user guide - Murrayfield Parish Church

user guide - Murrayfield Parish Church

Welcome to Murrayfield Church Centre


This Guide outlines the facilities in the centre, conditions of use, booking arrangements and charges, which you are required to adhere to and sign for on the booking form.

We hope to be of service to you.

Contact for bookings: Maureen Gilleade, Church Administrator

Contact for enquiries: Carolyn Davidson, Centre Manager

Phone 0131 337 1091

Fax: 0131 337 8353

Office hours: Monday

– Friday


Contact for emergencies only: Carolyn Davidson

– 07827 298 249

Murrayfield Parish Church , 2b Ormidale Terrace , Edinburgh EH12 6EQ.

Tel : 0131 337 1091 Registered charity No: SC005198



Email centre: [email protected]

Email church : [email protected]

January 2016

Booking policy

1. All decisions with regard to the booking of the Church Centre are the responsibility of the

Church Centre Committee and are booked with the Church Administrator.

2. Priority will be given to Church Programmes.

3. All bookings are subject to the guidelines in the User Handbook set by the Church Centre


4.Members of religious, quasi-religious and artistic groups in particular should note that failure to supply information upon request which allows the Centre Committee to make a judgement as to the nature of the activity concerned may lead to cancellation at short notice and without liability for any loss incurred by the Hirer.

5. Keys should be picked up from the Church Office between 9-11.30am at least 48 hours in advance of the booking.

6. Hall hirers are respectfully reminded to leave the halls in the condition and layout found and return tables/chairs to their original locations- see posters in rooms for layout.


. Please remove all rubbish to

the appropriate recycling receptacles in the halls and outside bins. N.B. larger groups and parties/gatherings must remove rubbish items from the premises due to our limited refuse uplift facilities.

8. We respectfully request all invoices to be settled within 28 days of issue. A charge of £10 will be applied to late payments.

9. We reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee should the Hirer not return the hired space in the condition in which it was found.

10. No dogs with the exception of dogs for the disabled are allowed within the Centre building.

Conditions of Hire

1.The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the area booked.

2.Hiring agreements may only be made with people with over 18 years of age.

3.The applicant will be given the following information at the time of booking in this document:

Procedure in the event of a fire

Conditions of hire

Booking form

4. The Management Committee may waive or add to the Conditions and has the right to require the Hirer to make good or pay for any damage done to the building or its contents. The

Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for hire.

5. Murrayfield Church Centre reserves the right, on confirmation of Booking, to require the Hirer to submit a draft of any poster, notice, bill, programme announcement, advertisement or invitation relating to an event for which Murrayfield Church Centre has been hired and the

Hirer shall comply with any requirements made with regard thereto.

6. The Hirer is not entitled to enter the premises for the purpose of preparation at any time other than during the hours agreed.

7. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, pins, or other fixings shall be used in any part of the building except notice boards including the ceiling, nor shall any placard or other articles be affixed by any means. Posters, decorations, flags, emblems, stickers or any articles for display shall only be displayed with and in such manner as shall be approved by the Centre Manager or Centre

Committee in advance.

Available bookings


Large hall

; for up to 150 people, with

coffee station

and optional stage area. Wooden floor.

(50ft x 30ft)


Stage / Lounge

; suitable for small groups of up to 30 people. Carpeted floor. (24ftx 20ft)



(hygiene certificate required).


Dove Coffee Lounge

; a seated eating area for up to 25 people. Carpeted floor.(26ft x 14ft)


Upper room

; for up to 60 people, with

coffee station

. Carpeted floor. (26ft x 29ft)


Commercial Celebrations community church

Main Hall

£100 £100 £40 £15

Quiet Room

£30 £30 £25 £15

Coffee lounge

£30 £30 £25 £15

Upper room

£45 £60 £25 £15


£25 £25 £25 £15

40% discount for regular users (at least 12 times p.a.).

40% celebrations rates for church members.

Session times are 0900-1230hrs 1400-1730hrs 1900-2300hrs

This includes setting up and clearing up time unless by prior arrangement.

A charge of 50% of the fee would be made if the booking is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event taking place.

Rates include use of the coffee stations in the main hall and Upper room.

Please note that the Church Centre will be closed to all users for the week commencing Easter

Monday, and for a two week period at the beginning of August.

We respectfully request all of our hall users to

assist in our recycling efforts by using the appropriate receptacles in the halls, and larger groups and parties/gatherings by removing any larger rubbish items from the premises.

Neighbours and nuisance

1. Because the centre is in a residential area, noise must be kept to a reasonable volume, and any complaints may restrict the Hirer’s use of the premises on that and future occasions.

