MAG 250 - User Guide
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User Guide - MAG250
Connecting the receiver
First unpack all the parts.
Place the box as close to your TV set as possible.
The BOX TV receiver needs to be connected with a cable to your Internet router. This is done with a network cable
(ARJ45), as pictured below:
ARJ45 The BOX TV receiver is then connected to the TV.
There are two ways to connect the receiver.
If your television is an older model, it can be connected via scart cable (the box contains an RCA cable (Red / White
/ Yellow) which can be connected to most TVs, alternatively you can buy an adapter from RCA to Scart.
If you have a newer TV set, it can be connected via the HDMI cable (pictured below).
HDMI After connecting the receiver to the television, connect the power cable and the system starts up. Remember to be
on the correct source input on your TV, otherwise there is no picture on the screen.
Controlling the receiver
When the system is started, it begins with a message on the screen that says "loading"
Wait a moment until the receiver starts. This can take a moment.
Now the TVonIP loads the BOX-TV system.
Use the program guide to see a list of channels.
To view the program guide press the EPG button, the blue power button or the STOP button (this depends on the
version of the remote control). Pressing this button loads the following picture on the screen (see next page).
User Guide - MAG250
Here is the list of channels. You can navigate using the arrows – up, down, right and left. The selected broadcast /
channel is confirmed by pressing the OK button.
While watching one channel you can check what is on other channels. By pressing the up/down buttons a field will
appear at the bottom of the screen displaying channel name and EPG information. You can scroll through channels
by using up/down buttons. If you wish to select one of the channels displayed in the field, press the OK button.
The radio channels appear on the same list as the TV channels. In order to see the list of radio channels, you need
to scroll past the TV channels.
The radio channels start from channel number 1001. While listening to radio the display turns black, as if the TV was
Direct selection
It is also possible to select a channel directly by entering the channel number on the remote.
Channel selection must be confirmed by pressing OK after entering the number (this can also be done when the
program guide is promoting).
Example: If you are watching channel 601 and want to jump directly to channel 607, enter 607 (the numbers appear
in the left corner of the TV screen) and press the OK button to confirm.
When you are finished using the system, you can turn it off with the red power button in the upper left corner on the
remote. This makes the box go into standby mode and prevents it from using the Internet capabilities unnecessarily.
Turn the box on using the same power button and the box starts up again.
To restore the channel list, catch-up and the program list, simply press the menu button.
User Guide - MAG250
Before you call assistance
If the box doesn’t connect, it is in most likely due to an internet error. If possible please check you connection on a
computer by opening a webpage, to make sure you have connection.
It may also be due to changes with the box. Try resetting the box by removing the power completely and then put it
back on after a few seconds.
If none of these methods solve your problem, then you may want to send an email to your reseller, and see if there
have been any problems with the system.
If you are sure that this is a local problem you can contact your local IPTV installer.
We hope you enjoy your new TV product.
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