4 foot mini Scaffold - Harbor Freight Tools

4 foot mini Scaffold - Harbor Freight Tools
4 foot mini Scaffold
Set up and Operating Instructions
Distributed exclusively by Harbor Freight Tools®.
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Read this material before using this product.
Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
Save this manual.
This manual only provides general safety guidelines.
Scaffold safety regulations may change periodically. The
operator must obey current OSHA guidelines as well
as current local, state, and federal regulations regarding
scaffold set up and use.
Copyright© 2009 by Harbor Freight Tools®. All rights reserved. No portion of this manual or any artwork contained
herein may be reproduced in any shape or form without the express written consent of Harbor Freight Tools. Diagrams
within this manual may not be drawn proportionally. Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly
from the product described herein. Tools required for assembly and service may not be included.
For technical questions or replacement parts, please call 1-800-444-3353.
NOTICE is used to
address practices
not related to personal injury.
Save This Manual
Keep this manual for the safety warnings and precautions, assembly, operating, inspection, maintenance and cleaning
procedures. Write the product’s serial
number in the back of the manual near the
assembly diagram (or month and year of
purchase if product has no number). Keep
this manual and the receipt in a safe and
dry place for future reference.
CAUTION, without
the safety alert
symbol, is used to address
practices not related to
personal injury.
Safety Warnings
WARNING Read all safety
warnings and instructions.
Failure to follow the warnings and
instructions may result in electric
shock, and/or other serious injury.
Save all warnings and
instructions for future reference.
Important SAFETY
In this manual, on the labeling,
and all other information provided with this product:
This is the safety alert
symbol. It is used to alert
you to potential personal
injury hazards. Obey all
safety messages that
follow this symbol to avoid
possible injury or death.
To avoid contact and
shock hazard, do not
use Scaffold near energized power lines or
electrical lines. Do not contact
unprotected, energized electrical
power lines or equipment with scaffold or tools. Maintain at least 10 feet
from electrical lines. Consult the
power company to shut off power or
insulate/relocate lines if working
closer than 10 feet.
Acids and other corrosive substances may severely affect metal
strength on the Scaffold. Use
extreme care around such materials
and follow instructions. Do not use
acids or other corrosive substances
on Scaffold parts.
Before using, check all parts for
proper function and damage; do
not use if damaged or functioning
DANGER indicates
a hazardous
situation which, if not
avoided, will result in death or
serious injury.
indicates a
hazardous situation which, if
not avoided, could result in
death or serious injury.
with the safety
alert symbol, indicates a
hazardous situation which, if
not avoided, could result in
minor or moderate injury.
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For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 2
improperly. Do not straighten deformed parts.
Immediately remove Scaffold from
service and destroy if exposed to
excessive heat, such as fire, due to
loss of structural strength.
Do not allow objects or slippery
material to accumulate on Scaffold.
Do not use with damaged or deteriorated deck. Periodically coat
wood decking and rails with transparent (penetrating) wood preservative.
problem with rotting, or decay, it must
visible during inspection in order to
prevent using a damaged platform.
Do not use for cantilever applications.
Scaffold has rated working load of
250 lb. for one platform and 500 lb.
combined for two platforms. Total
combined weight of workers and materials must not exceed rated working
load. DO NOT OVERLOAD. Distribute load evenly. Be aware of dynamic loading! Jumping on, or dropping
load may briefly create excess load
causing product failure.
10. Position Scaffold on hard level
surface and lock wheels before
getting on Scaffold.
11. Use guard rails, mid-rails, and toe
boards as required by local, state,
and federal regulations. Using
such safety devices is always recommended.
12. Do not use ladder or other climbing device on top of Scaffold.
SKU 66866
13. Do not climb onto Scaffold from
ladder unless both Scaffold and
ladder are secured from movement
in all directions.
14. Scaffolds that are covered in ice or
snow cannot be used until they are
cleaned off thoroughly. Scaffolds
MUST NOT be used during storms or
in windy weather.
