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Electronic Locker Lock
Offline, battery powered, membership card operation
• Battery-operated, i.e. no cables
• Membership card used as "key"
• High-security LEGIC® technology
• Simple operation (one-handed)
• Clear, long-distance signal when lockers or
cabinets unlocked
• Clear indication of locked or unlocked
• Signal lamps as user guide and battery
state display
• Possibility of grouping lockers or cabinets
with different coloured button caps
• Free selection of locker or personal locker
• Storage of last 50 identifications
No need for keys in fitness studios, swimming pools or saunas. A convenience which you should definitely offer your members!
The electronic GAT Lock 6000 B locking system extends use of membership cards from check-in and cashless payment to
keyless locking of lockers or other cabinets. This means that a single card is sufficient for all the conveniences you want to offer
your clients - now also in cable-free form!
Because it is battery-operated and because of its dimensions (the same as traditional coin-operated locks), the new lock is
particularly suitable for replacement purposes and offers both safety and convenience - using the perfect technology for which
GANTNER has become world famous.
With the vacant locker selection option, the client can use any vacant locker of his choice. The system prevents any visitor from
using more than one locker. Personal lockers can only be opened by four defined data carriers. The locker number is stored on
the membership card but is not visible on the card itself. This improves security if the card is lost.
The client or club member selects a vacant locker and locks it with his membership card. In order to do this, the locker door is
closed and the card is held against the lock with the button pressed down. The device locks and the button remains depressed.
No other locker, cabinet, safe etc. can then be used within the relevant group, as long as the original locker is not unlocked again,
in other words released. In order to open the locker, the button is pressed in order to activate the electronics within the device,
and the card is again held against the lock. If the card is authorised, the door is unlocked and the button returns to its starting
An indicator lamp on the lock knob guides the user and offers various different types of information, such as whether a card is
valid or state of the battery.
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• GAT Lock 6000B
• GAT Lock Basic Set 6000
Battery-operated locker lock,
LEGIC® technology.
Consisting off:
- Configuration software (on CD)
- Programming cable
- 3 Master Data Carrier
- Programming Data Carrier
- Battery Data Carrier
- Reset Data Carrier
- Service Data Carrier
- Key for Battery Compartment
- Door drawer
- 5 GAT Lock Label 6000 (operating
- Handbook (english and german)
• GAT Lock Label 6000
Graphical operating instructions, selfadhesive, grey plastic label.
- Dimensions: 85 x 75 mm
(3.3 x 2.9 inch)
• GAT Info 5500 B
• GAT Lock Label 6010
Door label, self-adhesive, grey plastic
label, with numbering.
- Dimensions: 45 x 75 mm
(1.8 x 2.9 inch)
Read-out and display of data carrier
information (locker number, money value,
• GAT Lock Label 6020
Neutral door label, self-adhesive, grey
plastic label, without numbering.
- Dimensions: 45 x 75 mm
(1.8 x 2.9 inch)
Valid as of July 20th 2004. Subject to technical modifications.
Gantner Electronic GmbH
Montafonerstraße 8 • 6780 Schruns/Austria
Tel.: +43-(0)-5556-73784-542 • Fax: +43-(0)-5556-73784-74
Gantner Electronic GmbH Deutschland
Industriestraße 40F • 44894 Bochum/Germany
Tel.: +49-(0)-234-58896-0 • Fax: +49-(0)-234-58896-11
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