Searching for gifts
from the holidays
through Valentine’s
Day? In the following
pages consider dozens
of ideas, all available
in The Andovers.
for the
stuffers under
Essential to the process
To stuff a stocking, one must have a stocking. Check
out these chimney-ready socks from Dept 56 at $13.95
each. Rose & Dove Gourmet, North Andover.
Nothing cheesy about it
Give that entertaining friend a Dancing Deer Cheeseboard and
Spreader Set, $19.95. Rose & Dove Gourmet, North Andover.
Something to chew on
You have the stripes
Now all you need are the stars, with
these socks from $19. Natale’s, Andover.
Merlot musings
Got a wine lover on your list? He or she
will love this Wine Journal, which allows
for recording the experience with a good
bottle, $11.95. Flourishes, North Andover.
These organic pet toys, a penguin and moose, come from
Simply Fido and cost $13.50. Little Lulu and Dot, Andover.
Can’t think? Can’t hold
still? Try this Whatzit, with
wooden movable blocks.
It creates unique shapes
and provides focus, $3.99.
Learning Express, Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
Gifts under
Double duty
Looking for something a little out
of the ordinary? Perhaps a hostess
gift? Try this pine tree wine bottle
cork that holds candles, $18. Rose &
Dove Gourmet, North Andover.
That says it all
about these neoncolored, soft Ugly
Dolls, $19.99.
Learning Express,
Make that a
Now drinking milk is even more
fun with the Supreme MooMixer.
Add syrup, press the button and
get instant chocolate milk and fun,
$14.99. Learning Express, Andover.
The eyes
have it
Your mid- and
larger-sized dogs
are sure to love
these eyeball toys,
$17. Little Lulu
and Dot, Andover.
Ornamental surprise
Not sure what to get someone on your list?
An ornament is always appreciated. This red
angel is $16.95. Flourishes, North Andover.
Game night
Fun for the whole family with
Qwirkle, $24.99. Learning Express,
Gifts under
Funny ha, ha
Have a friend with a sense of humor? Try a flask or pill
box with a saying like, “Liquid Therapy” or “Chill Pills,”
$28.95. Rose & Dove Gourmet, North Andover.
Something fur her
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but fur is a totally
BFF. Check out these fur accessories starting at $49.
Dino International Furs, Andover.
Suki organic
products, $35 for
the set. Starlet
Beauty Tapas,
I won’t melt
One of Santa’s helpers is sure to love
this Two’s Company snowman sugar
and creamer set for $35.95. Rose &
Dove Gourmet, North Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
Sit down and puzzle
out the mystery of
Blokus, $29.99, or
learn some lessons
from “Elf on the Shelf,”
$30. Learning Express,
Designer in
For the young
fashionista, this
Project Runway Dress
Making and Draping
Set offers hands-on
experience, $29.99.
Learning Express,
With this 2-in-1
microscope, kids can
see the world through
a new view, 29.99.
Radio Shack, Andover.
The gift of fitness
Yang’s offers over 50 group fitness classes weekly. A membership is not
required for participation. Monthly dues start at $41.95. Holiday Season Special:
Join with any one-year gym membership and receive one free month and two
free personal training sessions. Yang’s, Andover.
Gifts under
Canine stylin’
Diva models a Barking Zoo red sweater, $52, and Doggles glasses, $16. Little
Lulu and Dot, Andover.
For the hostess
Upcycled wine bottle cheeseboard in cobalt blue with
Star of David Beads and tassel spreader, $30; hard candy
drink charms created at Bella Beads, $20; confetti drink
charms with Swarovski crystals created at Bella Beads, $25;
wine bottle coaster made from upcycled gem tone glass,
$20. Bella Beads, Andover.
Harness the sun
For the outdoorsy person who likes electronics, this Solio
battery pack will charge things up, $59.99. Radio Shack,
More gifts under
Tie him up
Give the guy in your life a bit of fun
with these ties from Natale’s, $99, $69.
Just add playlist
Rock out to music on an iPod, or
cell phone, with this iCarPlay wireless,
$99.99. Radio Shack, Andover.
