Quick User Guide
Quick User Guide
Welcome To Eurobox
Eurobox is about simply enjoying television. Our whole product and service has been
designed and created so that you can enjoy a real television viewing experience when
watching live programming over the internet.
Watching TV does not need to be technical. It needs to be practical, easy to use and most
importantly available how, when and WHERE you want it.
The Quick Eurobox User Guide only provides the information necessary to allow you to get
the most out of your purchase; we want our Customers to read and use this guide – not just
store it! So, it won’t have endless technical details, weird & wonderful jargon, complex
diagrams or any other unnecessary details, only want you need to easily watch TV.
If you are self-installing or re-installing, that’s great - don’t worry it’s very straight forward
and will only take a few minutes.
In the box you will have found the following items:1.
MAG250 TV box
Power supply
RCA lead to connect to TV
Remote Control
[Remember, unless supplied as an extra, you will need to provide the items needed for
connecting to the internet, and if your TV set allows, the cable to connect using HDMI]
1. Please put the batteries in the remote control, taking care to get them the right way
2. Connect the box to the TV, if you have a HDMI cable connect to the HDMI port on
the back of the box and to the HDMI port on your TV remembering which port you
connected to EG HDMI1 HDMI2 etc. If you do not have a HDMI socket then you can
connect using the RCA cable supplied with the box. Insert the AV cable into the ports
on your television set. They are colour coded, so make sure they go in the right
order, and are tightly connected.
(If you are making a scart connection, a scart adaptor will be required)
Take note of the port name on the television, e.g. AV1, AV2, HDMI 2, Scart1 etc.
Insert the single pin end into the port marked AV on the back of the Eurobox box.
Connect to the internet using your preferred method.
(Connection will be hard wired using a LAN cable which is connected to the LAN port
on the back of the device or via a Wi-Fi Adaptor which would connect to the rear
USB port. Wireless connection details can be found in the section ‘Going Wi-Fi’).
Connect the power supply to the Eurobox box via the inlet socket on the rear and
connect to the electric supply.
Using the Television Remote, press the Source button and using the up and down
arrows, select the port that is connected to the Eurobox.
The screen will show various stages during set up…
Next we need to set the video settings.
To do this it is important to know what settings you should configure.
 From a picture press menu
Then scroll to the right with the right arrow on your remote until you get to settings.
Press ok on settings and scroll down to video
Now select Video
The default is PAL so the box can be used on any TV. But the resolution will not be
as sharp for newer TV’s connecting with an HDMI cable.
Where you can see PAL highlighted press ok on it and you will see various settings in
a drop down box.
If your TV is less than 2 years old and you are connecting with an HDMI set it to
If your TV is more than 2 years old or HD Ready and you are connecting with an
HDMI set it to 720p
If you are connecting with the RCA cable leave the settings as they are.
Now with the down arrow scroll down to OK and press ok
Then press exit on your remote and you will see this
Now press right arrow to highlight ok and press OK
The box will reboot and you will have a great picture.
Your Eurobox is now set up and ready to view.
Going Wi-Fi
If you are using a Wi-Fi adaptor to connect to the internet, your Eurobox Receiver will need
to be configured to work on your network.
1. Having inserted the Wi-Fi Adaptor into the USB port on the rear of the Eurobox at
step 4, follow the remaining ‘Set Up’ instructions above.
2. At the end of the various set up screens described in point 7 above, the system will
show ‘Page Load Error’. (this is because there is no internet connection)
3. Press the blue button on your Eurobox remote, the ‘Network’ button at the top of
the left hand column will be highlighted. On your remote, press OK.
4. Using the direction arrows on the remote, navigate to ‘Wireless (Wi-Fi), press OK
5. At the top of this next screen, ‘Auto (DHCP)’ will be highlighted, press OK
6. Press down to highlight ‘scan’, press OK.
7. On this screen, navigate, highlight desired network press OK. Press down to highlight
‘OK’ at the bottom of the page and press OK on the remote.
8. Press down arrow twice to enter ‘Network Key or Catchphrase’, press the keyboard
button towards the top right of your remote to activate the on screen keyboard.
Now use the arrows to select-type the appropriate characters into the box. When
completed, press the keyboard button again to remove the on screen keyboard.
9. Press the down arrow to select ‘OK’ and press OK on your remote.
10. Please wait for a few minutes for the networks to link.
11. Press the right arrow to highlight ‘Network Info’, press OK.
12. Press the down arrow twice to select ‘Wireless (Wi-Fi)’ and press OK. This will
activate a screen that shows current status.
[All the above fields should be automatically populated with your own network information.
If not, please repeat from stage 11 above until all details have populated. On the rare
occasion that this does not happen, please restart setup from the beginning by removing the
power lead for 30 seconds then reconnecting again and completing the process]
13. Now press exit on the remote control
14. Press the right arrow, and then the down arrow 3 times to highlight ‘Reload Portal’
15. The yes button will be automatically highlighted, press OK to commence viewing.
Congratulations, you have successfully setup your Eurobox. There is no easier way to enjoy
television programming over the internet.
Please read on to learn a little more about the remote so that you get the maximum benefit
from the system features.
Remote Control
At Eurobox, we wanted to keep everything
as simple as possible, especially with the
remote control – it is after all one of the
most important pieces of equipment when
it comes to watching your television in the
normal way.
Most of the functions are the same on
remote controls around the world, so you
will be familiar with their use, but there are
a few specific to us!
Section 1.
