Guide to IT Services booklet

Guide to IT Services booklet
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Welcome to IT Services at the University of West London
In this short guide we have answered your most frequently asked questions in terms of
accessing and using IT services at UWL. We explain how you first log in, where to find PCs,
Apple Macs and other resources, how to change your password, use your own device on our
extensive high-speed wireless network, Eduroam (which this year has been rolled out to the
UWL Shuttle bus fleet), how to print and where to find help and support. I hope your find
this guide useful. It is available in both printed and electronic forms.
The University has made significant investment in the IT facilities available to students.
The new Paul Hamlyn Library opened in September 2015 and contains over 150 PCs and
Apple Macs for you to use, printing facilities on every floor, power for you to charge your
own device(s) at most seating areas, collaborative and social learning spaces with audiovisual capability so that you can work on presentations or share your work with others,
charging lockers* and loan devices for you to borrow*. September also saw the re-launch
of our Student Portal, which provides a single gateway to all the applications and online
services you need at University, plus lots of advice and information. You can find the Portal
at There are IT facilities at all of our sites, including at Paragon
House (Brentford) and at Fountain House (Reading).
There are many ways you can obtain IT support while you are studying with us. If you are
on campus, you can visit us in person at the William Brake Student Services Centre. Or you
can contact one of the roving Support Engineers in the Paul Hamlyn Library – look out for
the staff in blue polo shirts. You can call or e-mail the IT Service Desk 24h a day, every day
(2222 from a UWL telephone on campus, 0300 111 4895 from any other phone, or e-mail
[email protected]). You can contact us on Twitter too (@UWL_ITServices).
I would love to hear from you – tell us what you think of your IT Services. Each year we run
a student satisfaction survey. Last year (2014/15) 93% of you said you were satisfied or
very satisfied with the IT facilities. We want to do better this year. And if for any reason
you are not happy with the IT services that we provide, you can contact me personally.
Best wishes,
Adrian Ellison
Director of IT
[email protected]
*coming soon
To access IT Services at UWL, you need a valid IT user account. The types of IT resources
available through your IT user account include:
• The use of UWL PCs and Apple Macs
• UWL E-mail
• The Student Portal.
How do I log in to UWL IT Services for the first time?
An e-mail from [email protected] should have been sent to your personal e-mail
address (the one you used to apply to the University). The e-mail contains your IT user
account name (username) and password.
Note I f you did not receive your IT user account details by e-mail then check your
Junk mail folder to see if the e-mail is there. If not, then contact the IT Service
Desk or visit the William Brake Student Services Centre.
Your username is the same as your Student ID number and is an eight-digit number
(for example 12341234) which can be found on your student card.
Note This is the number
just below the barcode, next
to the words ‘ID No.’ and
not the Pxxxxxxx number
or any other number.
UWL IT Services
Your password is in a random alpha-numeric format.
Important T
his is a temporary password and you are required to change it once
you log on for the first time.
Please allow at least an hour for your account to activate fully before you change your password.
When you log on for the first time with your user name and password, on a UWL PC
or Apple Mac, your new UWL IT and student e-mail account is set up and activated.
Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)
The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) service enables you to change or reset the
password on your IT User Account if you forget it.
Important Y
ou must use the SSPR service to change your password after you have
logged in for the first time.
SSPR requires a number of answers to a set of security questions. These answers will be
used to verify your identity before you can change or reset your password. To be able to
reset or change your password, you will first need to register your security questions.
Registering your Security Questions
1.In your browser address bar enter the following address:
The Password Registration screen opens.
2. Enter your Current Password (the password you used to log in for the first time).
3.Click Next.
4.You now need to register your answers to the 3 security questions:
• Enter your Student UWL ID number.
• Enter Your date of Birth (in this format – 14feb81).
• Enter your Personal E-mail Address that you used to enrol at UWL.
5.Click Next.
6.Enter your mobile phone number to register your answers (for overseas students,
please ensure that you add the correct International dialling code if this is appropriate).
7.Click Next.
Note I f you ever need to reset or change your password, a security code will be sent
to this mobile phone.
You are now registered and will be able to reset or change your password.
1.Click Next to begin the registration process.
Resetting your Password
1. In the browser address bar enter the following address:
2. Enter your user name (Student ID number for example 12341234).
3.Click Next.
4. Enter the answers to the 3 security questions that you registered through SSPR.
5.Click Next.
Note A security code will be sent to the mobile phone you used to register through SSPR.
6. Enter the Security Code.
7.Click Next.
8. Enter a new password.
9. Re-enter the password.
10.Click Next.
Important Y
our password is used to log into your UWL account when using a UWL PC
or Apple Mac . It is also used to log onto your e-mail, the student portal,
your timetable and the blackboard.
Your password has now been reset and you can use it to log in.
