Straxgas Turboflue MK3
StraxGys Division of Legge Fabheat Ltd
Longfield Road, Sydenham, Leamington Spa CV31 1XB Tel. (0926) 882233 Fax (0926) 450846
Registered in England No 500091
Mark 3 January 1991
Before fitting the Strax Turboflue
Check that the room has a fresh air inlet which must
not be in a position that will allow exhuast fumes to
re—enter the room.
DO NOT fit a Strax Turboflue where there is a warm air
central heating system, or mechanical air extraction
DO NOT fit a Strax Turboflue to any fire other than
the range of Straxgas convector gas coal effect fires
If the fire is intended for use with LPG bottled gas
and is connected to the Strax Turboflue, the fire must
have LPG/TURBO as a prefix to the serial number
Read carefully page 4 — 4 Site conditions.
The person fitting the Strax Turboflue must be
competent and preferably have attended the
official manufacturers training course.
invalidate the guarantee A À
"pas A
Failure to comply with these instructions will
1. The Product
The Strax Turboflue is an Electro Mechanical Automatic Flue System designed for the safe removal of flue gases
from the Straxgas range of Coal Fires. It consists of an electrically operated fan unit fixed on the external wall, a
horizontal duct with 38mm insulation through the wall and a gather for the appliance, fixed to the appliance in such a
way that the flue becomes an integral part of the appliance. It comes complete with pre-wired controls.
A Strax Turboflue enables you to fit any of the attractive Straxgas fires (see separate leaflet) in any room without a
chimney provided there is a suitable external wall at ground floor level. It is ideal for single storey extensions.
Subject to site conditions, with the Strax Turboflue the Straxgas appliance may be installed either to a straight wall,
or in a corner.
The installation of a Strax Turboflue offers the additional benefit of controllable, mechanical room ventilation,
independent of the gas fire.
2. Description of Components
The components parts and the 1 fail safe system - have been made to a high ificati
factory fitted and tested: 'gh specification. All components are
(a) The Gather is manufactured in 3mm mild steel plate, electrically welded and supplied i i i
black paint. It is fitted on top of the Straxgas fire. The seal supplies With the fire shbulo be appliza dur ie far
flanges of the gather prior to screwing in the 4 self tapping screws to provide an airtight seal. This makes the flue
integral part of the appliance. The gather is supplied with a horizontal spigot as standard part no. T400 e
(Alternatively, the gather is available with a vertical spigot, part no. T405, to be used with a 90° Bend ) The hori |
gather has a male spigot which locates into a 1mm 316 S/S female spigot of the wall duct | pone
(b) The Wall Duct consists of two parts:
(1) The outer casing is made of 1mm galvanised steel formed into a s
| | quare box . 231mm square with
a 3mm mating flange for the fan housing unit, the rear face of the flange fitted flush to outside wall. The flange Has 4
PT geations for pe pi ee unit and also 2 countersunk holes to secure the wall duct to the outside
wall 11 desired. |lo secure the duct to the internal wall, the duct is supplied with a metal t i
right angles and secured with a screw E os ee a
(2) The silencer is located inside the outer casing and locates on a male spigot in th ;
constructed of 3 parts: PI9 the rear of the casing. It is
(a) An inner, perforated metal sleeve.
(b) A preformed sectional outer of glass fibre insulation of a density 0f 90-110 k 3 i
and able to withstand a temperature of 520°C. 7 ESTA ATA ET
(c) A 22 gauge galvanised outer captivates the glass fibre.
These 3 components are factory assembled and make one component part known as the silencer (part no. T305).
Terminal Outlet
(c) The Fan Housing is manufactured from 3mm mild steel plate, surface treated by primer and supplied in a silver
grey hammer finish. It consists of:
(1) A male spigot which locates into the silencer.
(2) A silencer sealing flange -
(3) A wall duct mounting flange whichis secured to the outer flange of the wall duct by using4 x 6mm bolts, and also
to sandwich a rubber gasket between the mating flanges.
(d) The Motor Housing consists of:
(1) A motor, 50W, 1 x 240V, 1400 RPM, located by 4 x 6mm bolts to the motor plate using antivibration
washers fitted between the motor face and the motor plate.
The impeller is fitted to the motor spindle by 1 Allen grub screw
(2) A motor plate manufactured to the same specifications as the fan housing plate (see para. c) and bolted
onto the fan housing plate as previously described by 4 x 8mm bolts.
(3) A motor dome o
_ 130 100 280 | | 245 7 Ll
F т x Î VAT
143 | 148 231 300 300
200 500
TC y A
Illustration 2 All dimensions in mm.
3. Description of the Control System
The control system is designed to provide a fail safe system; automatically closing down the gas supply to the
appliance via the solenoid in the control box in the event of:
* Fan Failure
* Mains Power Failure
x Inadequate Flue Extraction.
Should any of these events occur, the system may only be restarted via the red, manually reset button on the control
The system comprises of:
(a) Control Box, 1 x 240V, w/relay, solenoid, + amp fuse and control switches.
(b) Gas solenoid, 1 x 240V, w/reversible inlet.