2. Complaints about noise and nuisance will be made direct to the Hirer and to the Church

Centre Committee.

3. All evening events will finish by 11pm when all music and public address systems will be switched off. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring all users leave the centre by 11.30pm, unless by prior arrangement.


Timed heating will be switched off from April

– the end of September unless by prior agreement.


SMOKING is not permitted in any part of the Centre, Church or grounds.


1. Tables and chairs are to be replaced as found and all rubbish removed and placed in the outside bins.

2. Any group putting up notices must USE THE NOTICEBOARDS and no other surfaces and

REMOVE ALL NOTICES at the end of the meeting/event.

3. Hirers may leave equipment on the premises only when given permission by the Centre

Manager and upon leaving a written list with the Centre Manager.

4. Any equipment left on the premises is left entirely at the owner's risk.

5. Equipment that is the property of the Church Centre may not be removed from the building under any circumstances.

6. Hirers are expected to take care of Centre equipment and any problems or faults should be reported to the Centre Manager.

7. Hirers using equipment belonging to the Church Centre must not allow others to use that equipment without the permission of the Centre Manager.



It is the responsibility of group leaders to ensure that the conditions of all Codes of Practice, including Church of Scotland Safeguard Policies (see page 8 of this Guide)


Procedure and

Responsibilities are made familiar to ALL its members and adhered to at all times.

2. All members of the group must abide by the Conditions of Hire.

3. All group members must be advised to take care in using the building and the equipment provided. The Centre Manager must be notified if parts of the building or equipment are thought to be dangerous or faulty.

4. Any accidents happening in the Centre must be reported to the Centre Manager as soon as possible after the accident and the details entered in the accident book. Accident books and first aid kits may be found in each hall.

5. Group leaders must ensure that group members are familiar with the procedure in the event of fire

–see the ‘Procedure in the Event of Fire' section later in this leaflet.

6. Each group must keep an up-to-date list of the names and addresses of volunteers supporting the group, which must be supplied to the Management Committee on request.

7. All users must at all times ensure that their activities do not impinge on the safety or privacy of staff and other user groups

8. Group leaders must be aware that there is no public telephone on the premises, and may wish to bring a mobile telephone for use in the event of an emergency.


1. The Church Centre carries third party indemnity for all users of the Centre. However, users groups are responsible for insurance provision for their own activities.

2. Users leaving equipment or personal property at the Centre do so at their own risk. The

Church Centre insurance does not cover loss of personal property or equipment.

Code of Practice for general use of the building

1. All activities must be within the guidelines set by the Centre Committee, especially with regard to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Policies with regard to children and vulnerable adults.

2. The Committee has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy with regard to DRUGS and other illegal activity. Any hirer or centre user engaging in such illegal activity will be IMMEDIATELY barred from the premises and refused the right to make further bookings.

3. Hirers and users must ensure that their actions do not impinge on the health and safety of the staff, other users and the general public.

4. The Church is committed to combating racial discrimination and racist behaviour in all forms.

This policy must be observed by all employees, community representatives and users of the building.

5. Applications to use the building are made to the Church Administrator in the first instance, using the standard booking form. Verbal bookings will not be accepted (even from church members).

6. All hirers and users must comply with the Bookings policy and conditions of the Church


7. The sale of alcohol is not permitted in the building.

8. Children under 16 years of age must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult.

9. Users must not impinge on the privacy of staff or other users of the building.

10. Children must not be allowed to interfere with or operate electrical or fire-fighting equipment.

11. Fire roll registers must be kept when attending group meetings.

12. Fire exits must be kept clear and unlocked, and equipment must not be left obstructing the exits.

This includes the property of those attending the centre e.g. baby prams. Fire doors should not be jammed open with door stops.

13. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that everyone attending their activity or group is aware of, and abides by, the Condition of Hire.

14. Smoke-producing/bubble producing machines are not permitted within the centre due to the sensitivity of our monitored fire alarm system.

15. No property of the Church Centre should be removed from the premises without the permission of the Centre Manager or Church Administrator.

Child care

1. The Centre is not registered under the Children Act 1989.

Under no circumstances, therefore, must a child be left at the Centre without her/his parent or carer for a period of more than two hours.

2. Parents and Carers are individually responsible for their own children's behaviour and safety.

3. A safety gate is provided at the top of the stairs to the Upper Room.


Individual groups hiring the Centre for use by children must make their own arrangements for compliance with the Children Act 1989. Users must provide their Child

Protection Certificate and Insurance Certificate when booking.

Safety of children


. Children under the age of 8 are NOT allowed in the kitchen AT ANY TIME.