15. Do not ride on or store items on
moving Scaffold.
Wear ANSI-approved
safety goggles, hardhat,
heavy-duty work gloves,
and OSHA specified
safety harness during assembly
and use. Wear additional safety gear
as required by local, state, and federal regulations.
17. Keep children away from Scaffold.
18. Keep work area clean and well lit.
Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents.
19. Stay alert, watch what you are doing
and use common sense when using
this Scaffold. Do not use while you
are tired or under the influence of
drugs, alcohol or medication. A
moment of inattention while using
may result in serious personal injury.
20. Only use safety equipment that has
been approved by an appropriate
standards agency. Unapproved
safety equipment may not provide
adequate protection. Fall-arrest systems must be OSHA-approved, eye
protection must be ANSI-approved,
and breathing protection must be
NIOSH-approved for the specific hazards in the work area.
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 3
21. Store idle Scaffold out of the reach
of children and do not allow persons
unfamiliar with the Scaffold to climb
on, or use it for any purpose. The
Scaffold is dangerous in the hands of
untrained users.
22. Check for misalignment or binding
of parts, cracks and/or breakage
of parts, and any other condition
that may affect safe operation.
Many accidents are caused by poorly
maintained tools.
23. The warnings included in this manual are intended to give general
safety guidelines. Scaffold safety
regulations may change periodically. The operator is responsible
to be familiar with and obey current OSHA guidelines as well as
local, state, and federal regulations
regarding the set up and use of
this product.
24. Only use the included platform or an
identical replacement platform. The
platform must not extend beyond the
base support.
Save these
Maximum Weight
Level Height
250 lb. per platform
500 lb. total
First Level: 10-1/2”
Second Level: 22 “
Third Level: 34”
Fourth Level: 46”
When unpacking, check to make sure that
the item is intact and undamaged. If any
parts are missing or broken, please call
Harbor Freight Tools at the number shown
on the cover of this manual as soon as
NOTE: For additional information regarding the parts listed in the following
pages, refer to the Assembly Diagram
near the end of this manual.
25. Maintain labels and nameplates on
the Scaffold. These carry important
safety information. If unreadable or
missing, contact Harbor Freight Tools
for a replacement.
26. The warnings, precautions, and instructions discussed in this instruction
manual cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur.
It must be understood by the operator
that common sense and caution are
factors which cannot be built into this
product, but must be supplied by the
SKU 66866
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 4
To prevent
serious injury:
Scaffold components from
other manufacturers must not
be used with this Scaffold.
Safety equipment added to
this Scaffold, such as rails,
toe guards, stability
strapping, and safety
harnesses, must be installed
by a qualified technician.
They must fit together without
being forced, and the
Scaffold’s structural integrity
must be maintained.
Figure 2
Unfold Scaffold assembly and set
on floor upside down. The bottom
(bushing end) should be facing up.
See Figure 1.
Figure 1
Turn Scaffold over onto Casters, then
align holes and insert Lock Pins (2)
on back of frame. Insert the Upper
Brace in the top of the Frame. See
Figure 3.
Make sure that the “U” Caps (7) are
on the Platforms (see diagram, page
9). Place both Platforms (8) onto the
side panels (at opposing braces) at
the desired height. Make sure the
Platforms are level and secured in
place over the end frames before using. See Figure 4.
Insert Caster (4) into bushings, then
align holes and secure it with a Lock
Pin for Casters (3). Snap the Pin
Spring (12) around the end of the
Lock Pin for Caster (3) to secure it in
place. See Figure 2. Note: Lock Pin
for Casters (3) is smaller than Frame
Lock Pins (2).
SKU 66866
Figure 3
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Figure 4
Page 5
Insert the Safety Guard (6) into the
top back of the Frame Assembly
(1). Use Spring Pin (5) to secure the
Safety Guard into place. Make sure
all Spring Pins have snapped all the
way out.
Operating Instructions
Read the entire Important
Safety Information
section at the beginning of this
manual including all text under
subheadings therein before set
up or use of this product.