The Student Portal
The Student Portal is a single place for you to find and access online services and
information that you will need during your time at University, including:
• Your timetable
• Access to learning resources on Blackboard
• Access to your UWL e-mail
• Up-to-date notices, news items and information
• Access to Library resources
• Advice, help and support
• Unlimited online storage space through UWL OneDrive
• Access to a huge library of online tutorials (through
1.To access the Student Portal either on or off the campus, in your browser address bar
enter the following address: The Portal Login Page opens.
2. Enter your user name.
3. Enter your password.
4.Click Sign In.
The University provides high-speed wireless network access in many different locations.
The wireless network “eduroam” provides you with a way to connect your personal
devices to the campus network, allowing you to check your e-mail, access the Student
Portal and connect to the internet free of charge. You can access eduroam from:
• Classrooms and lecture theatres
• The Paul Hamlyn Library
• The UWL Shuttle Bus service
• All major social spaces across the campus
•Other universities in the UK and overseas that have signed up to the Eduroam scheme
(for further information, go to
For further information about eduroam, go to
Before you start
You will need to set up your personal device to use the eduroam wireless network.
Go to to set up your device.
How do I access the wireless network from my own device?
Alternatively, you can download the appropriate UWL eduroam installer onto your
personal device, by going to
To get connected to Eduroam at UWL
To get connected to Eduroam at UWL:
1.Choose eduroam from the list of available networks.
2. Enter your username in the format below:
• <StudentID> (eg [email protected]).
• <StaffID> (eg [email protected]).
3. Enter your password (the one you use to login to PCs, e-mail and the Student Portal).
You are now connected!
Your device will remember these settings so that it automatically connects you to the
eduroam network when it is available. If your device connects to another UWL wireless
network, such as “UWL Guest” please disconnect and select Eduroam from the list.
Step-by-step guides on connecting to eduroam are available for the following devices:
•Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
•Android 5.0 Lollipop/4.4 KitKat.
If you are unable to connect, please contact the IT Service Desk or visit the William Brake
Student Services Centre.
How do I access the learning resources on Blackboard?
Blackboard is UWL’s virtual learning environment. To access Blackboard, log into the
Student Portal and click My Blackboard.
The following resources are available through Blackboard:
• Your online course materials
• Module study guides
•Key course and module information (lecturers and teaching staff use this site to upload):
• Lecture hand outs
• Presentations
• Reading Lists
• Links to online learning resources
• Assessment criteria.
In Blackboard, you can take part in group discussions, submit assignments (many courses
require you to submit coursework via Blackboard) and receive grades and feedback. Blackboard
also enables you to communicate electronically with your tutors and fellow students.
What is Turnitin?
Turnitin is a tool in Blackboard. It is used to collect assignments and provide feedback.
You can print from any UWL PC or Mac onto A4 or A3 paper in colour or black-and-white
to any UWL multi-functional device (MFD) on campus. The MFD devices are known as
‘Follow You’ printers, so you log into the MFD by touching your UWL ID card against the
card reader on any MFD printer, and choose to print any print jobs from your own queue.
Where are the MFDs (printers) located?
•There are 2 MFDs (one colour and one black & white) on each floor of the
Paul Hamlyn Library
•There are 2 MFDs (one colour and one black & white) in the William Brake Student
Services Centre in the Street
• There is 1 MFD in room BY.03.030 on the third floor of Lady Byron
• There is 1 MFD in room BY.004.001 on the fourth floor of Lady Byron
• There are 3 MFDs in the Social Space on the second floor of Paragon (Brentford site)
• There is 1 MFD on the Mezzanine floor of Paragon (Brentford site)
• There is 1 MFD on the 9th floor of Fountain House (Reading site)
• There is 1 MFD on the 10th floor of Fountain House (Reading site).
If you want to large format prints (posters or photographic output), T-shirts, 3D printing,
or any other specialist printing or binding, please visit UWL Print on the first floor of the
Paul Hamlyn Library.
How do I print?
Before you print, ensure you:
• Have a valid UWL ID card
• Have enough credit (funds) available on your UWL ID card
• Choose whether to print in colour or black-and-white.
Top up my printer credits
To securely top up credits on your UWL ID card online using a credit or debit card:
1. Log into the Student Portal.
2.Select Student Services -> Top up my UWL ID Card.
To learn how to top up your UWL ID card
•Visit where there is an online video
guide with step by step instructions on how to top up your UWL ID card.
•Go to
for access to the user guide.
Note T
he minimum top up is £1. You can also pay for any Library fines using your
UWL ID card.
How do I print?
There is a full guide to printing located at every student MFD unit explaining how you can
print. However, below is a summary to printing:
1. Log into a UWL PC or Mac.
2. Print from your application (eg print from MS Word) in the usual way.
Note A
4 black & white, double-sided is the default setting. To print using any other
setting, eg colour single sided; select a different print format within the
application you are printing from.
3. At any MFD unit, touch your UWL ID card against the mouse shaped reader to log in.
4. On the touch screen, check your account balance.
Important I f your balance is £0.00 (zero) or in brackets ,eg (£0.72) negative credit – you
are overdrawn. You will not be able to print until you have topped up your card.
5.Press Release Documents on the touch screen panel.
