Zero Scale User Guide

Zero Scale User Guide
Welcome to The ZERO Scale™ user guide.
We are very excited you have
purchased your scale and hope that you are just as excited to begin using it to
transform your life!
We created this special scale because we were constantly seeing the best of
intentions for a healthier lifestyle falling short time and time again. Those
intentions were being undermined by frustration from the total number people
were seeing when they stepped on a traditional bathroom scale. We could see
how much 'getting in shape" meant to them, but their total weight emotionally
overshadowed the small changes, even when heading in the 'right' direction.
This revolutionary concept is the breakthrough that millions of people, just like
you, have needed! It changes the entire dynamic of how you see yourself by
disconnecting from 'total weight', and connecting to the future you with
immediate, direct feedback in smaller, achievable and rewarding improvements!
You now have the advantage of moving in the right direction using only small
increments of loss or gain which can help you track your progress and stay
motivated. Family and friends will notice a difference in you, and if they are
using The ZERO Scale as well, it will become a great way to share your
Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or maintain your
current fitness level, it could very well become your secret to success. We want
you more interested in how you look and feel, than how much you weigh. You
can check your progress often to see how the little things in your routine are
affecting your results. We are pleased to have created this unique fitness tool
that could be the turning point in achieving your goals, and trust you will allow
the scale to serve you well!
All the best for health and happiness!
Rich Kreps
Great Valley Innovations, Inc.
USER GUIDE "How to Use Your Scale"
The ZERO Scale™ is the weight scale that doesn't show your weight. It will
track your progress over time, and show your progress as a loss or gain. Your
scale can keep track of a total of four (4) users per household. A "Guest"(*)
mode is also available for visitors, or if you need to see your actual weight. The
display shows your loss or gain and how many days since your last session, and
then your total loss or gain and how many days since you started using it.
GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST: (Please read before first use)
Following these basic steps will assist you in quickly enjoying the benefits of
your scale. It's a very simple device to use, and once you're used to it, you'll
find it's really a remarkable tool that's fun and convenient to use every day!
The unit comes packaged with four (4) x AAA batteries. Please find these in the
cardboard protective packing and remove them from the plastic wrapper. Note:
Turn your scale over, glass side down on a soft surface such as a towel to avoid
scratching the surface. You will find the battery compartment on the bottom of
the unit. Remove the cover to the battery compartment. Insert the batteries
according to the (+) and (–) markings inside the battery compartment. Close the
battery compartment. The LCD display on the front of the unit features a
battery life icon.
The scale has the capability to display your data in pounds or kilograms, and the
switch is located under the unit. Slide the switch to the side you wish the unit to
display, either pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg). The center position of this switch
turns the main power off during shipping, however once you have selected your
lb/kg unit of measure you will not have to concern yourself with the "off" switch
since it automatically goes into a "waiting" mode until you TAP on it with your
toe to use it. It returns to "waiting" mode approximately ten (:10) seconds after
you have used it. Once you have chosen a unit of measurement and pushed the
switch to that side, your scale is ready to be calibrated (set up for each user).
Place The ZERO Scale™ on a flat, even, smooth surface. Carpet is not
The Zero Scale User Guide
SET UP for EACH USER (Secretly remembers your starting weight)
The scale has the capability of handling four (4) different users. Tapping the
scale in 1 second intervals will cycle your scale through all four users or down
to the guest user mode (*) icon. Each of four users will be able to program the
scale to track their progress. Guest user mode will show your true weight.
STEP 1 - TAP to select user 1, 2, 3, or 4.
To Program each user, choose user one through four. TAP the scale on either
lower corner until the appropriate icon is lit up.
If the scale is not tapped again within a second it will then calibrate itself and
prepare for your measurement. You will see the entire display lit up with both,
an up and down arrow, 888 in the units section, the battery life, and 888 in the
days section.
The scale will then show a sequence of one to three (- -- ---) dashes as it finishes
its calibration.
STEP 2 - Wait for display to show 0.0
Once it has finished its calibration it will display 0.0 and will be ready to
establish your current measurement.
The Zero Scale User Guide
STEP 3 - Step on
Step on the scale while the 0.0 is on the screen or it will time out and need to be
reset. You have about three (:03) seconds to step on the scale. The scale will
then show one to three (- -- ---) dashes as it finishes its calibration. The scale
will show 0 for days lapsed, and 0.0 for your weight once it has secretly read
your current weight.
Your scale is now calibrated for you.
NOTES: (Write down the names of users for easy reference.)