Lock the brakes on each Caster (4)
before climbing onto the Platforms.
The Casters (4) are put into the
LOCKED position by depressing the
brake lever on each Caster. See
Figure 5. After locking the Casters,
push the Scaffold to ensure that the
Casters are locked.
Brake Lever in the
LOCKED position.
Brake Lever in the
General Operating Instructions
To prevent
serious injury:
Figure 5
• Inspect scaffold thoroughly
before each use. Check all
components and Locking Pins
before each use.
• Do not use front-end loaders,
forklifts or similar pieces of
equipment to support scaffold
WARNING! All casters must
be locked before WORKING
ON THE MINI SCAFFOLD to prevent movement and injury.
WARNING! To prevent
serious injury from
Use a level to verify that the
scaffold frame is plumb and level
in all directions. “Eyeballing” the
straightness of the scaffold is not
accurate enough.
Do not use the end of frames or
any other part of this Scaffold as a
means of climbing onto the Scaffold.
A ladder should normally be used to
climb onto the Scaffold. The ladder
must be positioned so as not to tip
WARNING! To prevent injury,
Do not permit people or
equipment on the scaffold
while it is being moved.
When moving the Scaffold, push only
the lower portion of Frame Assembly
(1) to help prevent it from tipping.
The surface where this Scaffold
is placed must be capable of supporting the loaded Scaffold without settling or displacement. Use
this Scaffold on concrete or tiled
floors only.
SKU 66866
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 6
the Scaffold when weight is placed
against it. Any “attachable” ladders
used must be specifically designed
for this type of Scaffold. They must
clamp securely in place to the Scaffold and any ladder used must be
securely held in place during use
to prevent movement. Any ladder
(normal or stairway type) must meet
OSHA requirements for use with scaffolds.
If toe-boards, guardrails, or canopies
are used to prevent a “falling object”
hazard to passers-by, then the area
below the scaffold must be barricaded and the danger clearly stated.
All plug-in electric tools used on the
Scaffold must be protected by a GFCI
outlet or plug.
Maintenance And
Procedures not specifically
explained in this manual
must be performed only by a
qualified technician.
Only a qualified technician may
replace any parts or make any
safety equipment additions to
this Scaffold.
BEFORE EACH USE, inspect the
general condition of the Scaffold.
Check for loose screws, misalignment
of parts, cracked or broken parts, and
any other condition that may affect its
safe operation.
After Use, clean and wipe Scaffold
surfaces with clean cloth.
10. When finished using the Scaffold,
wipe down the Platforms (8) and all
metal supports. Then store the tool
indoors out of children’s reach.
Note: Be aware of any grease, or oily substance that spilled on Platform (8);
wipe off immediately.
11. Locate Storage Bags (10) as desired.
SKU 66866
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 7
Parts List
SKU 66866
1 Frame Assembly
2 Lock Pin for Frame
3 Lock Pin for Casters
4 Caster
5 Spring Pin
6 Safety Guard
7 “U” Cap
8 Platform
9 Tube Cap
10 Storage Bag
11 Brake Lever
12 Pin Spring
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 8
SKU 66866
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
Page 9
The manufacturer and/or distributor has provided the parts list and assembly
diagram in this manual as a reference tool only. Neither the manufacturer
or distributor makes any representation or warranty of any kind to the
buyer that he or she is qualified to make any repairs to the product, or
that he or she is qualified to replace any parts of the product. In fact, the
manufacturer and/or distributor expressly states that all repairs and parts
replacements should be undertaken by certified and licensed technicians,
and not by the buyer. The buyer assumes all risk and liability arising out of
his or her repairs to the original product or replacement parts thereto,
or arising out of his or her installation of replacement parts thereto.
Record Product’s Serial Number Here:
Note: If product has no serial number, record month and year of purchase instead.
Note: Some parts are listed and shown for illustration purposes only, and are not
available individually as replacement parts.
SKU 66866
For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
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