High-Brow Eyebrows
Give the gift of beauty with an
eyebrow wax. Set of five costs $90.
Starlet Beauty Tapas, Andover.
For details on retailers and
vendors, see Page 35.
More gifts under
Add a little holiday sparkle
to your wardrobe with these
embellished jeans, $98.
Native Sun, Andover. Sorry, the
boots from dresscode will cost
you more.
bonus points
Quandary about what to get the boss? Try this swanky executive
gift set with handmade lamp work beads. Bookmark, $12. Magnifying
glass, $20. Letter opener, $20. Pen, $25. Bella Beads, Andover.
fly away
For the child in everyone,
this Lighthawk 3D helicopter
is hours of fun, $79.99. Radio
Shack, Andover.
Baby, it’s cold outside
Help someone you love (or just
like) stay toasty in style with this
velvet ruffled scarf, $49.95. Coordinating clutch, $43.95. Rose & Dove
Gourmet, North Andover.
Gift with a lift
Get your girl a gift certificate for a
bra, which includes a fitting. Suggested,
$75. Night and Day, Andover.
Gifts under
Sweet server
Help a friend make Christmas cookies look pretty with this Santa Bag
server, $198. Rose & Dove Gourmet, North Andover.
With the new
Spring Palm Pre,
you can be on
the go and still
be connected,
$149.99. Radio
Shack, Andover.
in pink
Get your
furry friend
a pink jacket
from Paris
Erotica, $110.
Little Lulu and
Dot, Andover.
Warm and
sweaters are
perfect for the
holidays and cold
weather, $179.
Natale’s, Andover.
Beauty, skin deep
Bring a little bit of that holiday glow to your skin with this sonic
skin care brush, $195. Starlet Beauty Tapas, Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
More gifts under
One present for you,
one present for him
This toasty charcoal sweater will
keep away the winter chill, $135.
Dresscode, Andover.
Enviably green
Not quite the emeralds celebrity Angelina Jolie wore at the 2009 Oscars,
but these brilliant recreations by Kenneth Jay Lane, jeweler to the stars, are
the next best thing, $100. Royal Jewelers, Andover.
Serving in style
Any hostess will appreciate this
festive way to serve hors d’oeuvres.
Wreath platter and napkin box,
$162. Rose & Dove, North Andover.
Pack it up
Got a man who is always
on the go? These wrinklefree shirts are perfect for
packing and unpacking,
$109. Natale’s, Andover.
and beads
This braided
Greek leather
bracelet with
amethyst, sodalite,
moonstone and
purple agate beads
is $150. Rose &
Dove Gourmet,
North Andover.
Pants him
Dress your man
up this season
in these wine or
black cords, $199.
Natale’s, Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
More gifts under
Confidence boost
Whistle while you work
These wireless, high-definition headphones
are good for working around the house or
working out, $119.99. Radio Shack, Andover.
Yang’s goal-oriented Kung Fu programs are designed for today’s kids, teens and
adults. Organized by age and rank, they are offered for children as young as 5 years
old. Holiday Introductory Kung Fu programs are available for kids and teens (six
weeks of classes and uniform for $75) and adults (eight weeks of classes & uniform
for $149).
The little pay-o-la
You avoided the holiday
goodies. Now accentuate that
tiny waist with this dazzling belt,
$149. Dresscode, Andover.
Sweet dreams
Be a sleeping beauty in these Truffle Heather
pajamas, $109. Night and Day, Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
Gifts under
Something to
write home about
This pen and clock in nickel
is set in black marble, $275.
Royal Jewelers, Andover.
Who needs
Never get lost
again with this
Garmin Nuvi,
$269.99. Radio
Shack, Andover.
A sweater
for the coat
For your pampered
little critter, consider
a fuzzy lime and
magenta sweater
from Jack and Rocket,
$275. Little Lulu and
Dot, Andover.
Foxy Lady
Someone special could look pretty in this Pashmina shawl
with fox trim — available in many colors, $295. Dino International Furs, Andover.
