Outdoor Education Program brochure

Outdoor Education Program brochure
Outdoor Education
Since 1973 the Essex
Region Conservation
Authority has been
a leader in outdoor
education, ensuring our
region's young people
have the opportunity to experience that
which is 'real' in today's
technological and
virtual world. ERCA
collaborates with the
community in support of the Ontario Children's Outdoor Charter to
advocate healthy and active living in outdoor settings
We are keen to assist you with:
• Experiential field visits to our Conservation Areas. Tailored to a
variety of learning preferences, unique hands-on activities include:
butterfly tagging, bird migration, mapping, solar car experiments,
maple sugaring, blacksmithing and many more.
• Schoolyard greening projects.
• Cooperative education and Specialist High School Skills Majors
• Meaningful citizen science volunteer opportunities.
• Winter cross-curricular presentations in your classroom and
• Custom programs tailored to your curriculum and learning
"I wanted to thank you for a great day at the
homestead yesterday. My daughter absolutely loved
it. She talked about her day endlessly. Her teacher
and the other parents agreed that it was a wonderful
experience. I thought you did a terrific job as well. I
learned a lot from you and it is no easy task engaging
and maintaining order with 30 grade 1 students. I
will definitely get my own class out for some hands on
learning at the Homestead."
- Teacher/Parent/Chaperone
“Our students enjoyed an amazing day today at
Hillman Marsh. They especially loved dipnetting
in the pond and exploring the different wildlife.
It’s one of the best field trips we’ve ever
experienced. Thank you!"
- Teacher
"Just wanted to let you know that all the teachers
consider John R. Park the top of the list.....Very well
organized as well as best academic content."
- Windsor Principal
All of our Education Programs are inquiry based and promote
creativity, character development and critical thinking. Our
professional staff are eager to share specialized local knowledge with
your students.
Sponsoring Conservation Education
Outdoor Education
We can accomodate most special needs. Please call us to discuss
your student's requirements.
360 Fairview Avenue West, Suite 311, Essex, ON, Canada, N8M 1Y6
P 519-776-5209 | F 519-776-8688
www.erca.org | www.ourgreenlegacy.org
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Hillman Marsh/Kopegaron Woods/Holiday Beach
Conservation Areas
Connect your students with nature through our Life and Earth
Systems, Structures and Mechanisms and Matter and Energy
environmental education programs geared to the curriculum
of each elementary grade level. (Note: teachers can combine
program elements from other programs) 10:00am to 2:00pm.
Maximum 60 participants.
John R. Park Homestead
Conservation Area
With a spectacular setting on the shore of Lake Erie, the Homestead
offers curriculum based, hands-on programing for all grade levels.
Our programs are tailored to fit the Ontario Curriculum for Science,
Social Studies, History and Geography for Grades 1 through 8.
Combine two ½ day programs for a full day.
Wildlife and Water Cycles (Gr. JK – 2)
• Marsh, field and pond animal and plant discovery hikes.
• Catch pond creatures and do animal group activities.
• Life cycle activities.
• Water cycle experiments and grid map activities.
Early Settlers (Gr. JK – 8)
• Celebrate our region's early communities and traditions.
• Choose one hands-on participation activity for a half day program,
or choose three for a full day program: fireplace cooking, butter
making, blacksmithing, woodworking, weaving and 19th century
Habitats, Plants Food Webs and Soil Erosion (Gr. 3-4)
• Marsh, field and pond habitat and adaptation hikes.
• Catch pond creatures and field insects.
• Investigate plants and pollinators.
• Soil experiment, rocks, food web and erosion map
• Bird migration binocular walk (May).
Traditions and Celebrations (Gr. JK–3 )
• Fall: press apple cider, bring in the crops, visit the orchard.
(A visit to a modern apple orchard can be added.)
• Nov/Dec: make traditional fireplace foods of the First Nations and
prepare for winter.
• Spring: work in the garden, beat the rugs and stuff a straw mattress.
Hike the nature trail and explore the lake shore.
Energy, Solar Cars, Simple Motors, Biodiversity & Flight
(Gr. 5-6)
• Marsh, field and pond biodiversity hike and dip-netting.
• Investigate electric motors using a hand crank electrical
• Experiment with a solar car and simple electric brush motor.
• Renewable and non-renewable energy or biodiversity grid
map activity.
Early Technologies (Gr. 4)
• Experience how early civilizations used basic technologies to
produce food, clothing and shelter.
• Try spinning, weaving, farm chores and wood working.
Ecosystems and Watersheds (Gr. 7-8)
• Explore the marsh, field & pond ecosystem and
• Catch and identify pond insects to investigate water quality.
• Watershed ecosystem compass-caching and map challenge.
Please note: Holiday Beach Hawk migration programs fall only.
To Book:
Education Specialist
[email protected]
519-776-5209 ext. 308
Great Lakes Shipping & Trade (Gr. 5-6)
• Learn about the canoes, schooners and steamships of the past that
laid the foundation of global trade.
• Communicate with semaphore and morse code, try your hand at
rigging and more.
• Use the Park's ledgers to analyze sustainability in local communities.
Natural Resources in British North America (Gr. 7)
• Visit the lakeshore in the heart of a Loyalist community.
• Learn about natural resource use in the 19th century.
• Try seasonal farming activities.
Maple: First Taste of Spring (Gr. JK–8, Feb./Mar. only)
• Celebrate the local traditional methods of maple sugaring that began
with the First Nations.
• Learn how to make maple syrup while exploring the properties of
liquids and states of water.
• ‘Cabane à sucre’ and francophone culture can be emphasized.
The program is available en francais on selected dates.
To Book:
John R. Park Homestead
[email protected] | 519-738-2029
In-Class Programs
1.5 hour hands-on classroom experiments based on grade level and
curriculum, available January and February.
Grade 2-3
Guided experiments about water, soil, and plants.
Grade 4
Rotate through expiriments on the rock cycle and soil erosion.
Grade 6-7
Rotate through experiment stations on biodiversity and ecosystems.
Grade 8
Rotate through experiment stations on drinking water systems.
Fees for All Programs:
• Half Day & In Class Programs (1-2hrs) $150 per group
• Full Day (4 hours with lunch break) $250 per group
• Up to 30 children per group
• 2-3 groups can be accommodated per day. Save by filling a bus!
• One free adult supervisory for every five students.
• Payment must be made on the day of your trip by cheque,
Credit, or cash (payable to Essex Region Conservation Authority)
•Debit also available at the John R. Park Homestead only.
• Our education programs are exempt from HST.
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