USER 1 ___________________________________
USER 2 ___________________________________
USER 3 ___________________________________
USER 4 ___________________________________
The Zero Scale User Guide
As User 1, if you're in a hurry, and want a quick weight session, you do not have
to "TAP and wait for 0.0 to be displayed". You can SIMPLY STEP ON, the
scale displays dashes (---), a few seconds pass, and the LCD will display your
results as the weight change and days since last use, then total days and weight
change since first use. Display shows two (2) views every three (:03) seconds.
If it hasn’t been 24 hours since your last measurement, it will display 0 in the
days column.
STEP 1 - TAP to select your user number. (Remember to tap lower right or
left side and the user indicators will light up in sequence)
No taping for about two (2) seconds will start the calibration. When calibration
starts you cannot change the user again until it's finished.
STEP 2 - Wait for display to show 0.0
Wait for about two (:02) seconds, the LCD display will show all segments, and
the selected user icon starts to blink while the scale is doing calibration.
The Zero Scale User Guide
When the LCD display shows 0.0, it is ready for use and the selected user
indicator stops blinking, but remains on.
Note: If the user does not step on within ten (:10) seconds after calibration, the
scale will automatically turn off.
STEP 3 - Step on
Step on the scale while the 0.0 is on the screen or it will time out and need to be
reset. You have about three (:03) seconds to step on the scale. The scale will
then show one to three (- -- ---) dashes as it finishes its calibration.
A few seconds later, the LCD display screen will show the results.
Every time you step on the scale you will get two measurements; one from your
most recent measurement and one from the first measurement. You will always
see the days lapsed since each of those measurements. The scale calculates the
differences in your weight and displays that number. It shows two (2) views
every three (:03) seconds (most recent, then since first time).
If it hasn’t been 24 hours since your last measurement, it will display 0 in the
days column.
The Zero Scale User Guide
The weight and day will be stored for that user automatically. The results are
"locked in", so the user cannot re-acquire after results are shown.
If you remain on the scale, your results will be displayed for approximately
thirty (:30) seconds.
Your scale always switches off (standby/waiting) mode automatically
approximately ten (:10) seconds after weighing, ensuring long battery life.
The Zero Scale User Guide
Whenever you have reached your weight loss goals, weight gain goals, or are
changing your program, you can reset the individual user profiles. This allows
you to make sure you are staying within your limits or to track a different fitness
STEP 1 - TAP to select the numbered user icon to be reset.
STEP 2 - Wait for display to show 0.0
Once it has finished its calibration it will display 0.0 and is now ready to be
STEP 3 - Reset user profile
Hold the reset button down located at the top of the unit for five (:05) seconds
until the display flashes dashes (---) confirming it is reset.
It will automatically return to standby mode. It is now ready to set up a user.
(See section; "SET UP for EACH USER" for help setting up users)
Note - the reset button is enabled only when the LCD display shows zero.
The Zero Scale User Guide
The LCD has the following elements:
Up Arrow / GAIN - used to indicate a gain in weight.
Down Arrow / LOSS - used to indicate a loss in weight
DAYS / 888 - digital indicator for the number of days the gain or loss
represents. Maximum number of days displayed are 999.
kg / lb - one is lit to indicate pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) as selected by the
user as the unit of measure.
888.8 - The numeric value of the weight gain or loss.
Battery Low - This icon will light when the battery is low and needs to be
When the battery indicator is shown as almost empty, the scale will turn off in
about four (:04) seconds. Please replace the batteries.
Note - all user history will be lost when replacing batteries. Follow set up
instructions to re-establish user profiles. If you wish to remember your original
total weight and days, you might write them down in a journal to look back at
how successful you've been!
The Zero Scale User Guide
Scale will turn off after about four (:04) seconds. Simply re-start the operation
(that you were attempting) from the beginning.
Note: The common reason for this error is standing on the scale before 0.0
is displayed.
Moving or shifting body during weighing for over twenty (:20) seconds, the
scale will turn off after about four (:04) seconds.
The maximum weight for The ZERO Scale is 180kg/397lb
"OFF" FUNCTION (Screen dark and does not respond to tapping)
If the slider switch on the back labeled LB / OFF / KG is in the "OFF" position
the scale will not wake up when tapped or stepped on. It will NOT lose memory
in the OFF position. This is a convenience should you move households, or go
on an extended vacation and wish to conserve battery life.
The Zero Scale User Guide
The scale has a maximum tolerance of approximately one percent (1%). For
instance if you weigh 70.75 kg, it will display either 70.7 or 70.8 (with 1%
Remember that it is important to stand completely still during weighing as even
the slightest body movements may cause considerable deviations from the actual
weight. Stand with your feet in the same place each time, and your weight
should be equally distributed between both feet and with equal weight on the
heel and the front of the foot. Also, keep in mind that other factors such as
clothing, shoes, recent meals, etc. can influence the accuracy of your session.
Most electronic equipment is sensitive, this includes electronic scales. Various
conditions may influence weighing, such as temperature and motion.
