3990 Sonoma Automatic Wine Opener

3990 Sonoma Automatic Wine Opener
#3990 Sonoma Automatic Wine Opener
To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put the electric wine
opener in water or other liquid. This may cause personal injury and/or
damage to the product.
2. To protect against fire, do not operate the unit in the presence of
explosives and/or flammable fumes.
3. Do not use the electric wine opener for anything other than the intended
4. This product is intended for normal domestic household use only.
5. When using the electric wine opener keeping your workspace clean and
free from potential hazards.
6. For indoor use only. Do not expose the electric wine opener to rain or
other extreme conditions.
7. Never force the electric wine opener onto a bottle or attempt to speed up
the mechanism. The electric wine opener will work best when it is
operated at its intended speed.
8. Do not touch or adjust the electric wine opener’s mechanism or the
corkscrew spiral. Only hold the electric wine opener by its plastic housing.
9. Do not attempt to open bottles if the switch is not working correctly.
10. Do not attempt to open the electric wine opener. It has no serviceable parts.
ATTENTION: Corkscrew is sharp. Handle carefully. Keep hands and utensils away from the corkscrew while operating to prevent the
possibility of severe personal injury and/or damage to the product.
Open the battery compartment cover and put 4 “AA”
batteries into compartment by matching “+” and “-“marks
on the battery and compartment. Then close the cover.
Before removing the cork you
must remove the Foil Seal
from the bottle using the
cutter provided.
Place the electric wine opener on top of the
wine bottle making sure that it remains as
upright as possible at all times. If you hold the
electric wine opener at an angle to the bottle
it will not remove the cork properly.
Hold the electric wine opener firmly and press
extract button. The corkscrew spiral
will turn in a clockwise direction and
enter the cork, then gradually remove
it from the bottle. When the elecrtic
wine opener mechanism stops the
cork has been fully
removed from the
Lift the electric wine opener away from the
bottle, to remove the cork simply press the up
button (Release Button). The spiral will turn in
a counterclosewise direction and release the
Always return the electric wine opener to the stand
after use. This will protect the mechanism when it
is not in use.
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