user guide

user guide
How to book a place for a face to face course
To book a face to face course please click on the self registration link, this will take you to
the next screen shot
Please click register if you are a
new user to face to face or elearning training through Virtual
If you have already been given a
username and password for face to
face training or have previously
registered for e-learning through us
please click on login and put in your
user name and password. Please
skip through these instructions to
page 8. If you have forgotten your
password please change it here.
Please click the button ‘everyone’.
Please click on the down arrow and click on the
Organisation that you are from. Please note that more
than one selection box may appear as we need to
narrow down what department you are from.
Once you have clicked which department you are from the above
boxes will appear E-Learning and Face To Face. Please click on
Face-To-Face (unless you would like to see what E-Learning we
have available then please click E-Learning)
Please have a look through this page as this is an information page so you can see some of
the training we have available (please note this list is not exhaustive). You will see dates and
venue later in the process. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Register
Please fill out the below fields, the stared (*) fields are mandatory and then click register at
the bottom of the screen.
Top tip: Please ensure you do not put a space at the end of any of the email addresses.(go to the
end of the email a click delete to make sure)
When you click on the register button the below screen will appear and you will be sent an
email Please see bottom of the screen shot - straight away I have received the email. If you
do not receive an email please check your spam in box.
You can login straight away by clicking on the below or you can go to your email to login
please see screen shot on the next page.
Top tip: Please save this email so that you have reference to your username and
password. You will need them to print your certificate after you have completed the
training. You can also use the link on the email to then book yourself onto a face to face
course. Please note that you are now registered to access any of our face to face or elearning training. To book yourself on a course please access the link in your email.
Alternatively login and proceed as indicated in the previous screen shot.
Please login using your username and password.
Top tip: Please ensure you do not put a space at the end of the username and password. If you still
can not gain access please change your password.
From your Learner Dashboard, click on the Requested Learning tab
Then click on Course Request
Top tip: Put one word of the course you are looking for, ie, Working - this will bring all
the courses with that word in the title (please do not put Multi or Agency – this will
bring all courses up). Click on the course to highlight it and click on request course.
Alternative way of searching if the above does not work (if it worked please scroll down
to next page and continue).
If you click on the Type header, then all the Face to Face training events will be sorted
together at the bottom of the list, below all the e-learning courses. Either use the Quick
Search field and enter the type of course you are looking for, or use the scroll bar to locate
it, click to highlight it green, then click on the Request Course button
On the next screen, you can enter the reasons why you need to attend the course, and
choose which date you would like to attend from the drop down box. You must tick the 4
check boxes before continuing. Once you have done so, you may then submit your request.
If there are no dates available for this course, details of the event and event dates are
“greyed out” and you will be unable to apply at this stage. Check back regularly as more
dates are added as they are arranged.
Until your request is confirmed by the event administrator, the request will stay on the
Requested Learning tab
When your request has been approved for the date you requested, you will receive an email
advising you that you have been booked on to the event. In the email it will ask you to book
back into the system for handouts for you to print out and to complete a pre-course
evaluation. Please check you spam.
Once training has been completed
Within one week of completing the course please login to your learner record and complete
an online questionnaire. You can obtain a certificate of attendance once you have
completed the questionnaire. Please see below screen shot.
Once you have completed the questionnaire, the course title moves to the Completed
Learning tab. You can then print off the certificate by clicking on the printer icon in the action
column (it is a course certificate, which bears the event date, not an event certificate).
If you are unable to attend, you should cancel as soon as you know. A copy of the
cancellation policy can be found here: Please note that, if you are cancelling within 4 weeks of the
training date, you will be charged unless you contact Staffordshire SCB on 01785 854579 to
arrange a replacement member of staff, however this person must meet any pre-requisite
requirements and be approved by the SSCB training team.
If you log into your learner record and click on the event name in the Active Events area of
your dashboard and then click on Request Attendance, you will see a pop up box which
confirms this.
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Thank you for your participation!

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