Drive him
Your guy may
not be able to carry
his dream car with
him, but with these
Rotenier cuff links
he can at least
keep it close at
hand, $295. Royal
Jewelers, Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
More gifts under
No more cheating
If time is always of the essence, then these Milus watch
cuff links are a perfect gift, $285. Royal Jewelers, Andover.
This holiday, consider the gift of motivation and accountability. Yang’s offers training programs to fit every schedule, budget and body. Rates vary depending upon the
number of participants. Packages are available for under $500. Members and nonmembers. Yang’s, Andover.
Ice is nice
Gift of youth
For the woman who is one-of-a-kind, here’s a unique
canary diamond ring, $225,000, with a matching pendant for
$12,600, and bracelet, $14,995. Royal Jewelers, Andover.
Get rid of age spots, acne and a host of other skin issues with a LED
light treatment. Complete packages (eight treatments and other services)
are $1,030, though there are less expensive options. Starlet Beauty Tapas,
Watch out!
You can’t be a Scrooge when
it comes to this Vacheron watch.
It will set you back $30,000.
Royal Jewelers, Andover.
Cutting-edge time
This Bellroos watch is one of the hottest pieces
on the market for men’s watches, $7,000. Royal
Jewelers, Andover.
Sparkle and
This adjustable
headlight necklace looks
like a million dollars, but
only costs $500. Royal
Jewelers, Andover.
fabulous in fur
Be toasty like no one else you know with
fur jackets or coats, starting at $2,495. Dino
International Furs, Andover.
The total makeover
For a post-holiday boost, give the gift of total rejuvenation. First, a facial with botanical formulations infused with
vitamins and herbs, an exfoliating masque, and a customized
aroma therapy massage. Next, an award-winning hair stylist
focuses on what defines you — your facial shape, features,
hair and skin type And finally, lash extensions for thicker, longer and naturally abundant looking eyelashes. Includes a daily
cleansing therapy to take home, featuring Caribbean therapy
cleanser, hydrating cream, a candle and Aveda bathrobe. Cost
is $625 for the package. Indra Salon & Spa, Andover.
For details on retailers and vendors, see Page 35.
For the
first time
Make your
teen’s Christmas
with a new car
(provided she
passes that road
test and gets
straight A’s of
course). The 2010
Chevrolet Equinox
is fuel efficient,
all-wheel drive
(great for snow)
and equipped
with six air bars
and OnStar for
extra safety.
Starting at
Motors, Andover.
Exotic glitter
Kenneth Jay Lane,
jeweler to Jackie O.
and Duchess of
Windsor, created this
ensemble, a Swarovski
crystal leopard
necklace, $965,
matching bracelet,
$640, fashion ring,
$165, and amber
earrings, $150.
Found for
the holidays
Bella Beads, 89 Main St.,
Andover, 978-474-4424.
Dino International Furs,
33 Main St. (Rt. 28) Andover,
DresscodE, 2 Elm Square,
Andover. 978-470-0300.
Flourishes, 1015 Osgood St.,
Great Pond Crossing, North
Andover, Mass.,
Indra, 8 Main St., Andover.
978-470-8800. (Moving scheduled for December from 7 Elm
Learning Express of
Andover, 32 Park St., Andover.
Little Lulu and Dot,
89 Main St., No. 3, Andover. 978749-9663.
Natale’s, 5 Main St., Andover.
Native Sun, 13 Main St.,
Andover. 978-470-0800
Night and Day, 63 Park St.,
No. 19 Andover. 978-475-0343.
Radio Shack, 209 North Main
St., Andover.
Rose & Dove Specialty Gifts,
579 Chickering Road, North
Andover. 978-689-4141.
Royal Jewelers, 58 Main St.,
Andover. 978-475-3330.
Starlet Beauty Tapas, Suite
1, 77 Main St., Andover. 978-2964903.
Yang’s Fitness Center,
5 Dundee Park Drive, Andover.
Woodworth Motors,
339 N. Main St., Andover.
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