Touch Panel operating instructions for Houston Hall and Montrose

Touch Panel operating instructions for Houston Hall and Montrose
Houston Hall, Montrose A/V
Systems Quick Reference Guide
How to turn the AV system on:
Simply do as the splash page instructs and touch the screen.
The system will power on all necessary equipment (except the
When you see the screen below, the system is ready to be used.
Navigation bar
Date and time
Source selections
Table top sources
Volume slider
Volume up/down
Mute toggle button
Help button
Room identifier (display only)
A few notes:
Volume slider: While the up, down and mute buttons are self explanatory, the volume slider works a little differently.
The user can adjust the volume level to the desired level instantly by touching the slider bar at the appropriate
place, thus reducing the time to to wait for multiple up/down button pushes.
Make-a-point: This button allows the user to mute or shutter the projector and direct the attention to another area of
the classroom (a demonstration, a model of some type or classical lecturing). If the DVD is selected and playing,
it will be paused (sorry, can’t pause web content). This is a toggle button and pressing it again will unmute the
projector and start the DVD again. It will also control the lighting level.
Table top sources: The connections can be found in the lectern Cable Cubby.
Touching the “Source Select” button will show you the inputs
available in this room as illustrated in the previous slide.
The selected source will be displayed on the screen and PC
display. In this case the PC resident in the lectern has been
select and will display on the projector.
Selecting any source will turn the projector on and lower the
screen. Some rooms have powered window shades which will
lower also.
Note: Selecting Doc Cam or Blu-Ray will take you to the associated control screen. You may also select the control
screens for Doc Cam or Blu-Ray from the navigation bar.
Here the document camera has been selected. It can be found
in the drawer at the end of the lectern. You will need to turn
the doc cam on manually
Note button selection.
The DVD controls provide control from the touch panel.
The navigation buttons are similar to those found on most
remote controls.
This is the navigation ring similar to many remotes. It
provides up, down, left, right and select functionality.
This screen provides a way to display any input on either the
projector or the PC screen. To do this, first select the output
Then, select the input source. The system will do the rest.
You can also raise or lower the screen.
Pressing the ”Help” button shows you this. All buttons are
active and available.
The “System Off” button presents this screen.
The “Shutdown” button will raise the screen, power the
projector off and power down some of the equipment in the
lectern. The PC stays on.
The “Cancel” button returns to the previous screen.
Allow 90 seconds for the projector to cool.
If you have an audio only presentation and wish to turn
the projector off, this is where you can do that.
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