(с) Flow-sensor, 1 x 240V, w/microswitch.
(d) Fan Motor, 1 x 240V, 50 W, 1400 RPM.
See wiring diagram illustration 3, page 4.
Electric mains supply should be from a 13 amp fused spurbox or from a 13 amp plug. Gas supply should be by a
15mm pipe to an isolation cock located not more than 1m from the appliance. The gas connection to the appliance
should be made in 8mm pipe. The location of the control box must be between the appliance and the isolation cock,
for example in the false chimney breast.
The Straxgas appliance, the Strax Turboflue and its controls should ideally be installed and tested before any false
chimney breast is completed.
Wiring diagram for the Strax Turboflue
| GREEN / ,
YELLOW To flow switch
& temp cutout
1A A А
О |=
Bue 2
Control a
Board BLACK „4 Рап
> Motor
BROWN 7 ———]l
o> > > cn
N E E CC Ftse
Zz (с = o = a С
Z_ A x at a rm
[email protected]ÆEn /
YELLOW | | | |
Na a ORANGE fue г
Supply in |
Illustration 3 a WL SL WE TR. WL ый
4. Site Conditions
The Strax Turboflue should only be installed with a Straxgas appliance and for which separate installation
instructions apply. Strax Turboflue may be installed on any suitable external wall of a total thickness, including
plastering, from 225mm (9”) to 350mm (14”). It requires 13 amp mains electric and gas supply as previously
The fan housing with its motor unit must be located on an external wall not above ground floor level.
It must be installed in such a way that it does not discharge into any buildings. It must be at least 600mm (24) from
any openings in the wall (windows, doors or similar). Due consideration must be given to environmental conditions.
Sound assessment of the location of the Strax Turboflue is essential to elevate nuisance shut down due to adverse
gale force wind conditions. If the flue terminali is less than 2m above the ground a terminal guard must be fitted.
The construction of the fireplace, its surround and the false chimney breast as applicable, should be made from non
combustible materials and in accordance with current Building regulations, Codes of Practice and local Bye-Laws.
According to BS 6714:1986; the hearth should be constructed of such a material that heat transmitted through it shall
not give rise to a temperature greater than 65° C (150° F) on its underside. See also approved document J 1/2/3° ‘Heat
Producing Appliances” issued by the Department of the Environment, 1985.
It is essential to provide sufficient air supply into the room, see details set out in the installation instructions for the
Straxgas appliance, para. 1A.
The Straxgas appliance may be installed up to 4.5m (14.5ft.) from the ventilation unit. Additional lengths of cables
will then be required and should be ordered with the Strax Turboflue. Extension pipes of S/S steel, and elbows at 45°
and 90° are also available. For Corner installations you may require a Right or Left Hand connection between the
gather and the wall duct. You should connect a 90° bend to a gather with vertical spigot (part no. T405).
5. Packing Details
Packed in one box are: Ventilation unit (made up of the fan and motor housings), Wall Duct, Gather and Control Box
with cables and P-clips, Self-tapping screws for the gather,
G- Conditions of Installation
It is the law that all gas appliances are installed and serviced by a competent person in accordance
with the Gas Safety Regulations (Installation and Use), 1984. Failure to install the appliance
correctly could lead to prosecution.
The installation must also be in accordance with these Installation Instructions, all the relevant
parts of the Local and National Building Regulations where appropriate -
The Strax Turboflue should only be installed with a Straxgas appliance for which separate installation instructions
apply. Having established a suitable location for the Straxgas Fire and the Strax Turboflue, you are then ready to
commence the installation work. (Have the Straxgas Coal Fire installation instructions to hand as reference to these
will be be made.)
Strax Turboflue enables you to fit the Straxgas fire to conventional walls of a thickness of 9”, 11” or 14”. To establish
the depth of the false chimney breast, use dimension E in the product leaflet plus 1“ for the insulation slab supplied
with the appliance. Corner installations can be accommodated at a distance up to 14.51t. from the Strax Turboflue.
The Straxgas appliance can have the gas supply entering from either the left or the right hand side, or from the rear.
Proceed as follows:
(1) Make certain that a hearth of sound non-combustible material is provided beneath the Straxgas appliance to
satisfy requirements of BS6714:1986 (see previous para. A4 — Site conditions. See also installation instructions for the
appliance, paras. 1A and 2A).
(2) Measure from the top of the hearth and draw on the wall a horizontal centre line at a distance from the hearth as
follows: ;
3000-18, 4000-18, 3000-22 670mm (26.3/8")
4000-24 bocoO - 24 745mm (29.3/ 8")
See illustration 4
(3) Draw a vertical line on the wall on the centre line of the appliance, mark out on the wall a-240 x 240mm (9.1/2" x 9.1/2
square equally on the vertical and the horizontal lines. Double check and cut out the brickwork of the internal wall
open up through the external wall face. |
Schematic view of Installation.