Here you can switch Eurobox on and off,
use the mute button and show the time on
The most important functions are the coloured function keys which are used throughout the
system. Refer to the screen when they are available and to see which function they provide
Section 2.
Here is where most of the daily system controls are
1. Press menu at any time (see diagram above) from any screen to return to the main
2. When viewing in full screen, press back to return to the previous channel.
3. Press exit (see diagram above) to return back one level at a time and to remove on
screen messages.
4. Press info when viewing in full screen to see what is showing now and next on that
5. Press info when in the main programme guide will open a programme guide over
time. It’s the view you will recognise most.
6. The directions keys do exactly that, they allow you to navigate move by move in any
7. The OK button, used to confirm your choices throughout the system.
8. Volume controls and channel selectors – one by one and page by page.
9. The usual function keys for controlling recordings – just like a VHS!
Section 3.
Here is the number pad. You can use this to type in channel numbers for fast navigation
once you remember them - 101 for BBC1, 501 for Sky news etc.
On the bottom left of this section there is a sizing button which can be used to ensure you
are getting the best fit on your screen. This function is only active when viewing
programming in full screen.
Keep this guide handy, you’ll pick it up in no time – but it’s good to know where it is just in
Remember you can do almost everything from the central area of the remote.
Using the Eurobox System
The system is designed to return to the channel where you left off, however sometimes we
do updates through the night that may effect this so for the purposes of this guide, let’s
start the system guide with the Main Menu.
To get here at any time from any screen simply press menu on the remote control.
Along the bottom there are the main menu icons navigate left and right using the arrow
keys on the remote control. The icons are on a loop, so it does not matter which way you
choose to go. Here you will find
1. TV – for programme guides, watching all live TV, setting recordings and viewing
2. Video Club is a fantastic part of the Eurobox with many new movies and series. If you
decide to watch a password protected movie example Adult XXX the password is
3. Downloads – For managing downloads
4. YouTube – Fantastic facility allowing access to a huge range of content for all the
family – like on your computer, but with better video, audio and on a proper sized
5. Radio – Enjoy your favourite channels
6. Recordings
7. Settings – Control audio and video and other system settings.
WARNING: Changing settings can render Eurobox unusable. Settings should only be
adjusted by direct instruction, or by your installer.
8. Info Portal – More detail on the weather plus a few games to while away the time.
9. Internet – Eurobox is not a computer, but does give you access to the internet.
Browse at will, or check your emails!
10. Account – This is the store for your account details.
11. Media Browser – Access content stored on external drives or on your private
network. View your downloaded content here.
Over time, Eurobox is committed to improving and increasing the functionality of the
system. We will always try to let you know if a system change will affect you on a
permanent basis.
There are lots of great features on Eurobox all designed to give you the best possible
internet television experience.
1. Programme Guides.
There are three different programme guides available, each one offering something
different, both in terms of view and function.
a. Channel Listing Guide. This guide allows you to select which channel you
would like to watch from a shortlist of forthcoming programmes whilst
watching live content in a preview screen.
i. Use the remote to navigate to the channel you want to look up and
the chosen programme will show in the preview screen.
ii. You can now move up and down the channel guide looking at the
listings and the content will show in the preview screen.
iii. To commence full screen viewing press OK.
iv. Catch up. The channel listing guide shows with a yellow clock symbol
which channels are available for catch up. E.g. BBC1 has catch up, Sky
news does not.
v. View. The preview screen can be switched on and off by pressing the
Red Function button (F1) VIEW at the bottom of the screen once. Use
the arrows to select either ‘list’ (no screen) or ‘list and info’ (with
screen) and press OK.
vi. Favourites. This guide also allows you to set favourites. Simply choose
the channel you want to set as a favourite using the arrows on the
remote control. When the correct channel is highlighted press the
Yellow Function button (F3) FAVOURITES on the remote control once.
Pressing again will remove the favourites setting on that channel.
Each channel chosen as a favourite is tagged with a star.
You can set as many favourites as you wish.
vii. If you want to group and show your favourites together press the
Green Function button (F2) SORT. Use the arrows on your remote to
select ‘only favourites’. Press OK.
viii. The Blue Function button (F4) has no function.
b. Programme Guide. The layout of this guide is similar to the normal satellite
guide available from Freesat or Sky for example. To access this guide simply
press the Info button on the remote control when you are in the
Channel Listing described above.
This guide allows you to look at a number of channels over time both in the
future and in the past.
The guide goes forward for 10 days and back for 7 days.
2. Catch Up TV.
A major benefit of Eurobox is the 7-day catch up. On channels offering this service,
i.e. those displaying the catch up clock or a yellow dot, the viewing of missed,
interrupted or additional programmes is all under your control.
To view Catch Up programmes, from the ‘Channel Listing Guide’ using the arrows on
the remote control, select the channel that the desired programme was originally
shown. Now, enter the ‘Long Range Guide’ by pressing the right arrow on the
remote control, and locate the programme you wish to watch in catch up.
Remember the Long Range Guide can be searched by date and time as previously
described. Once the desired programme has been highlighted, simply press OK to
commence viewing. Catch Up playback can be paused, forwarded, rewound or
stopped using the remote control in the normal manner.
3. Video Club
There are loads of things to watch on video club from new movies to series, sport
the list is endless. This is one of our most popular features of the Eurobox. From the
main menu select video club at the bottom and you will see various different
categories (these are called bouquets). Choose the bouquet you are interested in
then select the title you want to watch. Once you have started watching you can
stop, fast forward or rewind at any time.
Adult content is password protected and the password is 0000
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