2. Children between the ages of 8 and 16 must not be allowed in the kitchen unsupervised.

3. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the building unsupervised.

4. Children must not be allowed to climb on furniture or play with equipment. Parents and Carers must ensure that children are kept away from danger and their actions do not place risk on the safety of others using the building.

Vulnerable adults

The Tenants confirm that they are aware of the requirements of the relevant legislation relating to regulated work with protected adults. Where the premises will be used for such work, they further confirm they have made themselves familiar with the relevant Church of Scotland

Safeguarding materials, that they have an understanding of them and will follow the provisions contained therein in regulated work with protected adults. The Tenants further confirm that they have adopted a recruitment procedure for working with protected adults which, where appropriate, requires staff (whether employees or volunteers) to be members of the PVG

(“Protection of Vulnerable Groups”) Scheme. It is agreed that if the Tenants are found to be in breach of these undertakings, the Landlords shall have the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect.

Health and safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was passed to promote high standards of safety. As well as securing the health and safety and welfare of persons at work, the Act is designed to protect everyone using 'public' buildings.

General safety and accidents

1. Never climb on chairs or other furniture.

2. If the floor is wet for any reason, water must be mopped up immediately and a 'wet floor' sign displayed.

3. Do not store equipment that is thought to be unsafe without seeking the advice of the Centre


4. Equipment used must be cleared and stored away after use.




1. All individuals using the kitchen must hold a valid health and hygiene certificate, which must be shown when the booking is made.

2. Individuals suffering from sickness and diarrhoea should not handle food.

3. Hands should be washed prior to handling food and after using the toilets.

4. A wash-hand basin is provided in the kitchen.

5. All cooking equipment, cooker, microwave, and sink should be left clean after use.

6. Not more than four people at one time should be in the kitchen.

7. Please leave toilets clean and tidy- cleaning any extraordinary spills/soils.

8. Mop up all spills immediately. This will prevent an accident occurring.

9. Nappies and incontinence products should be removed to the white landfill bins at the side of the centre.


1 All chemical and cleaning solutions must be locked away in a convenient and accessible place out of the reach of children.

2 Should an accident occur whereby someone is splashed in the eyes or on the skin with any chemical solution WASH WITH COLD WATER IMMEDIATELY. Continue to wash the eyes for at least 10 minutes. Seek medical assistance.

Electrical equipment

1. Do not use electrical equipment if you have any doubts about its safety.

2. Do not handle electrical equipment with wet hands.

3. All faulty equipment must be reported to the Centre Committee, including frayed flexes, cracked, blackened, scorched sockets or plugs. Do not attempt to repair faulty equipment.

4. Do not overload the circuit, for example, by using multi-adaptors in wall sockets.

5. Do not trail loose cables under carpets or across floors.

6. Do not use portable electrical appliances in the toilets, even if they are plugged in outside the room.

7. Do not plug electrical equipment into ceiling light sockets.

8. Always switch off appliances after use and withdraw the plug.

9. All appliances used should be switched off and unplugged prior to leaving the premises


1. If you notice a smell of gas, check that all gas appliances are switched off. DO NOT USE A




0800 111 999

, or dial 999.

3. If practical, assist members of your group to leave the building.

4. If a gas appliance appears faulty in any way the fault must be reported to the Centre Manager immediately. DO NOT USE IT.

5. GAS BOTTLES are not permitted on the premises.

Church of Scotland Safeguarding Policy Statement


Ensuring a Safe Church for All

The Church of Scotland has a deep concern for the wholeness and wellbeing of each individual. Through its Congregations, working together with the Safeguarding Service and statutory agencies, the

Church seeks to safeguard the welfare of all people who come into contact with the Church and its services.

The Gospel proclaims that it’s the responsibility of ever one within the fellowship of the Church to prevent harm, be it physical, sexual or emotional, and we will always seek to reduce risk.

The Church’s commitment to safeguarding reminds us that God cares passionately about the welfare and wellbeing of all people.

Further details of the Church’s theology of Safeguarding can be found in the

For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven General Assembly Report May 2009.

The Church of


Safeguarding Service

Scottish Charity Number SC0 11353


1. It is the responsibility of all users to ensure that all group members are familiar with the

PROCEDURE IN THE EVENT OF FIRE leaflet (see below).

2. Fire exits must never be obstructed, routes to fire exits must be clear at all times.

Check that doorways are kept free from obstructions.

3. Within the church halls the leader of the group that discovers the fire or a nominated person from that group should take immediate control of the situation. This will involve:

Asking someone to call the fire brigade and ring the alarm bell.

