Home Access Plus+ User Guide

Home Access Plus+ User Guide
Home Access Plus+ User Guide
Home Access Plus+ is a web based tool that allows you to access your personal files and shared
areas, allowing users to work wherever and whenever they choose. All you need is a device with
Internet access and use one of the major web browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and
Google Chrome.
To access Home Access Plus+ follow these instructions:
1. Open you web browser and enter the following address into the URL field: https://hap.omaghcbs.org
2. You will now see the following login screen.
32 Onra road, London, E17 8JD
3. Enter your CBS network username and password and press the login button.
4. You now should be logged in to Home Access Plus and depending on your network privileges have a similar
screen as per the image below.
5. Select My Files to view your home drive & shared network drives
What Can I do in Home Access Plus?
Home Access Plus is broken into three sections. Depending on your level of network access you may not see all
the sections listed below.
• Account details:
o You can change your password and see how much space you have available within your document
• Access your Emails:
o You can access and fully use your school email.
• Quick access to your School Directories (see below)
o Gives you direct access to your personal 'H' Drive, without the need to email or use USB
o Access to your school network shared drives (L Pool, Staff Only, and Student ICT Area).
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