Inaccuracies may occur if the scale is cold. The scale functions most accurately
at normal household room temperature. It is important that the scale is allowed
to 'acclimatize' for twenty-four (24) hours before it is used the first time.
Electronic noise from other units such as mobile phones, small transmitters, and
microwave ovens may affect performance.
The scale may not be immersed in water or placed near strong heat sources. The
surface may be wiped clean using a soft clean cloth moistened with clear water
and a mild detergent. Wipe dry with a soft dry cloth. Never use strong, abrasive
cleaners which may scratch or dull the scale.
The Zero Scale User Guide
1. Read the instruction manual (this user guide) carefully before use, and save it
for future use.
2. The appliance must NOT be immersed into water or other liquids. Should it
get wet, it must be wiped off immediately, as liquids contain minerals
which may result in rust in the electronic parts or which may totally destroy
the electronic parts and void your warranty. Allow it to dry completely
before use.
3. Do not put any coating, polish, or wax type products on the surfaces of the
appliance as they may cause unsafe conditions. The unit must remain clean
and clear of any residue.
4. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
5. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
appliance. Children are not always able to understand potential risks.
Teach children a responsible handling of this electrical appliance. The
battery compartment cover has a standard closing design, but is not
intended to be child proof. Keep out of reach of infants or toddlers.
6. The appliance must not be used if it has been dropped, or if it is questionable
that the appliance is damaged in any way. In such cases the appliance
should be removed from service, and a replacement ordered from the
distributor where it was bought.
7. Use only new batteries of the correct size. Used batteries should always be
removed, as they may leak chemicals which may damage the circuitry
and/or surface of the appliance.
8. This appliance is for domestic use only.
9. If the appliance is used for other purposes that intended, or it is not handled
in accordance with the user guide, the full responsibility for any
consequences will rest with the user. Any damages to the product or other
things or persons are not covered by the warranty.
Environmental considerations and disposal of batteries
When disposing of batteries it is essential to take the environment into
consideration. Used batteries must never be disposed of with domestic garbage.
Used batteries must be returned to one of the authorized collection points.
Batteries must be removed from the appliance before it is disposed of. Also take
care that the batteries are not expired or become worn-out since there may then
be a risk that the batteries will leak acid. Check for an expiration date printed on
The Zero Scale User Guide
Disposal of the appliance
Many communities require that all electrical and electronic equipment must be
collected for reuse and recycling. Electrical and electronic equipment marked
with the symbol indicating separate collection of such equipment must be
returned to a municipal waste collection point.
The authors of this guide do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of
any technique as a form of treatment for physical or mental conditions. Consult
your physician or health professional prior to beginning any health related
The Zero Scale User Guide
The ZERO Scale 1 Year Limited Warranty
Great Valley Innovations, Inc. WARRANTS to purchaser that The ZERO
Scale™ will be free of manufacturing defects or defects in materials or
workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of original purchase.
This warranty is limited and shall not apply to damage resulting from but not
limited to the following: misuse, unreasonable use, neglect, overloading the
scale, dropping or otherwise shocking the scale, accident, improper service or
calibration, normal wear and tear or other causes not rising from defects in
materials and/or workmanship. This warranty does not cover accessories or
other removable parts such as batteries. This product is warranted to the original
purchaser only.
Terms and conditions of this warranty: During the l-year warranty period, if
your scale fails to work properly when used under normal conditions, the
company will repair, replace, or refund at our option. If your model has been
discontinued it will be replaced with a comparable model. The end user is
responsible for return of product to store of purchase. The company will pay the
shipping cost to return the repaired or replaced scale. These warranty terms and
conditions are valid in the USA only. International customers who choose to
return their scale for warranty repair or replacement are responsible for shipping
charges to our warranty processing center as well as return shipping charges
back to them. Great Valley Innovations, Inc. is not responsible for any customs
duties or fees associated with international returns.
Great Valley Innovations, Inc.
Technical data
The ZERO Scale
4 AAA batteries
Min. 10kg, max. 160 kg with 100g interval.
Accuracy: +/-0.3g
Automatic switch-off after ten (:10) seconds
This unit must be disposed of as electronic waste.
With reservation for ongoing changes and improvements.
Patented in the United States and/or other countries. 29/330,881
D603,735, 001583261, 001583261-0001
©MMX Great Valley Innovations, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The ZERO
Scale™, Results Without The Weight™, ZERO Excuses™, and ZERO Excuses
Fitness™ are registered trademarks, trademarks, or service marks of Great
Valley Innovations, Inc.
Printed in China. ZCv01.6
The Zero Scale User Guide
The Zero Scale User Guide
The Zero Scale User Guide
The Zero Scale User Guide
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