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This product carries a One year Limited Warranty- for a period of one year
from the date purchase, P-Squared Group shall repair or replace, at our
discretion, defective equipment covered by this warranty. This warranty
does not cover cosmetic damages and damages due to acts of God, accident,
misuse, abuse, negligence, improper installation or damages caused by
alterations by unauthorized persons. This warranty only applies to the
original purchaser of this product.
Instruction/Safety Manual- P3 Quadcharger GO
For help or Service Contact:
P-Squared Group, LLC
Instruction Manual
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Important Safety Information:
This manual contains important safety and
operating instructions. Thoroughly read all the
instructions and cautionary notes before you
use your P3 Quadcharger GO.
Check Website for further details and changes!
Instruction/Safety Manual – P3 Quadcharger GO
Thank you for purchasing P-Squared Group’s P3 Quadcharger GO.
Please read this Instruction/Safety Manual fully before charging any
This product is to be used with the Phantom 3 family of Intelligent Flight
Batteries only.
The P3 Quadcharger GO is a carrying case and charging station. This
convenient, strong, lightweight storage and carrying case holds up to four
Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries for storage and travel. As a charging
station, it will charge up to four Phantom 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries (not
included) at a time using your standard DJI Phantom 3 charger (not
In the box:
One P3 Quadcharger GO
One Instruction/Safety Manual
Do not operate this unit if it has been damaged in any way. Contact PSquared Group for repair.
Unplug from outlet before attempting to clean. To clean use a damp cloth
and then wipe dry. Insure unit is fully dry before resuming operation.
Always follow manufacturer's recommended charging procedures.
Please note – P3 Quadcharger GO is made from fire retardant ABS
materials, but is not considered “fire proof”.
*DJI Phantom 3 is the “mark” of DJI and not owned in any part by Psquared Group, LLC.
1. Plug your Phantom 3 batteries into the P3 Quadcharger GO charging slots.
2. Plug your DJI Phantom 3 charger into the P3 Quadcharger GO.
3. Plug the DJI charger into an appropriate power source (wall receptacle,
generator, etc.).
Batteries can be inserted or removed while charging.
Depending on the level of discharge in each battery the charging process of
each battery will start and stop as the level of charge in each battery
Note: Normal charging time for four Phantom 3 type batteries with discharge
levels of 20% will take between 4 - 5 hours to fully charge with the P3
Quadcharger GO and your standard DJI charger.
This product is not a toy! Not for use by children under 14 years of age.
Never leave unattended while charging.
Disconnect charger when not charging.
Never charge on or near open flame.
Do not use in rain or moisture.
Do not drop strike or impale.
Do not disassemble or alter the unit. Contact P-Squared Group for service or
Do not use any attachment not recommended for the P3 Quadcharger GO.
Note: Make sure the cover to your P3 Quadcharger GO is securely fastened
to the charger case before lifting or carrying.
P-Squared Group, LLC is not responsible for any damage to batteries that fall
out of your P3 Quadcharger GO.
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