk not in use in the holder on the
back of the appliance.
Filling amount
Always observe the minimum level marking and
make sure the container is filled with at least 80
ml of milk.
To froth the milk, fill the container with no more
than 200 ml (lower maximum level marking ).
To heat the milk, fill the container with no more
than 400 ml (upper maximum level marking ).
Setting the temperature
to froth the milk without heating it
to froth or just warm up the milk (baby milk)
to froth or just warm up the milk (cappuccino
for making hot chocolate from powder
For further details, see the Recipes booklet which can
be downloaded on-line.
Heating or frothing the milk – Automatic
Place the container on the base.
Remove the milk container’s lid.
Fit the appropriate whisk into the holder on the
bottom of the container.
Pour the desired amount of milk into the container.
Fit the lid back onto the container.
Use the temperature knob to set the desired
Insert the power plug into a suitable wall power
outlet. The main led will light up.
Press the ON button. The appliance will beep,
the led will start flashing and the frother cycle will
When the milk reaches the set temperature, the
cycle automatically stops. If you set cold froth
with the knob, the cycle will stop automatically after 60 seconds.
The appliance will beep three times when the
cycle terminates.
You can interrupt the cycle at any time by pressing the start/stop button. The set temperature
will not be reached if you do so.
Once the cycle has terminated, remove the container from the base and pour its contents into
a cup or mug. You can use a spoon to push the
froth out of the container, or simply shake the
container slightly while pouring.
You can now disconnect the plug from the wall
Heating – Keep warm function
This function allows you to froth or heat the milk and
keep it hot at the set temperature. Follow steps 1 to 7
in the previous paragraph.
8. Hold down the start button for more than 2 seconds. The appliance will emit a long beep, the
led will start flashing and the frother will start
9. When the milk reaches its set temperature, the
appliance will stay on for a while before switching
20 minutes for the 40°C cycle
10 minutes for the 65° and 85° cycles
10. You can interrupt the cycle at any time by pressing the start/stop button.
11. Once the cycle has terminated, remove the container from the base and pour its contents into
a cup or mug. You can use a spoon to push the
froth out of the container, or simply shake the
container slightly while pouring.
12. You can now disconnect the plug from the wall
This feature is not suitable to keep warm the
milk froth and other drinks like hot chocolate.
To get the best results, take the milk out of the refrigerator immediately before pouring it into the container.
If you want a rich milky froth, first run the cold
froth cycle and then a hot froth cycle.
We recommended using full fat milk for all frothed milk beverages, as it gives a richer froth.
If the appliance has been left connected to the
power outlet for a long time after use, you must
press the start button twice to turn it on and then
start a cycle.
Allow the appliance to cool down after using a
hot cycle; do not use it immediately for a second
cycle. Wait a few minutes between cycles.
After a cold froth cycle, you can immediately
start a new heating or frothing cycle.
Always pull the power plug out of the wall outlet
and wait for its motor to stop completely before
cleaning the appliance.
To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not clean
the base or power cord with water, and never immerse them in water.
The container, whisks and lid can be cleaned
with hot water and a mild detergent, or in the dishwasher.
Take care to dry all parts thoroughly before using
them again.
The heating base can be cleaned with a soft
damp cloth which has been dipped in a small
amount of detergent. Never immerse it in water
or clean it in a dishwasher.
Do not use abrasive or aggressive detergents.
12 months Standard Guarantee
Enhanced to 2 years upon product registration
This certificate of guarantee represents the guarantee
(“Guarantee” hereinafter) offered by Indesit Company
UK Limited with registered office at Peterborough PE2
9JB in relation to products purchased in the United
Kingdom and Indesit Ireland Limited with registered
office in Dublin 9, Ireland for products purchased in
the Republic of Ireland. This Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
Your product has the benefit of our manufacturer’s
Guarantee, which covers the product for twelve
months from the date of purchase.
This gives you the reassurance that if, within that
time, your product is proven to be defective because
of either workmanship or materials, we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the product at no cost
to you.
This Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:
Documentary proof of original purchase date is
Cosmetic damage must be reported within 14
days from the date of purchase.
The product has been installed and operated
correctly and in accordance with our operating
and maintenance instructions.
The product is used only on the electricity supply
printed on the rating plate.
The product has been used for normal domestic
purposes only.
The product has not been altered, serviced,
maintained, dismantled, or otherwise interfered
with by any person not authorised by us.
Any repair work must be undertaken by us or our
appointed agent.
Any parts removed during repair work or any
product that is replaced become our property.
The product is used in the United Kingdom or
Republic of Ireland.
The Guarantee does not cover:
Damage resulting from transportation, improper
use, neglect or interference or as a result of improper installation.
Accidental damage, this includes but is not limited to, damage which occurs as a result of an
external action.
Replacement of any consumable item or accessory. These include but are not limited to:
plugs, cables, light bulbs, hoses, brushes, covers and filters.
Replacement of any removable parts made of
glass or plastic.
After Sales Service
No one is better placed to care for your Hotpoint product during the course of its working life than us – the
Essential Contact Information
Advice Line
We have a dedicated team who can provide free advice and assistance with your product if you experience any technical difficulties. Simply call our Hotpoint Service Hotline for telephone assistance.
UK: 03448 240 055
Republic of Ireland 0818 904 041
Please note:
Our advisors will require the following information:
Model number:
Serial number:
Consumables and Accessories
We supply a full range of consumables and accessories to keep your product functioning efficiently
throughout its life.
UK: 03448 225 225
Republic of Ireland: 0818 313 413
Recycling and Disposal Information
As part of Hotpoint’s continued commitment to helping
the environment, Hotpoint reserves the right to use
quality, recycled components to keep down customer
costs and minimise material wastage.
Please dispose of packaging and old products carefully.
Register your new product and receive 1 additional year FREE!
As an additional benefit of owning your Hotpoint product, we are offering 1 years additional free guarantee.
To be eligible for this you will need to contact us to
register your product within 28 days of purchase. If
you do not register your appliance within the 28 days
you will still be entitled to 1 years manufacturer’s
guarantee. To activate your 2 year guarantee register
online at www.hotpoint.co.uk. Please note that the extended guarantee is only available in the UK and Ireland and is subject to the same terms and conditions
as the 1 year guarantee. Please refer to the certificate
of guarantee for more information.
The European Directive 2012/19/UE on
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE), requires that old household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in
the normal unsorted municipal waste
Old appliances must be collected separately
in order to optimise the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact on human health and the environment.
The crossed out “wheeled bin” symbol on the product
reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose
of the appliance it must be separately collected. Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer
for information concerning the correct disposal of their
old appliance.
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