6. Select the document(s) that you want to print.
7.Press Print.
If you need any help printing or your document does print as expected, contact
the IT Service Desk, locate a roving support person in a blue UWL T-shirt or visit the
William Brake Student Services Centre.
What are the charges for printing?
A4 Black and White one page is 5p
A3 Black and White one page is 10p
A4 Colour one page is 30p
A3 Colour one page is 60p
Note Y
ou can also use the MFD units to photocopy or scan and e-mail a document
to yourself. Please refer to the guide booklet connected to the MFD for
further information.
How do I access my course timetable?
1. Log into the Student Portal.
2.Click My Timetable.
There are 1100 PCs and 200 Apple Macs located across the University (at all sites).
They can be found here:
• Paul Hamlyn Library
• William Brake Student Services Centre in the Street
• Lady Byron 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor
• Warwick 1st and 3rd floor
• Paragon (Brentford site) Mezzinine floor, 2nd floor Social Spcae, 3rd floor, 9th floor
• Fountain House (Reading site) 8th and 9th floor.
Other IT resources
•Collaborative working and presentation spaces on the first floor of the Paul Hamlyn Library
•Safe and secure charging lockers, located on the first floor of the Paul Hamlyn Library
(from October 2015)
•Loan devices, located on the first floor of the Paul Hamlyn Library (from October 2015).
What UWL IT resources are available for me to use?
Online IT and other tutorials via is a collection of online video tutorials freely available to all UWL
students and staff.
The topics available include:
• Basic IT Skills
• More advanced software including photo/video editing and animation
• CV building
• Marketing and presentation skills.
To access
1. Log into the Student Portal.
2. Click the tile.
1. In the browser address bar enter the following address:
2.Select Organization Login.
3. Log in using your normal IT user account username and password.
You should always take steps to protect yourself and the security of your data when you
are working with IT systems and devices. Here are some simple steps to stay safe online:
• Keep your passwords and other security information to yourself
• Do not share passwords with anyone and change them often
• When choosing a password, use a C0mb1nat!0N of letters, numbers, and upper case
• Ensure that you read the University’s
• A
cceptable Use Policy
• I nformation Security Policy
Important T
here is legislation regarding how you use IT and other people’s data and
you may be committing an offence if you misuse IT systems or data.
Important I t is your responsibility to comply with the university’s IT policies.
•Make sure you have up to date antivirus software and the latest version of browsers on
your personal devices
•Be aware of phishing scams, including fake friend requests and posts from individuals
or companies inviting you to visit other pages or sites
How do I stay safe online?
•If you get an e-mail or message from someone you don't know, do not reply, open any
attachments or click on any links in the e-mail. Delete it immediately
•When you are writing about yourself on the internet, do not give out your name, age,
address, birth date, or any other personal information in a public internet forum or on
social media.
If you are the victim of cybercrime or have experienced cyber bullying, please contact
the IT Service Desk or visit the William Brake Student Services Centre in the Street.
For more information and further tips for staying safe online and to protect your personal
data and digital identity, visit
How can I get free software to use on my own device?
UWL has signed up to the Microsoft Student Advantage, which enables you to download
and install the Microsoft Office applications on up to 5 devices while you are a student at
the University.
To download the software for a Windows PC/laptop or Apple Mac:
1. Log into the Student Portal.
2.Click My E-mail. Outlook Web Mail opens in a new tab.
3. Click the Settings (cog wheel) button.
4.Select Office 365 Settings.
5.Select Install and Manage Software.
6.Click Install.
7. Double click the downloaded executable file to install MS Office.
Note Y
ou will need to activate the software by logging in with your UWL e-mail address
and normal password.
If you require SPSS (numerical analysis software) or nVivo (qualitative analysis software),
contact the IT Service desk and request the form for the software you require. Once you
have completed the form, send it back to the IT Service desk. They will then send you a serial
number and the link that you will need to download the software onto your personal device.
How do I get IT help?
You can contact the IT Service Desk 24 hours every day by:
•Calling 2222 on an internal UWL telephone
• Phones are located in the following locations:
• Corridors
• The Paul Hamlyn Library
• The William Brake Student Services Centre in the Street
• The second floor of Paragon House (Brentford)
• 9th and 10th floors of Fountain House (Reading)
•Calling 0300 111 4895 from an external telephone
•Logging a support call via our self-service portal:
Can I get statistical analysis software?
• Posting a message via twitter @UWL_ITServices
• Visit the William Brake Student Services Centre in the Street
•Ask a member of UWL roving Library and IT support staff in the Paul Hamlyn Library
(look for the blue shirts)
• You can drop into one of the IT help sessions at Fountain House
• Every Monday 2pm to 4pm.
Do you have a suggestion or complaint?
Mohammed Ahmed, Customer Experience Manager, IT Services
[email protected]
Please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance. If you need to escalate an issue,
you can contact:
This guide is available in
alternative formats such as
large print, braille or as an
audio version, upon request.
Please contact
[email protected]
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