Illustration 4
Please note:
The silencer of the wall duct is made of preformed glassfibre with a thickness of 38mm (1'5”). The requirements are
that flue pipes shall be at least 25mm from any combustible material, or, where passing through a wall, floor or roof
be separated from any combustible material by a non-combustible sleeve enclosing an air space of at least 25mm
around the flue pipe. For a double-walled flue, the 25mm distance should be measured from the outside of the inner
The thickness of 38mm of insulation material in the silencer more than meets the requirements for insulation against
non-combustible material, and has to be borne in mind when considering:
(a) Walls of a timber frame construction.
Subject to site conditions, firestops may or may not be required, but check against local Bye-Laws.
(b) Cavity wall insulation.
Check the nature of the insulation material used.
(c) Dry lining on wooden battens.
Check the distances.
(4) Carry outside the fan unit which is fixed to the wall duct and which contains the silencer. Pass the control box
and the - flexible conduit through the hole. Slide the unit into position with the discharge outlets facing sidewards
at the bottom of the unit.
(5) Place the Strax appliance on the hearth, position the gather on top and check for spigot alignment to the wall
duct. Make the necessary adjustments as required.
(6) The spigot of the gather is the male connection to the spigot of the wall duct. Whilst the Strax Turboflue may be
installed through a wall of a min. thickness of 225mm (9"), the wall duct itself is 300mm (12") deep which together
with the spigot adjustment will allow a maximum distance from the gather to the external wall face of 350mm (14").
However, extension pieces of Imm S/S are available in standard lengths of 12” and 18".
Determine the correct distance between the Straxgas appliance and the inside wall, and position it according to its
installation instructions.
(7) Make good surrounding brickwork on both the internal and the external wall faces. If needed, the flange of the
wall duct may be secured to the external wall by the two countersunk screws. (To gain access, unbolt fan housing
from wall duct.) Apply a sealing mastic (not supplied) to the rear of the flange of the wall duct. Internally, bend the
fixing tag on the internal wall and secure with the screw and rawplug ‘
(8) Self tap the gather to the Straxgas appliance. Make a positive seal using the sealing compound supplied with the
fire. ‘
(9) The control box should ideally be installed prior to the building of the false chimney breast. The control box can
be fitted either to the Right or Left hand side of the appliance at skirting level.
(a) Gas supply should be by a 15mm pipe to the isolation cock, located not more than 1m from the appliance,
reduced to a 8mm pipe to the appliance (1m of 8mm copper pipe is supplied with the fire). The control box
must therefore be located at a distance less than 1m from the appliance.
(b) The gas supply to the solenoid valve is by capillary (soldered) connection between the 8mm gas pipe and
the pipe in/outlets of the solenoid. Do not close the airgap of the box (around the gaspipes of the
solenoid), these are required for ventilation of the solenoid as required by law. The gas supply may be
either to the Right or Left hand side of the control box by turning the solenoid in the box. Ensure that the
arrow of the solenoid always points in the correct direction of the gas flow.
(c) Gas supply to the appliance is made by the 8mm pipe to the multi-directional connection of the appliance.
(d) Electric Mains supply should be from either a 13 amp fused spurbox or from a 13 amp plug. The control
box is protected by its own | amp fuse located on the face of the control box. Connection to electric mains
supply is made via 1m long cable already fitted to the control box. Adjust length as required. Plug not
supplied. | В ен аси
(10) To fit the control box in the allocated position, remove the 6 screws on the face plate and pull forward.
Disconnect the faceplate from the connector block by pulling the two halves of the connector block apart, =
a, | - Slide the solenoid out of the box. This will give you
access to the two fixing locations at the rear of the box.
(11) All cables a . (connected at the factory through the wall duct) should be kept
away from any hot surfaces by means of P-Clips supplied. :
(12) Re-assemble the control box in reverse order, ensuring that the arrow of the solenoid points in the correct
direction of the gas flow. Connect the solenoid to the 8mm gas pipe by the capillary (soldering) method.
(13) Operational sequences of the control box:
(1) Depress on/off switch.
Red light appears confirming power to the fan motor, shortly followed by an Amber light, confirming
sufficient air movement in the flue. Press red reset button; a green light confirms that the lighting
procedure of the appliance can safely commence, following the lighting instructions for the appliance.
(2) Turn off the system by first extinguishing the fire (see the operating instructions for the appliance), then
depress the on/off switch on the control box.
(3) For ventilation, depress on/off switch only (Red and Amber will appear).
(14) Now read through paragraphs 2 B - D in the installation instructions for the Straxgas appliance.
Natural Gas and LPG may both be used in conjunction with Strax Turboflue.
(15) The final preparations for the correct operation of the Straxgas Coal Fire are set out in paras. 2 E-H of the
installation instruction for the Straxgas Appliance.
Warning: When installing a Strax Turboflue with a Straxgas Appliance, ensure that the gas type and its pressure
correspond with details given on the appliance Date Badge Plate in front of the gas tray of the appliance.
The Strax Turboflue is guaranteed for one year, provided that the recommendations made in these installation
instructions are strictly adhered to. Any liability is limited to the replacement of faulty parts Free of Charge. The
guarantee does not cover normal Wear and Tear. Changes in specifications may take place without prior notice.
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