On hearing the alarm the leaders of all groups should supervise the evacuation of their groups from the halls, using the designated escape routes. Assemble on the pavement at the corner of Abinger Gardens and Ormidale Terrace. Once assembled at that location remain there and be able to report to the Emergency Services.

Groups should ensure that the toilets adjacent to their halls are checked on the way out in case someone needs assistance.

Those evacuated should be asked to remain at the assembly point and asked not to leave the site at this stage. All those present should be asked if they are aware of anyone missing. People can leave once everyone is accounted for.

Nobody should re-enter the building until it is deemed safe by the Fire Brigade.


If you discover a fire you should:


2. Ensure, where safe to do so, that all doors and windows immediately surrounding the fire situation are CLOSED.



5 .Call the Fire Brigade by dialling 999.

6 .When the Fire Brigade replies give direction to the building.

7 .DO NOT replace the receiver until the operator has repeated the address.

8. The building address is

Murrayfield Parish Church Centre, 2b Ormidale

Terrace, EDINBURGH, EH12 6EQ.

9. If you hear the Fire Alarm immediately escort the persons in your charge to safety outside the building.

10. Assemble on the pavement at Abinger Gardens, beside the church.

11. When the people leaving the building assemble, take a roll call of those present and give this information to the person in charge.

12 .Once the building has been evacuated UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must the building be re-entered without the permission of the Fire Officer in charge.



14 .

Use fire-fighting equipment on small fires if necessary for evacuating the building. Do not attempt to extinguish large fires as this may endanger life.

15. Contact Centre Manager- Carolyn Davidson- 07827 298 0249 when it is safe to do so.

Murrayfield Parish Church, 2b Ormidale Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 6EQ Tel ; 0131 337 1091

Registered charity No: SC005198

Email centre: [email protected] Email church

: [email protected]



Delete as appropriate:

Real incident Practice exercise

Location of emergency

: i.e. Church Office, Main Hall, Upper Room, Stage Room, Dove Room, Kitchen, Church

Other. Specify:

Date: Time


Time to evacuate premises: Number of people evacuated:

Events leading to evacuation

(cause of incident)

Evacuation problems

(anyone not heeding or hearing alarm, means of escape bottlenecks etc)

Corrective actions for improvement required

Name: Title:



A copy of this completed form must be passed to the Centre Manager and retained in the

Church Centre “Fire Folder”


Murrayfield Parish Church Centre provides an open platform lift for our

disabled users only

and is not for general or baby buggy use.

This lift runs through from its lowest calling-point at the end of the corridor to the rear of the main hall, stopping outside the Quiet room and goes up to the upper room.

This lift undergoes quarterly maintenance by qualified engineers to ensure its safety.

Open platform lifts operate differently from standard lifts. It has been brought to our attention that there have been occasional instances of operator error which have been frustrating for would-be users. I would therefore ask you to pass on the following information to any disabled person in your group who intends to use our lift.

When “calling“ the lift you must keep your finger FIRMLY on the button until the lift arrives and you hear the bell signal that it has done so . At this point only, release the button. If the button is even slightly released during the

“calling” procedure, whilst the red light will remain illuminated on the button, the safety features have locked the lift for approximately 40 seconds.

Repeated pressing of the button will keep resetting this safety feature and the lift will appear stuck.

Once inside the lift -the large red emergency button is extremely sensitive and its function is to stop this disabled platform lift. Please ensure that you do not accidentally press it or the lift will stop and need to be externally wound down manually. If accidentally pressed, twist the red button to reset.

Please be aware that this lift does not have an externally monitored alarm and will only sound directly outside the appliance.

Manual “wind-down” instructions can be found on the outside of the lift and are also printed below:

In the event of lift failure

Advise anyone in the lift that you are going to manually wind the lift down in order to open it and to stay calm.

Advise anyone in the lift that the lights will go out when you start the process of bringing the lift down .This is normal and will take under 1 minute.

In the event of lift failure (continued)

Proceed to lift control cupboard directly behind the lift on the “ground” floor. i.e. same floor as The Quiet (stage) room.

Go right to the back of the cupboard and turn left- there is a torch here as well as emergency lighting.

You will see the large grey lift control box positioned on the floor, under the stairs.

Turn the big red switch on the left of this grey box to “off”

Next -hold down the red button on the right of the motor cover (marked) to manually bring the lift down. Keep pressing this button down until you hear that the motor has stopped.

Open door of lift which will be at ground floor level.

Once lift is at ground floor and there is nobody in the lift, turn the big red switch on the left to “on” to re-establish power.

If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Davidson, Centre Manager

0131 337 1091

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