Guide for connecting your Apple laptop to the - CBS e

Guide for connecting your Apple laptop to the - CBS e
Guide for connecting your Apple laptop to the Wireless Network
using Mac OS X Tiger
This document describes how to connect your laptop computer to the network at
the Copenhagen
Business School (CBS). The document is written and maintained by the ITAdvisors. You can find
contact information on how to reach us at the URL:
Our hopes are that this document itself will enable you to set up your laptop, so
please read this guide thoroughly before you contact us for help. Of course we’ll
be happy to help clear up uncertainties or hear from you, if you find any
inconsistencies with this document.
Please note that while we’ve done our best to create this guide, we’re not usually
able to assist in setting up your laptop computer personally. If you want to
connect your laptop to the network at CBS you’re doing so at your own risk,
though there shouldn’t be a whole lot.
That being said, let’s get on with the actual guide on how to set up your laptop.
1. Requirements
The following components are required, for you to be able to connect your laptop
to the network at CBS:
• A Mac laptop
• Mac OS X Tiger (Mac OS 10.4)– please consult one of our other guides, if
you’re using another Operating System.
• An AirPort network card (usually built-in)
2. Where can I connect my laptop?
At Solbjerg Plads you will be able to gain access in:
• The entire cafeteria area
• The Library
• Café neXus
• The area in front of neXus and
• Room SP1.07 and
• Room SP1.08
At Dalgas Have you will be able to gain access in:
• The walkway (Strøget)
• The cafeteria
• Café La Cable and
• The Sidecar
3. Configuring Network Properties
Open ”System Preferences” and then open ”Network”.
figure 1
In “Network” choose “Show: AirPort”
In the AirPort tab choose “By default, join: Preferred networks”
figure 2
Press the + to add the new network this will lead you to a box like the one in
figure 3.
figure 3
In “Network Name“ write eduroam.
From the drop down menu “Wireless Security” choose “802.1X WEP”.
This will expand the box to let you enter “User Name” and “Password” and
choose “802.1W Configuration”.
As shown in figure 4 start by choosing TTLS – PAP in the “802.1X
Configuration”, then type in your CBS email address in the “User Name” field and
your CBS mail password in the “Password” field. Press OK
Make sure to drag the eduroam configuration to the top of the preferred network
figure 4
Finally press “Apply Now” to activate the new network setup.
Figure 5
A pop-up message will ask you to verify certificate
figure 6
Press “Show Certificate” and under trust settings choose “Always Trust”. Press
figure 7
You should now be able to surf the Internet, check your e-mail etc.
Should this not be the case, please contact the IT Advisors for further help.
You find us here:
Best Regards
CBS IT-support
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